August 10, 2022

Trump drops surprise executive order making it easier to hire and fire federal employees

Though the election is only 10 days away, Trump is hard at work fulfilling his pledge to slash red tape wherever possible and increase government efficiency, sending the liberal media into a full-on meltdown.

Trump just issued an executive order on Friday evening that would make it easier for some federal workers to be hired or fired by reclassifying those “in positions of a confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating character.”

Democrats and the liberal media believe that the government’s function is to provide employment and wages for its workers, without regard for efficiency, but Trump believes the government exists to serve the American people.

In essence, the order removes protections for some federal employees in policy-making positions that don’t turn over with the administration. Democrats are already characterizing this decision as a way for Trump to rid the government of his political enemies.

However, according to a statement from the White House explaining the order, the reclassification of these workers will “enhance accountability for Federal employees who are responsible for making policy decisions that significantly affect the American people.”

The swamp is in complete meltdown mode over the decision, and the president of the American Federation of Government Employees — the largest union representing federal workers — raged that Trump’s order “strips due process rights and protections from perhaps hundreds of thousands of federal employees and will enable political appointees and other officials to hire and fire these workers at will.”

To those outside the D.C. bubble, the ability to hire and fire workers “at-will” sounds more like a feature than a bug, but those in favor of ever-expanding bureaucracies know that the key to their power lies in their ability to avoid transparency and accountability.

Politico continued:

Though it’s unclear how many employees would be affected, the order provides a potentially sweeping list: Those who are responsible for drafting regulations; perform “substantive policy-related work”; supervise attorneys; report to presidential appointees; or negotiate collective bargaining agreements are among those who could be reclassified.

The Washington Post estimated that 2.1 million federal workers could be affected by the order, and lamented that it “represents a stunning effort to reshape large parts of the nonpartisan government, which is supposed to serve as a cadre of subject-matter experts for every administration.”

Federal agencies have until January 20, 2021, to decide which positions will be moved to the new “schedule F” designation.

Do you think this executive order is a good idea? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

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Sandy Mears (@guest_1066775)
1 year ago

All the power to you President Trump!! This is a good executive order, to get rid of the ones holding back the changes needed in America. I want to see the corrupt government officials get persecuted for treasonous things they did and lose of all money they are receiving just because they are employed by government!! They deserve to loses any purks and should have to pay the American people back for every cent they squandered on their lies and indulgences! Thank you President Trump for your hard work of cleaning the swamp!!

John (@guest_1066823)
Reply to  Sandy Mears
1 year ago

Awesome way to purge the SWAMP of RATS and other Obloma holdovers and those loyal to the Swamp Deep State. Start with the highest ranking Rat in the Swamp and simulistaniously Arrest, Prosecute, Convict and make them serve HARD time to whatever the penalty the Law requires to receive the penalty reserve for those who commit acts of Treason.!

Arrest Bill Gates, Fauchee, and George Soros who is Barred from entering many countries now and whos Evil empire is collapsing along with the Wicked Elites as well. May God judge those who make their evil plans and plot the destruction of our Blessed by God Country. it is Time for REAL MILITARY TRIBUNALS for many other King and Queen Rats to be purged from the country.

GOD Bless the President, Vice-President and family members and the U.S.A..

Kim (@guest_1066871)
Reply to  John
1 year ago

I love this idea!! It’s about time this is one of many reasons we voted for Trump. This is why he must be re-elected to Drain the Swamp his work has just begun. Pray for our President!!

Linda Stockton (@guest_1066956)
Reply to  John
1 year ago

They should be praying since it is such a scary thing to fall into the hands of the Almighty God who will righteously judge both great and small and not one thing will be hidden.

David Appleton (@guest_1066825)
Reply to  Sandy Mears
1 year ago

Very good President Trump. Taxpayer dollars should be well spent and not wasted as the case now. Trump 2020.

Nell Pace (@guest_1066777)
1 year ago

Great 👍 idea! Get rid of all those Hillary supporters who covered for her and have drug their feet to give you information.

Christina Creasy (@guest_1066807)
Reply to  Nell Pace
1 year ago

I love the idea. Then maybe this country will get strong again and wouldn’t be broke. The Government has to many made up jobs that can be gotten rid of. Great Job Mr. President. God Bless you and keep you safe .

Jane C Dewberry (@guest_1066780)
1 year ago

It’s about time! In the real world, employers can fire employees for inefficiency–which is necessary to keep the company competitive and financially viable in the business world. However, trying to fire a federal employee regardless of how bad he/she may be at meeting the requirements of the job can take years. Meanwhile, the taxpayer foots the bill for that employee’s salary. They get their money and we get nothing in return. This executive order is exactly what we need to weed out the decay in the DC swamp.

