May 13, 2021

Trump hits Biden, releases prisoners sentenced under 1994 crime bill

Outgoing presidents have the unique ability to commute sentences and pardon criminals. President Donald Trump also got to take a shot at his successor as well.

As one of his last acts as president, Trump commuted the sentence for seven drug offenders, Breitbart reported. Two of those prisoners were serving lifelong stints in prison thanks to President Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill.

Both 65-year-old Michael Pelletier and 41-year-old Corvain Cooper were locked away for so long because of Biden’s crime bill. Both men were released from their mandatory life sentences imposed under the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act signed by President Bill Clinton in September of 1994. At the time, Biden was a U.S. Senator from Delaware, eager to brand the Democratic party as being tough on crime.

Then as is now, the Republican party was tough on crime while the Democratic party worked to excuse criminals. “It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re the victims of society,” Biden said in 1993, breaking with the prevailing stance of his party then, “I don’t want to ask, ‘What made them do this?’ They must be taken off the street.”

In the 2020 presidential race, Biden attempted to distance himself from the legislation as the Democratic narrative shifted to police brutality and blaming racism for criminal incarceration. All the while, Pettelier and Cooper wasted away in prison.

Pelletier was nabbed for smuggling marijuana from Canada to Maine. Ironically, the drug is now legal in both locales even as the man continued to suffer in prison. “I don’t have much strength in my arms due to lack of physical therapy,” Pelletier, a type-2 diabetic who was unable to walk since childhood, said, “so the prison staff hired another prisoner to push me around the compound. He died from COVID.”

Unable to get a ruling on a petition he submitted during Obama’s exit from office, Pelletier had hopes that Trump would “end this nightmare and reunite me with my family.” Trump did just that in commuting his sentence.

Cooper also languished in prison for decades, even as part of his sentence was reduced because of Trump’s criminal justice reform. “Biden is responsible for the 1994 crime law that [resulted in] Corvain Cooper being sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for marijuana,” his attorney Patrick Michael Megaro told the New York Post, “and the Obama-Biden administration was directly responsible for the prosecution and conviction of Corvain Cooper under the 1994 crime law.”

On his last full day in office, Trump signed 70 communications and 73 pardons. He released four other prisoners from life sentences due to marijuana offenses. While the left excuses violent criminals and makes martyrs of the ones killed by police, Trump’s move was instead a commonsense, merciful approach to letting non-violent offenders out of prison.

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112 Responses

    1. That is all the Dems know how to do, because they want EVERYONE (except themselves) dependent on the government dole to survive. Makes you wonder how many jobs he will kill in his first week?

      1. It didn’t take him a week. it only took him one day. He revoked the Keystone XL pipeline permits costing over 1,000 jobs in construction alone. next comes the real cost to pay Billionaire Warren Buffett a huge amount to have his railroad tankers transport the crude south to be refined. I guess bribes work! Remember when the train derailed and spilled crude all over? I guess the environmentalist have forgotten about that one. It is projected that this move by Einstein Biden will lose us over 100,000 jobs.

        1. It’s a very sad day when we have a POTUS who doesn’t give a damn about our country and American citizens!!!

      2. He has already killed thousands of jobs. And wants to keep people at home with a mask and he won’t even wear them himself. Evident at that monument him and his wife visited. What a fraud and a menace to society. DRIVE HIM HOME. “Peacefully”, to quote Pres. Trump. And that is a quote by him, as millions of people heard. Nancy Pelosi and Harris should both to as well. Let’s band together and get it done.

