June 15, 2021

Trump issues ‘devastating’ letter addressing ‘voting irregularities’ in Arizona

It may be true that everything was above board in Arizona’s Maricopa County during the 2020 presidential election. However, former President Donald Trump is dogging officials with accusations that amount to fraud and coverup if they’re true.

Trump took aim at the county election officials following allegations that a voter “database was illegally deleted after the subpoena to produce the information” was served, according to Breitbart. He based his statement on a scathing letter outlining possible fraud sent from Karen Fann, president of the Arizona Senate, to Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers.

“A devastating letter written by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann on voting irregularities, and probably fraud, in Maricopa County during the 2020 Presidential Election,” Trump began in his statement Thursday. “Even the database was illegally deleted after the subpoena to produce the information,” he wrote.

“Senate President Fann has invited Maricopa County officials to a public hearing on May 18 to allow them the opportunity to try to explain what happened to the missing databases, ballots, and other significant issues,” the former president continued. The state Senate is currently conducting an audit of the county’s 2 million votes to uncover any evidence of those issues.

“The Fake News and Lamestream Media is doing everything they can not to cover this major story,” Trump said. “They just refuse to talk or report about it. They don’t want the United States or World to see what is going on with our corrupt, third world election,” he concluded.

President Joe Biden beat Trump by 11,000 votes out of 3.3 million statewide. The margin in Maricopa County was slightly more than 2%, so fraud could have easily tipped the scales.

Although Biden handily won the popular vote, the Electoral College votes were much closer in key states. Besides Arizona’s razor-thin difference, Biden also won Georgia by 11,000 votes, and Wisconsin was won by less than 21,000 votes.

For the first time in history, the presidential election relied on more absentee and vote-by-mail balloting than ever before. That alone should give credence to the possibility that there were voting irregularities this time around. If what Trump and Fann say are true, however, the problem may go much deeper.

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75 Responses

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  2. The Media was in on it. Remember to “tell a lie and tell it often, that way they’ll believe it”. the “Rats” are clever and have themselves to cover their lies. Tim will tell.

      1. Yes, and CNN, MSNBC, and ABC are all the bearers of truth. Anyone that votes for the Demonrats are either ignorant or evil.

  3. Even if they find that Biden won with 25 million fraudulent votes in all the states and Trump actually won with 25 million more votes than Biden they still will not take Biden out of office and put Trump in office because that is how crooked and corrupt the federal government as gotten in this country.

    1. I’m not agree. Republicans have to stand up and impeach all of them even put in jail. We are people have to help them by going on a street and demand that.

      1. Start with a civil war, that’s what it will take. I’m ready, but I can’t do it alone.

        1. I’m saying the same thing you are this crap has got to stop already if we have to fight will have to fight 30% of demon rats LOL

        2. Correct
          There are plenty of us out there
          Issue: leadership, fear, whatever…
          Too many ostriches
          However if the humans lived in AK and experience a grizzly chasing ya, your gun be out pretty fast there

      2. I agree. TIRED of playing nice..we the people elected Trump.. Put him in his elected position now.. stop the games

        1. If AZ board has defrauded the voters in the 2020 election. They need to be charged with treason for a cue on a sitting President. They need to be tried by a military tribunal. When found guilty send them to gitmo for sentencing and spend the rest of their life in jail down there with no AC.

      3. There are more than just a few Republicans in both branches of Congress who will stand up. However, unless the fraudulent members of the Senate and House of Representatives are replaced with the legal winners, the Republicans do not have the votes to impeach. The Demonrats are very good at cheating. They laid out their plot very well. They not only stole the Presidency, they stole enough members of congress to have a majority (Georgia). They also have always had the media to push their lies, promote their agenda and otherwise cover their butts.

      4. We need to overthrow the Government and get them all out of there because they forgot who they work for and their all corrupt and have committed crimes against America!!!

    2. You are so correct, and that is such a shame! Our Country is being destroyed right before our eyes and nothing is being done about it! God, please save us!

      1. I do not understand how so many crazy people voted for Biden, even Christians. Now he is destroying our country and they pretend it isn’t so. I guess it would be to shameful to admit that they made a mistake.
        shame on Christians that voted for an abortion loving party and especially since it was intended to kill brown and black babies from the very start. That is why many Christians have to repent of their choice.

