October 5, 2022

Trump hints he’ll raid Clinton and Obama if he’s elected president in 2024

Former President Donald Trump has hinted he could raid the homes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama if he is elected president in 2024.

Trump shared the comments on Truth Social last week in a link condemning the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago home.

“In descending on Mar-a-Lago, the department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation shifted the U.S. into the category of countries whose ruling parties use government power to investigate political rivals,” the link to a Wall Street Journal article wrote.

“No attorney general has ever signed off on a raid on a former president’s home, in what could be the groundwork for criminal charges,” it added.

The idea of Trump raiding the office of Clinton or Obama may excite some conservatives, with many concerned over the longtime investigations neglected against each of them.

The comments are also helpful for Trump’s ongoing speculation at a 2024 run, something that may soon be announced following the November midterms.


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