      1. I totally agree with you. Trump is my President, I would never have any of those crooked idiots representing me.

          1. You listen to the controlled media too much. Trump had NOTHING to do with these idiots nor with Antifa PROVEN to be in with the peaceful Trump protestors. LISTEN TO WHAT TRUMP SAID not what the media says that he said, even clipping out such things as “go down to the White House peacefully” cut out “go down to the White House”. I have the video!! NEVER before or after the RAID was there word of violence from the President. NOR was on controlled media where the WH police or fake infiltrators OPENED the barrier for the crown to come on WH property. One officer yelled and motioned “come on in”. Just like with several BLM gatherings where Antifa was among the crowd — MY GOD MAN THINK FOR YOURSELF AND CHECK OUT OTHER MEDIA BESIDES LIARS AND SLANDERERS> If you only listen to Communist Nationalist Network CNN and such you will be deceived again and again.

          2. you simply show your ignorance when you make a stupid comment like that. It is better to keep yourmouth shut @nd let people think you’re stupid then to open it and r3move all doubt.

          3. There is a difference between President Donald Trump saying let’s march to the capitol to let our voices be heard, as many did and there are those who had their own agenda in doing the opposite to marching peaceably. The last time I checked parents are held accountable for their minor children, not other adults.

          4. You are incorrect RB. They were paid by the Dumocrats to storm the Capital dressed in Trump apparel and carrying Trump flags.

          5. Trump had so many rallies around the country. There was no violence, only when BLM or Antifa shows up and starts burning, looting places. I saw 3 vans of Antifa and BLM. How much money did Soros pay them? You set back and watched them burn cities, looting places and how many did they murder? You moron

          6. Trump did not ask anyone to storm the Whitehouse. Were you there to witness it??? Neither was I. Sounds like you listen to fake news.

        1. Trump is my President! He has so many people who voted for him that was real, and loved him. You could see every time he had a rally, even when he went home to Florida! He did so much for us and our great country and did make it great again! He kept his promises and cared about the people who voted him in. He will be so missed. Now evil will take over and destroy us all.

      2. You are definitely right on that👍President Trump will always be my President. Joe Biden, as well as his family, are the most corrupt, disgraceful, destructive, despicable, discusting, lieing, cheating, and are horrific people, and Obama as well.

        1. I’ll agree with that about Biden’s corrupt family. They learned from their “daddy”. We are entering the worst time in our country’s history with Biden and Harris. Good bye civil rights, good bye fair justice. hello Biden’s gestapo.

      3. Obama is another one that had better hide and keep his mouth shut. He is a Muslim and a Secret Service man saw him on his knees worshipping Allah. And I pray for his demise.or his death. May Jesus grant me my Pray. And most of the time the lord Jesus does grant me my prayers. Biden the anchient Goat already looks like he’s
        eaten his last can.

      4. Amen Naioma. You speak for the large majority of the patriots in our nation. I’m excited about the talk of a new party for our nation called the Patriot’s Party, I predict that Donald J Trump will be elected as It’s first president.

    2. first day 11,408,000 jobs lost 8000 on pipeline 400,000 on Paris deal and 11,000,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS CITIZENSHIP

      1. Don’t forget the top medical positions taken over by the World Health Organization both here and overseas, held by Americans. We the taxpayers will be paying the wages of countries like France, India, Pakistan, and every other welfare nation on the books.

      2. Its so sad, and do not forget about the 32 million illegals running to the border to have biden and harris escort them in with open hands of our hard earned money to give to them. Such an evil web they weave.

      3. I will not allow my money to be given to 11000,000 invaders. We should just call Arnold and have them Terminated. With no mercy. I know of at least 10 Illegals at burger king. They never get my order right.

        1. Are you sure they are muslim? I know a bunch of American kids that graduated high school that don’t know math and would mess up your order, thanks to the teachers unions

    3. So we now we 60000 casualties of biden. We must get rid of biden before it is to late. So I wonder how we can do that.We are starting by impeaching Kamala for inciting riots during the 2020 summer. I can’t wait. I hate her and Biden for trashing our country not theirs in the first day of office.

