June 13, 2021

Trump abruptly ends coronavirus relief negotiations with Pelosi

President Trump is back in the White House and better than ever.

One of his first priorities since returning to the oval office after spending the weekend at Walter Reed was ending coronavirus relief negotiations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Trump announced on Tuesday that he is ending the process with Pelosi because she is “not negotiating in good faith” after months of failed attempts to get Pelosi to come to an agreement to provide additional economic relief from the effects of COVID-19.

“Nancy Pelosi is asking for $2.4 Trillion Dollars to bailout poorly run, high crime, Democrat States, money that is in no way related to COVID-19,” Trump wrote in a series of tweets announcing his decision. “We made a very generous offer of $1.6 Trillion Dollars and, as usual, she is not negotiating in good faith.”

Trump explained that he has ordered the White House to halt all negotiations with Pelosi until after the election.

“I have instructed my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election when, immediately after I win, we will pass a major Stimulus Bill that focuses on hardworking Americans and Small Business,” Trump tweeted.

Pelosi has been in negotiations with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin for weeks, and has refused to make any meaningful concessions towards achieving a deal.

The Speaker has promised on multiple occasions that a relief package is at the top of her list of priorities, but also made it clear that she is unwilling to compromise on the price tag.

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65 Responses

  1. Let this be the first nail in the coffin for the crummy and fake Speaker of the House….. about time we make her
    squirm. Sad part about this, she will probably forget it happened.

  2. I am g;lad he called a halt to her constant non atempts. She has hung it up too long now, insisting the rest of Americans bail out the Democratic cities and states that they let Antifa/BLM trash and cause 2 billion dollars worth of damage, not to mention people fleeing tho places, which means no taxes from them, and them purposely locked down to hurt President Trumps re election.

    1. yes and she also want 1,200 dollars for all of illegals and that is not right this should never ever happen she has to get voted out and soon or we are all going to got crazy about her stubborn and selfish ways she does no good for the American People

  3. Defund Piglooooosi send her butt packing along with all the other demonrats. That piece of 💩 needs to be gone!!!!!!

  4. If Nancy is as smart as she THINKS SHE IS, She better call the Trump group back and agree to their amount . She may not be running for president but her party including “Joe Dufus ” certainly is

    1. I have a feeling its too late for Nancy P. she has demanded , intimidated, bullied and ran over people till it has to end at some point, THIS may just be it ? Say, folks is she the only one in the Democratic party that makes the rules and is allowed to speak for them as a group nad its not just her whims and demands, her ” needs, wants or has promised friends, family and others certain considerations? ” Sick to death of her, do not want her to die like some of her bunch said of Our President but I DO want her sorry self out of office where she can’t cause any more damage !!!!! She is not the only one that needs to go and yes most of them women !! Sorry gals I am a woman and just calling it as I see it. Rogue lot of women in that party and the men do not stand up to them to do the right things for our country or WE THE PEOPLE !!!!

      Seems like her own party memebers are starting to lean in the same direction as alof of us ? Hopefully

  5. People, can’t you see, Piggy Pelosi only wants things her way. SHE DOES NOT CARE for people that need that money,. She puts in there only things that willbenefit her and has nothing to do with the Bill for getting the money to people who need it!!!!!!! She’s selfish and feels entitlement. GET HER OUT OF THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hopefully, we will have the House and the Senate by then. I look forward to watching President Trump get are Country on track again. He will need our help with getting the votes he needs to pull this off. I can’t give him money but I can sure give him my VOTE!!

    1. Dave, I agree with you 1000 %…I hope Trump is still president & the GOP controls the house & senate. Dems will stop at nothing to get in power. Once they do, their plan is to stop at nothing to STAY IN POWER. Their motto is do anything it takes to get it done!!

  7. This bill should be only for helping Americans only for businesses and family’s not failed city policy or arts or illegals this means all Americans Democrats republicans and people who don’t care for either Americans

  8. Nasty Nancy’s been playing games from the very beginning. She doesn’t give two whites about her fellow Americans. To her, we’re all peons.

    1. You have that right and I now think she think less of the american people than peons,because that is what illegals are and she is way more worried about giving our money to the illegals than she is to letting the Americans get a helping hand when we are the people who worked for that money and we should be the ones saying who gets the stimulus anyway,Not Nancy Pelosi or anyone else for that matter,illegals have no rights to our money.

  9. Lets boot fake piglosi out of office ASAP! She (and her cronies) are a drain on the economy! She’s only good for adding pork to the COVID-19 relief packages that the administration has earmarked for struggling citizens! I thought she worked for us?

  10. I wonder shy those folks in Dan FRansisco keep voting back in. She sonesn’t do anything for them either.

  11. the senate did request pelosis removal,their waiting for the motion to come to the floor to vote her out an yes we should vote for trump!

  12. Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat Scumbags has flatly stated on several occasions that they are not going to do anything to help those who are in need because this hurts President Trump by making him look bad and those people who are hurting should just deal with it because hurting Trump is more important then helping those in need and those in need should be happy to suffer knowing their suffering hurts the President! I have only one thing to say to this, DOES ANYONE ELSE NOTICE HOW IF ANYTHING HURTS THESE IDIOTS WHO ARE SAYING TO BE HAPPY TO SUFFER TO HURT THE PRESIDENT, DONT SSY THIS WHEN THEY ARE GETTING HURT?? BUT INSTEAD, LIKE THE MAYOR WHO WAS ENCOURAGING THE RIOTING MADE IT ILLEGAL TO RIOT ON HER BLOCK, BUT EVERYONE ELSES BLOCKS WERE OK TO RIOT IN??? THATS THE SCUMBAG DEMOCRAT PARTY WAY, SUFFERING ISGOOD TILL ITS TIME FOR THE LEAD SCUMBAG TO SUFFER AND THEN ITS NOT OK!!!!

