April 18, 2021

Trump issues statement urging supporters against violent protests

President Trump issued a statement on Wednesday preemptively dropping the hammer on any potential that his supporters may try to interfere in a peaceful transfer of power as the House voted to impeach him a second time.

President Trump has denounced political violence and does not want another incident like the storming of the Capitol on January 6. He implored his supporters to avoid violence and lawbreaking. Fox News first reported the president’s message:

In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking, and NO vandalism of any kind.

The president asked all Americans to calm down and stay peaceful:

That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for,” he said. “I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. 

Democrats, Republicans, and the mainstream media have all contributed to the narrative that President Trump called for an insurrection in a speech at his “Save America” rally on January 6th, but the transcript of the president’s speech does not support that. Democrats, Republicans, and the mainstream media have also demonized Trump supporters as violent insurrectionists and seditionists.

Rather than trying to bring healing to the country, the Democrats are trying to run the president out of D.C. on a rail. They are impeaching him for a second time because he masterminded the  “insurrection,” “sedition,” and incitement of violence at the Capitol.

Americans watched the DOJ and the FBI use their power to overthrow the President of the United States for years, but oddly, nary a peep about insurrection was mentioned then. Americans were simply subjected to a daily media assault of all the seditious lies about the president Democrats could think of for five years.

Riots began 5 months before the 2020 election, triggered by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. America was told that the rioting and violence were necessary to advance social justice, but they really filled the coffers of the Democrat party and terrorized Americans.

As Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) put it in his speech on the House floor opposing the impeachment of President Trump this week, Democrat insurrectionists literally burned buildings down, killed people, looted and vandalized federal property, and incited mayhem to advance “social justice.”

Watch this compilation of seditious Democrats calling for insurrection:

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78 Responses

    1. It’s time for all Americans to see what crimes they’ve been doing, they’re doing, and don’t want any of us to know about. They have a great cabal that covers up all their criminal activities and that must stop now! That’s why they are doing this.
      Pelosi laptop was taken during the 6th. Some that know that have come forward to say that there’s some very serious crime on it. Add Weiner laptop, Hunter Biden laptop, social media, and their own mouths. To me, they are evil people who hate, steal, and destroy. I don’t put it past some that killed to keep their crimes from being found, Seth Rich, Jeff Epstein,… isn’t that what satanic people do?

      1. Unfortunately nothing will be done about it as usual. The reason they keep getting away with th8is stuff is they are never made accountable..


    2. You are correct because the Dems will pay them to do so. The Dems will do anything to hurt Trump and his supporters. I don’t think conservatives should protest at all because they will be infiltered by ANTIFA to appear violent and they will just be condemned aby everyone. No one will support them – no one.

  1. Our support for President Trump isn’t going away. He was elected to drain the swamp, and we’ll stand with him.

  2. Our support for President Trump will not fade because we voted for him to drain the swamp. If he chooses to run again in 2024, he has our vote. Greensboro, NC

    1. I too will be with the President if in fact he decides to run in 2024. If he does hopefully it will not be with the rhino pence. biden is not the president just a deranged individual that will occupy the wh for 4 terrible years. But I believe that his own party will use the 25th amendment against him within the first year. TRUMP 2024.

        1. How true! He will not last 4 years, they will declare him mentally ill and Harris will take over with the foul mouth Pelosi as Vice President!!!

      1. he’ll get out at the first opportunity….he’s let just about every one know. At this point I’d suggest he has to do a 4 year term before he can get an eternal salary.

      2. Pence has signed his political death warrant, in the GOP. Maybe the DNC will help him??? All the rest of the Rhinos will be gone to. No republican should work with any Rhino, they need to be removed from the party and office. They are working to help the democrats, and will only impede the party.

    2. It will make no difference ‘who’ we vote for in 2022 or 2024 if Biden takes the presidency!! With the Voter Fraud Machine unbroken and running ‘full speed’—We’ll be TOLD who is president and have no say about it!! Don’t count on a ‘future’ is this isn’t resolved now. We’ll have none.

  3. President Trump is right. I myself was angry for the way he has been treated. I do not agree with the House vote on Impeachment. I am turning this into a much higher power.

    1. President Trump accomplished more in 4 years despite constant obstruction, hate and lies from the treasonous democrats. If he runs in 2024, he will have my vote! Even democrats, as treasonous as they are, will be sick of and fed up with harris/biden within 6 months! Impeach both of them on January 21st!

