June 30, 2022

Trump establishes central command center for federal response to riots

As governors and mayors allow riots to sweep across America, President Trump has had enough. That’s why he just ordered the creation of a central command center for the deployment of federal resources to quell destructive rioting.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Members of President Trump’s Cabinet will be involved in the establishment of a “central command center” to coordinate the national response to the riots that have precipitated out of the protests over the death of George Floyd last week.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Attorney General Bill Barr will lead the operation:

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters on Monday that Attorney General William Barr and Defense Secretary Mark Esper will be involved in strategizing deployment of “federal assets” to help law enforcement but did not elaborate on the exact details of the deployments.

“There will be additional federal assets deployed across the nation. There will be a central command center in conjunction with the state and local governments that will include Gen. Milley, Secretary Esper, and A.G. Barr, but I won’t go any further in announcing what actions,” McEnany said.

It’s about time. Peaceful protests are one thing, but the looting, violence, and destruction of private property is absolutely unacceptable.

Anyone that commits violent and destructive acts should pay harsh consequences for their actions.

President Trump is sending a strong message: rioting and looting will not be tolerated in America as long as he’s our president.

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ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1003252)
2 years ago

Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

Ardyth (@guest_1003317)
Reply to  ปั้มไลค์
2 years ago

Don’t you mean ‘ piqued’, as opposed to ‘peaked’ or ‘ peeked’ ? I get what you’re saying, and agree.

Gary Von Neida (@guest_1003517)
Reply to  ปั้มไลค์
2 years ago

Unless the people that organized these acts of: arson, theft and murder are identified and arrested We will continue to suffer. People that paid for the flyers use to organize and more importantly purchase and have delivered the pallet loads of bricks used to break windows—these people deserve long prison terms.

2 years ago

These are actually great ideas in concerning blogging.

2 years ago

I like the valuable information you provide in your articles.

Phillp Owens SFC Ret (@guest_1003304)
2 years ago

May I suggest those who support such rioting activities be responsible for the damages caused by the rioters thus making those who have had their businesses damaged or destroyed made capable of returning.
Those who support such rioters become accessories to a criminal act and should be treated as such.

JOHN HORNBY (@guest_1003309)
Reply to  Phillp Owens SFC Ret
2 years ago


alicia Cervera (@guest_1003427)
2 years ago

I totally AGREE!

russell d remmert (@guest_1003310)
Reply to  Phillp Owens SFC Ret
2 years ago

Phillp Amen

Judith Mallory (@guest_1003320)
Reply to  Phillp Owens SFC Ret
2 years ago

That’s a great idea. Anyone standing by doing nothing while murder is committed is considered an accessory and pays a price like time in prison. So should anyone standing by while mayhem, arson, and thievery is committed should pay a price as well.

Gary Von Neida (@guest_1003519)
Reply to  Judith Mallory
2 years ago

Add to that the media that spikes the autopsy results that showed “street drug combination” in George are (by not reporting) acting as FAKE NEWS. The drugs? Fentanyl ( a cheap version of heroin making the user feel no pain ) and Meth—a drug that makes people aggressive–sort of like the PCP combo a few decades back—This was a big Man made to feel like a superman–just facts.

joe vanaman (@guest_1003324)
Reply to  Phillp Owens SFC Ret
2 years ago

Absolutely correct! thank you! go trump 2020!!

Norma (@guest_1003349)
Reply to  Phillp Owens SFC Ret
2 years ago

You can thank George Soros and his cronies for what is going on!!! They pay the radicals to do it!!!!!!!

Josephine Lara (@guest_1003539)
Reply to  Norma
2 years ago

HMMMMM don’t think the rats had a hand in it? Elections are coming and nasty nancy has to get help some where! Aren’t sorass and antifa, the rats all the same?

Jobert Ronson (@guest_1003516)
Reply to  Phillp Owens SFC Ret
2 years ago

Philip SFC Ret: Give you three guesses as to who is behind these protesters. The first two don’t count: That’s right uncle george soreasss. He has a facebook page, I’ve been told that you can go on it and sign up to be a PAID PROTESTER. We had one of these paid protesters in Reno the other day and was on I believe facebook outlining how you get to be paid.

Jan Rasmussen (@guest_1003305)
2 years ago

Thank you president!

Terry (@guest_1003306)
2 years ago


vern (@guest_1003307)
2 years ago

Yes, thanks to President Trump the idiots that are causing so much havic n United States need to be be confronted by the military with 50 cal and 30 cal achine guns and even hand Granades if they continue their stupid actions and the Soros and the ther udiots that are paying for this nonsense to be included in the same actions.