    4. He’s already putting our country in the tank and lining his buddies in China and the WHO’s pocket and soon he’ll go back to the Iranian nuclear agreement. Can only imagine what it’s going to cost us. Now Canada is furious with him over the pipeline, he didn’t even bother to check or discuss this with them. Busy pandering to the far left and their New Green deal. While destroying jobs in our country.We’re screwed !!!

    5. Starting with the 47,000 job loss because he canceled the oil pipeline. And, to make matters worse, that oil will still arrive but in polluting and dangerous tanker trucks instead of the pipeline.

  1. But, but, but Trump “Talked Dirty”, and was a KKK, WHITE, RAPEST, NAZI,DEPLORABLE BASTARD!
    Oh, I’m sorry. I was thinking about Killary and WHOLE DEMOCRAT SOCIAL COMMUNIST PARTY. Sleepy joe and the hoooo also!

    1. Trump has NEVER been a KKK! OR A RACIST! But Biden has and so has Hillary Clinton! Who favorite POLITICAN was a grand
      wizard from West Virginia! Name Robert Byrds! And only fool would vote for a DEMOCRAT! Black women do it for the FREE WELFARE PROGRAM.BUT DON’T REALIZE THEY HURT THEIR CHILDREN WHO DON’T HAVE THEIR FATHER IN THE HOUSE!

    2. Yes but you are an idiot and a Biden clown , the both of you just want to destroy the USA. ALSO YOU WANT TO GIVE US OVER TO CHINA.

      1. China should be held accounable to the world for the biological devastation they unleashed on the WORLD. Instead their reaping the financial benefit of it. Why aren’t more people concerned about what they’re doing to us???

  2. Get used to it Joe, Trump is going to do to you what you spent 4 years doing to him, and 47 years doing to our country. How do you like him now!

    1. I didn’t know about the 60.000. I know the pillow man has had stores stop selling his pillows.
      I plan to buy four of his pillows, They are expensive but will gladly buy them.
      I have fears that President Biden has no idea how working Citizen’s earn their money.
      I expect he does think everyone should pay taxes to fund his programs.

      1. Joe Biden has never worked a real job in his life. Politics doesn’t count. He has never had to worry if he can pay rent or buy groceries! He has no idea what he is doing and is just a puppet for China. He and Hunter have already received their payment.

    2. It gives Biden importance, but Biden is not in charge (poor fool) It’s actually Pelosi with Obama’s blessings. We’re meant to be distracted by Biden’s infirm antics, so she can do a flanking movement to the left and have us goose-stepping to our slave labor camps.

    1. e-nuf-z-nuf wrote:
      “Obama is my shepherd, I shall not work.”
      “He maketh me to lie down and watch Oprah;”
      “He leadeth me beside the still factories [the EPA closed down].”
      “He restoreth my bling;”
      “He leadeth me in the paths of idleness for Barack’s name sake.”
      “Yea though I walk through the valley of the sharing of the wealth,”
      “I will fear no work fare; for thou art funding me.”
      “Thy Gat and thy blade, they comfort me.”
      “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of people who actually produce;”
      “Thou anointest my teeth with gold; my pipe runneth over.”
      “Surely rebates and Earned Income credits shall follow me all the days of my life,”
      “and I will dwell in the house of Obama forever.”
      Straight and to the point.

  3. Can’t wait until biden and pal harris are both impeached and kicked out of office. What a day of rejoicing that will be!

      1. No, Clinton/Obama would not be next in line it would be, are you ready, Pelosi and Schumer. And that is scary!!

        1. Those two should also be impeached Pelosi bit has been in the office way too long start putting somevterm limits on these clowns

      2. Never…Obama can’t run again and who in their right mind would vote for Hilary Clinton!!!!! Not even the Dumocrats want her in their party.

        1. The Obama’s are having too much fun with their mega-wealth earned from being a politician and too busy covertly running the country.

    1. Don’t forget, get rid of those two and you still have Nasty Nancy Pelosi to contend with. The speaker of the house becomes president if both president and vice president are not able to do their job.

