May 7, 2021

Trump confirms that federal government will intervene in Seattle if Democrat governor doesn’t

President Trump confirmed on Thursday that despite pushback from some in his own administration, the federal government will step in to control the chaos in Seattle if Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) does not do it himself. 

Radicals have taken over a roughly six-block section of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, barring entry of anyone that armed guards patrolling the perimeter deem an “outsider” — That very emphatically includes law enforcement officers.

Reports about what’s actually happening inside the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” are scarce as well, because the “police-free” zone is heavily guarded by guards that won’t allow journalists not aligned with radical organizers inside the walls of the compound.

However, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said on Thursday that 911 calls from within the zone have “more than tripled” since the establishment of the zone on Monday. “These are responses to emergency calls — rapes, robberies, and all sorts of violent acts that have been occurring in the area that we’re not able to get to,” Best said.

Best has not been backed up by Inslee or Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D). When asked about how long she would allow the radical takeover in her city, Durkan responded: “I don’t know. We could have a summer of love!”

Trump has maintained that he will allow local leaders to handle the situation as long as he can, urging Inslee to call in the national guard, but warned that if action is not taken, he will have to take matters into his own hands.

“If there were more toughness, you wouldn’t have the kind of devastation that you had in Minneapolis and in Seattle,” Trump said during a Thursday interview on Fox. “I mean, let’s see what’s going on in Seattle. But I will tell you if they don’t straighten that situation out, we’re going to straighten it out.”

He added:

What I mean is very simple, we’re not going to let Seattle be occupied by anarchists. … If we have to go in, we’re going to go in. The governor’s either going to do it, let the governor do it, he’s got great National Guard troops, he’ll — he can do it. But one way or the other, it’s going to get done. These people are not going to occupy a major portion of a great city.

Should Trump crack down on the radical activists in Seattle? Scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think!

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111 Responses

  1. No matter what is done if it right the media going to make wrong. If it wrong then left is going to say it was Trump’s doing.

      1. The governor has to do this and get the rioters out of the town. None of that belongs to them they are stealing they are taking things and looting that needs to stop now! I’m praying that the president will take over!!! And I pray that the public will see how weak the Democratic governor is I think it’s time for replacement

        1. Right on and right away. He is the twin of Obama. No back bone at all. It is a shame that that stuff is allowed to go on in the emerald city of brotherly love. “Brotherly love” HAH !!!!! It is a shame that professional criminals are being idolized and let go out of jail. What about the ones that has been victimized by those jokers.

        2. The media is not talking about this. Therefore, if Trump does resolve it, they will portray Trump as a dictator who attacked his own country.

      1. You are right, Rosa. That is why Pres. Trump tweets. That is the only way to get the truth out. Not through the media!!

    1. The president should have done it yesterday!…we have 911 calls for help!! have all sorts of crime going on..including Rape!!…President needs to send in active duty military now!!..Then deal with the coward gov and Mayer!!

        1. Before deaths happen President Trump is allowing freedom of choice to occur. However with that done having allowed freedom to go its length, then President Trump cannot be called blood thirsty, he will be anyway, but in his own consciousness he will have done all that he can; and will then be forced to declare Marshall Law in those areas where lawlessness exists. But look out SCDEMs Marshall Law will destroy all of your goals getting rid of President Trump.

    1. Those creeps are hired to do this type of crime. Capture them alive, make them talk, and then try their financial backers for treason!

  2. Totally agree! Our POTUS is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Though I’d like to see him and the national guard take them all out – including that airhead mayor and governor!

    1. Totally agree! Our POTUS is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Though I’d like to see him and the national guard take them all out – including that airhead mayor and governor!

  3. What are we going to do with American citizens who are brain washed by the education systems, feed by news propaganda, unions of all sorts, Antifa (Soros + others) hate group , who are now fanning the fire across our land. We do need to pray for Gods help

  4. What is summer love is the Mayor out of her mind and the Gov I can’t believe he said he has not head of this is he not hearing our Police chef and what she is saying on the news about what’s going on in Seattle now this needs to stop Do something to help the good ppl of Seattle or give up your jobs as Mayor and Gov this is so sad

  5. Buy Guns! I seriously doubt the mayor or the governor will do anything to restore law and order to the city of Seattle so it will be the occupants of the area occupied by the liberals to take matters in their own hands to protect their lives and property.

