July 1, 2022

Trump dismisses notion of issuing nationwide mask mandate

Calls are intensifying for a national mask mandate as the US grapples with rising COVID-19 cases, but Donald Trump just ended any speculation that he’s willing to give such an order. 

In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace set to be aired in full on Sunday, President Trump responded to rumors about enacting an order for all Americans to wear face coverings in public.

After California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a blanket mask-wearing order in mid-June, other state governors are beginning to follow suit.

Some Democrat politicians such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have been agitating for a national order, but Trump has stood firmly against attempting a nationwide mandate thus far.

Trump told Wallace he will not issue such an order because he wants to preserve a “certain freedom” and explained that the inconsistent message about masks from the onset of the pandemic until now indicates that a national mandate is not warranted.

“Hey, Dr. Fauci said, don’t wear a mask,” Trump explained. “Our Surgeon General – terrific guy – said, don’t wear a mask. Everybody who is saying don’t wear a mask – all of sudden everybody’s got to wear a mask, and as you know, masks cause problems, too. With that being said, I’m a believer in masks. I think masks are good.”

“I want people to have a certain freedom, and I don’t believe in that,” Trump told Wallace. “No, and I don’t agree with the statement that if everybody wears a mask, everything disappears.” Some public health officials have said that if everyone in the US would wear a mask, COVID-19 would be eradicated, though CDC face-covering guidelines do not indicate that there is a scientific basis for this assertion.

As with much of the COVID-19 response, Trump has left decisions about masks up to state governors and local policymakers.

Do you think all Americans should be required to wear masks in public? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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Michael Powers (@guest_1024343)
1 year ago

No masks

Lucille (@guest_1024391)
Reply to  Michael Powers
1 year ago

Only if you feel it’s necessary! No one should be forced to wear one, if they don’t want to, but you have to decide if you want to take the risk of catching Covid-19! Plus you have to realize other people may catch it from you and die!

Teddy Nier (@guest_1024392)
Reply to  Michael Powers
1 year ago

It’s just another ploy to get people to do what they (Dems) what they want you to do so N O. no no

Gail (@guest_1024458)
Reply to  Teddy Nier
1 year ago

Absolutely! I had a very sick husband with heart problems dialysis 7 years shingles the last 2 years and 3 kinds of cancer…i got really bad intestinal virus for a whole month had to be hospitalized…caught it from dialysis and my Mike never caught it i had to take care of him…never ever wore a mask…I survived! Gods call not mans…i want to live dam if the government should tell us what to do where to walk who to hug 6 feet my A>>>>the virus so smart to stay away the plexiglass so the virus stays behind it knows enough not to go around or over…arrows in the store..so the virus knows which way to go! F>>>>rey

Dawn M Frame (@guest_1024442)
Reply to  Michael Powers
1 year ago

I believe it is our own choice/ decision to make. I believe any further shut downs or mandates would be & are politically fueled, I also believe the Democratic Governors & Governess’ have gone TOO far & should answer for there Constitutional intrusions. I believe my own Gov Greg Abboty has gone too far with the mask mandate. You all just need to cut it all out

Dayna A Demers (@guest_1024581)
Reply to  Michael Powers
1 year ago

No masks do not work people have getting the virus even though they have worn a mask. Six foot distancing doesn’t work either because if someone coughs or sneezes it goes further somewhere around 30 feet. Herd immunity works better to get rid of the virus faster. Some people where I live are wearing a mask while driving and are ending up unconscious and crashing their vehicle. So I pray we will not have to wear a mask at all. Thank you.

Jodi (@guest_1024344)
1 year ago

I absolutely AGREE with Trump.
…everything he said is absolutely correct

Fran (@guest_1024347)
1 year ago

Masks should not be worn unless you are infected. This whole mask thing is a political football. You are breathing in the CO2 you are exhaling and it is not good. Also if you live in a warm climate you cannot breathe. In Las Vegas it is 111 degrees and wearing a mask is a tragedy. Wake up America. Quite being like sheep. We have rights and those rights should not be dictated by incompetent government and health officials.

Jack Branson (@guest_1024348)
1 year ago

Never watch Chris Wallace.

Mary (@guest_1024394)
Reply to  Jack Branson
1 year ago

Hell no, no masks trying to make us like the Muslims, before we know it we will have to have our whole hear covered but our eyes. Then they will make us wear them dam black gowns

Mel Hadap (@guest_1024462)
Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

Hmm, wondering about how the Muslims got the idea of covering the face, but wait that is for women only. lol.

Susan Ligon (@guest_1024466)
Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

I remember Obama stating before he left he was going to make America a Muslim country.. I do believe it has started with th raw Soro funds groups. They want to open the boarders and there are terrorist her like up in Tennessee mountains. America needs to be extremely careful because we see what they are trying to do if Democrats when wanting in.Dems are destroying our cities, defunding our police,our churches down, tearing our history down.Dems wanting our country to crash. Wanting FEMA an option. Then we have a “President” candidate that can not run a country what so ever. Who is it that the deep state want in to take over. Yes a deep state follower. We are in a whole lot of trouble. Then look what they have done to our President because they could keep up the evil to change America. Started because H Clinton wasn’t elected. There is no reason our President should be impeached. He’s great! Never have happen before a Duly elected President has gone through this that is doing so much for America. The crimes would have continue since B Clinton on. Think of ALL the crimes!!! So so many of them. We have to keep praying for the lord to lhelp us and watch over us. Pray for him to rid this plague. That alone looks suspicious in it self. Pray pray pray!

