August 16, 2022

Trump confirms that federal government will intervene in Seattle if Democrat governor doesn’t

President Trump confirmed on Thursday that despite pushback from some in his own administration, the federal government will step in to control the chaos in Seattle if Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) does not do it himself. 

Radicals have taken over a roughly six-block section of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, barring entry of anyone that armed guards patrolling the perimeter deem an “outsider” — That very emphatically includes law enforcement officers.

Reports about what’s actually happening inside the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” are scarce as well, because the “police-free” zone is heavily guarded by guards that won’t allow journalists not aligned with radical organizers inside the walls of the compound.

However, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said on Thursday that 911 calls from within the zone have “more than tripled” since the establishment of the zone on Monday. “These are responses to emergency calls — rapes, robberies, and all sorts of violent acts that have been occurring in the area that we’re not able to get to,” Best said.

Best has not been backed up by Inslee or Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D). When asked about how long she would allow the radical takeover in her city, Durkan responded: “I don’t know. We could have a summer of love!”

Trump has maintained that he will allow local leaders to handle the situation as long as he can, urging Inslee to call in the national guard, but warned that if action is not taken, he will have to take matters into his own hands.

“If there were more toughness, you wouldn’t have the kind of devastation that you had in Minneapolis and in Seattle,” Trump said during a Thursday interview on Fox. “I mean, let’s see what’s going on in Seattle. But I will tell you if they don’t straighten that situation out, we’re going to straighten it out.”

He added:

What I mean is very simple, we’re not going to let Seattle be occupied by anarchists. … If we have to go in, we’re going to go in. The governor’s either going to do it, let the governor do it, he’s got great National Guard troops, he’ll — he can do it. But one way or the other, it’s going to get done. These people are not going to occupy a major portion of a great city.

Should Trump crack down on the radical activists in Seattle? Scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think!

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stuart nolting (@guest_1007468)
2 years ago

There are innocent people in this area being controlled by these THUGS and this S_ _T needs to end NOW!

Dave Moore (@guest_1007514)
Reply to  stuart nolting
2 years ago

I agree. Seattle wasn’t that great of a town when I lived in Pdx with all the homeless ect. But the mayors in both towns need to step it up and the governor of both states need to do the right thing for the safety of the people living there.
The west coast is so far left sided they can’t see straight and refuse to get help from the right. If they don’t they could allow their said towns to burn down.
I wonder how much business will be lost if they refuse to get the right kind of help.
Business owners from the riots that happened in California during Rodney King riots some of them flat out moved away not to return ever

Dam pitty people can’t put on their adult pants to get things settled through the tragic death of a drug attic

Sandra L Lambert (@guest_1007525)
Reply to  Dave Moore
2 years ago


Donna Cranford (@guest_1007518)
Reply to  stuart nolting
2 years ago

It should have never been allowed to get this far.President Trump handle it his way!

TFF (@guest_1007564)
Reply to  stuart nolting
2 years ago

Yes , the President should take care of Seattle Now. The longer he waits for the lame mayor or governor to do it the more the people of Seattle will suffer at the hands of these domestic terrorists . Everyone of them should be put in jail and throw away the key. The same with all the vandal’s that are tarring down statue’s all over the country.

Jon Smyth (@guest_1007470)
2 years ago

Remove the governor and the mayor then remove the criminals and send them all to Guantanamo

Gwen Marino (@guest_1007552)
Reply to  Jon Smyth
2 years ago

That sounds like a good idea!

LINDA COLLUM (@guest_1007473)
2 years ago

Yes he should. If they get away with there it will happen everywhere

Julie Witt (@guest_1007477)
2 years ago

I say,”go in already! Innocent people are getting hurt in there! What the hell are you waiting for? If the occupiers want to fight the government, rather than sit down with authorities and talk, then stomp on their hands before more innocent people are hurt!”

John J Steele (@guest_1007478)
2 years ago

remove the governor mayor and then the thugs in that order Ship them all to Iran

Julia Patricia Schuyler (@guest_1007479)
2 years ago

Yes. President Trump should cut off all water and electricity to Seattle then send in the National guard to restore peace. Not only in Seattle but all cities across America. We need to restore peace in this country. I know Jesus made this world for all his children and He’s crying about the way His children are acting

Frances Nelson (@guest_1007542)
Reply to  Julia Patricia Schuyler
2 years ago

It isn’t Jesus’ children who are doing this. This is purely evil coming from hell.

Sue (@guest_1007558)
Reply to  Frances Nelson
2 years ago


carol a (@guest_1007480)
2 years ago

it’s past time to slap down these rampaging criminals. the mayor says it may be a summer of love? she is certifiable if she thinks anything we are seeing is in any way love. beyond seattle the pulling tv shows, cartoons, movies and books, pulling down statues and monuments all are reminiscent of mao’s culture war and stalins purge. it has no place here……get you heads screwed on straight people. we are law abiding lemmings but that doesn’t mean we can’t demand this anarchy stops.

emmett smith (@guest_1007483)
2 years ago

This should be fun.