    2. Better add a few more names to that list, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Romney, and who ever Biden picks to have in his Cabinet.

  4. Ready for the circus we call our govt, sleepy joe biden ringmaster, cumhead harris sniveling weasel, ooohhhhhh boy this should be fun!

  5. Biden is following the orders of his democrat handlers. Problem is, they aren’t sure what he’ll do and from what we’ve seen so far they aren’t the sharpest tacks in the drawer either. When he’s in the public view and goes off script, who knows what he’ll do, maybe declare war on China or the US? Who knows? Whatever he does, it won’t be good. You can bet on that.

  6. The corrupt Democrats have been releasing dangerous criminals ever since the George Floyd riots and before! Some people might say that payback is a mother but, if the Democrats can release murderers, rapists and other violent criminals to attack innocent Americans, they have nothing to complain about. Oh wait, I forgot about the double standards in this government! If a criminal can serve a purpose, good or bad, to advance the thievery and corruption in this government, it’s okay. But, it’s not okay if someone else does the same thing, especially if you belong to an opposing party! Let’s call a spade a spade here, Obama, the Biden Crime Family, Harris, Pelosi, the Clinton Crime Family, Schumer, Omar, AOC and the rest of the crooked politicians can do anything, up to and including murder without fearing the consequences. While, at the same time, an average citizen can face jail time for a DWI or, being behind in child support. Which is the worst crime, murder or being behind in child support payments?

  7. the whole of the democant party should be in prison sans trial they are snakes and do not deserve anything else

  8. I am hopeful that President Trump starts a new Patriot Party — that will scare the wimpy Republican into sitting up and start doing their job and although the demo-rats will think that is great at first they will soon find their own party losing members as well. Wait for 2022, be alert to more fraud from the demo-rats and quietly encourage people to join the new party. Biden will tax us to death and then starve us to death. Work quietly, calmly and constantly. “We will overcome.” support the new Patriots Party.

  9. I’m on board with a new party! Clearly the old Republican Party has been compromised, and the demonrats have gone total commie! I hope President Trump does start a new party, I will be the first to join!

  10. I agree with what Trump did, no matter how upset Biden gets, please get him Mr. Trump, he’s wanting to take down your wall as well, please force him to leave it alone.

    1. Don’t let this be a repeat. If you love your president and has been listening over the years you would know his mode of operation and that is HE SAYS WHAT HE MEANS AND HE MEANS WHAT HE SAYS. HE IS A TRUE PATRIOT. NO VIOLENCE! NO VANDAISM! NO LOOTING!

  11. Gee, I wonder if these ex convicts are looking for revenge? Just wishful thinking. They’re probably older than BS biden….

  12. Biden has just proven that he is more interested in hurting Trump than helping helping our country. He has destroyed all the good that Trump has accomplished for the United States. Pelosi and other corrupt democrats will use Biden to destroy the country and then she will use the 25th amendment to get rid of him. Pelosi was appointment by a democrat for her position in congress. She was not elected and has never been qualified. It is good that Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden will keep her teaching job because she will not be first lady very long. Maybe she shouldn’t get too comfortable in the White House. Since she is so educated she should give her husband, Joe Biden some math lessons. It seems he doesn’t know that when so much of our population is not working they are not paying taxes. Maybe she should teach math to all the democrats in congress. Joe Biden is not capable of leading this country. He a good corrupt puppet for the corrupt democrats.

  13. Think things are bad after 2 days? Just wait until Joe & the Commiecrats Soylent Green New Deal has had a few months to work!

    1. “Soylent” Green New Deal ! I love it ! 🤝🤣 !
      The night before my ex-wife’s water bag broke we were watching “Soylent Green” together on February 25, 1984. The next day we had our son, our only child whom I love. He will be wishing me a Happy Birthday next Friday, January 29, 1950 .

