June 12, 2021

Trump: “I’m not joking” about debate drug test for Biden

As the first presidential debate approaches, President Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t have much respect for his opponent.

In fact, about the only way that Trump figures Biden can hold it together is through the use of performance and concentration enhancing drugs. That’s why Trump is calling for drug testing before the debates.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump said Sunday that he was not joking about the need for a drug test ahead of the first presidential debate with former Vice President Joe Biden.

“No. I’m not joking,” he said when asked about the idea during a White House press conference. “I’m willing to take a drug test, I think he should too.”

That seems fair enough, although I don’t think Biden’s people will agree – in fact, there’s been some speculation that Biden won’t want to debate at all. Top Democrats like Speaker Nancy Pelosi have repeatedly urged Biden not to.

Trump meanwhile, isn’t backing down from his demands. Breitbart again:

The president said that he watched previous Democrat debates where Biden was clearly “out of it” but that he appeared much better during the final primary debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). “He was okay. I mean, he wasn’t great; he wasn’t terrible; he was okay,” Trump said.

Trump questioned how Biden turned around his debate performances despite earlier disasters. “People say he was on performance-enhancing drugs; a lot of people have said that, a lot of people have written that,” Trump said.

Read the full story here.

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105 Responses

    1. I agree he is a coward but it’s not a needle he’s afraid of. In fact a wide scan drug test can be done with just a urine sample. Bidens handlers know that it’s a course of action they will need to take just to get Joe on stage for the debate. What they don’t seem to understand is that any performance enhancing drugs that they can give him does nothing to improve his knowledge of anything, it simply gives him an acute euphoria so that he responds to things a little faster. For Joe that spells disaster.

    2. Lets look back at the corruption of Olympic atheletes. Wide spread use of performance enhancing drugs were discovered, and atheletes were disqualified and stripped of medals and records. Lance Armstrong came clean and had to turn over all of his bicycle racing crowns. Biden is seeking the top U.S. leadership positition. Hell yes he should piss in a bottle, give some blood to prove he’s not as ill as he appears

  1. Go “””Trump””” make the Idiot be tested and we’ll just see/prove he’s alright legally!
    I’ll bet he will not agree to be tested, then if he doesn’t ….. he’s done, finished and should be removed from the Democratic Pres. Election ……………….period!!!!!!

    1. Why would the demos want to remove Biden. After all, he’s just a “place-holder” for Harris anyway. I figure Sleepy, Creepy, Uncle Joe will be shown to be incompetent if he is elected, within a couple of months, as he continues to make a fool out of himself when (if) he speaks.

      1. I agree!!! He’s a puppet with so many hands up his backside he can’t even walk like a man. I mean, have you seen him? He shuffles his feet! Plus, he and Kamala have both stated on camera the “HARRIS-Biden” administration. **** TRUMP 2020 ****

    1. That is a very good intel to get out there. I live in a community of Biden supporters because it is a fishing- logging community. Although that all dried up in the 70-80’s they still believe that this form of business will thrive to be a come back. This crazy agenda of climate change, electric cars and wind power? All dried up ideas from the Clinton-Obahma Administrations. I love President Trump. He is a great business man and he looks ahead. I support his work ethics and his ideas. We have to appreciate in his support of turning this country around and making it profitable. Wow! The economy is soaring. The covid shut us down but we are up again. Thank you Franklin Graham for the great day in prayer at the Nations Capital. We all felt and needed that.

      1. I want to know why not even Fox news transmitted the Prayer event. i was so disappointed! but saw pics of the excellent turnout. God help, protect us, the USA and President Trump. thank you Rev. Graham.!

    2. Doesn’t matter. They steam them open anyway to see who was voted for, then they throw away Trumps, if its a Biden vote they seal it back up which is easy to do. Look this up. Democrat operative claims he was involved in massive mail in ballots for decades.

  2. Both candidates should be tested. I am sure Chris Wallace will treat Biden gently while he will attack President Trump. The vile left wing-nuts will say Biden won the debate if he is able to keep his mask out of his eyes.

  3. Even if he is on drugs, how can he defend what he has done or hasn’t done in his 47 years as a Government Hack. Joe Robinette Biden has been part of a US Government that fought endless wars, farmed out manufacturing and jobs to China and the rest of the World, and now wants to defund Law and Order.

    Now he wants to finance the “New Green Deal” with your tax dollars and my tax dollars. We need to say no to Joe.

    1. He hasn’t done shirtt for the 47+ years he was a senator and VP. What makes him and anybody else think he’ll do anything differently if elected?