Elton (@guest_1007486)
2 years ago

The liberal mayor’s and governors will allow and endorse these anarchists so the only last resort will be national troops taking over. This will then provide the liberal controlled media and officials to claim Trump is being a dictator. The sheeple will buy it because it will be on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN MSNBC.

Randy Kohler (@guest_1007501)
Reply to  Elton
2 years ago


chief1937 (@guest_1007534)
Reply to  Elton
2 years ago

Not all will buy it there are still a few people who have a mind of their own. My personal opinion federal special forces should be used to take out the leaders of this revolt and end their reign of defiance and destruction. Using the tragic death of George Floyd can not be allowed to be used as a license to destroy a city or anyplace else. These people whoever they are are criminals and should be deal with accordingly. Peaceful protest ended when these thugs took over parts of a US city. Remove the kid gloves and put an end to it. The news media are going to put their spin to it regardless of facts.

Lester R Brewer (@guest_1007487)
2 years ago

Some call these people ‘thugs’ because they do not follow regular police orders. They have part of a city hostage. They have more power than the police force. I don’t call them ‘thugs’, I call them terrorists. They are terrorizing the patrons of the United States. If Seattle can’t control the situation then stronger measures must be taken. These people are no longer residents of the U.S. They are nothing but terrorists. Send in the military and take them out. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE. It is up to them.

Sherry Ervin (@guest_1007488)
2 years ago

Yes yes put a stop to this unlawful behavior. These people need to act like humans and respect people and law enforcement…. Make all who are responsible pay for their actions, whoever is responsible.

Esther (@guest_1007489)
2 years ago

I feel sorry for Trump. If he does nothing he is criticized. If he does stop this BS by force he will be vilified. I think Seattle should turn off water, lights and all services the city provides. Since the thugs consider themselves another country let them take care of themselves. Also no fire fighters or ambulance services. It’s going to get ugly if the citizens of decide to take back their city.

Jerry (@guest_1007490)
2 years ago

The 1st marine Diviision is just down the road in Ca, Bring them to Seattle, arrest the mayor and governor, give the rabid dogs in Seattle 10 minutes to be on their face in the street then shoot them like dogs. This liberal dem bloodsucking crap has got to stop right now if we have to implement civil war to do it.

Donna Cranford (@guest_1007521)
Reply to  Jerry
2 years ago


Dorothy (@guest_1007547)
Reply to  Jerry
2 years ago

I like you. I’ve been saying Shoot first and ask questions later. It’s time to show these ignorant things what toughness is all about. There are innocent people in there and being raped and beaten and the gov and mayor want to do nothing. they need to go first

Stuart Gibson (@guest_1007491)
2 years ago

I’m holding all Democrats and our fine president accountable for what is happening today. They sit on there hands and do nothing to help the people of Seattle Washington. I’m very disappointed in our government!!

chief1937 (@guest_1007537)
Reply to  Stuart Gibson
2 years ago

Your disappointment should start with your local leaders who have the initial responsibility to protect their citizens.Your area wanted Democratic leaders well you have them. How is it working for Washington? Hard to understand people they want Trump to do something then if he does he is criticized for it. Someone needs to get their act togather and it is NOT our president.

Lou (@guest_1007492)
2 years ago

I believe I heard mr. Barr say the President has the authority. Hope he has the authority to fire the mayor and governor as well. This situation reeks with poor leadership!

Sharon Mae Cook (@guest_1007493)
2 years ago

Send in the army and remove the squatters. Anarchists need to be taught a lesson. Mayor, governor and representative or senator needs to step up.

Vicky (@guest_1007497)
2 years ago

I agree with carol a send them all to Venezuela or Cuba and go in

Julia Hiott (@guest_1007498)
2 years ago

Yes Trump needs to put an end to this thug ridden embarrassment and then he needs to hold the mayor and the governor responsible for not stopping the crime against the innocent people; ultimately they then have encouraged this crime making them an accessory to the crime in my thought process. This by far is one of the most far left things I have seen people in government do by actually doing NOTHING! The more that happens the more I believe that these are people who follow an order this is not led by God. I will never kneel to another person; especially one that I have not brought any harm to; nor will I ever apologize for acts of our forefathers. I am insulted by those who think that just because I am white that I owe them something or that I have “White Privilege”. I have never had a privilege that I did not work hard for and earn. I treat people of all races with the same respect that I am shown and then pray for those who don’t have the decency to even have respect for themselves. That said – no demands under these acts by these thugs should ever be considered.

Vicki White Danley (@guest_1007499)
2 years ago

I am horrified for the law abiding citizens and our country. Help Mr. President Trump. Prayers to you Lord Jesus, please step in. Thank you Jesus, Amen

Judith Mallory (@guest_1007543)
Reply to  Vicki White Danley
2 years ago

With you Vicki. Father God give our President wisdom, resolve and courage.

