May 23, 2022

Report: Trump plans launch of competitor to Fox News

Fox News’ behavior on election day and in the aftermath has infuriated many of its own fans and invoked the ire of Donald Trump, and according to a new report, Trump is planning to retaliate.

Axios reported Thursday that Trump is planning to “wreck” Fox News by launching his own conservative online media channel.

Fox News shocked its Conservative fans by calling Arizona for Biden long before even liberal media outlets made the call — and with tens of thousands of ballots left to be counted.

Fox refused to recant the call in the aftermath, further frustrating fans that believe the network is no longer on Trump’s side. Trump himself has criticized Fox a number of times in the runup to the election, but the decided leftward turn during the election appears to have been the final straw.

“‘He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it,’ said a source with detailed knowledge of Trump’s intentions,” Axios reported. According to the source, Trump will not likely launch a cable news channel, instead, focusing on an online presence.

Axios reported that the source laid out Trump’s plan:

  • There’s been lots of speculation about Trump starting a cable channel. But getting carried on cable systems would be expensive and time-consuming.
  • Instead, Trump is considering a digital media channel that would stream online, which would be cheaper and quicker to start.
  • Trump’s digital offering would likely charge a monthly fee to MAGA fans. Many are Fox News viewers, and he’d aim to replace the network — and the $5.99-a-month Fox Nation streaming service, which has an 85% conversion rate from free trials to paid subscribers — as their top destination.

A high-quality alternative to Fox News would likely be an instant success, as Fox viewers become increasingly discontent with the direction the formerly right-wing news source has taken.

Trump has already taken to promoting alternative conservative media sources such as One America News Network and Newsmax due to Fox’s apparent determination to undermine Trump at every turn.

Would you drop Fox in favor of a Trump-led news source? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

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Rose P (@guest_1073228)
1 year ago

l already have!!!!!

Kay Fulnecky (@guest_1073256)
Reply to  Rose P
1 year ago

I dropped Fox on day after election.

Nancy (@guest_1073243)
1 year ago

Definitely, I can’t watch Fox news now, it makes me sick.

William Cummings (@guest_1073245)
1 year ago

Absolutely YES !

And I would like to work for the new newwork!

Robert Fott (@guest_1073246)
1 year ago

I have gone to Newmax after fox changed by hiring so many liberals and giving them more air time and then cutting Judge Pirro off and I am sue she has been fired. I do hope President Trump starts his own conservative radio show. He already has millions of listeners.

Joanne Martin (@guest_1073247)
1 year ago

I would go with a Trump alternative to Fox. I have given up on fox – they are turning decidedly left and I no longer watch them.

Andrew Korsak (@guest_1073323)
Reply to  Joanne Martin
1 year ago

I agree and am doing likewise.

DENNIS SMITH (@guest_1073251)
1 year ago


Betty Vickers (@guest_1073253)
1 year ago

I have already gone to NewsMax!

Sallie (@guest_1073254)
1 year ago

you better believe i would

Lily Smith (@guest_1073255)
1 year ago


Kelly Grunditz (@guest_1073258)
1 year ago

I’ve already dumped Fox News for Newsmax.

mike gullatt (@guest_1073273)
Reply to  Kelly Grunditz
1 year ago

get;um!! Pres!!!

Cheryl (@guest_1073259)
1 year ago

I have already switched to News Max and would love to see President Trump start his own conservative program

Roger L. Clark (@guest_1073260)
1 year ago

I absolutely would support and effort such as this, being a Fox News fan for the last 4 years, I haven not tuned them in since the election and do not plan to in the future at all!! Although I do like Carlson, Hannity and Laura Ingram I will not be tuning into watch them either!! I am a new Newsmax fan!!!

Jerilynn Ann Sweeney (@guest_1073261)
1 year ago
DONNA EGGEN (@guest_1073262)
1 year ago


JaniceM Clark (@guest_1073263)
1 year ago

I do not trust Fox News anymore, especially Chris Wallace, I did enjoy Tucker, Hannity and the five .

Jaime G Palanca (@guest_1073265)
1 year ago

Already have.

Arletta r wallace (@guest_1073266)
1 year ago

I’m not only stop fox but looking for a good replacement for TV and INTERNET I canceled fox nation

Patty (@guest_1073267)
1 year ago


Raymond Barrett (@guest_1073268)
1 year ago

As many have aready commented, I too, have switched to Newsmax. Trump has already started his own network. He will crush his competition. Good show, Donald.