      1. Well he said in that video speech he was elected to Congress 180 years ago and he served 10 years as VP. That is something miraculous by itself right? 🤣🤣🤣

  4. If you think that the socialists are above the use of drugs on Biden you are sadly mistaken! There is no low that they won’t go! Trump has said publicly that he was willing to do a test but Bidens handlers say no way! Why? Trump has shown he has done a test for cognitive abilities, Bidens handlers say no! Why?

  5. also need to check hearing aide equipment that is giving him help in all aspects of answering questions…after all isn’t that what Hilary did in the debate with her?

    1. YES! I just read about that THIS MORNING. . . Hilary’s “feeder system” was in a box on her back (which Trump discovered). Sleepy Joe’s was implanted to feed into his ear; — that is WHY you didn’t see him for an extended period last month. His incision was healing. . . @;-)

      1. YES …I read that also‼️ Need metal detector to screen BIDEN first then TRUMP before ALL Debates begin‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    2. There are numerous things they need to check…..let’s face it…Trump will cream him in the debates, and the Dems know it! Even my brother, a staunch Dem, said Trump will win the debates.

  6. Don’t vote by mail. Flood the polls, show these demonrats once and for all that their days in office are over.

  7. The democrat will cheat in anyway they can to get dementia patient and crook first class Biden in the WH. Look for instance who they put in charge of the debate as not one that can not stand and have no respect for the sitting President Mr. Trump as not CHRIS WALLACE. The Megan fiasco is being replayed all over the Networks again. America is fed up with all the shenanigans that are being played by the democratic leadership. The run of the mill democrat is even sick of it. The democratic leaders ship is running themselves of the cliff just because they are for the chaos and lawlessness that is going on lately and by not taking care of the citizens period. Strangers in this country are getting paid and monetary aid and the same rights to rightful American citizens are being denied. Go figure that. I rest my case.


    1. Good one Sandra, I wouldnt put anything across them demons. I see that done in mystery movies, right? And they are most likely scurrying to get a portion to clean enhancement drugs out of his system before the drug test.

  9. I think they would have had a better chance if they exhumed Leslie Nielson, of course, he was a Canadian.

  10. The sleaze Pelosi is already urging Pedophile Joe not to debate President Trump. You have to ask yourself WHY?? If they do agree to a series of debates, both President Trump and Hidin Biden must consent to a drug test. The corrupt Democraps won’t consent to Sleepy Joe taking a drug test. If he has nothing to hide there should be no problem. The liberal Democraps are rotten to the core. This will show the country what a P.O.S. Biden really is.

    1. If Joe Biden doesn’t have a debate with President Trump he should be Disqualified he needs to be tested he is on something

  11. Please use common sense wear a mask, safe distancing and vote at the polls.
    Please don’t mail in your ballots. If what I have read and heard is correct, if the ballots aren’t counted by a certain date The Speaker of The House becomes president and we can’t survive Nutty Nancy. She’s worse then Biden and Harris.

    1. I never will vote by mail even though Rhode Island sent out mail in ballots and I didn’t even request one this is at the taxpayers expense ridiculous so I stuck my mail in Ballot in the shredder right where it belongs in the trash 👍👍👍😀😀

      1. Ooops, election officials and those at the polls, want us to bring those ballots with us when we show up at the polls and hand them over to them. That’s a little sketchy to me, but that is what they want. I have been an absentee voter for many years since I became my mothers 24/7 caregiver. This time though, I’ gonna hire someone to watch her while I go to the polls!

  12. Is it compulsory for US mail carriers to join the union?
    Does the US mail carrier’s union support the Democrats?
    Does part of their union dues automatically go to financially support Democrats?

  13. You know what is really funny, Biden accuses Trump of colluding with Putin. Did you know that everyone of the Dems running for office, are running on a communist ( Putin ) agenda, including Biden.

  14. Whether or not JB takes a drug test if he backs out the debate must continue so the questions posed by the moderator can be answered. The person not there to answer the questions should be disqualified!

  15. That is a very good intel to get out there. I do wonder in my own thoughts of trying to figure Biden out? I can’t laugh because it really ain’t funny anymore. I feel sorry for him. He is probably on all kinds of different drugs? To be honest like everyone else says he is being used. The real front runner is his crazy running mate. She couldn’t even hold her job as a prosecutor. The Democrates are really screwed.

    1. If Joe tries to step aside and let Harris run, that can’t happen because she didn’t win the nomination. That means that old Bernie would be the candidate. Of course this would piss Pelosi off as it would cut her out completely.

      1. Of course this would also piss off the DNC, after all the work they went to to keep Bernie from getting the nomination. That is why Joe got the nomination, they needed someone to keep Bernie cut out.

