December 4, 2021

Trump lashes out at Georgia governor, Secretary of State

President Trump appeared in his first post-election interview on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to speak about the election and his plans for the next several months.

The interview covered a wide range of subjects, but one of the more shocking moments came when Trump completely reversed his previously warm support for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R), declaring that he’s “ashamed” he ever endorsed the GOP leader.

Georgia was one of the most closely contested states in the presidential election, ultimately declaring Joe Biden the winner even after a by-hand recount ordered by the states’ GOP leadership.

President Trump slammed Kemp’s leadership throughout the entire fiasco, blaming the governor and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) for approving rules that allowed Democrats to run away with the election.

“Everything has to be approved by the legislature, and they had judges making deals, and they had electoral officials making deals like this character in Georgia who’s a disaster,” Trump declared, referring to Raffensperger’s defense of the Georgia elections process.

“And the governor’s done nothing. He’s done absolutely nothing,” Trump added. “I’m ashamed that I endorsed him. But I look what’s going on. It’s so terrible.”

After weeks of bitter infighting over the election certification process, Kemp signed off on the certification for Joe Biden last week, though he did issue a statement indicating that Trump could proceed with further legal challenges.

The — still-pending — results of the 2020 election have caused chaos within even the GOP, as legislators and leaders are faced with the choice of standing behind Donald Trump’s legal challenges of the results or pressuring the president to step down and allow Joe Biden to claim final victory.

What do you think of Gov. Kemp’s leadership during this election process? Scroll down to the comments section and tell us your thoughts!


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Geneva Mickle (@guest_1081118)
1 year ago

He is another rat

Richard (@guest_1081164)
Reply to  Geneva Mickle
1 year ago

We all must remember these rats when they are up for reelection.

Tudy (@guest_1081173)
Reply to  Geneva Mickle
1 year ago

They are more than Dirty Rats like that Big Mouth Donna Brazil she a Disgrace even to Fox News

Nancy (@guest_1081119)
1 year ago

Ashamed of Brian Kemp. He is a turncoat! Wonder how they bought him off?

M Davidson (@guest_1081150)
Reply to  Nancy
1 year ago

Soros paid him

Martha (@guest_1081177)
Reply to  Nancy
1 year ago

Check his over seas bank accounts that probably what he’s done.

Susan Dudak (@guest_1081120)
1 year ago

No one can say Trump talks behind their backs. Has always been transparent. That is why I voted for him.

Jamie (@guest_1081157)
Reply to  Susan Dudak
1 year ago

Yep me too, Susan.

Michael Black (@guest_1081121)
1 year ago

I think the governor’s a coward

Debra Gaudette (@guest_1081122)
1 year ago

I think it sucks!!!!

ICE (@guest_1081123)
1 year ago


Jacqueline Tashenberg (@guest_1081126)
1 year ago

Kemp is a turncoat! No loyalty.

Jacqueline Tashenberg (@guest_1081129)
1 year ago

Kemp is a turncoat. No loyalty for right whatsoever.

Greg (@guest_1081130)
1 year ago

Kemp is a closet RINO. Anyone who doesn’t understand we are at war with globalists doesn’t pay attention.

Paul (@guest_1081131)
1 year ago

I think the governor and Georgia of secretary state was paid off by Zuckerburg or George Soros. I said it right from the start and now that evidence is coming out I found out I was right. I hope they both go to jail for a long long time. They are turncoats and a lot of other words that I can’t say. Just hope they know God seen what they did.

Dee (@guest_1081149)
Reply to  Paul
1 year ago

I agree with you, have always thought this. I pray God gives them what they deserve, and it won’t be pretty…

Lyudmila Loeva (@guest_1081132)
1 year ago

Traitors have always been, are and will be, no matter how you fight with them. They can always be bought.Corruption is invincible!

Debra Stevens (@guest_1081134)
1 year ago

Crooked politician.

Audrey L Moore (@guest_1081135)
1 year ago

All illegal voting should have been dealt with by the governors and state officials. The 2020 election has been a sham. We live in the greatest country in the world and yet cannot have a legal election!!

Howard (@guest_1081197)
Reply to  Audrey L Moore
1 year ago

Audrey, we LIVED in the greatest country before this “election”. Unless ALL those responsible for this theft are made to pay dearly , I dont see this as the greatest country anymore. Even at least 30 % of demonrats say it was crooked!! Some big money had to change hands & too many people in a fog to see what is happening!!

timothy rhoten (@guest_1081137)
1 year ago

I hope the legislature in Georgia is pro Trump. The Governor and Secretary of State in Georgia took bribes to get the Dominion machines. I hope we have proof of this to put these 2 in jail.

Nora Leah Carter-Mcbryde (@guest_1081140)
1 year ago

I hope the Supreme Court gets involved

Tony Milford (@guest_1081142)
1 year ago

Come to find out we had 2 really hideous choices for governor of Georgia in the last election. I had no idea Brian Kemp would turn out to be such a turncoat. And what can you say about Stacy Abrams other than what a completely evil idiot she is. I’m very saddened about how things have turned out in my home state.
It also hasn’t helped that people fleeing badly run states have moved to Georgia and brought their crappy politics with them. They are bound and determined to drag us down.

David F DeFevers (@guest_1081143)
1 year ago

What leadership. All that is required for evil to win is that good men take no action.

Emily Smith (@guest_1081145)
1 year ago

He will be sorry when President Trump is declared the winner. He will also be declared the winner of this proven fraud election. Emily Smith

Vera (@guest_1081185)
Reply to  Emily Smith
1 year ago

I agree with you Emily Smith 100%

Bobby Prestwood (@guest_1081146)
1 year ago

Kemp and the state of Georgia are a degrace.