    1. It’s almost impossible to find a gun right now now. Shotguns and most other guns are out of stock. At one time you could find a shotgun for $200 -$300 now if you can find a gun they are only the very expensive ones. Forget getting ammo there’s none to be found. Forget liberal gun control. People who ordinarily would not have a gun are now locked and loaded due to the riots.
      Gun makers thank you, The NRA, and gun enthusiasts thanks you. You made our point, everyone needs self protection, the people in
      CHAZ have now discovered what we all know, you have to to be equipped to take care of your self.

  6. Years ago, Gordon Newell, a life-long Democrat, wrote a book “Rogues, Buffoons and Statesmen – A Political History of Washington.” It has been a long time since we have had any statesmen. The state and its bigger cities, especially in Western Washington, are run by rogues and buffoons. But don’t the people deserve the kind of politicians they elect?
    We have lived in Washington for an interrupted total of over 50 years. When we were for four years in Argentina, we heard the people there tell this story about themselves. God was creating the world and St. Peter was beside him. God gave the very best of everything to Argentina. Peter complained that the rest of the world would become jealous. God replied: ” Just wait, Pedrocito! Just wait until you see the kind of people I’m going to put in there!” Could we not tell this story about our “God’s Country” of Washington?

    1. The dems use fake news,the virus lock down.the BLM mob.racism.he is a Russian spy.friends with china.hitler.chicken.i can go on and on .but they know it’s not fool anybody except anti-trumpers.true racists.corporate america that’s in bed with china..the economy is coming back and there is no slowing his administration down and still bring the corupt demrats to justice..war time trump 2020.

  7. Get the FBI and the National Guard involved to clean up the mess. Seattle is a beautiful city run by incompetent libtards.
    The people of Seattle and the entire state of Washington should demand a recall of the Seattle mayor and the Governor of Washington.

    1. That governor and mayor MUST be removed, they are demented and iNcOMPEYTET besides being MARXISTS!

      1. what do you think there demo rats mayor and governor. peoplewake up get rid of these demo rats when you vote. vote for trump in 2020. if you dont we will have a communist country. thats what the dem o rats want to destroy our country and get rid of trump. we must stop them now. trump in 2020.

  8. If it wasn’t for innicent people in their homes I would cut power & water & build a retaining wall so they couldn’t get out. Let them serve time.

  9. I live in Washington State and will say I am afraid to go to Seattle. It is out of hand and the s government in Seattle and Washington State Capitol are a joke.

  10. There has to be law and order. Police are in a bad position cause they are critizied for whatever they do whether right or wrong .. they can’t win . They have no support and go out and risk their lives in cases of a murder . A robbery or whatever horrendous crime. Send in the military and take our country back .

    1. Time for special forces to slip on in and take out all extortionists and intimidating abusers! Armed dominating treasonous terrorists need to be taken out like any enemy of the state, republic of these united states of america!!! Dominate and take back the offices and prosecute the corrupt traitors asap!!! 0 money for these corrupt states!!!

  11. The governor and the mayor are suppose to be protecting the people that are being terrorized , business owners are being made to pay them so they can continue to do business . There’s been assaults , rapes , they’re taking control of businesses . These are outsiders that have taken over . Send the governor and the mayor to Bidens basement with him , they can comfort each other . The stupid governor is telling President Trump to mind his own business . Someone has to help the people that have no one to help them . How far is this gonna go ?

  12. Well a good place to start is by removing INSLEE and DURKIN. Replace them with people who are willing to do the job of GOVERNOR and MAYOR ! Then go in with FEDERAL MARSHALS and ARREST the RADICALS those who resist SHOOT ! Return the CITY to the CITIZENS.!

  13. The police chief reported that they are receiving numerous 911 calls from within that strong hold of rapes, robberies, and other violent acts but can’t respond due to orders from the mayor. The time is overdue for going in and removing the thug militants and using what ever force necessary to restore law and order.

  14. Glad he is not going to let them do a complete take over he is pertecting the citizens about time a President does what he was put in office for thank you President Trump

  15. The President needs to go in and take back the city. Terrorists cannot come here and get away with it. The crimes these individuals are inflicting on the residents and extortion from businesses is not to be tolerated

  16. Since the occupiers are armed–send in a Company of Special Forces.
    If they don’t disperse–arrest them–if they start shooting—then eliminate the enemy!!

