July 1, 2022

Report: Trump plans to fire FBI director Christopher Wray immediately after election

Rumors have swirled for months that Donald Trump may be gearing up to fire FBI director Christopher Wray, and according to one anonymous senior White House official, those rumors are true. 

Fox News reported on Sunday that the official confirmed that Trump is planning to remove Wray from his post if reelected in November. Another senior administration official reportedly also confirmed the rumor.

Trump has voiced his dissatisfaction with Wray’s performance as FBI director, but according to Fox, “advisers have consistently told POTUS to wait until after the election if he wants to replace Wray.”

Wray was appointed as FBI chief in July 2017 after Obama-era FBI director James Comey was ousted. Wray pledged at the time that he would forego the political involvement that his predecessor was unable to avoid, but Trump is reportedly frustrated with Wray’s decision to align himself with Democrats on a number of hot-button issues.

Wray has stated on different occasions that he does not believe voter fraud is a “widespread” issue, that ANTIFA is an “ideology” rather than an organization, and that the Russia collusion investigation was not a “witch hunt.” Wray is clearly at odds with Trump on all of these major issues, but the most recent conflict could be the final straw.

It was revealed that Wray’s agency has been in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop containing a trove of incriminating information since as early as November 2019, according to the repair shop owner that was tasked with recovering data on the laptop.

The FBI has refused to confirm or deny possession of the laptop and has also refused to reveal whether or not the agency conducted an investigation related to the Biden family based on the information on the laptop.

Wray’s refusal to be transparent about the bureau’s handling of the information contained within the laptop has reportedly frustrated Trump, re-igniting his desire to remove Wray from the seat and replace him with a more sympathetic director.

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Ken Gold (@guest_1067196)
1 year ago

I’ve been thinking for a good long while that both Barr and Wray need to be deep 6’ed, and it should have been done as soon as it became apparent that both are too mired in good old boy FBI schmoozing that they’ll never clean house. If the Dems had been in charge similarly to how the GOP was in the IG probe and the other independent one, you can bet your booty that lots of indictments would already be on the front pages. When in Hell will we learn that this is a war, not a tea party?

The Redhawk (@guest_1067272)
Reply to  Ken Gold
1 year ago

WRAY is a TURD thta must be FLUSHED OUT OF THE FBI TOILET.>>>NOW>>>….Barr….may be ;ater depending on how Durham behaves wioth indictments…

alicia regina cervera (@guest_1067287)
Reply to  The Redhawk
1 year ago

Boy do I agree! Barr, needs a chance with Durhams reports. Why couldnt he have fired Wray before? A Worthless and a CROOK like Comey and the rest of the MS -FBI CIA Gang.

Jack Branson (@guest_1067200)
1 year ago

Can you find an honest F.B. I. agent?

Jack Branson (@guest_1067203)
1 year ago

Can you find a Honest F.B.T. agent?

Idawg67 (@guest_1067312)
Reply to  Jack Branson
1 year ago

YES YOU CAN find HONEST AGENTS !! I know a few… Now, it should say “Can you find ANY Honest FBI agents in the UPPER Echelon of the agency??” Answer to that is “Prolly NOT” Somewhere between Ground Pounder and Upper management, they GO BAD !!!

Lee Cross (@guest_1067205)
1 year ago

God move Mr. President, but hold off on terming AG Barr.

Richard (@guest_1067268)
Reply to  Lee Cross
1 year ago

AG Barr is a good man he has alot of experience and integrity.Hold on to him President Trump.

Dee (@guest_1067218)
1 year ago

Slow walking requested documents should Never happen . Whoever does that needs to be let go . What frustrates the people most is a lack of transparency. Our tax dollars pay these peoples salaries, and it’s not little money either . Anyone in Any agency caught in dirty politics also needs to be served with a swift dismissal and charged !!

Robin Andrews (@guest_1067446)
Reply to  Dee
1 year ago

Absolutely 100%

Alan (@guest_1067249)
1 year ago

Wray is a swamp creature ..think lazy Barr is too.he hasn’t dont anything but talk ,no action..

scot_belle (@guest_1067252)
1 year ago

Yes! The sooner, the better, as the longer Wray’s there…the more damage can be done.

Tammy (@guest_1067258)
1 year ago

Wray should of gone with Comey. Barr is an honest person, I hope he stays, very smart man. Why doesn’t Wray speak to us about Hunter, since it was exposed? It’s causing differences between both parties. Hopefully it could calm this situation. The election results may not be accepted by some. Stay safe. God Bless America!

Ron Brandon (@guest_1067262)
1 year ago

This S.O.B., should have been fired along time ago, he is no damn good.

FLOYD BOIVIN (@guest_1067263)
1 year ago


Losa (@guest_1067296)
1 year ago

Including Gina Haskpel (?)

Fred (@guest_1067440)
1 year ago

Floyd, Why did you feel the need to shout your feelings with all your caps. I didn’t read what you wrote as I never got beyond the all caps, a very disgusting way to show your point of view. No matter what you wrote this only tells everyone about you and nothing about the message. Please try to be more respectful of everyone else. Thank you

Tammy (@guest_1067264)
1 year ago

I believe it was dirty for Biden to use photos of the rhetoric and said this is Trumps Presidency, as well as using the virus. The backpedaling is ridiculous when you lie & forget what you say. The President has been under investigation & impeachment but that doesn’t stop Him from working for the people. I’m so proud that he’s united countries in the Middle East but it’s not ever mentioned & that’s something big. Obama needs to stop trying to get credit for Trumps achievements.

