July 31, 2021

Trump jabs Twitter about 15 percent stock loss

Former President Donald Trump took aim at Twitter after their stocks plummeted more than 15 percent on Thursday, according to The Blaze. Twitter removed Trump from the platform in the aftermath of the 2020 election, and it appears that it wasn’t the greatest business decision. 

Trump’s comments came in the form of an official statement where he hypothesized as to the reason Twitter’s stock took a dive, saying that the platform just wasn’t effective any longer.

“Twitter stock ‘plunged’ as results are no longer cutting it for investors. Shares are off 15% today,” read the statement.

“Bad forecasts are hurting the outlook but more importantly, in my opinion, it has become totally BORING as people flock to leave the site.

“[MoffettNathanson analyst] Michael Nathanson stated “the math doesn’t make sense” as he lowered his price target. I guess that’s what happens when you go against FREEDOM OF SPEECH! It will happen to others also.”

The company’s stock bottomed out on Thursday, going from $65.09 to $55.22 on Friday after they reported their earnings.

This after the platform blocked the then-president from his account after the Capitol Hill riots of Jan 6., saying that he played a part in inciting the violence.

The president has since stated that he feels they did him a favor since he prefers to send statements instead of tweets, but he has also said that he is considering creating his own social media application to fill the vacuum left where conservatives are often unable to post.

While the president hasn’t launched any such app as of yet, it is something many conservatives are waiting on with bated breath, considering it their next way of supporting the former president and his mission that so many feel was cut short.

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34 Responses

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    1. AMen…Their stock is worthless & no one will but it…Sorry Jack you caused it….Always
      thought it was Worthless Now even more Worthless…

      1. Including other media outlets like FB, etc.
        People are not that stupid as the media likes to believe, including the Xiden/ Hairy ADM which was fraudulently set up
        Yes, good will trump evil in any circumstances in due time
        They will lose more than their stocks, their money- their reputation which cannot be fixed; it will be the public, they will have to face and there will be no place to hide this time around
        They need to be really awoken to understand what they are doing
        Guess NOT
        The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing from their little cubbyhole call “ job”

    1. Now that would be great… Bye Twitter…Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more

  2. Face book and Twitter should take a DIVE !!! How can anyone be so DISRESPECTFUL TO THE PRESIDENT Biden is not my favorite and I say a few things but they DID STEAL THE ELECTION so I don’t think of him as my president or the administration of the USA SO I hope they LOSE there platforms both of them

    1. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Finally, thank you!!! That’s the problem these days, this administration all they do is LIE! I don’t trust our government so why would I get a “Trial” vaccine?? I’m not a lab rat! Do some research people!! Big problems down the road! Lord have mercy! 🙏🏼

  3. Twitter part of the nazi gestapo democrat coup…….
    Welcome to Twitter concentration camp
    Sig Hiel

  4. I never was anything on twitter. So it was no big deal for me to throw in my chips and cancel them. (twitter)

  5. I dropped Twatter quite a while back and haven’t missed them at all. hope they go under and take Douch Bag Dorsey with them

  6. This is what happens when you think “I’m mightier than thou”

    Evil NEVER wins!!!


  8. The ONLY reason I ever joined Twitter in the first place was so that I could read President Trump’s tweets. But Twitter kicked out my reason for joining in the first place……………so I guess that means they kicked me out too. I miss Trump’s tweets. But I don’t miss Twitter.

  9. The big Tech’s need to be taken down, for their conflicting business deals . Always changing what is allowed. They need to get their heads out of their backsides ,the left will be changed some how.

    1. Billy and all the rest of you who left Twitter. Stay out of Walmart. They are owned by China. Almost every thing in their store is made in China. I go to Dollar General, Family Dollar and even Dollar Tree. I buy my groceries at Brookshire Brothers. Thees are the only stores we have left in our small town. Between theses; I find everything I am looking for; most of the time for a lesser price than Walmart. GOOD Bye to Joe, Hunter and ALL Communist BS. Give us AMERICANS back OUR RIGHTS and OUR GREAT Country and OUR LEGIT, AND GREAT PRESIDENT MR. DONALD J. TRUMP!!!!

  10. Twitter, Facebook and all the other far left radical butt kissers, good bye and good riddance!

  11. face book can go with their anti cun policies too. They went along with twitter on the election too. I once xigned up for facebook and immediatly noticed how members tried to force their ways and opinions on every one. There was one that was always nasty. I said something about how ruude he was. I was immediatly unfriended. Every time iI turned on my computer I saw a notice about me being unfriended. After a bit enough was enough. I dropped out. Never again. Too bad all these social media can’t be eliminated. Their liberal BS shouldn’t have to be forced on people.

  12. Hooray Chap 7 Twitter, awesome, Bankrupt time
    For ALL Big Tech ( companies who censor online)

  13. Just more PROOF that liberals actually are IDIOTS AND RETARDS !!! Their lies will always come back to bite them on the keester !!!! MAY ALL LIBERALS ROT IN HELL !!!

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