October 3, 2022

Trump floats salon owner Erika Kious for Speaker of the House

Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday that San Francisco salon owner Erika Kious should replace Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as speaker of the House after Pelosi was caught blatantly flouting COVID-19 rules in her own city to get her hair done. 

“Crazy Nancy Pelosi said she was ‘set up’ by the beauty parlor owner when she improperly had the salon opened (and didn’t wear a MASK!),” Trump tweeted Thursday. “Does anyone want a Speaker of the House who can be so easily SET UP?”

Trump continued: “Maybe the Beauty Parlor owner should be running the House of Representatives instead of Crazy Nancy?”

Trump brought up the notion of replacing Pelosi with Kious again at his rally in Pennsylvania, telling the crowd, “I want the salon owner to lead the House of Representatives.”

Kious responded to Trump’s calls for her to run for office by saying that she “appreciates the sentiment.”

“I never expected all of this, but the House I am focused on right now is the house with two little girls under 10, with social-distanced learning. But I appreciate the sentiment,” Kious wrote on Twitter. “But he is my president and I will do what I need to do.”

Though Kious appears to have no intention of running for public office in the near future, she has launched a YouTube channel called RepublicanRinse that is focused on delivering political news that “gives supporters a voice.”

Kious also tweeted on Friday that “I was never really much involved in politics. But after seeing what Nancy Pelosi said about me, sending me lots of negative attention. I will be a large Trump advocate from here on out.”

Pelosi has still refused to apologize for flouting the rules that she has publically advocated for and for blaming Kious for her obvious misstep. Instead, Pelosi went right back to attacking Trump’s handling of COVID-19.

The sad state of America’s coronavirus response today is the result of President Trump’s failure to lead these past months and Mitch McConnell’s one-sided pause. We can’t waste a day. The Senate must pass the #HeroesAct or the situation will worsen,” Pelosi tweeted on Friday. She did not address her own poor leadership in refusing to follow the rules that everyone else in her city is required to follow. 


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