Pat Leach (@guest_1073269)
1 year ago

I’ve given up on Fox (except Tucker Carlson and Hannity until they get network pressure to leave). My family will support a TRUMP NETWORK….and the TRUTH! WE LOVE YOU, MR. PRESIDENT!

Jane Collins (@guest_1073306)
Reply to  Pat Leach
1 year ago

I agree with Pat. I only watch Tucker Carlson. Jessie Watters and Judge Jeanine Pirro. They give us the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

JKM (@guest_1073272)
1 year ago

Already quit watching them, with the exception of Tucker Carlson & Sean Hannity. Watch Newsmax now.

Steve Hesseltine (@guest_1073275)
1 year ago

I would switch with glee. Fox sold conservatives out with their behavior election night

Raymond Bonilla (@guest_1073276)
1 year ago

Already have done so, switched to Newsmax. I am also telling many friends to do the same.

meg (@guest_1073277)
1 year ago

I already have. Yes I would love for president trump to start one

Dora J Abel (@guest_1073279)
1 year ago

Of Coarse I would watch it, I am currently a Fan of One American News Network because of their actions. It is shameful what they have done.

Dixie Lamas (@guest_1073280)
1 year ago

I have been tuning in to both OAN and Newsmax for the past 2 years. I will most definitely support a Trump network/live streaming. Stopped watching FOX a while ago. They’re pathetic.

Billy T Wyatt (@guest_1073281)
1 year ago

I say go for it President Trump, I’m dead sure not sold on many of Fox’s news reporters.

Yazdi Sidhwa (@guest_1073284)
1 year ago

Yes I will subscribe to Trumps WiFi channel.
Already stopped seeing Fox. Newsmax is great. Unfortunately, cannot see OAN on comcast.

Terri (@guest_1073285)
1 year ago

I have dropped daytime Fox permanently. Continue with Levin, Carlson, Gutfeld, and occasional Hannity, Ingraham and Watters. No Juan William’s or Donna Brasaile, liars to the highest degree.

Pat Leach (@guest_1073286)
1 year ago

WE LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU, PRESIDENT TRUMP. I have given up on FOX NEWS…(except for Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity) and I suspect they will SOON be pressured to soften their messages. I will be watching. I will support an news station that you will put forth…..BUT LET’S WIN THE ELECTION FIRST!

Sandy Simet (@guest_1073287)
1 year ago

I’m with Trump. Take Tucker, Hannity & The Five with you.

Beth Basinger (@guest_1073288)
1 year ago

I would definitely drop fox. The get worse every day. Now if Google would quit scrambling my screen when I try to read your news reports I’d be happy too.

mike gullatt (@guest_1073290)
1 year ago

Can’t wait to watch it !!

keene (@guest_1073291)
1 year ago

I have dropped Fox too. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they called Arizona. Also I still like Tucker Carson, Hannity, and Ingram. Neil Cavuto is rude and he needs to be taken off but he’s part of the Democratic Party.

Pam (@guest_1073292)
1 year ago

Absolutely! I only have twitter to follow POTUS and now I I’m on Parler as an alternative. I follow Newsmax and One America News Network when I listen to the news. I rarely watch Fox News anymore.

George Wilson (@guest_1073295)
1 year ago

It’s a shame the way Fox has gone.I was a die hard fan of Fox but not now if President Trump starts up a cable channel I will sign up

Donna (@guest_1073296)
1 year ago

I will definitely stop watching Fox. Although I really like Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Harris, and The Five. I only wish Fox News would understand how left they have become with Juan Williams, Chris Wallace and a few others. Fox was my only alternative to the far left media channels of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC. It’s sad that now there are no cable news channels that are not liberal as those mentioned above that spew such hate and discord. I am truly sorry that Fox has decided to lean their way. It’s a real shame!

Dolores Ann Kelty (@guest_1073299)
1 year ago

Already have. Haven’t watched Fox News since November 3rd. Murdoch boys are a mess.

David Tyson (@guest_1073301)
1 year ago

I would be willing to pay a minimal fee until he could get enough advertisers to support the channel.
Also he would need to have all the news of the day.

Karen Hainline (@guest_1073304)
1 year ago

I was watching The Epoch Times and also Richard Basir when Fox News put up their “news”. From that time on I no longer watch Fox News or Business News. I have many other sources that I am getting my information from and they all rant on “FAKE FOX NEW”!

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