July 1, 2022

Trump dismisses notion of issuing nationwide mask mandate

Calls are intensifying for a national mask mandate as the US grapples with rising COVID-19 cases, but Donald Trump just ended any speculation that he’s willing to give such an order. 

In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace set to be aired in full on Sunday, President Trump responded to rumors about enacting an order for all Americans to wear face coverings in public.

After California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a blanket mask-wearing order in mid-June, other state governors are beginning to follow suit.

Some Democrat politicians such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have been agitating for a national order, but Trump has stood firmly against attempting a nationwide mandate thus far.

Trump told Wallace he will not issue such an order because he wants to preserve a “certain freedom” and explained that the inconsistent message about masks from the onset of the pandemic until now indicates that a national mandate is not warranted.

“Hey, Dr. Fauci said, don’t wear a mask,” Trump explained. “Our Surgeon General – terrific guy – said, don’t wear a mask. Everybody who is saying don’t wear a mask – all of sudden everybody’s got to wear a mask, and as you know, masks cause problems, too. With that being said, I’m a believer in masks. I think masks are good.”

“I want people to have a certain freedom, and I don’t believe in that,” Trump told Wallace. “No, and I don’t agree with the statement that if everybody wears a mask, everything disappears.” Some public health officials have said that if everyone in the US would wear a mask, COVID-19 would be eradicated, though CDC face-covering guidelines do not indicate that there is a scientific basis for this assertion.

As with much of the COVID-19 response, Trump has left decisions about masks up to state governors and local policymakers.

Do you think all Americans should be required to wear masks in public? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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Loyd (@guest_1024529)
1 year ago

I’ll leave that decision up to the individal, personly i don’t want to wear a mask, unless it is mandated by the store i’m entering, they are hot to wear and realy don’t stop this Co-19 it is a mask that is suppose to stop the virus but it is just a symbol of protection.

Oscar V Pearson (@guest_1024530)
1 year ago

Wearing a mask is your choice. I have rarely worn a mask since this nonsense started!
If Fauci would ever make up his mind we could have stopped this a long tomw ago. Who, by the way, supplied millions to the Wuhan lab! Why?

Lana Derrick (@guest_1024531)
1 year ago

Free to make up your own mind. Personally, outside, I wear a mask, only because there are too may who don’t. I want to stay well and I am very happy that I live in a free country that I have. choices. Democrats are taking free choice away leading to being like China,
North Korea, Cuba,Venezuela, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Think very seriously what kind of country you want to live in come the November Elections!

Edwin Petch (@guest_1024533)
1 year ago

There are scientific reasons to not wear a Mask. The Media will not report these findings and the Democrats do not want the people to know anything about this because then their scare tactics will not work anymore. It is in actuality worse for you to wear a mask than not to wear a mask.

Wanell (@guest_1024548)
Reply to  Edwin Petch
1 year ago

Wearing a mask can do harm especially if have to be worn hours at a time. I agree with scientific findings
It’s a way for government (democrats and China) to control our lives plus affect our health.

Phillip McElroy (@guest_1024538)
1 year ago

If you want ok if you dont ok, but forcing people to is wrong ! Places that mandate mask ok I’ll wear one ! But I suffer from sever claustrophobia so if you see an old man in panic mode get out of my way cause through , over or around ya to get out side an take the damn thing off !

Donna M Elliott (@guest_1024541)
1 year ago

I will not wear a mask,I;m tired of the lies,false reports and every thing nancy and her herd of idiots are trying too feed us,We are not stupid ,we stay home when sick,cover our mouths and do all of the things we do during the flu season and any other day.
This is still the land of the free!!

Richard Lane (@guest_1024543)
1 year ago

No mask they suck just like Dr.Fauci💩#LockHimUp along with Bill Gates and all the other Eugenics crowd arrest them all now

susan jones (@guest_1024544)
1 year ago

It’s like anything that has to do with freedom, it has to be a choice, rather it’s a mask or a vaccination, it’s our bodies, our lives, our choice.