Alfred Knieriem (@guest_1066782)
1 year ago

Great idea lots of non essential people gone, from tax paying salary. Lots of dead wood in the federal gov that should have been gone long time ago. Term limits for congress would help also. Another thing that really needs looking into and taken care of is outside money being put into state elections. If you live in a state money from people in the state that is where elections should be funded. The idea that people like G S and other large donners can buy a seat in congress. I hope they loose a lot of money. I pray they loose a lot of money

Sharolyn Wagner (@guest_1066787)
1 year ago

Thank you so much. This is long overdue. You have know idea how many people have jobs who know they
can not be fired and everyone else know this also. Many of them are teachers that are there until they die. You have to hire them in the face of divesity and then you cannot fire them. These are the worst workers and don’t care because they know you can not fire them. Many of these workers are minorities.
I hope this law becomes in effect and is used.

Lisa (@guest_1066796)
1 year ago

This should have been done a long time ago! There’s a lot of dead weight and corruption in these agencies! Bad service from government agencies, people who don’t do their jobs and know they can get away with it! Time to clean up the mess and get rid of the trash! They need to be accountable to the tax paying people who pay their paychecks! Thank you President Trump!

Frances (@guest_1066812)
1 year ago

Good job. This will clean out a lot that doesn’t do their job correctly.

dominick cestro (@guest_1066944)
Reply to  Frances
1 year ago

nancy poloky needs to ogo first!

Rick (@guest_1066818)
1 year ago


David A Homan (@guest_1066838)
1 year ago

Finally The People get what we pay for.

Torzeski Ski (@guest_1066839)
1 year ago

The public has wanted this for decades

Brenda (@guest_1066929)
Reply to  Torzeski Ski
1 year ago

I agree. All non governmental jobs people are held accountable, to complete the job.

Donald Nicholas (@guest_1066863)
1 year ago

It’s ridiculous that this authority doesn’t already exist. We can see the effect of deeply ensconced zealots can do, like Lois Lerner at IRS and the sewer that’s the DOJ and FBI has become.

Ed (@guest_1066864)
1 year ago

IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Obama fired all the conservative government employees without an Executive Order. He also purged the military of all conservatives above the rank of Major!

Charles Byrd (@guest_1066865)
1 year ago

Should have been done 60 years ago

C. E. Tipton (@guest_1066866)
1 year ago

Do your job or quit or be fired . Simple .

roland voisine (@guest_1066867)
1 year ago

this rule will help President Trump to drain the swamp and rid the federal government of incompetent employees.

Jeannie (@guest_1066868)
1 year ago

YES! It is about time someone took the Bull by the Horn! Thank you President Trump for being the strong God-fearing man that you are, and you fear no man on earth! You are the best leader so remain that way! 4 MORE YEARS WITH PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP!!!!!!!

Jack R Albright Sr (@guest_1066877)
1 year ago

Long time coming and LONG OVERDUE!

Rita Dodson (@guest_1066885)
1 year ago

It’s about time. Happy with our President.
If they don’t do their job, get rid of them and hire someone who wants to earn their paycheck.

Patty (@guest_1066891)
1 year ago

Great! It is about time! Now term limits for congress is in order. Get the do nothings out, clean the swamp!

Edwinea (@guest_1066895)
1 year ago

A very productive for the executive orders because most long-term positions are showing that they think they are above the law and that they can make rules for the american people but it will not apply to them and their families and cohorts!

I say go for it and get rid of the swamp people who think Americans work for them instead of their jobs that they abuse and think they can or nanotubes do as “they please”.

Sylvia Dunn (@guest_1067056)
1 year ago

Our government has fatten up too much. Big salaries abound. This should happen without question. They work for us and the Commander in Chief, like it or not. We have been disappointed in FBI, DOJ, CIA etc. clean them up and out! They would us!

Patricia Green (@guest_1067084)
1 year ago

Yes this is a great idea. That is a ridiculous law.
Where can one work where they can’t be fired ?

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1067133)
1 year ago

Since these individuals consider the people put into office through our votes, “temporary outsiders” who are NOT QUALIFIED to lead the country, they have usurped the authority of the voters! This is the “DEEP STATE” and these people have infected every level of our government, including the Justice, State and other critical branches of our government. This order should affect many of those resisting Trumps policies. First of all, these people are NOT NONPARTISAN, and believe in continued the “RESIST” policy that HRC told them to do after she lost the election. Everyone who works should face the same consequences for their behavior, and performance. Guaranteed jobs can only be found in COMMUNIST COUNTRIES circa WW2, now even Russia will fire a bureaucrat/clerk if they do a bad job. In China there was NEVER a guaranteed job. They have the benefit of hundreds of people available for every job! They have always fired at will with no recourse leading to extensive worker abuses. These systems do not promote efficiency, rather they institutionalize low performance. Ask any Russian. This is NOT the way we want our government run, and that is why we voted for Trump. AGAIN, GREAT JOB, PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Roger Collier (@guest_1067487)
1 year ago

Great! Now get busy and start firing those that do nothing but complain and suck up money. Give the jobs to patirots that will get the job done!

3M 9551V (@guest_1090783)
1 year ago

Great and an informative article!
King regards,
Harrell Raahauge



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