Rick Meredith (@guest_1067265)
1 year ago

When the administration finds out everyone involved in the cover-up of Hunter’s computer, they should all be charged with obstruction. If criminal charges happen to come out of that computer, every agent involved in the cover-up should be charges as an accomplice to those crime and sentenced to the maximum. The only way that we will ever restore the confidence in the FBI and stop this schitt from ever happening again is to seek swift, maximum punishment for everyone involved.
Under federal law, it does not matter if Joe Biden committed an actual crime. Federal law states that conspiring to commit a crime is the same as doing the crime. A conspiracy charge carries the same penalty as the actual crime. Currently, I believe there is enough circumstantial evidence for several conspiracy charges.

efred (@guest_1067266)
1 year ago

I certainly hope so; he should have done it over a year ago. Ideally, right after he was sworn in.

Maybe he needs to wholesale fire everyone in the top levels of each bureaucracy, (even the military), and replace them with honest people from the rank and file.

Patty (@guest_1067267)
1 year ago

Amen Tammy! Obama and Biden have been trying to claim credit for President Trumps’ accomplishments. They set up the corrupt f.b.i. So killary wouldn’t be investigated, along with a LOT of shady things they were doing for eight long years. Wray should be gone, maybe put Radcliffe in, or someone like him. A good honest director who will do his job.

Avatar666 (@guest_1067315)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

I think General Flynn would be an outstanding candidate to head up the FBI. Richard Grenell would be equally suited for the job.

Dennis D (@guest_1067269)
1 year ago

If you want to increase your popularity, as a former police detective having worked organized crime, homicide, numerous gang affiliations, plus working with numerous federal agencies, fire Wray, Haskill, Bar immediately. It doesn’t take years to investigate a crime, you go small and work your way up the ladder. Trump is being given the old stall and hope something else comes up or he is out. Seen it in my career involving corrupt officials, he needs to be a leader and trust God to do the right thing. Enough is enough!

Tom Daughtry (@guest_1067271)
1 year ago

Put Pam Bondi in as AG, I bet she gets stuff done!

Gary (@guest_1067466)
Reply to  Tom Daughtry
1 year ago

Trey Gowdy, would be my choice he is like a bulldog that doesn’t turn loose once he bites down. He also never lost a case he tried as a prosecutor.

Gary (@guest_1067274)
1 year ago

I am convinced that Christopher Wray is a deep state boob. He is just like all the other politicians in DC. He always talks a lot of dribble but never does a single thing. He has made lots of promises to clean up the FBI but what has he done? Hunter Biden’s laptop has been in the FBI’s possession since the impeachment trial of the president and it would have made a huge difference in the whole sham. But, no one did a thing about it. They kept it secret. They can give us tons of lies as to why they haven’t done a thing about it. But, guess what? We are not as gullible as we used to be thanks to Trump. He has shed light on the corruption of the FBI and the CIA as well as the DOJ. When he is re-elected, he needs to get rid of these deep state buffoons. Time for Wray, head of the CIA and others to be thrown out. They are useless and have no business in a conservative administration.

Chuck (@guest_1067275)
1 year ago

Is there anyone in the DOJ, FBI with ethics, integrity or honesty? Anyone who actually is concerned with justice and the welfare of the country?

Deplorable Lanie (@guest_1067299)
1 year ago

I can’t wait until Wray is gone, gone, gone! I think he should appoint General Flynn as the new FBI Director. He is definitely very aware of the issues that need to be dealt with. And I think he could straighten it up and bring some of the respect that the Bureau has been lacking in the last 20 years or so!

Phyllis Little (@guest_1067308)
1 year ago

I think Trump should fire Wray immediately – looks like he is working in consort with Dems banking on Dems winning the election Why pander to Dems. He’s being somewhat insolent to his president and Democratic leaning purposely with seemingly ulterior motives. Get rid of him now. One more reason Trump defintely needs to win. Dems and Wray are trying to sabotage Trump’s mission.

D Bent (@guest_1067321)
1 year ago

Wray could have saved we tax payers A LOT of money (ie: the impeachment proceedings) if he would have done the right and honorable action of actually doing the job that we the tax payers also pay him to do. As it is Wray has scammed the American people twice over. Inexcusable!

Gillyanne Baker (@guest_1067392)
1 year ago


Lyra Deyton (@guest_1067399)
1 year ago


Lyra Deyton (@guest_1067402)
1 year ago

I WONDER – Can the Virgin Mary post on this site? If so, good luck finding her.

Fred (@guest_1067442)
Reply to  Lyra Deyton
1 year ago

Thanks for giving a little levity to the message.

Dinah (@guest_1068151)
1 year ago

Wray should be given the axe, along with others of the top people in the FBI. He has consistently shown his contempt for all legal (FOIA)efforts to obtain evidence of wrong-doing in the Russian Hoax investigation and now, his withholding of exculpatory evidence in the impeachment farce, by not bringing the Hunter Biden laptop to light.
AG Barr is a fine man and has brought Antifa thugs to jail for their actions. He and Durham are withholding their
righteous subpoenas til after the election, so that no one can say that they were politically motivated and thus devalue them. Especially, since most of them will be against corrupt Democrat officials in the DOJ, FBI, CIA and other government agencies.



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