Cheryll College (@guest_1024545)
1 year ago

No to masks…

Richard Lane (@guest_1024547)
1 year ago

No mask they suck just like Dr Fauci💩 that piece of scum needs to go to jail along with Bill Gates and all the other eugenics crowd arrest them all now

Richard Lane (@guest_1024550)
1 year ago

No mask they suck just like Dr Fauci💩 he needs to go to jail along with Bill Gates and all the other Eugenics crowd

Mary Conley (@guest_1024555)
1 year ago

I believe that if we gave daily totals of baby”s being murdered thru abortion we could stop that to some extent. Think about it if it were announced 1000 babies killed today or aborted today, and we gave running total like that. How many women would go ahead and get one?

melvin burns (@guest_1024559)
1 year ago

no i don,t think it should be mahdatory

Judith Therrien (@guest_1024577)
1 year ago

The only time i wear a mask is to dr or a store that said you have to wear a mask. I am not wearing a mask all day in the house or outside. I dont care what out Govenor says . No to wearing a mask.

Karen (@guest_1024587)
1 year ago

IF a piece of cloth worked, then WHY don’t doctors put a cloth bandana around their mouth when they go into surgery? Because it doesn’t work!!! You will NEVER convince me that a piece of cloth that is worn over and over, stuffed in your pocket or purse, thrown in the glove box or on the passenger seat or better yet hung from the rear view mirror will help stop this virus. Nobody wants to be sick. But this thing has a 99% recovery. This is not a reason to look like sheep and shut the country down so that no one can make a living and provide for their families. Nobody wants to die, but guess what IT HAPPENS! Every year people die from the flu or pneumonia…. did we wear masks? Did we close every business? I do not believe any of the CDC numbers. It has been shown over and over again they are false and inflated. I have missed so much because of this “pandemic” all because someone doesn’t want to get sick. If you don’t want to get sick, then you stay home. Let me have the freedom to live. So, Now who is the selfish one?

Barbara Gerding (@guest_1024589)
1 year ago

I think it’s great that the president will not issue an order to wear masks, but he needs to make the governor’s stop the mandatory orders for masks. They are not healthy for people and are making it very difficult for people to even go shopping since now the governors are threatening businesses if they don’t refuse to let people in to the business unless they are wearing a mask.

Tambra Speer (@guest_1024591)
1 year ago

No we should not be made to wear a mask
Why do the protesters not have to wear a mask? Bunch of bs

Karen Miller (@guest_1024592)
1 year ago

No Mandatory Masks!!
Many Many Dr’s say Cloth Masks are NO good!! It’s a joke. The election is over/ the masks will be gone……

Gary m (@guest_1024595)
1 year ago

Why should I be subject to a lock down ( house arrest ) illegally, when science data shows that 70% of the cases are contracted in the home. That does not make much sense. Wouldn’t it better to go outside, and get some sunshine and fresh air. Just keep a little distance from anyone who may be sick. Keep your doors, windows, and curtains open, so the fresh air and sunshine can come in. That makes more sense to me.

Donna Caloway (@guest_1024597)
1 year ago

ABSOLUTELY NOT, if You Wear Masks ALL THE TIME you run the risk of MOLD, IF NOT CLEANED PROPERLY. NOT TO MENTION THE AMOUNT OF CARBON MONOXIDE YOUR BREATHING IN!!!! IF you happen to be able to afford or have A MASK THAT ACTUALLY DOES WHAT WHAT IT NEEDS TO DO, INCLUDING TIGHT COVERING YOUR AROUND eyes, nose and mouth you’re one of the few Americans. If ALL of these are not covered then whatever mask you’re wearing DOES NOTHING TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF GERMS.

Robert Gillespie Sr (@guest_1024598)
1 year ago

Thank you Mr President. This decision should be on the governors and state politicians to deal with. President Trump has enough to deal with in foreign affairs that’s the government job, they need to give the states their rights back and let the people deal with the states.

Brenda Taylor (@guest_1024605)
1 year ago

I can’t breath with a mask. But I wear one 8 hrs for my job. I struggle to wear it because I can’t breath with it on so I dont fill like we should be made to wear it. So thank you Trump for not making us wear it. I just wish the Governor of Colorado would do the same but no he mandate us to wear one. It should be our choice to wear it.

Debra Campbell (@guest_1024606)
1 year ago

No I don’t believe a mask should be worn I do not plan on wearing one unless I get the virus

Rachel A Martin (@guest_1024609)
1 year ago

No!!we are Americans and have a freedom to choose.They do not protect us enough and mask cause health problems.

Marcie (@guest_1024610)
1 year ago

I have mixed feelings about wearing masks, with that being said, though, I will continue to wear a mask because I don’t want your “spit” on me and I do not want to “spit” on you. We go to very few places and only mingle with family. If you are truly sick stay home and keep it to yourself. Think of others, not just of your self.
I have always wondered why orientals who come to visit our country wear masks – could it be they know more than us about spreading germs?

