January 18, 2021

Trump goes off on media, says freedom of the press no longer exists

Many supporters of President Donald Trump suspected for years that a bulk of the mainstream media worked overtime to suppress positive news about the president while also burying anything negative about his opponents, most recently news about former Vice President Joe Biden and his family.

According to Breitbart, during a recent Fox News interview with host Maria Bartiromo, the president doubled down on his attack on the media, claiming that during his time in office, “freedom of the press” quickly morphed into “suppression by the press.” 

The president first hit on the most recent and blatant example of coordinated press suppression, which occurred in the lead-up to the 2020 election and involved the bombshell scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s alleged influence-peddling operation abroad, where he raked in millions in foreign money by selling access to his then-vice presidential father.

In a normal news world, the story would have quickly made the rounds in the media and possibly would have become the political scandal of the decade, to say the least. But the mainstream media, in what appears to many as an effort to protect Biden from potentially campaign-ending news coverage, suppressed the story in a noticeable way.

“[T]he media doesn’t want to talk about it. They know how fraudulent this is. It’s no different than Hunter. It’s no different than Hunter. They don’t want to talk about Hunter, so they totally closed it off, big tech and the media, other than The New York Post, as you remember, which took a lot of heat. It was terminated. It was terminated from, I guess, Twitter, maybe Facebook,” Trump told Bartiromo.

As Trump later pointed out to the Fox News host, if half the country — or more — isn’t aware of a potential scandal, then in practical terms, there really isn’t a scandal. It’s like the philosophical thought experiment that questions whether or not a tree makes a sound if it falls in the forest if nobody is around to hear it.

“But it’s a situation, the likes of which — we don’t have freedom of the press in this country. We have suppression by the press. They suppress. You can’t have a scandal if nobody reports about it. This is the greatest fraud in the history of our country, from an electoral standpoint,” Trump added.

Sadly, the president is right on the money. We thought the press was one-sided when former President Barack Obama was in office, but little did we know at the time what lengths they would go to in order to essentially assist in removing a president from office.

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59 Responses


  1. The press played their part in trying to remove our President. They are actually obstructors of justice and hsould be dealt with – that is, prison terms. Isn’t that what they wanted when they tried to pin him with obstructing of justice when they also tried to saddle him with collusion with the Russians and inteference into our election in 2016??? Yet, they can find nothing to get on our President no matter how hard they tried and what lengths they went to to find something – anything!!! Yet, they actually committed collusion of overthrowing our 2016 election and the entire 3 1/2 years they were involved in this SCAM, they were obstructing the justice of what our President was trying to accomplish for the good of America and the American people. Yes, yes, yes, they should all be in prison. And that would still be easy on them for their dastardly deeds and crimes!!!

    1. Well said! I agree and hopefully with all the new Patriots who have been getting the truth out, the MSM can be eliminated for once and for all. We the people are sick and tired of all the lies, bad mouthing of our President and disgraceful behavior.

      1. This is actually a coup d’etat similar to third world countries! It is incredible that the USA is falling into this trap. The lack of respect that emanates from the main stream media is shocking. Four years of bad mouthing a man who VOLUNTEERED to give his best for the love of his country is shocking!

    2. Total agree you said it we’ll. I feel bad for my president. We have never had a president as smart as Trump. To bad George Bush didn’t have the balls to help Trump instead of Biden. Love you Trump God bless you.

    3. Follow the Money. Who owns the big media corps. Who’s [email protected] did they donate to. Back in 04′ & 08′ the big banker gangsters donated oodles $$$ to one candidate. Guess what, he got in and covered their arses when they pulled the big fraud on the @merican public in 08. None of them went to the clink, not one. Many of them actually made out like the [email protected]$ that they are. Same story this time around; some ole players and some new ones, MSM. The [email protected] lives!!! The big guy put in office has been trying to dry it up for 4 years; and that under immense negativity, swamper collusion, and down-right dirty dealings from the who’s who of elitedom & MSM. You don’t have to like him, but give ole Donny a big hand as he’s hung in there like no other. In that he is like Lincoln. Both trying to preserve the union, just under different circumstances.

    4. 100% SPOT ON , Well stated ,
      “BRAVO – “, They will pay, one way or another ,$ in Spades / X Much moor , Deliberate COLUSION =
      DEM’s -Media,- Google- F.B.,-Twitter,- & Judges ,China, and Moor ,TREASON is a Hangeing Afence ,!

    5. I agree with you but don’t do anything about it they have witness and prove they don’t ears about they tell him you have to live with the fact you lost God know how much they must pays them but they will be very sorry

    6. Actually they committed treason by their coup attempt at over throwing our great President Donald J. Trump. I keep praying he will come out on top with this election. Voter fraud by the left.

    7. We , the world needed the TRUMP. Best POTUS ever, sincere , honoust , hard working against all that scum who tried to put Him down , Hope everything go’s well be4 the 20th January, i’m a Dutch TRUMPSTER from His start against KILlery, MAGA 2020,Drain the Swamp.

    8. Unfortuanetly I have been saying tis for a very long time they the Domorats are never made accountable for their actions. So here we are with the absolute worst thing that can be done to our Country. Fraud, stealing etc etc. What a disgrace.

  2. There are too many red necks here. I like diversity and the advancement of individuals, who are taking on positions of power, as it should be. However, this forward progress has taken too long for which I apologize.

