July 31, 2021

Trump to send federal agents to cities that won’t control violence

Donald Trump announced on Monday that he’s prepared to send federal agents into several Democrat-run cities to end the violence that has dragged on week after week, despite resistance from Democrat leaders. 

“I’m going to do something, that I can tell you because we are not going to let New York and Chicago and Philadelphia, Detroit and Baltimore and all of these – Oakland is a mess,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. “We’re not going to let this happen in our country.”

According to the Chicago Tribune on Monday, the Trump administration is already preparing to send 150 agents to the Windy City in response to the escalating violence that Mayor Lori Lightfoot refuses to address. 

“We have more federal law enforcement, that I can tell you,” he continued. “In Portland, they’ve done a fantastic job. They’ve been there three days, and they have really done a fantastic job in a really short period of time. No problem.”

Portland, Oregon, is one of the hotspots for Antifa violence, and Trump recently authorized Department of Homeland Security agents to deploy in the city to protect federal facilities that had become targets for violent demonstrators, sparking extreme backlash from Democrats nationwide.

Trump continued, “These are anarchists, these are not protesters. People say protesters, these people are anarchists. These are people that hate our country and we are not going to let it go forward.”

Despite the fact that rioters have wreaked havoc on Portland for weeks, Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler — whose own home was targeted by protesters in June — refuses to cooperate with federal law enforcement.

“My biggest immediate concern is the violence federal officers brought to our streets in recent days, and the life-threatening tactics his agents use,” Wheeler tweeted last week. “We do not need or want their help.”

Likewise, in Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot has repeatedly rebuffed Trump’s attempts to offer solutions to the violence that continues to escalate weekly. Lightfoot is so resistant to the idea of allowing federal law enforcement to enter the city that she threw her own city’s law enforcement leaders under the bus on Monday, calling the leader of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police “unhinged” for petitioning for federal help in the city.

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54 Responses

  1. Thank God for President Trump. These useless anarchy loving democrats are letting these thugs destroy these beautiful cities. I just hope that the the voting public will see the light & give Republicans an opportunity to govern & protect the law abifing citizens of these cities & states.

  2. After seeing these Dumbocraps preform the way they have, almost inviting violence to rein in their cities one can only conclude that left thinking requires not being in possession of a brain, period. Shameful traitors from Nutty Nan all the way across and down the roster of the left.

    1. It should have been done a long time ago. The antifia and Black lives matter is mostly a bunch of thugs. Any time you think it is OK to destroy some’s property or beat some old person up to prove your point, then you don’t have a valid point. ALL LIVES MATTER. There are more Policemen killed by Blacks than Blacks killed by policemen’

      1. I agree with you. Enough is enough!
        Those dumb leftists/socialists/ communists Dem. mayors, they don’t care for people’s lives!
        It’s sad!

  3. Smart Patriotic move to insure MAGA is a true fasit. Only I’m wondering armed with bats wands or full clip wepons? Could be all with orders to clean the trash out.

    1. The only people waving bats, bricks etc are the true “fasits” (using your spelling) that called themselves BLM and Protesters! Surely can’t be dumb enough to believe what you just wrote!

    2. I so hate to say this but Total destruction of the Anti-fa and black lives matter thugs “might” have to come to this There is no way to stop this because of the moneys $$$ from the Fake News and the Demorats funding this. After this is done President Trump will have to go Legally to stop the Origination’s funding all this illegal stuff
      BOBBY ~!~

    1. Sorry Carol… my bad… I misinterpreted your statement. You are right! These anarchists needs to be locked up! No bail.

    1. President Trump had to let the States take care of the destruction from Antifa and BLM before Trump could act on a Federal level, according to the Constitution!!!


  5. Mr. President, it’s past time you get involved in making our cities/states safe again for the average citizen! Some one opened the gates of the sanitariums and turned the insane loose on the country!! I agree with you that if these loser governors/mayors can’t or won’t control the violence in their prospective areas,then you will have to do it for them!! You already know that once their cities are nearly burnt down, hen the want the tax payers to rebuild them. REALLY??? This is truly insane!!

  6. Take the kid gloves off and deal with trash as foriegn and domestic terrorist and if these corupt judge dont file charges .lock em up for abuse of power.and go after those that are funding the mobs..we know the Democrat party and their donors are in the middle of it.

  7. Its agood thing he set up this homeland security outfit
    I’m proud o Trimpet
    Best and only thing he has done since he became president

    When he refuses to leave OFFICE in November
    One guess yes they going to remove him Homeland srcuruty vigilantes

    1. President Trump will not have to be removed from the White House in November. He is going to win the election and send Biden back to the basement. Americans will vote for freedom. TRUMP 2020

    2. Get a good night sleep tonight then come back on here and try again tomorrow. Your post today made no sense and the spelling isvl atrocious.

    3. What the hell is wrong with you, besides you atrocious spelling and grammar! Sounds like you have a severe case of TDS!

  8. It’s past time for damocrats to take a hand AGAINST the riots. They are not protests. The damocrats in those cities should be removed, no ifs ands or buts. If need be, establish marshal law. Remove rioters to a holding facility and prepare transportation to some desolate country and just dump them. People who participate in these riots don’t deserve a citizenship in our country. These riots are a form of treason, the choice of deportation or execution.

  9. Hurray it takes someone like president Trump to get things done. It’s a good thing too or we can kiss America goodbye!!

  10. I am glad to see our fine president make this move, I hope the agents go in locked and loaded. The lawless element tearing down our country is as much our enemies as were the NAZIS in World War II and their elimination would make our nation stronger.