    3. So sad but true.
      Which is why States must remove themselves from the Union and become their own country.

    4. Devils. and by the way, this story writer is not for American values. It’s obvious he/she is a libtard.

      1. This response (VERY VERY…) was not to the post that precedes it. Not that it wouldn’t be true, but, I don’t know to whom Norman as referring.
        I don’t want to take the time to find the appropriate post to which I’d responded. I think it was something about that if they did find absolute (my word) proof of fraud, the Dems. wouldn’t admit it.

    5. Clarence You are 100% right The Demrats don’t Care about the American People They are working with China soon as Americans we will have NO RIGHTS why is Biden Keeping people from Working ?? Part of the PLAN to CORRUPT our Country and they are WINNING here comes WW111 God help us all

    6. your math is wrong. “25 million fraudulent” Biden votes must not be counted. In this case, Trump would have 72 million votes v.s. 60 million Biden votes. Then, who won the election? Trump won.

    1. Before you gloat too much, the true loser has yet to be determined. There is more integrity in carnival games than there was in the last election. Thanks to the judges in Michigan and Arizona that have the guts to look into the abnormalities of the election, the truth is starting to bubble up.

        1. more election fraud found in Colorado and wait the votes went for Trump ,that is know 6 cases of fraud nation wide all for Trump

  4. Bill you are absolutely right. The media is a big part of the corruption, and not only that, they played a HUGE part in the cheating by suppressing the Hunter laptop and at the same time spreading lies about President Trump and NOT reporting all the good things he did for our country and it’s people be as well as keeping peace worldwide. And still there are idiots who faithfully watch CNN and the others and believe every lying word.

  5. President Trump cared about the American “people”. People don’t want to know how the sausage is made, they just want sausage. ” Feelings” is our new politics. Sheeple

  6. So the Republican run Election Board of Maricopa County is fighting with the Republican run State Senate,and Trump may now realize his own party has been the big lie. This is why Americans and the World are still laughing at him.

    1. Go back to grabbing your ankles snowflake…You and Biden live in the same basement.

  7. The Federal Government, the News Media, the High Tech Industry Execs, and many more are all corrupt! All of them do not care about the American Citizens at all. All they care about is lining their own pockets at the expense of America being destroyed. The entire Biden family is corrupt including Biden’s entire Administration. The news media is totally destroyed! All the news media know how to do is one lie after another lie!

  8. Because of George Bush number one New World order agenda through push number two no Child left behind curriculum and then Obamas common core curriculums for educational system, they were able to dumb down The generation to only believe what they are told. And a long with extremist left lies and the MSM potion of those lies our country as we know it is completely on its way to total communism. All done through educating our youth to the left is agenda.
    I cannot even use dictation on my phone as everything I say get completely twist ED. America is in total collapse. Even if we have to take it back by force I am willing to give my life defending America for all that she has stood for then to live like we are today.

    1. Donna Hunter,
      and the worst is yet to come with the new IMF going to change our monetary
      system to cypto currency, or SDR’s go to your local bank and ask them do they
      know what SDR are ? you probably will get a blank stare from the officer of the bank..the IMF which I truly believe is the Bilderberg Group in disguise …
      New World Order if you recall was touted by Eleanor Roosevelt…and the UN which doesn’t have enough poder to blow it’s self to hell. We are witnessing the systematic destruction of America…how tragic that we have failed to teach several generations right from wrong. And, what our country is and for which it stands.

    2. Right on, Brother! I’m all in with you, as many others are. We need to find a way to unite and coordinate our protests. Our voices haven’t been heard. We are being stifled by the mainstream media. They are putting the minority progressive far left liberals front and center, giving them all of attention and commentary. If we can come together as one, we can make the BLM and Antifa protests look like Sesame Street. Let’s roar like a lion! USMC VET

  9. What really gets me is the fact that the American citizens do not have any common sense to realize that the Dems are destroying our country.

    1. Well Biden received a 63% on polls released last week by AP. Numbers Trump could dream of by the American people

      1. Democrat Polls and $2.00 will get you a cold soft drink almost anywhere in town. George Soros has orchestrated a very organized scam in America but the truth has more power than his billions. The truth will remove our nightmare of this insidious administration.

      2. No one believes anything the propaganda media says anymore. If you dig into that poll you’ll find a disproportionate amount of democrats were polled. You’ll find the way they worded the questions to be biased as well. No one in their right mind, think raising taxes, starting and funding wars, creating a border crisis that didn’t exist before, creating racist programs that violate the constitution, shutting down oil and gas jobs, allowing the Teachers union to dictate COVID policies are good things.