Boyd (@guest_1024618)
1 year ago

We need to insist that our government leaders cannot “suspend” constitutional rights for ANY reason! Mandating masks is like mandating underwear to prevent disease! good As long as we live in a free country we should be expected to follow laws legally legislated and not the whims of our elected officials “dictating” “orders” based on what THEY claim to be good scientific information! Pretty sure I can find an idiot “expert” to say anything I want them to say too! We need to vote all of these idiot socialists out ASAP!!!!!!!!!!1

johnny mac brown (@guest_1024619)
1 year ago

Something not being said,,, There’s more to why they want to make you wear mask.. For those who have gun permits. If I’m not mistaking, it’s against the law to carry a weapon and wear a mask. WHAT’S YOUR CHOICE ??? TO HELL WITH THE MASK !!!!

Jim Garling (@guest_1024623)
1 year ago

If ya want legionairs disease go ahead and wear a mask for most of every day and rebreathe all the bad things your body is trying to exhaust.

Sheila Brooks (@guest_1024626)
1 year ago

I agree with Marcie. Plus do it out of love for others, what’s it hurt to be kind. God gave us free will. Be wise with your choice.

Kathy A (@guest_1024628)
1 year ago

True story husband’s wife 2 works in the ER she gets sick & worse he takes her 2 hospital they say she has covid now on her death bed he calls his friend a renouned virologist & immunologist who says test her 4 other things they do she has legionaires disease which is bacterial how did she get it her MASK!!! MORAL treated her 4 legionaires she went home in 2 days!!! Wake up people!!

Mary Pfeiffer (@guest_1024658)
1 year ago

If he feels that way then he needs to tell these f..ed up DEMOCRATIC GOVERNORS to end there MANDATE. This is B.S. in NEVADA. Ours wants us shut down until there’s a vaccine. Oh hell no!! Stop leaving it up to the individual GOVERNORS they’re SCREWING US TAKING OUR CIVIL AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AWAY.

Barbara TRUJILLO (@guest_1024678)
Reply to  Mary Pfeiffer
1 year ago

Same thing in New Mexico masks are mandatory caught not wearing a mask results in a 100.00 fine this is a democratic state nothing changes here and New Mexicans keep voting for democrats time and time again

Kelly Kurek (@guest_1024738)
Reply to  Mary Pfeiffer
1 year ago

I believe president trump knows this virus is a big farce! Made up to try & destroy him & everything he’s accomplished. I always thought it to be a false as well from the very day the
Panic was induced and they said to shut down the United States economy. President trump is not going to allow this to go on much longer with the mask and the over reach of these power monger and Fear mongering governors and mayors for much longer. I’m not sure if he can but I do believe he has the power to put everyone back to work and to say to h*** with this virus because it is nothing but a farce in my opinion. There is no scientific evidence that it is any more infectious than any other virus we have had in the past and nothing else was ever shut down because of a virus ever no matter how contagious.

Kelly Kurek (@guest_1024739)
Reply to  Kelly Kurek
1 year ago

I believe our president has to play along for the time being and he has been a team player and now he is sick of it because he knows we are sick of it and we are tired of plane along and we are not going to allow our economy and government economy to go bankrupt because of something that was Created by China and the Democratic Party to try and destroy our president and the people who back him. Do as they may but God is with us and if he be with us who can be against us? President trump is the best president we have ever had besides Abraham Lincoln and people are going to see just how much power is in the Pen! I’m just saying. Thank you, from the Buckeye state

Elektrikman (@guest_1024952)
Reply to  Kelly Kurek
1 year ago

“tired of plane along”?? or playing along? I agree with you Kelly, but as an answer to your question “who can be against us?” Well it is Satan and all of his helpers, the “Demoncrats”of course! Things are going as God said they would. Things will get worse and worse, before He comes again. Satan and all his servile followers, all his minions are going to win one day. All his race-baiting liberals will raise their fists in victory just before He takes us to himself and rains down fire & brimstone on them!

Laurie L Brannen (@guest_1024815)
Reply to  Kelly Kurek
1 year ago


DARIA MIEDZINSKI (@guest_1025144)
Reply to  Kelly Kurek
1 year ago

I agree with you. I think this virus thing is a hoax and a distraction as the election is coming up. The left and the dems want to TRUMP to look bad and they will do ANYTHING TO DO SO. The dems and the left are ruthless, don’t care about our country and only out for themselves. They don’t care about any of us. I think the mask is our right to wear or not. We are Americans and that should be our right. If Dems win in November, we will not know life as we know it now. No God, no guns, lawlessness, our economy will be worse than the crash of 1929 and my dad sad that was hell on earth as he lived thru it. This is not a joking matter here fellow Americans. Vote red if we all want life and the freedoms we all love and many of us TAKE IT FOR

Linda Ferguson (@guest_1024802)
Reply to  Mary Pfeiffer
1 year ago

You hired them, they work FOR you. Take it direct to them. Just like Wyoming did and South Dakota did. These elected officials have forgotten who their boss is…We the People!

