July 31, 2021

Trump to attend first in-person fundraiser since February on Thursday

As the US eases back into a new sense of normalcy, Donald Trump is taking the opportunity to launch new campaign events after being forced to cancel them for months due to the coronavirus crisis. 

Trump will attend his first in-person fundraiser since the virus crisis began on Thursday, joining 25 couples at a private Dallas home for a multi-million dollar dinner.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Twenty-five couples, each paying $580,600 for a meal and photo, will have been tested for COVID-19 and screened for elevated temperatures.

Organizers said the site would be professionally sanitized before the event and that the White House Medical Unit and U.S. Secret Service would screen attendees.

Trump’s last campaign event was held on February 28th in Charleston, South Carolina, but his campaign is gearing up to return to a busy campaign schedule within the next two weeks.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel confirmed on Tuesday that Trump anticipates holding “full rallies” with safety precautions in place now that coronavirus restrictions on large gatherings are starting to lift in some states.

Trump’s campaign has relied on the famously massive rallies to energize and connect with his base, and Trump himself has expressed a commitment to re-launch the events as soon as possible.

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10 Responses

  1. Thank God for the good news. America needs something that will get rid of the blues. I think they will bring back a new normal.

  2. Thats why the democRATS dont want to do rallies cause Biden cant draw a crowd, hell he dont even know what day it is or where he is on any given date and time. We all need to get out there and talk and call people do what ever it takes to stop these liberal idiots. So lets all get out there and vote TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 all the way four more years… wish it could be 20 more years….

    1. Amen to that.

      Biden will show up to see if he won th Senate seat. What an impressive candidate NOT!!!!!

  3. President Trump is the best president we ever had he was helping America to get back on her feet while the dems they where to busy try to lies and hurting Trump they dind’n do anyting to help she is crazy a real witch her shiff and the one in charge of the dems it look like you are better then her and if there plan goes through we all be sorry it will be a desaster America will go down you are not smart then her

  4. The Country needs PRESIDENT TRUMP to be out and about. He has been a beacon of hope for all American citizens regardless of race, religion, nationality or economic level He delivered what many had promised but NEVER came close to deliver. I do not remember another in my 80+ years other than President Reagan who inspired the citizenry more. Notice both followed failed democrat administrations ………………. Carter and Obama.

  5. Great news for America and Sleezy Joe, now Joe can go hide in his basement again. He can still hide behind the possibility of COVID19 thanks to Fauci, who is a lib/dem.

  6. Thank God for the good news. America needs something that will get rid of the blues. I think they will bring back a new normal.

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