      3. Actually the numbers are fake. They only asked 16 percent of conservatives and the rest were democrats. I could prove the majority believed in Santa Claus if I only polled 4 year olds. Figures don’t lie? But liars figure.

      4. Hey Troll boy, that ‘poll’ has already been exposed for the blatant ‘fix’ in the numbers of voters that were polled, they clearly DO NOT represent the US population breakouts, DEMS WAY OVER sampled and the beat goes on. Fake news once again and you are there to espouse this fraud. Truly sad.

    2. Self employed after teaching in 1976 and always did well no matter the president but as a coach you realize “losers make excuses, it’s what they do.”

  10. This site is left wing biased and will not accept positive comments.
    The operators should be prosecuted.
    Do not waste your time.

  11. The democrats created the KKK who Lied, Stole and Murdered the innocent people they wished to control. It looks to me they have never forgot the evil tactics required to increase their power. Why would anyone vote to have any person who supports the democrat policy of today or believe any word that comes out of their mouth ? The Presidential Election was obviously corrupt … or the democrats would be the FIRST to have any and all audits to prove otherwise ! But no, Biden has the Federal Government’s D.O.J. sending multiple lawyers to stop the Arizona audit. Does anyone really think there was a Free and Fair Election ???

  12. People need to be arrested and prosecuted for these crimes to the fullest extent. America cannot put up with these treasonous acts ever again. America is failing at every problem we have at an unprecedented speed. We must expose these criminals and amend the wrongs immediately.

    1. The Republican Senate in AZ. next week has the question of do we continue the review and expose our Party for the illegal actions they took in the 2020 election

  13. Censored again, for telling someone to live his life as his own. This site is run by totalitarians who deny you the truth, and they don’t want pushback with truth on the lies they tell.

  14. You can read everything I say in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, but this site doesn’t want you to learn that. They want you ignorant of the truth. Educate yourself, read those two documents, then think about what they say.

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  16. Trump rocks Biden is a two faced commie supporter and Harris and peloton are worthless lying traitors

  17. Another day, another post censored, I’m beginning to see a trend. If you say something a Leftist doesn’t like, they won’t engage in polite back and forth, they just shove your words down the memory hole. That way, the only “truth” you see is theirs.

  18. The criminal election personnel who are trying to cover up any wrong doing in AZ, including the AZ secretary of state etc. better start getting their affairs in order. When this all comes out how they tried to cheat the American Citizen voters, arrests will be made for sedition and TREASON. Of course when convicted for TREASON, the penalty is DEATH. They are living on borrowed time.

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  20. LOL The Democrats misappropriated the adjectives “liberal and progressive”. From the start of that party to the present they have been the conservatives. The Democrats fought tooth and nail to keep minorities enslaved. They implemented black codes and Jim crow laws. The KKK served as their terror enforcement squad. Even now they insist minorities are unable to muster enough intelligence to obtain any form of identification. Racists, white supremacist’s, Nazis, and Fascists here in America are all registered upstanding Democrats. Even the current Democrat president is an old guard rabid racist and very conservative in wanting a return to the good old days when minorities were enslaved.
    The Democrat leadership has to be aware they have been and still are acting to pervert the constitution. Democrat voters/supporters tend to be willfully ignorant of the ideology and agenda and naively believe all they are told by their leaders. The supporters view themselves as being dictionary liberals.
    I separate Democrats into two groups: Democrat politicians, most of whom are in on the con, and the willfully ignorant and duped supporters of those Democrat politicians.

  21. I’m sorry, but the punishment for what the democrats have done,if thier found guilty is treason,& thats the firing squad

  22. There was blatant voter fraud going on during the election in numerous states! Penn went against it’s own Constitution in order to achieve the “win” for “vacancy of the cranium” Biden and the other Communists in his administration. Between the fake news media censorship and the corrupt judges refusing to hear the cases of fraud, this makes it a perfect set-up towards a Dictatorship. The American people had better wake-up soon and unfortunately have to take matters into their own hands. I don’t know if the U.S. can wait until the next election! If Biden DARES to show his face or make any statement honoring veterans on Memorial Day, it will obviously be his “next big lie” as he is and has been doing nothing but tearing this country apart, dishonoring EVERY veteran that has died protecting the Constitution and ALL who have served in all branches of the military!

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