  14. Everyone needs to get involved, hold their representatives accountable. Vote them out starting in 2022, monitor all the voting poll places, video it all. Need to do it in groups because you know the radicals will have their groups and they’ll start the violence like always. It’s a shame, but that’s going to be the only way to legitimize any elections going forward. Has to start at the state level with the removal of dirty politicians.

    1. I think we should vote as before…with pencil and paper. Then we can’t have crooks like Dominion stealing our votes with software and buildings owned by George Soros leaving the premises. Mike Lindell spent $2 million of HIS OWN money proving the election fraud and vote theft.


  16. Funny but the way I heard it, President Trump, ALWAYS OUR PRESIDENT, did not tell them to STORM the Capitol. After all they have done to President Trump they should all be put away for good. Democrats are LIARS. You cannot believe anything they tell you.

  17. As I hear through the US Political Grapevine, dear old confused and delusional Joe Biden and questionable Ms. or Mrs. Kamala “Lady Of The Night” Harris and I hope that a whole lot more Rich and Power Hungry Progressive Liberal Democrats and their Illegally Labeled Never Trumpster FAKE Repubs., who on purpose Lean Too Far To The Left Side Of The US Governmental Political Equation, all who follow those two named above, who Very …. Very Seldom Follow The US Constitution To The Letter, Word And All Of The Time, And Do Not Want To Improve The US Immigration And Naturalization Act, And Are Using The US Declaration Of Independence, The US Bill Of Rights, The Federalist Papers, Common Sense and all other Pertinent US Documents like they are a Giant Sized Box Of Nose Papers = Kleenex And A Giant Roll Of Toilet Paper, After They Use Them, They Will Illegally Throw Them Either Into The Garbage Can Or Flush Them Into The Toilet Stool And Then Down Into The US Sewer System, I hope they will be going through their very own Impeachments Trials, ({[“because ever sense #44’s first day of his two terms as The US President, truly they do NOT give a Bloody Darn about ‘We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA’s Safety, Security, Happiness Or Even Our Prosperity’, but they ONLY want to be kept in Power by way of giving all of ‘We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA’s Hard Earned Tax Dollars To Those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens And DACA = Illegal Immigrant-Alien Children, who use the USA’s Borders Like An Old Fashioned Department Stores UNSECURED Revolving Front And Back Doors, which according To The Whole US Constitution And The US Immigration And Naturalization Act Is ILLEGAL and ANTI-AMERICAN, and on top of every thing else, They don’t give a Bloody Darn About The USA’s Foreign Allies, Like “The State Of Israel”, South Korea, The Philippines, Japan ………………………

  18. There is/are at least Two (2) Very Dangerous, Very Deadly Violent, Very Destructive And HATE Filled And Fueled Groups Called BLM = Black Lives Matter And antifa And Their Spinter Groups, (Why don’t you Lefties tell them to STOP their Extremely Bad Actions?) Who Are Domestic Terrorists, who were and are recognized As ONLY Myth’s, As From Mr. Jerry Nadlers Own Lips In The US Senate Either Last Year Or The Year Before, During #45’s First Failed Impeachment Trial, By The Left Side Of The US Political Equation, Since Questionable US #46 did Not Want To Even Talk To Them At The Beginning Of His Questionable First Term, Are Still Creating Dangerous, Deadly Violent, Destructive And HATE Filled And Fueled MAYHEM IN Those PL Democratic And FAKE REPUB. Governed States, Cities, Towns, Villages And Hamlets! Since I Am On This Line Of Thought, 1 Part Of Destruction That These Two Domestic Entities Committed, After #45’s Inauguration in 2016 AD, according to Television Channel NBC, reported that about 200 Dangerous People started pushing, shoving down to the ground a lot of other people, but there was 1 more incident that happened that was a lot more louder, deadly and destructive, Someone’s Either Rented Or Owned Stretch Limousine EXPLODED ({[“‘BBOOOOOOOMMM'”]}), Almost Like A Volcano Blew Its Top In The Business Center Of Either Washington DC Or New York City!!! So Mister Boss Of Apple Tim Cook, Sir, I Say Your Own Lefties Started The Bad And Mean Expressions of “Incite To Violence”, Most Prominently Happens To Be Missy Maxine “The Loud And Rude Mouthed” Waters And Many More Progressive Liberal Democratic Members, How About You And Your Co-Conspirators Of The Likes Of Google, Twitter And Facebook Start “CANCEL CULTURING” YOUR OWN INFLAMING MOUTHES FROM THE WORLD WIDE WEB AIRWAVES, the above mentioned mouth’s started the “incite to violence”, what do you on the left want us ( on the right) to do then? ({[“‘Well, We are NOT going to just law down and DIE, for you Anti-US Constitutional And ILLEGAL AGENDA, that is a DEATH warrant toward The USA and its Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA And The United States Of America, And The USA’s Very ……. Very Important HISTORY!!!'”]}),