        1. In six months Biden will either be dead or in a padded room, Harris will be impeached, Pelosi will have a heart attack.

          1. don’t know how God will Handle this but since it is to big for me< i am putting it in Gods Hands, and thanking him for the new ladies who have back bone in congress and senate, they are bold

      1. Can’t impeach anyone without the consent of the Democratic Party! How far do you think an impeachment movement would go against one of their ‘own’??? Right–nowhere!!

  4. I am a registered Democrat but today’s party is not my party anymore. Such
    vicious and evil people so determined
    to ruin our country at any cost. Greed
    and self-serving without a thought of
    the effects on others. I’m done with all
    in-office congressmen. All need to be
    ousted and newly elected put into office. They need to be reminded that
    they work for the PEOPLE of this country.

    1. Nelda- Thank you for your honesty. I wish more Democrats would wake up to what is really going on in this country. I voted for Trump yes to drain the swamp but more importantly because he is a Patriot and loves this country and is the voice of ALOT of Americans who were going unheard. I fear we won’t even be able to recognize our Great country sooner than later.


    3. Nelda,
      You’re the first mature Democrat I have run across reading their opinion. GOOD for you!! Wish that there are MORE Democrats like YOU! Keep up the good work and faith!

    4. I left them when Obamas was running…..he was not a suitable candidate and proved I was right…the only good thing he did was make me a Republican

    5. Sadly, it is not just Democrats. There are many of the main street old timers in congress on the republican side just as bad, & just as worthless. All afraid of losing their Gravy Train !

    6. They just did remind us by giving themselves a $40,000/yr raise. But you have to take this number in context. That amount of money will only buy Pelosi one new necklace.

    7. I am very empathetic……GOP abandoned me decades ago. I don’t support either “major” party and send my donations to candidates I seem worthy no matter what state they live in

    8. The DNC has been infiltrated by communists, that have taken over the leadership of the DNC. By using misinformation have tricked many to support them, and they don’t know what the are supporting. If you are not a communist you need to leave the party. I can’t tell you where to go, depends on your beliefs.

    9. That was true–once. With Biden/Harris in office all that will change. They plan on attacking our Constitution and all rights will be taken from us. Now–‘we’ work for ‘them’ alongside the illegals they’ll be bringing in by the millions!! ‘Somebody’ has to pay the support bill for them! Guess ‘who’ was just nominated? Yeah–‘us’ the ‘legal’ citizens with huge tax raises. Biden already told us to expect taxes to be raised 35%! That should put a lot of Americans into the ‘poverty’ level and wipe out those already there. All our ‘social services’ will be bankrupt trying to support millions of ‘new’ illegals on top of the ones already on the books. A ‘banana republic’ will be ‘looking pretty good’ before long.

      1. Not to worry! By that time they’ll be replaced by even ‘more evil’ creatures coming up from the ‘darkness’ of their party!! Biden opened the door for a tyranny that will last generations. Don’t go looking for any ‘quick’ relief if this is allowed to go forward from here.

  5. There is nothing Pelosi will accept but to tarnish President Trump in any way she can. She has spent every waking moment of the last four years doing so. WHY HAS SHE NOT BEEN PUT TO TASK FOR ALL OF HER ANTICS TO ALSO HURT THE AMERICAN CITIZENS WITH HER GAMES. LEAVE THE PRESIDENT ALONE AND DO “EVERYBODY” A FAVOR. THERE IS ENOUGH TURMOIL IN THIS COUNTRY AS IT IS.

    1. Pelosi is a traitor, she is a communist undermining the country and the constitution she took an oath to protect and defend, and should be removed from office.

  6. A bit different to the summer riots and violence when Kamala said that the rioters would not stop and nor should they!

  7. President Donald Trump president Donald Trump is the best president that this countries that were had he made campaign promises and he kept them despite the Democrats fighting him every step of the way the Democrats are the same thing as a coronavirus we must get rid of them then we could have Trump back in office and when he gets the phone we can have his son or his daughter be president it would be good for the country to have both of them in for 8 years apiece

  8. WOLVES in Sheep’s clothing is the way I describe the A$$HOLE Democrats. They have derived many many ways to blame Republicans and specifically President Trump for all the crap they themselves have heaved on the American citizens. God WILL take care of all of them within His time frame. The fires of Hell await them for all eternity !