Mark (@guest_1003308)
2 years ago

GO to the SOROS and arrest him

Joseph (@guest_1003318)
Reply to  Mark
2 years ago

I agree he has medaled in the destruction of this country more than anyone individual or countries this man needs to feel the power of what democracy can do to him

Norma (@guest_1003352)
Reply to  Mark
2 years ago

Yep!!!! You nailed it!!!!

G Thomas McTernan (@guest_1003311)
2 years ago

We have governors in several states who are afraid to take any action. We have President who has “intestinal fortitude “ to take action. Enough is enough !!!

Many thanks Mr. President!!!!

Weary (@guest_1003312)
2 years ago

Biden’s staff is collecting money to bailout the thugs who are trying so hard to destroy our country. Those violent criminals who are burning, Looting, attacking, destroying …. are not protesting the death of the man who was murdered. He’s ceased to be the reason. This violence has taken on a life of its own. Now, unfortunately, he has been lost, actually used as an excuse for the anarchies they’re raging across America. I just received a news blurb saying Biden is praising the rioters and condemning Trumps actions to quell it.

Norma (@guest_1003354)
Reply to  Weary
2 years ago

Well arrest Biden and his cronies!!! Would love to see that!!!

emmett smith (@guest_1003313)
2 years ago

Its not about Floyd. People are fed up with a tyrannical, expensive, overreaching, government.

Robert (@guest_1003314)
2 years ago

We continue to see Rioters Attacking Police, Attacking Business Owners, Destroying Property and Attacking Ameriocans who want this Damage to stop, and those Rioters to be Arrested and Prosecuted and forced to pay for some of the Damage they have caused. The Democrats who encourage tease RIOTS Do Nothing to stop it. Remember that when you vote.

Kay (@guest_1003315)
2 years ago

I’m sure the Pelosi clan is happy to hear about the destructive rioting and looting even to the point of killing and injuring police who by the majority protect us. After all they can use this along with CoronaVirus to downplay Trump in the next election. They will blame him you know. But who is actually to blame, not for peaceful riots but the criminals burning buildings and looting…I’m SURE the democrats (demon rats) are behind it all…after all, it’s THEIR way of doing things and ruining our nation ! All THEIR paid income from taxpayers should be used to rebuild those stores that are destroyed. Personally I’m SICK of Democrats !!!!!

Norma (@guest_1003356)
Reply to  Kay
2 years ago

You bet. The Democrats are part of the stuff going on and they’re loving it!!!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1003429)
Reply to  Kay
2 years ago

You bet she and her acolytes are happy. This is exactly whaat they want to push all the way into election.They want to overthrow the government of the USA AT ALL COSTS , WHATEVER IT TAKES BRINGING tRUMP DOWN.
They will NEVER forgive their lovely body bags hitlery lost to him and he has dne such an excellent job of governing and dscovering their FILTHY corruption!

Vote for Truth (@guest_1003444)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
2 years ago

More and more information is coming forth about how crooked the Democrats are, especially OBAMA and BIDEN, who sent spies into Trump’s campaign in 2016, and spurred all the evil information about Trump/Russia which was all lies and Obama knew that when he talked about it. George Soros has been paying ANTIFA for years for violence and destruction. The Democrats are supporting all the people who are rioting across America. Is that what America wants, Democrats in charge who will destroy our country??? Think America of just how bad and deceitful the Democrats are and all the Media is supporting all these people rioting too. Vote for Donald Trump and the Republican Party that supports our police, not the racist ones, but the majority of our police that try their best to help our country. The Democrats LIE all over the media and don’t report anything good about Trump, so they shouldn’t try to claim they are not biased. Every word and action the media has done since 2016 has been biased against Trump every day when they lie about what he has done and said. Of course they take his words out of context. Americans have watched them lie and now the American public does not believe anything CNN and MSNBC says at all!!!

billy bedwell (@guest_1003316)
2 years ago

yes anyone supporting these riots needs to pay for the damages and be put in prison

Vote for Truth (@guest_1003453)
Reply to  billy bedwell
2 years ago


Alice (@guest_1003319)
2 years ago

yes anyone supporting these riots needs to pay for the damages and be put in prison If the one riots are the one that don’t want to work,
we so many people black and white that are great people, they
don’t need the ones that are looting
I have a lot of Black friends and I don’t want them to get hurt.

time to love all

Leslie Bailey (@guest_1003322)
2 years ago

Yes, we are like parents who give their children everything they want. They all ask the same question eventually. That question, “where did we go wrong”, as they learn that their spoiled rotten child has just murdered someone who would not give them something that they wanted. Stay strong Mr. Donald J. Trump!!!!!! You are our President. Thanks for the leadership. Oh, by the way mr. biden , let’s just forget the murder and rioting and burning by these spoiled children who are committing these ” CRIMES”, and try to understand why they are doing these things. Go to the doctor, mr. biden. You need some real help….just some thoughts……………Mr. Bailey

Dewey ADove (@guest_1003348)
Reply to  Leslie Bailey
2 years ago

I agree with you 1000% God Bless our PRESIDENT.