  13. Even though I know families are hurting out there, Pelosi is just a hold out for what to wants to benefit Democratic cities in a mess prior to COVID. Tax payers should not have to bail out those poorly run cities. Also there acceptance of all the riots and violence, attacks NO MONEY for those cities. NO stimulus for illegals. She held stimulus hostage long enough. Trump will get it straightened out soon I am sure. Pelosi needs to be ousted ASAP. Her leadership is pathetic. She is an evil soul.

  14. Let’s open all
    We all will be able to take ourself
    With precaution everything will be just fine
    People need to get back to normal life
    Why not apply law to all who made the law ???

  15. Yes Please we all need one more stimulus. I’m so hurting. I cant even donate to trump. I’m sick Of Pelosies Lies. She’s a disgrace to this country. All these dumbnuts in the Democratic Party. Please Trump inspect Biden he’s wearing a wire at debate We seen it the wire. Watch it you’ll see. Cheater Liars. Get them all Trump. Treason. VOTE TRUMP HE IS OUR SAVIOR.

  16. Nancy Polaski is also a traitor, of our constitution, of USA. And all of the citizen’s of the USA. She is as evil as they come. She has only help herself and her fellow comrades.

  17. Philosophically speaking, and I do mean with great Aristotelian philosophy and a magnitude of intellectual respect for what History has tried to instill upon humanity. It is a very sad state of affairs when a would be human being should become so viciously engrossed in HER state of mind with such evident animosity and loathe for a fellow human being. In this case indeed the President of the United States of America. I do not propose that the President might or might not be in total command of what is correct or not correct . None the less it brings me back to the magnanimous Senate of ancient Rome , Athens , and many other magnanimous states of that period . Logical meetings would come to order and deals of sorts would be made so as to not only embellish themselves politically , bu indeed (who is not to say – also financially) . This so called (magnate) of the HOUSE – (maybe hers with accumulative refrigerators bountifully replenished with such delicacies which I am certain made many of (and especially the poor children drooling at such a bounty) would hopefully try to shield the most evident loathe which she bears for Mr. Trump. Would it not be easier to (as they say) “MAKE A DEAL” !!! Such would hopefully be conclusive or at least a start to some form of of a peaceful and most tranquil pacification of mind and State. Many more might be those thoughts which might make me ally to some of the most deserving compliments (or maybe not) issued to Señora Pelosi from so many other justifiable citizens of the WORLD. The many decades of study and logic which I have avowed my life’s journey on this earth and given me that whichever amount necessary to give rational thought and applicability to those few years which have been bestowed upon us beings on earth is sufficient cause for a simple & rational way of coming to order and agreement. In closure to my modest thoughts relative Señora Pelosi’s continued and most obvious loathe for Mr. Trump , I shall reverberate a good old saying from a great actor (Don Rickles) – in movie of : ” Kelly’s Heroes ” (MAKE A DEAL) – i.e. – A DEAL DEAL !!!! “LONG LIVE THE U.S.A.” & “LONG LIVE THE PEACE MAKERS” and just maybe might bring peace and the just kingdom above !!

    1. Wow! What an intellectual extoll and historical relationship-awareness of a Rare American this “Profesorial and Scholar of our current American Social Scene. I nominate this individual as Chief Sounding Board for President and Anyone – or Thing, in the Democratic Quagmire. Dr. David McCoy

  18. Can we toss her out of the country for being a traitor to the American people? Or just take her out behind the woodshed.

  19. It would seem that President Trump is the ONLY person on earth with balls enough to completely shut Pelosi down !!! Now she has no leverage at all !!!I guess that’s what happens when you overplay your hand while trying to intimidate the most powerful man on the planet !!! Now she can go back to California and lick her wounds !!! LMAO !!! MAGA and KAG !!! 2020 REPUBLICAN LANDSLIDE !!!

  20. pelosi is and her cronies are the worse thing that ever happend to the demorats party the sooner they are all one the better.

  21. What the President did today with this evil woman, Pelosi, is similar to what he had done with the North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un in Hanoi, February 2019. He walked out of these 2 BAD PEOPLE, because they are stupid, they didn’t know how to make a deal! The President’d rather quit than waste his time with these “BRICK WALLS”.

    What we can do is to help him win his re-election and both of the houses. I am sure he will then quickly send out a stimulus package that will help all of those in needs and NOT those incompetent Blue States Democrats that don’t know how to manage their cities and states. Let them bankrupt themselves. We are not going to help them with our hard earned Tax Money. President Trump, we are having your back!!!

  22. Take the bait Nanci, you are being toyed with and when you feel the next tug, break wind and spit it out. It’s called chumming the water and works best for bottom dwellers.

  23. Nancy “Lagossi” is a dinosaur stuck in the mud. She thinks she rules , joke is on her us common people see right thru her phony facade. She needs to be fired or voted out. she turned her back on us not negotiating and finalizing a second stimulus. She again wants to add pork to bill for her private interests.

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