Michael McDonald (@guest_1025088)
Reply to  Mary Pfeiffer
1 year ago

Vote the Marxist Democrat Governors out of office is the ONLY solution!!

Michael (@guest_1025089)
Reply to  Mary Pfeiffer
1 year ago

Vote the Marxist Democrat Governors out of office is the ONLY solution!!

Khatcher Kharadjian (@guest_1024662)
1 year ago

No absolutely no masks

Sharon brooks (@guest_1024676)
1 year ago

Mask are very harmful to everyone. Mask are not for our safety, only for their agenda. They just want people to be scared and so fearfull that they just do what they tell them to do with out question.

Rich Bach (@guest_1024677)
1 year ago

Wearing a mask until there is a vaccine is totally ridiculous. With that being the criteria, then when there is a vaccine and it could be as ineffective as the flu shot, the entire country is screwed. An antibody vaccine is not the answer by some medical personnel. The vaccine needs to “attack” the T-Cells is what I understand. That being the case, then an antibody vaccine would be no good in stopping this particular virus. I also did some not to difficult math and divided the number of reported deaths due to this virus by the number of reported cases of the virus and came up with a percentage that is in line with the seasonal flu. Here are the numbers I used from the CDC. 142,445/3,790,000 = .03758%. That is what the seasonal flu comes close to. If you people would get your heads out of your butts and do a little research instead of listening to the Liberals in Washington D.C., the liberal media and your elected officials you would see this is not any worse than the FLU! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

Diana M. Fetrow (@guest_1025077)
Reply to  Rich Bach
1 year ago

You are so correct. If you wear a mask, it gets wet from your breath. You take it off in your car, you leave it there, thus your car instantly becomes a petri dish in the heat. Now mold and mildew and other bugs start to grow, opening up a whole new can of worms. You use that same mask, you are now breathing in mold and mildew, which are killers that infect your lungs. So now you have more problems. Gas Masks or hazardous chemical masks with respirators on them are the safest ones to use if you want to walk around with one of them on your face all the time. This is a herd virus like those that hit cattle and sheep. The strong survive and the weak, don’t. We need to be out there for this to pass over us and get the immunity that way.

Common Sense (@guest_1024679)
1 year ago

Unfortunately, President Trump has no ruling over the Gov. or Mayor of each state. It is up to the Gov and Mayor to say what is to be done at the state level. Remember back in March the Governors and Mayors told us about the first shut down for their state. It’s maddening here in Oregon as well, plus we have rioters for the last 48 days straight who have ruined downtown Portland. The bill so far is over 23 million to clean and repair all the damage. Mayor Wheeler and Gov. Brown have told President Trump to stay out of Portland cause all is fine without his help. He did bring in the National Guard to protect the Federal Buildings, that he can do. The rioters are trying to take over the Federal Courthouse. But even then Mayor Wheeler has said to his police force and to the National Guard that they are not to use any weapons or tear gas that could cause harm to the rioters. So they have free run pretty much and have set up a blocked off area in the middle of Main street. They tried before but it was dismantled quickly cause it was to close to Mayor Wheeler’s residence. So this is a new location and not close to Mayor Wheeler’s residence.

As for the rest of the country knowing about this destruction going on a daily bases, well even the local media is not doing any reporting on it and what they do show is the area not affected by the rioters and they go out only during the day time. It’s other independent journalists who come and infiltrate the rioters and film and report what they are doing at nighttime. The rioters have a curfew of 2:00 AM and they do start to disperse to get some rest to do it all over again the next night. I feel for the business owners downtown because no one wants to be downtown and have to hassle with the protesters/rioters even during the daytime.

The Democrat Mayor and Gov are trying to destroy any economic growth in the state of Oregon. They are planning tax increases already to make us taxpayers pay for their negligence in this fiasco of destruction to Portland. Also Gov Brown has never mentioned that the protesters/rioters are the main problem in the numbers going up in the age group of 20 to 50-year-old range. But since the numbers are going up AND the economy was coming back better than expected. Well, face masks are mandated and we are still in Phase One and see no end to ever getting out and moving forward.

