May 14, 2021

Trump laments ‘unfair’ treatment of Rudy Giuliani

Former President Donald Trump argued the raid of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s apartment is like nothing he “has ever seen before” on Thursday during a Fox Business interview and lamented what he suggested is the tragic mistreatment of the former mayor.

“Rudy Giuliani is a great patriot. He just loves this country and they raid his apartment. It’s so unfair and it’s like a double standard like I don’t think anybody’s ever seen before,” Trump said. “It’s very, very unfair.”

Federal investigators searched Giuliani’s New York City apartment on Wednesday. They reportedly confiscated the former Trump lawyer’s electronic devices.

“I don’t know what they’re looking for or what they’re doing,” Trump said. “They say it had to do with filings of various papers and lobbying files.”

The former president argued the government’s targeting of Giulani is unfair, especially in comparison with other corruption in the nation. “It’s so terrible when you see the things going on in our country with the corruption and problems and they go after Rudy Giuliani. It’s very sad, actually.”

The U.S. Attorney’s office had a warrant to search Giuliani’s apartment for months but had been blocked. The raid took place after the confirmation of Attorney General Merrick Garland, the Times reported.

Giuliani denied any wrongdoing and condemned the search warrants.

Giuliani’s son Andrew briefly addressed reporters outside of his father’s apartment on Wednesday to denounce the Department of Justice. According to CNN, he noted if this can happen to “the former president’s lawyer, this could happen to any American.”

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37 Responses

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  2. Well…. you JUST blew your advertisement right out of the water when you said it’s FREE!!!! NOBODY GETS RICH FOR FREE!!!!!!

  3. Why didn’t they do that to the Clintons. There was much more evidence of corruption. They are still after Trump his supporters. What happened to equal justice & unbiased media? The justice system is biased & corrupt.

    1. Our country is rotten inside out. Mayor Rudy has always been for the rule of law, and a lawyer himself is doubtful he would beak the law and sully or Constitution, this is the work of the donkeys starting with Gerrck garlamd who is aa scum. The FBi didnt even want Hunters drives! So theyre after Giuliani to get to POTUS TRUMP! Such dirty EVIL DEMONS!
      Why not investigate Hitlery, and cronies, Feinstein and the Chnese connection, Biden’s CRIMINA FAMILY the bamas and their musslim union with Farrakhans inciting to violence, Maxine? So many that need investigated fr TREASONOUS ACTS! Bunch of COWARDS & TRAITORS!

      1. Too true! Nicely done. This administration needs to be arrested in its entirety, tried for treason and left in jail to rot!

    2. They are just starting with destroying the Republican Party. Communism is a one-party system and that is why all the communist countries have communism forever. There is no other party to vote for besides that Marxist rules don’t allow free elections.

    3. you are 100% correct in my opinion. Its just another way to dig up dirt on Trump. And when they dont find anything they will find someone else to investigate. Meanwhile dead body fter dead body shows up when a Clinton gets investigated.

  4. Real evidence of corruption by leasing Democrats are ignored while Trump supporters are demonized. There is so much video, investigative and actual evidence showing Hillary, Obama, Biden and son, Waters, and so many more who are committing felonies. Why aren’t they investigated and charged? Our rule of law has been broken. Equality under the law is no more. God help us

  5. Why isn’t the FBI investigating the real criminal behavior of Biden and son? What about the Clinton clan, especially Hilary? How can the American people have faith and trust in the FBI when its top leaders are clearly in the tank for the Dumbocracks?! So sad what’s becoming of our country.

    1. FBI has been compromised by all the criminals that obama infiltrated into them for the last 12 years . Their bought & paid for , ” on the take ” employees are obvious after what they did to Trump and other real Americans , for the last 5 years !

    2. The FBI only investigates republicans, that is their mandate under the communist administration. Besides do you think the FBI is going to investigate it’s self. That wont happen as long as that Democrat Commie Wrey is in charge. They already have all the evidence, but do you think you will ever see it.