Like Daniels (@guest_1003333)
2 years ago

When you take your path to serve this Nation (Militarily) you promise to defend USA against terrorists both Foreign And DOMESTIC. Give us the go-ahead.

Al Myles (@guest_1003339)
2 years ago

Let’s stop the B.S. and get rid of Soros once and for all. He is doing too much damage to this country.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1003431)
Reply to  Al Myles
2 years ago


Vote for Truth (@guest_1003449)
Reply to  Al Myles
2 years ago

Amen, get rid of Soros. Ask the people who got arrested who has paid them and then arrest Soros and kick him out of our country which he is trying to destroy so we can have Socialism here. That’s what Soros and the Demoncrats want is Socialism which is Central Government who will take away our freedoms. If we get Socialism in our country, our country will be destroyed just like every other country that has tried Socialism. The Democrats just want power and all the money which they will get because whoever is in charge of the Central Government get all the power and money. Wake up America and see the Democrats for who they really are. They planned these people and paid them to destroy America so Trump cannot get the economy back up! That’s right, it is the Democrats destroying our country and it needs to stop now!!

NoName (@guest_1003661)
Reply to  Vote for Truth
2 years ago

AMEN to that!!!!!!! People don’t seem to “see” the truth, in what is “really” going on with the Democratic party. AND Biden was blaming Trump, saying he could fix it —- what? After 40 years in the Senate, he has done nothing; also, VP for 8 years, which that Administration, “stirred up” a lot of the hate, that had somewhat settled. Plus, mentally, he has shown signs of Dementia — he’s not strong enough to be in charge of running this Strong country!!! Through my 78 years, I’ve had some good decent black (neighbors as a child), co- workers, who were wonderful!!! The looters, criminals, make the good look bad!!! (Also, agree with everyone on Soros —- he was a Hitler man — Hitler couldn’t destroy America, so he’s set out to do it. He’s been banded from some other countries; America needs to do the same. Except he keeps funding the greedy!!!! Our Professors in some of the Colleges, also need to be run out of the country, for their “distorted” brain washing of students. SAD!!!)

Lee Wilson (@guest_1003340)
2 years ago


Mary Theresa Henninggs (@guest_1003345)
2 years ago

Thank You to our Great President Trump! This is all so outrages !!! GOD BLESS YOU SIR!!!

Jan McLeod (@guest_1003384)
2 years ago

GO GET ‘EM, PRES. TRUMP. Lock them up, or worse, and dispose of the key!

Mary (@guest_1003424)
2 years ago

I repent of ever voting Democrap , they make me sick. These riots were paid for by Mr.Evil (Soros),& the demon crate party, Obumer, Killery brennen,clapper Comey , Schumer piglousey, any and all the other Scabs in that demoncrap party. ‘’ TRUMP 2020’’

Anthony Manzo (@guest_1003430)
2 years ago


Vernon (@guest_1003433)
2 years ago

Hasn’t the democrats created a good way to increase the spread of the virus and stop the economy. Socialist are a low form of animal

Cliff (@guest_1003434)
2 years ago

Do any of you remember the undercover video of Kyle Jurek. If not it is still on you tube so you can see what and whom we should be looking at. The Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden connection should be checked into immediately. I stand solidly with our President and Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd. Now there is a Law Enforcement Officer that we should clone a million times. Trump 2020–Conservative ticket 2020–#Walkaway by the Millions.

al (@guest_1003440)
2 years ago

Men of Valor Stand Up! Vets Stand Up! This isn’t about race or color, its about behavior. I personally don’t care if you are black, brown, yellow or whatever. It is what you do that counts. I dislike people that can not control themselves. There are many bad people in this world, but they are few. Would they want what they do to others done to them? Instead of trying to stop a problem they try to cause it and they call it raciest. I am not raciest until I see the person who is the cause — white, colored or anything else.

Common Sense (@guest_1003451)
2 years ago

Too many police officers, business owners, and yes even rioters getting killed. It is time to definitely put a stop to this stupid act of violence. It’s was time three days ago when it first started. Thank you, President Trump, for taking action and getting this under control and saving lives.

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1003524)
2 years ago

I Hope these aren’t hollow words.
Harsh consequences should be dealt to those who engage in violent crimes.
And You Tell the Rioters that Hell is Coming with Me !

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