  9. How can these (Democratic) elected people THREATEN the President of the United States, and get by with it. So many election official’s ??? have stated they want to kill him by putting a bullet in his head??? Does the Constitution not have s clause that could charge them for their (TAPED) actions. I KNOW if I made such a statement the FBI would be at my door within minutes to look me up FOREVER. But these Democratic elected ANIMALS can do it all day long. What is this world coming to that ANYONE (of the democrats) can threaten BODILY HARM to the President of the United States, like Maxine Waters, and get cheered for saying it???

  10. were going to fight like hell to keep our freedoms keeping things peaceful might be impossible but we WILL try

    1. An old saying as I recall; any firefighter will tell you that water works well to put out a fire, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Talk is cheap for the left, the body count won’t be.

  11. President Donald Trump is the very best president in my life time.He has done so much for for our country in four years then any other president we ever had. I can not be leave that Biden won he is an old falling man that is in with China corruption money talks. Biden gets sick then we have the vice president God help us all. We the people want our great President Donald Trump for four more years. There is so much corruption in the Democrat party why would any body in there right mine vote for that crap we know it was corrupt. And why the heck is that nut job still in office the women that walks around the witch Pelosi.

  12. In January 2017 I came on Twitter to tell people that Communism was rising. I was bombarded by liberals and ignored by republicans. Soon, Twitter silenced my voice and punished me. A similar situation is happening today. Even though people already know that democrats are planning communism, they don’t seem to understand that the U.S. Constitution will be replaced with Marxist rules. Plus, communism is a one-party system. Will the communists respect Republican Party and will there be an election in 2024? For example, Chinese president is voted by congress, which is the Communist Party.

  13. Bullies, cheats, liars and thieves will gain some in their foul play but they will not win forever. The 74MM voters for Donald Trump will not fade into the night because America recognizes the cesspool that has been created over the last forty years which all culminated in the DemonRat’s political debauchery last week. I believe the Left will taste retribution and they’ll squeal like the barnyard-wallowing pigs they are. Since the self-important, lunatic liberal tech giants have tried to choke out Trump and conservatives, several smaller social sites have emerged which I’d not even heard of. I wonder if those tech giants even understand that they’ve opened Pandora’s Box and now the newbies are hitting the field and will create a new, protected source for us to communicate with which they won’t control. I love all the reports that certain of them have lost billions because of their heavy-handed, punitive guillotining of Trump. I expect the sum of ‘Trump Power’ will be heard before all the shoutin’ stops over this voting cycle.

    1. I call for all republicans, conservatives, Trumps supports to unite in taking down the [email protected] media. This will hurt their pocket book. Move to other sites where you can talk freely. If you must go on these left wing sites click on every ad. The more the better, as it will cause the advertisers to have to pay for the clicks, just don’t buy any thing. If you are on a free speech site click and buy away. Just not on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Utube, Amazon to name a few.

  14. The time has come for all true patriot to rise. In the last couple of days I have seen reports of leftist wanting to take away the children of Trump supporters and place them in reeducation camps. They also want to deprogram all Trump supporters or arrest them. WELCOME to the Communist party. It is either agree or go to jail.

  15. what needs to be done is Peloci and anyone who disrespects the rpresident needs to be removed from office

  16. I am a registered Democrat but today’s party is not my party anymore. Such
    vicious and evil people so determined
    to ruin our country !

    1. I would suggest that you change parties if you are not satisfied with the one you are in. The DNC is run by communists that have taken over the party. It was easier than trying to build a party. By using misleading information they have tricked many in they party into following them. They don’t want to help the country, they want to destroy our way of life, they want to make this a [email protected] state just like China or Russia. They think that this will benefit them. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it, they might get to be [email protected] too.

  17. I urge all true republicans not to work with the Rhinos, Cheney, McConnel, Romney and others in the leadership of the party as they are working to help the Dems, and will only cause problems with in the party. We need to remove them as quickly as possible, and deny them access to the party organization, or any help from the party. If they are going to help the dems, they will have to find another way. They have betrayed the people, and are no longer deserving of their support.

  18. Is there no justice in America today? When does the President get his day in court to prove the truth. I know that people can take others to court for slander and libel, doesn’t the President of the United States of America have the same rights? What about the hacked election? Has this election ended all faith in a fair and just election? Do the Democrats really want to win illegally? If people are going to riot all over America on inauguration day, that means the people didn’t elect Biden!

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