  6. Biden, Kerry, Clinton’s, Cuomo, maxi-pad Waters, the list could go in and on! Time for pushback by the people on the right DEMANDING fairness in the law. Protest from the right is our only resort(peaceful Judy like NTIFA, BLM…(etc).

  7. And Democraps get away with murder, literally. The time is approaching quickly where the only way a conservative can get justice is to pick up arms and take it. This tyranny is out of control. Better to die on one’s feet than to live on one’s knees.

  8. This is totally unfair and communistic what they probably plan to do is put something on his device and charged with treason I don’t trust them as far as I can spit!

  9. Anyone who thinks the Democratic FBI won’t manufacture evidence is in for a big surprise, they’ll make up whatever to get anyone. They can no longer be trusted.

    1. comments don’t get posted because they are censured by, they don’t want anyone to know the Truth. Remember, this whole gov & politics is a show. They give us clues as to what they will do next if we pay attention… rotten to the core just like any good DEMONRAT outfit… there ARE other good sites to post on, NOT THIS ONE!

  10. The U.S. attorney is getting paid big time for investigating anyone having to do with, PRESIDENT TRUMP!! ANYBODY KNOWS THAT THIS ADMINISTRATION IS PAYING HIM TO FIND ANYTHING THEY CAN, BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY DON’T STAND A CHANCE COME 2022!!! They have already made A lot of people mad, & A lot of them are getting (WOKE)!!!

  11. All Demacrats that have a seat in any Goverment position say’s anyone supporting Trump are racists when they say that they need to look in the mirror because they are the racists and theyr’e criminals and they are traitor’s of this country they havn’t raided raided Hunters home or his weasel father’s home our court system is becoming a joke and everyone in the world is seeing it..The whole world see’s how weak our president is and they’re going to take advantage of it we are in a world of hurt..All this is because the election was a scam even the voting machines were rigged and the courts did nothing the company that built the machines should be in prison the people that wouldnt let the republican watchers in to see the voting they should be in prison this is the worst year in American history!!!!!!!

  12. I HOPE THE REAL CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS NEVER RISE UP BECAUSE THE DOUBLE STANDARD DEMOCRATS AND THE FAKE MEDIA WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN, the ELECTION was bad enough but when the true story was held back about the CORRUPT BIDEN FAMILY was held back from the VOTING PUBLIC and all the DEMOCRASTS were saying that the WASHINGTON POST story was a conspiracy REPUBLICAN PLOY to make BIDEN look bad and it turned out not to be a RUSSIAN made up story, but It was a true story about the CORRUPTION BIDEN FAMILY but the FAKE MEDIA would have continued the FAKE STORY If It was about the TRUMP FAMILY, but since It was about there IDIOT ALZHEIMER POSTER CHILD they just said It was a made up story or didn’t report It at all, and If and when KARMA comes back to haunt the DEMOCRATS and THE FAKE MEDIA I would suggest the DEMOCRATS and THE FAKE MEDIA LEAVE THE COUNTRY FOR THEIR OWN SAKE, It would not be a big waste If they leave because they always threaten to leave when they don’t get their way, anyways.

  13. Most of the comments on this message board are phonies dreampt up by St. Petersburg and posted by Putin’s mouthpiece, the UnAmerican Digest whose sole purpose is to sow discord in the US. While it mainly attacks democrats, it occasionally throws in an attack on Repubs just to appear objective. Anyone who believes any of its garbage is just adding to the process.

  14. Getting sick of this website constantly covering up articles with ads and you can’t read the article.

  15. I’ll say it again, it’s pretty bad when the FBI steals papers, lies about things, hides info like on Clinton’s and even lied In two different impeachments on Trump. Lied when they had info that Dems were the ones guilty with Russia and hid paper work. Why should these people who break federal laws for Dems be allowed to search anyone’s home?

  16. You people may not believe it but we have a disease in this country much
    worse than the one we are fighting right now so lets face it sooner or later
    we are going to have exterminate it so be prepared.

  17. Absolutely perfect UnAmerican Digest garbage, St. Pete/Putin specials. Hate, hate, hate.

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