    1. Since you don’t like Great Southerner’s, please seek another alternative for your comments, or reading pleasures.

    1. Let’s take a moment to see what the press has suppressed.

      No coverage of Hunter Biden selling his father’s influence. No interest in Joe Biden revmceivibg 10% of at least one major deal, of Hunter having to turn over 50% of what he got to his father. No mention of Joe Biden doing anything about Hunter’s pedophilia, or does Joe share his fetish? No mention of Joe Biden’s history as a racist, probably the most racist politician in politics today. Worse than no coverage about valid cases of vote tampering, but plenty of denials that it happened. Denials or collusion? Take your pick!

  3. Unfortunately, most have lost confidence in the press. It is time for new channels and honest journalists.
    There is a start in channels with Newsmax and AON. God help us to regain truth!

  4. Many of Obama’s staffers are now working in the media. There should be a law similar to the one preventing legislators from working as lobbiests for a certain time period. Maybe 10-15 years?

  5. Hillbilly has more power then I could emagain?? She is obumber, biden, polosi, shumer,and other a ho e demo;s boss. no wounder bill f75k around!

    1. Let’s take a moment to see what the press has suppressed.

      No coverage of Hunter Biden selling his father’s influence. No interest in Joe Biden revmceivibg 10% of at least one major deal, of Hunter having to turn over 50% of what he got to his father. No mention of Joe Biden doing anything about Hunter’s pedophilia, or does Joe share his fetish? No mention of Joe Biden’s history as a racist, probably the most racist politician in politics today. Worse than no coverage about valid cases of vote tampering, but plenty of denials that it happened. Denials or collusion? Take your pick!

  6. Hey, Mr. President. Where’s the evidence? Your saying that there’s a problem does not constitute truth. Show us the evidence!!!

    1. Yes f you would just listen you would hear it. Your watching mainstream media change the channel and watch something else and you will see it. Try Newsmax

    2. How much more evidence do you need? Can you not read and see there was ballot harvesting and the machines changed the votes from Trump to Biden?


  8. It’s all righting on the wall. The bad goes a long ways in palatic and the good and for the people they can get the book thrown at them its the mob that going to run the USA now. Wish I hadn’t voted for Bush now. He is part of the m!!.

  9. So all the things said about Hunter are true and been found to be by a jury? Would you all please let me know where this was all tried, I do hope you know just because someone says so does not make it true.

    1. Head in the sand? You don’t need to wait for a court session to watch and read the proof which has been offered and verified by several of the “players”, including Joe’s famous boast to his cronies that he had bullied the Ukraine govt into supporting his son!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. It ant over til it is over. Lock and load, to many American die to kept America free now it is our turn. Every American that is over 62 are retired we should appoint a day to march on Washington and take the peoples house, it does not belong to the pole-cates. We can hold trials and jail all liars and law breakers. We need a leader.

  11. 100 % evidence was and has been put forward about the fraud, incrimination of this election and the very people that took an oath to honesty and protect to follow the law is breaking their oath by not excepting the truth of the fraud in the peoples election.no matter what proof they have of honest fraud they cant get a break.i hope too the Republicans that have stabbed this president their own party will be brought down to their knees and any one else that have treated this president with disrespect for the whole 4 damn years he has been in office.he is the best thing that has happened to this country and have kept all the promises he made .god has your back Mr Trump and so do the millions that voted for you.stay strong its mot over.

  12. Excuse me, this cover-up goes much deeper than that. Just prior to the election when Hunter Biden’s laptop was revealing MORE AND MORE of the Biden family corruption our FBI confiscated the laptop. At that point, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT WENT SILENT! That’s right, OUR FBI covered up for Biden because BARR never purged the political activists from the 7th floor executives at the FBI! The DEEP STATE is still alive and well at the FBI!

  13. We all think “Show me the evidence.” However, these are civil proceedings, not criminal proceedings. First, lawyers must prepare a credible complaint. Then, if it makes sense, the could must authorize discovery, which is the gathering of evidence. Some of this discovery will require warrants issued by the court. Our president’s lawyers prepared credible complaints, but many of these compromised courts simply said, “We don’t see any indication of a crime here.” This is like looking at a body riddled with bullets and a big knife sticking out of it, and saying, “I see no evidence of a crime here.” At this point, the court is part of the problem. So in answer to the first question, “Show me the evidence”, while it is true that the lawyers have some of the evidence, the courts did not cooperate in allowing them to get warrants to investigate and seize the rest of the concealed evidence.

    1. Thank you for explaining why the lawyers do not show their evidence to the public before presenting it in the courts! Too many folks, including media, are whining because they think we are playing checkers while the lawyers are playing chess!! You may have to explain it several times more!!!!

  14. Joe Biden himself said his election committee had put together the best fraud scheme the USA had ever seen and he would be elected didn’t even have to campaign. Said no one would be able to prove it and he would be elected.. Well we Americans are not stupid and know very well he didn’t win this fair soo we should overturn this election ASAP it is not lawful

  15. God see’s all and he will take down the liar’s, & the cheating hypocrits that stole this election. I am very old and I hope I live long enough to see him do it. He will strike them in ways they never expected!

  16. America will not accomplish anything UNTIL we EXCISE. THE. SOURCE. OF. IT. ALL:
    George Soros, his other 110 billionaires AND his 172 corporations he founded.
    Remember about 2 -3 yrs ago the DNC was seriously facing bankruptcy? How did they suddenly became wealthy without end? They sold out to Soros. Arrest Soros then deport him to the Pacific Ocean with no land in sight and no raft.

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