Danny Baker (@guest_1081147)
1 year ago

Follow the money paid for the voting machines. You can not use the voting machines in a recount because the process was corrupt from the beginning. Once they disposed of the outside envelope from the mail in illegal ballots there is no way to know 100% if there was fraud such as tampering, valid post marks and etc. Besides the fraud cmae from vote switching. That information is now embeded in the machine count. Prove to Supreme Court what actually happened and let them throw out the electon and throw it to the legislators whcih is exactly what the consttitution calls for, and let the S it the fans and then eliminate every single protest that becomes violent, permanetly. They are all anti- Americans to start with. Who in the hell will miss them, I know I won’t.

Gilbert Boisvert (@guest_1081148)
1 year ago

Did you ever hear of spintop governors? Just pull the string, and when the spinning stops, don’t look the same as when the spin started.

Dave Cook (@guest_1081152)
1 year ago

I am a Vietnam vet. I have no doubt that the betrayed the President as well as every conservative He has aligned himself with the new communists Chinese Democratic Party. He is a never Drumper

Martin Cooke (@guest_1081155)
1 year ago

The corruption in government is staggering. And the government officials who oversees the election hasn’t done a thing to legally be able to recount the votes with inspectors from both sides Democrats as well as Republicans to oversee the recount of the election votes. This is why I didn’t vote for Joe Biden because he was found guilty of fraud and treason by dealing with an outside government for his son and using government funds to bail his son out of trouble.

Dave Cook (@guest_1081156)
1 year ago

Sorry never trumper. He is a traitor

Fidel Hernandez (@guest_1081159)
1 year ago

He is a coward, and a sellout. He needs to be replaced. He showed his true colors.

Si Ngo (@guest_1081161)
1 year ago

The betrayal always had their own idea, but most they created from the personal interest, the benefits which they compared with their current position, 2nd the others side which he side for betrayal had catched the ideas which truly they wanted….
Kemp and his colleagues had accepted the money for their betrayal
With our modality , that was the shame, guity

Danena (@guest_1081162)
1 year ago

It’s sad , that money and power is the reason for cheating. Now we actually find out who the dirty politicians really are. These are not people that love our country at all. Do you really think these people that are using you as a puppet will get rid of you soon. I hope God is watching how many devils are in the government. You all are sick, and if I was any member of your families I would leave you in a moment! God help us, but if this happens it is the end of the world as we knew it! Trump2020 🙏🙏🙏

Leila Lalas (@guest_1081165)
1 year ago

The Governor and Sec. of State of Georgia are TRAITORS, SNAKES. They were bought. I hope they are happy for what they did, because the Truth will eventually be exposed. Pres. Trump we are behind you. God is with us. Do not falter. Keep up the fight. Thank you for fighting for us. God bless you, your family and Administration.🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Angie (@guest_1081166)
1 year ago

Sick of all these turncoats, traitors and liars! They should all go to prison for treason!

Howard (@guest_1081210)
Reply to  Angie
1 year ago

Angie, why prison? Why not a firing squad? That alone should serve as a deterrent to others!! Treason is treason!!

Linda Wilson (@guest_1081167)
1 year ago

Brian Kemp has mental issues! Any governor that treats his own people that voted for him like a piece of crap should be subject for an investigation & should be dealt with asap! THIS IS A COWARD THAT HAS NO BALLS & IF I LIVED IN GEORGIA, I WOULD DO MY BEST TO FIND OUT HOW MUCH HE WAS PAID UNDER THE TABLE! IT’S Obvious that he doesn’t give a DAMM ABOUT ANYBODY BUT HIMSELF!

looie bamis (@guest_1081171)
1 year ago


Becca (@guest_1081172)
1 year ago

I think they need a revote. No recounting because we all know it was a disaster. Let them all go and vote in person and have people that can be trusted count the votes.

Dsnena (@guest_1081174)
1 year ago

I’m adding to my post. Also, the media is a disgrace. I do not listen to any news outlets art all anymore. All the people Biden is appointing were all the people that was involved in this fraud!! Every single one of them, bc he is their puppet and they can cover up everything with help from those traders on trumps administration. It’s disgusting !!

Shirley (@guest_1081175)
1 year ago


Marites Redding (@guest_1081176)
1 year ago


larry lyons (@guest_1081179)
1 year ago

I am a Georgian and it sickens me that we voted in the governor and sec. of state – both should be imprisoned as per complicity in election fraud and per President Trump’s 2018 declaration of national emergency- jailed with no bail

Daniel R Smith Sr (@guest_1081181)
1 year ago

100S OR 1000S>:

Betty (@guest_1081182)
1 year ago

Sometimes these Evil Democrats do something that is so evil and against our country I wonder if they and their families have been threatened by blm or antifa and that is why they do such terrible things to the country and its people. But then again they just might be that evil because they want power and money. But, they have treated President Trump so poorly and tried to over throw our government they just might be that evil. I support President Trump and I hope he continues to go after the swamp. TRUMP 2020 and 2024.

Hazel Singleton (@guest_1081184)
1 year ago

The time will come when these 2 undesirables will come up for reelection and WE WILL NOT FORGET !!! I think the whole election should be redone with the mail in ballots restricted as they should have been. The Covid excuse was just that, an excuse to get more ballots to rig. And I pray that the run off election is GA will be watched very carefully. If not the crooks will steal that one, too. I wonder if personal profit was the motification for the sham in GA?

Lou (@guest_1081190)
1 year ago

As a Georgia resident I have voted for Gov Kemp twice. The first time , and the last time. Such a disappointment.

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