  17. Great as if he doesn’t the these invaders will go to other cities trying the same tactics taking a certain part of the cities over. This i# the beginning of a Communist take over as Soros wants and is pushing using these fools as bait. We must never let these Commies to move any further than Seattle or we will break out in a full war on the whole bunch. Hopefully this will include both Soros and his new Nazi Communist kid.

  18. If I was in charge ….. I would take the National Guard …. go and arrest everyone of these individuals ….. then they would be under the supervision of the National Guard and they would clean up everything they destroyed or messed up until it looks like the way it originally was…. u know like when we were kids …. u mess up…. u cleaned up…. that simple ……

  19. I say we go about a block from “their” so called barrier and put up a TALL fence with Cantina wire on top around them and have guards posted…and tell them “You do not agree with us, You can not leave”. Let’s see how long the occupation lasts. No food going in, or consumer goods or ANY of the necessities they would need…yes, there will be some good people lost, but hey sacrifice the one’s to save the millions…sorry just saying…

  20. Portland, OR. is trying to do the same thing as up in Capitol Hill in Seattle area. I have video but upable to put here in this area.

  21. If the city would stop assisting the Chaz with food, water and snacks they might have to leave after food was stolen. These are life blood, get rid of the hotdog vendor and coffee stand also.

  22. Well a good place to start is by removing INSLEE and DURKIN. Replace them with people who are willing to do the job of GOVERNOR and MAYOR ! Then go in with FEDERAL MARSHALS and ARREST the RADICALS those who resist SHOOT ! Return the CITY to the CITIZENS!

    1. Right and replace with level headed personnel that are law abiding citizens with common sense. Please give the Independent or Republican a change to proof that freedom you only can have by abiding in the Law of the Land and that they are willing to upheld the Constitution as is. Hard to come by people because the poisoning of our youngsters brain by the left messing with the education system has gone on way to long that let to communism walking in the front door. The first one to be kicked out is the richest donor that finance all this rioting. Then follow the money trail and you all be surprised where it ends up. That trail is very wide spread all over this USA.

  23. the Democrats needs to be tried as Terrorist because they are behind this whole mess. Bring in the Military declare martial law and the mayor or Governor would have no say so. Come on President Trump get rid of the rats.

  24. I also believe if this younger generation wants war give it to them, they have no justification for rights of others send in special forces to take out these trouble makers. Our fathers and brother, aunts and uncles did not die for these ungreatful snow flakes,they deserve to lose their lives, if they disrupt others rights. We have nothing but DEMOCRATE yellow bellies for Gov. and Mayors. Get rid of them all>

  25. Since Antifa has been declared a terrorist organization, any one identified with them should be a legal target for any US citizen to shoot on site. Any protester that is committing a violent act against people or property deserves to be immediately executed for their conduct with no legal repercussions for the actions taken to protect the lives and property that is being threatened. This includes the Police, Military, or Armed Citizen. The violent actions taken by a few needs to be met with violence to preserve the freedom this Country and it’s peaceful citizens deserve. War is hell. If they want to destroy our free and peaceful way of life then the peaceful crowd needs to rise up and send them on there way to hell.

  26. President Trump…do what you have to do to protect USA citizens from these anarchists. It won’t stop here.

  27. I am so sad the 911 calls have tripled and there is no help for those who need it in a life and death situation, the horrors they are going through as citizens of America. Politicians thinking and rethinking the situation is too much a delay to help them. It is past time to act. Send in the Marines to shoot to kill, they started it, but let us finish in a strong United American way. Then come the companies who clean and get it back to normal for the citizens of Seattle, and they will vote Red in November 2020.

  28. Who elected those idiots in? I thought the people were still allowed to vote to whom they wanted in these positions? Take them out, call in to whoever has the best marksmanship and boots on the ground! Take back what was yours from the beginning! You know it is so sad when you get people from other places to come in and burn people’s business down and rioting then when the smoke clears they are gone and who cleans up?

  29. To take back control of your city, I would first start by cutting off power and water to that area of the city. When the rats try to leave, arrest them all. Then sort out the bad from the good.

  30. It is absolutely absurd that the Mayor & Governor of our state is negotiating with terrorists!! WTH!!!
    IT’S SCARY! For the first time in our lives
    My husband & I bought
    a gun. Reporters seem to want to report on
    what’s happening. I really want to know how the citizens in that area are doing. It’s heartbreaking!!

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