July 3, 2022

Trump says Durham investigation will reveal ‘really bad’ Obama administration abuse

Americans are close to learning the full truth about the Obama administration’s manufactured Russia collusion investigation, and it can’t come soon enough.

President Trump dropped a bombshell about U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe into the origins of the investigation, saying that the scope of abuse on the part of the Obama administration is “really bad.”

Fox host Sean Hannity asked Trump to respond to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadow’s comments that he expects criminal indictments from Durham within the next several months.

“It’s just more and more things that you see,” Trump replied. “And that’s only what you see. It is really bad. It is a terrible thing that happened. It should never happen to another president.”

Attorney General Bill Barr appears to be quite concerned with the findings of Durham’s investigation, remarking in June that the Department of Justice is investigating a number of high-ranking Obama officials in the probe.

Trump also revealed that he would consider issuing pardons for former officials that were indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of the Russia collusion investigation.

“I’ve looked at a lot of different people, they have been treated extremely unfairly, and I think I probably would,” Trump told Hannity.

Justice Department officials have indicated in recent weeks that a report from Durham can be expected by the end of summer, though officials have been reluctant to confirm or deny whether any indictments will be issued.

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H G Euritt (@guest_1028247)
1 year ago

The real problem is that the Leader of the entire Corrupt Obama Administration won’t be arrested, prosecuted and executed for the TREASON that he placed into motion. I can tell you nothing happened in the Obama Administration, that he didnt know or even direct to occur. Obama, Holder, Lynch, Rice, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Yates and a whole host of other Obama Administration Staff were NECK DEEP IN THE ATTEMPTED COUP OF PRESIDENT TRUMP… All of these people should be arrested, prosecuted and executed for TREASON… ALL of them..

Elizabeth (@guest_1030088)
Reply to  H G Euritt
1 year ago

I agree wholeheartedly! I don’t understand why they continue to get away with all evil doings.

David (@guest_1030318)
Reply to  H G Euritt
1 year ago

We love Obama and Biden. They are such fine felatio givers.

Meekster (@guest_1028248)
1 year ago

Time to take back America before they totally screw it up.

Patty (@guest_1028265)
1 year ago

Obama and his whole administration were in on the corrupt actions to take Trump’s presidency. This has been a hate organization from the beginning and we need to have a resolution and indictments and jail time for the whole group right now. They have committed treason and they need to be put in GETMO!!!! What is holding up the AG and his prosecutor could be threats from the left they they will be killed or worse. We know that people speaking out in the Presidents behalf have been executed by unknown agents probable paid off by the left, Clinton or Soros and it will be all covered up as usual. This country is turning into a hell hole and soon you may see a mass exodus from this country because the Nordic countries are much safer and have better values.

Glenda (@guest_1028291)
1 year ago

Obama and Biden are guilty of Treason, and the Nancy Pig-losi Demon-Rats want to get Biden elected, so all investigations of Obama, Biden, Hillary, and the Corrupt DNC that paid for the Steele Dossier Lies, will stop!

Then you have Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Paige, and the rest of the Corrupt FBI Agents, that were fired for being corrupt, will be rehired, and given back pay for Lying to federal judges, to get FISA Warrants to spy on Trump, and cause the Russia De- Bunked Criminal Investigation!

Kurt Walker (@guest_1028305)
1 year ago

Everything depends on the president being reelected. Otherwise all the things that deserve to be brought to light and prosecuted will be swept away by the democrat broom. This thing runs much deeper than ever thought and there is a lot of political and financial power doing everything they can to stop any and all investigation into it. In addition to that everything the president has done to better this nation will be undone. Everyone on both sides should be able to see what the democrats are doing. They have accused the president of everything imaginable, they have tried to impeach him, they have brought in witnesses that in fact are on George Soro’s payroll, they have tried to close the Electoral College, they’re pushing this “mail in voting, and finally Pelosi said if Trump wins the riots will be escalated across the nation backed by the democrats.

Ron Brandon (@guest_1028321)
1 year ago

President Trump, please name an Obamagate Special Counsel NOW!!!!!!!, and use either Sidney Powell or Andrew McCarthy to do so, or better, use both to get the job done and put all these corrupt bastards behind bars.

don'toftencomment (@guest_1028456)
1 year ago

Tough for Biden to pick a VP candidate with Durham still at work.

MyTwoCents (@guest_1028489)
1 year ago

Right. How long have we heard this? Don’t hold your breath, folks. At the rate of government, perhaps our great grandchildren MIGHT see a blurb in the media.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1028502)
Reply to  MyTwoCents
1 year ago

All Im interested in is WHo is going to Jail. PERIOD!

Pattie Kelly (@guest_1028499)
1 year ago

The sooner the better. This has to come out before 11/03/2020. The people need to know the truth once and for all.

Joann Holmes (@guest_1028641)
Reply to  Pattie Kelly
1 year ago

Really you don’t already know?

larry ossler (@guest_1028514)
1 year ago

I hope GOP is not fearful of the LEFT…I believe most Americans believe that the Democrat party is guilty of trying to undermine our president(past and present) and are becoming the USA /COMMUNIST party..

Charles (@guest_1028521)
1 year ago

When I see some indictments and some convictions then I will believe that the DOJ is actually doing its job.

Loyd (@guest_1028703)
Reply to  Charles
1 year ago

Charles i gave a report and i think this network is too much of a coward to put it in print what i said

Anita (@guest_1028599)
1 year ago

These things will continue until these people are held accountable. They are a total disgrace to America/ Take their pensions away and they should be put in prison, not a federal jail cell that caters to them. They have put this country thru hell so they could get rich ! Pray for this president!

Holly (@guest_1028787)
Reply to  Anita
1 year ago

Amen Anita. God Bless America

Kevin (@guest_1028644)
1 year ago

Very true We The People of the United States of America want JUSTICE to see each and everyone involved brought to justice and pay for all their wrong doings including Obama he was not even born in the United States

Tom (@guest_1028646)
Reply to  Kevin
1 year ago

Let’s not deal with the birth issue. If that came out it would have made everything he did illegal.

Tom (@guest_1028645)
1 year ago

Get on with it. It is long past the time to see people going to jail for their misdeeds. If it were any of us we would have already been behind bars.

Kevin (@guest_1028648)
1 year ago

If Durham is afraid then find someone who is not and will prosecute the guilty ones before the next election so the whole world will know how to vote

Kevin (@guest_1028653)
1 year ago

Very true everything he did was illegal

John F Grychak (@guest_1028747)
1 year ago


Jerry h Holloway (@guest_1028807)
1 year ago

They’re holding out till November hoping that Biden will be elected. And of course all will be forgotten. If Biden is elected he will not last a month he will have a stroke or become completely senile. Then who ever is vice president will take over and guess who will be vice president then NONE OTHER THAN GRAZY NANCY PIGLOISE. This has been the plan all along remember Nancy has kept saying she the next vice president if something happens to trump.

George F Degen (@guest_1028822)
1 year ago

IG John Durham has to release his results very very soon. Please Mr Durham release the results. We need to know how corrupt Obama and our Democracy is at stake.

Dan (@guest_1028851)
1 year ago

Most of the people investigating Trump said continually that no one is above the law. That would include Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Struck and Shiff. If none of them go to jail, we don’t have a Justice Department.

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