  19. I just keep shaking my head and asking myself the question. “How can it be that Sleepy Joe Biden actually won the election when he couldn’t even draw a a descent crowd at any of his rallies ? The answer to this question is that he didn’t. What I’m really excited about is the talk of a new Patriots Party with Donald J Trump being it’s first president. I’ll be a member, How about you?

  20. 1 more item I would like to bring up, for all of your information about Me, I am Not a part of any group or org. like that one that starts with the letter ({[“‘Q'”}]) or any other, I am a Legal Citizen/People Of The United States Of America, Who Is Just Very …….. Very Worried And In Extremely Anguished About The United States Of America’s History And It’s Meaning Through Out This Blue Marble Called Earth’s History Too, And The Whole World Does NOT Need To Keep On Repeating The Same Old Very Dangerous, The Same Old Very Deadly Violence, The Same Old Very Destructive And The Same Old Very HATE Filled And Fueled Attitudes And Actions Against/Towards Every Single Human Being On The Blue Planet Called Earth! I Would Like Countries Like China, Iran, Turkey, North Korea And All Other Countries TO STOP WITH THE SPILLING OF ALL OF THAT RED LIQUID CALLED BLOOD FROM HUMAN BEINGS CALLED PPPEEEOOOPPPLLLEEE, THAT POPULATE THIS BLUE PLANET CALLED EARTH!!!

  21. Let’s face reality people. Biden is not betraying blacks, hispanics or anyone. He never won. They got the White House, Senate and House with FRAUD. Biden never rallied and when he did had a max group of 10 plus a few old cars behind him to fill empty space. Trump every single rally had over 30 thousand supporters, that never rioted, broke anything or stole. BIG DIFFERENCE.
    Excellent job for the ignorants that if true voted for Biden, he is only there for power and take more money from Americans. Whatever happened to HUNTER?

  22. Mr. Kenneth Frazier, Sir, about three or four weeks ago a Professional US Information Expert named Mr. Binney, said that The USA has around 141,000,000 Legal Aged Registered US Voters Inside The United States Borders at that certain moment! 2016 AD’s Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump had as of Mid-Night November 3rd, 2020 AD had around 74,000,000, or 75,000,000 of those US Legal Aged Registered Voters Tabulated, that would ONLY mean that Mr. Ex-VP Biden could ONLY have had 67.5 Million or 66.5 Million Legal Aged US Registered Voters Tabulated at the same time, My ONLY question is, where did those extra 13,000,000 extra Votes come or came from for Mr. Ex-VP Biden!?! My hypothesis says of the likes “dead Americans”, or live Americans from other states traveled to other states to vote either twice or maybe 3 times, when ONLY each legal American are supposed to vote ONY once”, or there were a lot of those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens, who did Not Follow The US Immigration And Naturalization Act in the very first place, and did Not receive their US Immigration Agencies Approval, before those either Migrants or Illegal Immigrant-Aliens, who did Not Truthfully and or Sincerely Fill Out Their US Immigration Application, who would NOT receive a US Immigration Agencies Approval”, and all of those IIA’s that ILLEGALLY used the USA’s Southern Border Like An Old Fashioned Department Stores UNSECURED Revolving Front And Back Doors, which is ILLEGAL and ANTI-AMERICAN to boot, IT’S WRONG, because The United States Of America is a Constitutional Republic, where “We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA Are The Only People That Have A Legal Vote Or A Legal Voice Inside The United States Of America’s Boundaries!