Florida has found out that the labs that were doing the testing and providing the results were lying and they would have 100% positive results for the virus and no negative results from the testing for the virus. This is NOT possible, so President Trump has now set up where all test results from Florida will be done at a lab that will be monitored and make sure they do their results honestly. Wonder if that is also occurring in Texas and Arizona and the other states who have had a huge jump in positive testing results? Probably, that’s how the democrats do things in everything, lie, cheat, and create chaos.

Angela Cleveland (@guest_1024683)
1 year ago

I agree with Trump…no masks mandate. Masks on continuous wear means you are breathing the same oxygen…NO GOOD. And this virus has been proven to be a scam perpetrated by Fauci and the Demoncrats. Doctors reporting getting tests sealed, but when opened are positive. No matter of death…death certificate read COVID-19.

Heather Bolton (@guest_1024684)
1 year ago

I, myself, will not be told what I can and cannot do. It’s my God given right to choose freely to wear one or not, i can’t breathe in one, i don’t care which one it is, i can’t breathe in one. My daughter is clostraphobic, yes that’s probably spelled wrong, she panics and it’s hard for her to calm down even with medication, so, no, I’m not going to wear one, Gov. Abbott can kiss my back side, why call this country free if it’s not treated so, it’s “We The People ” not we the government. Screw that.

Gladys Smith (@guest_1024695)
1 year ago

I have upper respiratory illnesses and can’t wear mask. The mask cuts off needed air supply. I started wearing one when they first said we had to and now I have bad headache and dizziness. The face mask doesn’t keep anyone from catching the virus anyway. Wearing a face mask is not good for people like me with upper respiratory and anyone basically. A person breaths in carbon monoxide from their own breath since both your nose and mouth are covered. This causes carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cheryl Rife (@guest_1024735)
Reply to  Gladys Smith
1 year ago

I agree with you

Elektrikman (@guest_1024966)
Reply to  Gladys Smith
1 year ago

Gladys a human being does not exhale carbon monoxide! We simply exhale an elevated level of carbon dioxide. Only internal combustion engines without catalytic converters and petroleum burning devices, expel monoxide.
Re-breathing the dioxide though, instead of fresh oxygenated air, is not the best thing. My wife is asthmatic and her small upper bronchial tubes are pretty much destroyed and a mask really makes her sick. I think a lot of people are experiencing problems with these masks. Long time smokers whose lungs have damage, are most likely having trouble.

Brenda (@guest_1025321)
Reply to  Elektrikman
1 year ago

I was waiting for someone to correct what we breath and do not , with the comparison of cars, thanks.

BECKY WILSON (@guest_1024696)
1 year ago

i am 77 yrs old i take 2000mg of vit c daily-b12 23,000% (yes you see this right) and i take two a day -and vit d 4 caplets a day i have not had the flu or pneumonia in 6-7 yrs yes i do get my flu vaccine every year and pneumonia every 5-6 yrs. if you are one of the ten of thousands that has been tested positive do your due deligence and quarantine yourself for the 14-15 days needed (that is your responsibility not mine or others) you are an adult act like one!!! i think masks should be worn if you feel more comfortable wearing it- wear it – if you do not then at least keep your 6 foot distance the best you can. i see in the store i go to most every one backs up or goes to another aisle and really tries to maintain the distance thing. (this is called adulting and trying to make the best out of a ugly situation ) so try that !! AND TAKE YOUR VIT C/VIT D/AND VIT B/12 AND GO SHOPPING AND HAVE SOME FUN

Cheryl Rife (@guest_1024736)
1 year ago

you are right make sure to take your vit C, D3, multi with Zink. I can not wear a mask, can’t breath with one on. Been getting a lot of harassment for my beliefs but I feel if others have one on they can stay away from me if they are that scared. Masks are bad for you this is a proven fact. Never get flue shots never get the flue or any other illness. I’m 68 had a stroke and a healthy as a horse as they say. Just mild disabilities. Life is to short to be running scared over this hoax. Flue kills people as do other illnesses. Enjoy your life

Flor Gutierrez (@guest_1024702)
1 year ago

Why is this country allowing these Democrat Governors and Mayors to play communism in the US? We are supposed to be a free country and I am sick and tired of someone telling me do this and do that becuse of the virus – I got news for you there is a cure for the virus and NO vacinnes will be required. Senator Cruz knows what this treatment is. These Governors that want to play communism should be fired.



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