September 26, 2022

Trump drops surprise executive order making it easier to hire and fire federal employees

Though the election is only 10 days away, Trump is hard at work fulfilling his pledge to slash red tape wherever possible and increase government efficiency, sending the liberal media into a full-on meltdown.

Trump just issued an executive order on Friday evening that would make it easier for some federal workers to be hired or fired by reclassifying those “in positions of a confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating character.”

Democrats and the liberal media believe that the government’s function is to provide employment and wages for its workers, without regard for efficiency, but Trump believes the government exists to serve the American people.

In essence, the order removes protections for some federal employees in policy-making positions that don’t turn over with the administration. Democrats are already characterizing this decision as a way for Trump to rid the government of his political enemies.

However, according to a statement from the White House explaining the order, the reclassification of these workers will “enhance accountability for Federal employees who are responsible for making policy decisions that significantly affect the American people.”

The swamp is in complete meltdown mode over the decision, and the president of the American Federation of Government Employees — the largest union representing federal workers — raged that Trump’s order “strips due process rights and protections from perhaps hundreds of thousands of federal employees and will enable political appointees and other officials to hire and fire these workers at will.”

To those outside the D.C. bubble, the ability to hire and fire workers “at-will” sounds more like a feature than a bug, but those in favor of ever-expanding bureaucracies know that the key to their power lies in their ability to avoid transparency and accountability.

Politico continued:

Though it’s unclear how many employees would be affected, the order provides a potentially sweeping list: Those who are responsible for drafting regulations; perform “substantive policy-related work”; supervise attorneys; report to presidential appointees; or negotiate collective bargaining agreements are among those who could be reclassified.

The Washington Post estimated that 2.1 million federal workers could be affected by the order, and lamented that it “represents a stunning effort to reshape large parts of the nonpartisan government, which is supposed to serve as a cadre of subject-matter experts for every administration.”

Federal agencies have until January 20, 2021, to decide which positions will be moved to the new “schedule F” designation.

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