    2. Don’t feel sorry for him at all! This man has taken a salary and an oath how many times and he and Pelosi and Kerry have made no telling how many millions to billions of dollars off of China, Russia, Ukraine and it is all online! Kerry was him and a nephew and the other 2 it was thir son! He has a wife who I bet told him no but no telling how much Soros is giving them! All about money!

  16. I am surprised that no one has explored the possibility that Sleepy Joe may show up for the debate, and insist on wearing a mask – – for COVID of course – – and refuse to take it off for the debate. Then the Dems, will just have some one dub in Joe’s voice. That way he only has to worry about keeping his eyes open for the entire debate and look around. I know it seems far fetched, but the democrats are desperate, and I wouldn’t put it past them to try just about anything at this point. We need to be sure Joe Biden doesn’t try to wear a mask throughout the debate, besides being drug tested.

  17. The commoner has to take a drug test just to get even a part time job!
    Biden and all his trolls need to do a drug test as they imposed it on the lower echelons

  18. TRUMP 2020 🇱🇷🇮🇱 SUPPORT ISREAL 👍 AND protect the lady for the supreme Court Justice 🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼✝️🌟👩👍

  19. Yep we’ve all been drugged tested for jobs . Government officials should be too ! And masking America is a joke most of us where one but do they work ? Testing should be in order at your doctor to insure a proper fit , test yourself , take a puff of smoke and with your mask on 💨 it out you’ll see it leaks all around .

    1. Testing has shown that masks do not work, they are only for mental support, as they really don’t know what will work, and the Dems want to make you think that they have all the answers. That is why they to defund the police, and get rid of them, and use the Blue Militia ( BLM+Antifa ) to keep you all under house arrest.

  20. I think so, and what I don’t understand is why the press and all the demorats can get on national television and tell all the lies about someone, I don’t know the woman’s last but her first name is Donna and she is African American and she stated the demorats would not have nominated a scotus judge before an election and that is a bone faced lie, my morals wouldn’t allow me to do that I guess that’s why I am not a demorat

    1. Yes! Now The lying New York Times spits out a lie that POTUS only paid $750 tax and wont provide there source to Lawyers as Trump says it is not true! I would not be surprised as he takes no salary and has lost money on his real estate in New York with Dems painting BLM in front of his hotel! BUT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH: WE THE PEOPLE DON’T CARE IF HE DID NOT PAY ANY WAS TRUE BECAUSE WE KNOW HE CARES ABOUT US , OUR FLAG, OUR COUNTRY AND OUR GOD! WE BELIEVE IN HIM AND WE DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THE LEFT SAYS OR THEIR FAKE NEWS AS IT IS ALL LIES! AMEN!

      1. They claim he paid $750 two years (in a row I think), the odds on that happening on his taxes is astronomical. They should be shut down permanently this time.

  21. Trump is right, Biden needs to be tested to see if he is on drugs and if so he needs to drop out we do not need anyone who is on drugs to be our white house even if he loses he we all need to know. Trump 2020!

  22. “speculation that Biden won’t want to debate” – Biden has publicly stated his will – no, his desire – to debate Trump, to “take him apart” in the confrontation. he even said he “couldn’t wait” for the debates. It’s Pelosi who’s standing in Joe’s way, who wants to deny him the right to confront Trump. We’ll see who is running this show, whether Biden has the necessary Presidential fortitude to stand up for what he wants – or let Pelosi control him.

  23. He was on drugs when he was in with Obama only number between their and now he’s using a hell of a lot more of it and it’s not going to be long before what little brain they got is a complete burnout

  24. This is a sad day for our country.Am not a fan of VP Biden but if in fact he does have mental issues then it is unforgiveable that the man is being used. This is bout one thing, POWER. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. But i seriously doubt that you even understand the word. I am totally discussed with what is happening in this country. God help us.

  25. President Trump has done what he said he would before he was elected and made the the country stronger than it had been before. He has done a great job.

  26. You know Biden won’t agree to that it would prove he’s not eligible to be President because of his deteriorating brain problems 👌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. Oh wait a minute I need my medication.Why?
    Not sure if we need to go to war.Why?
    I forgot what country I was talking about.Oh!
    Maybe we’ll just draw straws and see who we can bomb!Why?
    I don’t think I know!

  28. We as Patriots due have some heart for anyone who is mentally deteriorating. We ourselves may very well be there someday, or know someone who is. Let’s not wish that since he is corrupt that he shouldn’t run. Let’s keep all the p.o.s. in office for now. Easy win. Like letting Pelosi keep talking, it all equals Keeping America Great. Go Trump my Captain America Patriot.

  29. I would be willing to bet that Biden is being brought to normal with amphetamines. An extremely powerful mental stimulant. What else can explain his recent spells of being lucid?


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