Sheila Brooks (@guest_1007500)
2 years ago

Mr. President , Get it done, sorry to say it will take you to get it done
Free the people in these terrorist. Those out the mayor, Governor what ever it takes, we don’t want places like Waco. Please save our country from terrorist , radical people. PLEASE

Bob Cecil (@guest_1007502)
2 years ago

There are a boat load of Germaine applicable laws that with out any doubt would enable the kind of action contemplated.
Having said that, it must be done by the letter of the law or any kind of action contemplated Will be used by the dickhead socialist
Against you personally mr. President.
Use all laws to your favored course of action, by getting your AG to become your Spearhead in all these legal courses ❗️

Christine (@guest_1007503)
2 years ago

Something needs to be done now to help the people who are in need of help.

Larry Leiter (@guest_1007504)
2 years ago

Go in and clean them out bring in the Marines they are not far away.kill the whole bunch and throw them in the sound.

Gerald Southbloom (@guest_1007508)
2 years ago

Put all these rioters on a boat cuba and sink it on the way

Sandy Padlo (@guest_1007511)
2 years ago

Absolutely. These TERRORISTs are harming (raping & robbing) innocent people and the police can’t even get in and assist them.

Jim (@guest_1007512)
2 years ago

First priority is the National Guard of Washington State under the direction of the Washington Staate Police to take back the streets of Seattle and arrest those responsible for this take over. No Federal Funds should go to the City of Seattle until this is solved. If they have not called in the National Guard by Monday then the US Military needs to go in and remove those holding that portion of the city hostage and taking those responsible into military custody for an Act of Subversion and attempting an Act of Sedation. That means they will be tried by either the Federal Courts or more than likely the Military.
Please do not delete this. I am saying nothing wrong or inciting violence at all

William Barefoot (@guest_1007515)
2 years ago

It’s past time that something needs to be done. Retake the area at all cost. This is terrorist who have assaulted our sovereignty. This cannot stand.

Shirley Gregory (@guest_1007520)
2 years ago

This is just a small sample of what would happen if there were no police force. It needs to end. Ambush them in the middle of the night with fire hoses.

Ann (@guest_1007522)
2 years ago

Why isn’t anything being done about the take over in Seattle?? This is appalling! This is not America!! They want equal rights than stop acting like terrorist. Act like human beings if you want respect. What would Martin Luther King Jr do??

Bobby Sexton (@guest_1007523)
2 years ago

What are we waiting on. Why are we still talking about it. You allow anarchest to take over and you
already have a problem.

nana (@guest_1007529)
2 years ago

This is America, No way does any group take over any part of the U.S.A. SEND IN THE TROOPS

Michele Eastman (@guest_1007531)
2 years ago

We cannot allow those crazy people to hold a bunch of US citizens against their will in that neighborhood including the police station!! GO GET THEM OUT OF THERE!! Whether it is SWAT or the National Guard, just do it!!

Shirleen Miller (@guest_1007533)
2 years ago

Show of force. Surround the entire area with tanks and heavily armed military. Turn off the electricity and water. No food deliveries. Only allow the residents out who live there and no one goes back in. Eventually they’ll surrender. Wait them out. No violence. No negotiating.

Betty (@guest_1007538)
2 years ago

This is not a racial situation anymore. This is about criminals unlawfully taking over an American city and American people. Not everyone living in those 6 blocks could have wanted this. Now , think about this. What do you think these thugs are going to do when they want to be inside? They are going to knock down an innocent persons door, push their way in and tell these people to get out. They will take over homes, businesses and anything they want. When the weather gets hot they will take over your air conditioned home, swim in your pool and eat your food. And what about the children? They are in so much danger. These Americans need the government to help them and help them soon. I pray for the innocent grandparents, parents, innocent children and their pets. Where are real Americans, Veterans who gave their limbs for this country, the proud American organizations that say they are real Americans. Let’s help our great President help these Americans taken as prisoners. Ok those pretty girls I see walking around and peacefully protesting have put themselves in harm’s way when these radicals are going to want them to do things they don’t want to. It will not be pretty. I hope this evil takeover will end soon. TRUMP 2020

Nancy (@guest_1007539)
2 years ago

As long as we have demcRATS this is what they want they will do and say to get rid of Trump they play dirty and will stop at nothing. Biden says he wont leave the Wh he will when his 8 years r up. 2020 TRUMP 20 TRUMP

alan schmidt (@guest_1007540)
2 years ago

That is like a terrorist organization waging war on a sovereign nation. Claiming land that you have no rights to, all should be arrested and the keys thrown away, never to see the outside again is too soon for those perpetrating this.

Dennis Ellis (@guest_1007541)
2 years ago

When The Real Men Come Watch Them Run Like Rats.

chief1937 (@guest_1007545)
2 years ago

If I remember correctly from real school studying government the president has the authority under certain circumstance,civil disorder,to declare Martial Law and override local law enforcement. Has been many years ago but that does stick in my mind. Some professional correct if wrong.

Wilna Evans (@guest_1007546)
2 years ago

We used to live is a safe country! We cannot let anyone do evil things to people just because they think they can ! Our government MUST intercede and bring in the military and jail these evil animals or kill them!

James Fayard (@guest_1007548)
2 years ago

The mayor nor the GOVERNOR will do anything to these thugs that are occupying parts of Seattle. Time to clean HOUSE. Send in the Army to get control of the problem. If you wait to long it will be harder to get them out.



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