  23. PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRiUMPh, Sr. is the best president in my lifetime and I will be 71 on January 29, 1950.

    I am a non-denominational CHRISTian that goes to Calvary Chapel and listens to the international CHRISTian Satellite Network CSNRADIO .com SEVEN days a week especially Monday – Friday. I even listened to it in Germany 🇩🇪 and Hungary 🇭🇺 !

    I LIVED IN, not just visited communist China 🇨🇳 in 2010 . So I KNOW how bad it is to live under communism and I am doing EVERYthing I can here to stop it from coming here. Venezuela WAS a wealthy, prosperous country until it became communist as a 3rd world country with people eating out of garbage cans !!! In China, I attended a university that not only can one get a master’s degree in Marxism, but it had a statue of Chairman Mao in its front yard.
    ( I was fortunate to stumble upon ONE toilet at the university. Every other restroom had stinky porcelain holes in the ground we had to squat over. Upon entering the front entrance to the university and near the plush 28 story building I lived in, the stench was so bad, you had to hold your nose. Electrical wiring hung from the ceiling of the two buildings too. )

    To quote Eskify, “ Through communist policies he starved millions of people, possibly as many as 80 million. He killed any intellectuals who disagreed with him, he put people in labour camps, and condoned beating and stoning people to death in struggle sessions.“

    I saw the plans of the left on their own letterhead paper to murder us, especially the seniors and disabled, and the vaccines 💉 is just one of the ways. ( To build your immunity, eat foods made from GOD like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and walnuts. Take a healthy vitamin-mineral drink, Zinc, Elderberry, Vitamin D-3, and Vitamin A daily. Get 8 hours of sleep daily and exercise. I don’t wear a mask because it’s unhealthy unless I am forced to in which case I wear an accepted face shield so that I can breathe AND I am trying to make a political and health statement by NOT wearing one. We are NOT cows waiting for the slaughter. We are humans who can reason. ) Read the first sentence of the Georgia Guidestones also known as Georgia Stonehenge supported by the left elitists .

    Go to Videos.Utahgunexchange .com and get
    “The Epic Times” at $1 for the first month.

    Patriots unite or we will lose our country like China , Cuba, and Venezuela did !!!

  24. I am happy to say that my President is on a Golf course somewhere in the
    sunshine while the current presidencial impersonator is doing everything he can
    to divide the Country even more..

  25. We have seen it done to other elected officials. I’m just wondering. Why can’t We, The People, sign petitions for a recall election and get Biden out.
    We can make him the shortest serving president.

  26. AD; Why do you delete my comments when they are true and not using expletive language? Too often lately I take time to write something which takes me time and you ignore and not publish it. What is the deal if you keep doing it I willl go elsewhere to post. Now, also YOU are censoring? What is your problem, just because FB censored me,. youre following in their footsteps? one more and I will be gone from your site. thank you. Dont need anyone to silence me I will not allow it, especially during these times!!! What right have you?

  27. Why would a black person want to vote for a person who locked up their friends and relatives-Joe Biden, by pushing for the 1994 law. Unfortunately, the news media hid this from blacks who continue to foolishly vote for Democrats like Biden who are real anti-black racists. Blacks should know that the Democrat Party is the party of secession, civil war, KKK, segregation, and anti-civil rights for blacks. All the Democrats want is for blacks to vote for them, but have never delivered on their promises. Trump delivered for American blacks better than any President in American history.

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