  11. President Trump will not have to be removed from the White House in November. He is going to win the election and send Biden back to the basement. Americans will vote for freedom. TRUMP 2020

  12. That’s good news. Hopefully All so-called peaceful protesters stay out of their way. And let the government bring in weapons and whatever they have to do to get them out of here

  13. You know, I wonder where the Republicans are in Oregon? I would think that a recall movement would be an appropriate action right about now.

    1. And you are correct! there is a recall petition to remove Gov Brown! most of the state is middle of the road but we are drug around politically by 3 cities that are liberal.

  14. This Violence and Rioting needs to Stop. The Liberals aren’t going to do anything about it because they support it from behind the scenes. The Real Americans Support our President and don’t want this Lawlessness in their cities.

  15. I agree! These terrorists need to be dealt with! They don’t deserve to be citizens in Our Great Country!!!
    They should dump them in Saudi Arabia or some other hell hole and see how far they get with their Anarchy!!!
    George Soros should be tried for treason for supporting these anarchists and other radical groups that are hell bent on causing political discord and only promoting more Racial disparities instead of encouraging unity amongst all people!!!

  16. All these bastards pseudo-mayors are to be the first whom federal agents are to shoot in the streets as enemies of country and people. Does not matter if they have Down’s syndrome as Chicago lighthead. Sick or not sick they remain the enemies of United States.

  17. The people who put those losers in office, should see their total disregard for their city and state and take them out of office next election. The Dims are pushing the whole terrorist program to cause a collapse of our way of life and the President. They could not destroy him and our nation with impeachment or the covid19 virus, so now they are trying this. Stay strong Mr. President, there are a vast number of us supporting you and needing you to keep our country strong. Some of those Dim goons that are in office in certain states are already trending on our 1st amendment rights, that has to stop too. Take em down.

    1. I agree 100% Keep up the good work Mr President continue to drain the swamps
      and if it means you have to treat these democrat governors like forigen terrorist and need to use deadly force you have so many people backing you on this we the people are tired of the democrats destroying our great country . You can even gather up all the rioters and drop them on some deserted island that we use for target practic

  18. Let the backlash begin. We need to stand up to antifa and let them know “we the American people” aren’t taking their crap anymore. If that means bring in more troops so be it. The mayors and governor’s are sitting on their lazy butts and doing nothing while children, young adults and adults are getting murdered for no reason. This is disgraceful and send the troops in “a marching”!!!!

  19. Not just Soros but also Polosi, Omar, and the rest. The are all traders who are supporting this violence and killing in our country. Do you thing Trump clean up. Trump 2020.

  20. It is the best news ,I’ve been waiting and hoping that something would be done,Living in the state of New York has been hell ,,I have loved and respected our country can’t stand to see what these miserable excuses of politicians are doing here and other state ..I thank you Mr President give them hell. !!

  21. Thank you President Trump. Those mayors of those Democratic cities should be put out of office, because they don’t care for the people of their city or the city itself. Why would ANYONE, mayor or someone else want to see this in their cities. WHERE IS THE RESPECT FOR PEOPLE? HAVE PEOPLE GONE NUTS? I’m directing this to mayors and governors, or anyone else that thinks riots and looting is okay. Peaceful protests I can deal with, but the trouble is there are a few in that peaceful protest that have to get it nasty.

  22. Pattie Kelly
    I have thought this for some time now. Why can’t the Republicans get up & do something about what is going on in this country?. Why are the Republicans so mamy pamby? They will wait until the last minute to try to correct any problems that we have .The Democrats are on the ball. They are ready on the first day. Why are the republicans so afraid to “rock the boat?”That is exactly what President Trump has done. Some folks love him or they hate him. At this point, what difference does it make?. Like Patie Kelly said, ‘send in the troops a marching!!!

  23. People need to quit voting politics and start making sure the people they vote into office are capable of doing the job. If there is more Democrats in the district, the Democrats get the votes and The same if there is more Republicans, they get the vote. We need to start voting in the people who will do the best job. To hell with the politics.

  24. “My biggest immediate concern is the violence federal officers brought to our streets in recent days, and the life-threatening tactics his agents use,”

    Oh REALLY?! He should try a few days in this dimension where the violence has been going on for a long time here. I don’t know what dimension this guy (and other liberal governors and mayors) live in, but it sure isn’t one dedicated to protecting the citizens of his city.

  25. Study the Russian Revolution and then compile what is happening in America. The old Churchill bit “Those who fail to study history must repeat it.
    We are in severe danger of losing our democracy and so many leaders in this country fail to step up against the lawlessness of our current time.

    BLM does not realize that their close association with Antifa creates enemies where there were none. Antifa is a summer cialist mob, totally lawless, scheming and creating issues and actions to destroy our democracy. Act now: demand an end to this lawlessness demand legal proceedings against this heavy hand ness. Do so now: you won’t get a second chance.

  26. What the hell is wrong with you, besides you atrocious spelling and grammar! Sounds like you have a severe case of TDS!

  27. Why should ANYONE vote democrat? Dem leaders are proud of what’s happening and they don’t want it to stop! Killing citizens, tearing up cities. Burning, looting, etc and they want votes? How can ANY one vote for them? They think this will win the election, to put in a vegetable in as president with Zobama calling the shots? Only an idiot voter would go for this- we should wipe out the party entirely to get rid of the garbage and take away the privileges of existing dem lawmakers.

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