Robert Sears (@guest_1024349)
1 year ago

No Facemask they don’t help at all

Lois Campbell (@guest_1024355)
1 year ago

NO mask should not be required!!

Sarah Whitehead (@guest_1024356)
1 year ago

No mandatory masks. I wear a mask around people to make them feel better. I do not like being told I have to wear a mask. I believe a mask does more harm than good.

Walter Sexton (@guest_1024358)
1 year ago

A “National Mask requirement” sounds like a “dictatorship!” to me. It’s one thing to say “It’s a good idea for everyone to wear a mask,” and another thing entirely to say “Do not go outside without a mask.” When an individual is on his or her own property and not leaving that property, it’s no one else’s business whether the individual is wearing a mask.” Truth of the matter it doesn’t make any difference.

Walter Sexton

Minnette N Hughes (@guest_1024359)
1 year ago


Daphne saari (@guest_1024360)
1 year ago

I don’t believe children going back to school will wear mask all the time, and in fact may be unhealthy for them to do so. Yes, I believe in freedom, but not at others expense. It is a tough call.

Dayna A Demers (@guest_1024584)
Reply to  Daphne saari
1 year ago

I agree with you.

Wilma Evans (@guest_1024361)
1 year ago

I don’t know who to believe anymore! First yes than no, and back and forth! No one actually knows anything because no one has ever dealt with it before! I am old school, if you are sick, wear the mask, quarantine till you are well. The rest of the people go about life as usual! I personally feel that there are some that think we should be puppets, to prepare us for a maxist life!

dennis (@guest_1024362)
1 year ago

no masks no proof it works also no lock downs they haven’t worked. let’s arrest the people who put out false positives and those who report every death as covid this is ridiculous people need to quit living in fear.

Us4hockey (@guest_1024420)
Reply to  dennis
1 year ago

Totally agree!!

Karen Tanner (@guest_1024363)
1 year ago

I think mask wearing should be left up to the individual. That should be their free right. Not any governments decision as would be a Socialistic response.

Daphne saari (@guest_1024364)
1 year ago

I don’t believe children going back to school will wear mask all the time, and in fact may be unhealthy for them to do so. Yes, I believe in freedom, but not at other’s expense. It is a tough call.

Bonnie Hahn (@guest_1024365)
1 year ago


Chicken Hawk (@guest_1024366)
1 year ago

No! The American public should not be required to wear a mask as they are non-functional. So how about rural communities that have no Covid-19 cases or areas that have small populations and very low number? Besides, in my estimation, the requirement of wearing masks is a socialist thing that is the beginning of their power grad. I’m not sick, haven’t had the flu in over 10 years. I’m outside constantly. I take care of myself. So why should I wear a mask to appease some mayor or governor that wants to rule their kingdom? Some countries have social distancing at 3 feet not 6. All business are open and thriving with common sense. There are way to many so called experts that have an opinion and are shoving it down our collective throats. Wear a mask, I don’t think so!

patricia whitney (@guest_1024367)
1 year ago

No it’s a against the consationa and the people’s rights to wear them it’s our freedom not there’s

Lyudmila Loeva (@guest_1024368)
1 year ago

Each person must decide for himself whether to wear a mask or not. No one should decide for him. Japan, Sweden and Belarus have proved this with their own examples. These countries have already completely freed themselves from COVID-19.

Marcia Fridland (@guest_1024370)
1 year ago

Individuals should determine whether to wear a mask according to their individual circumstances. Those who must mingle with an unfamiliar public should probably be cautious. Since I stay home most of the time and have contact with only a few individuals who also stay home and have few contacts with strangers, most of us wear masks only during certain risky errands. Common sense is our best source for direction.

Stephen Melnick (@guest_1024371)
1 year ago

No we are Americans we want are freedom no masks at all we are not a communist country and never will be this is all a Democrats they are trying to get are president out of office and he is the best president we ever had.

Ruben Hernandez (@guest_1024409)
Reply to  Stephen Melnick
1 year ago

Yes,yes,yes, President Trump is the 2nd best president, the 1st one, was the 1st Republican, PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
President Trump has been a long time coming, Lincoln. Thank you president.

Linda (@guest_1024412)
Reply to  Stephen Melnick
1 year ago

I so agree with you!

Elizabeth Duke (@guest_1024372)
1 year ago

No masks. Distance. Wash your hands.

Dee (@guest_1024377)
1 year ago

No China has wore masks for years and that’s proof they don’t work for China Flu! It’s hard to breathe and understand people talking to you while wearing a mask. I refuse to be a sheep and give up my constitutional rights to make my own decision. The fact that Libtard states are doctoring their COVID numbers, ridiculous. Many have been busted using phony numbers, also killing people who tested negative. In NY a hospital put patients in with positive virus patients that tested negative for the virus, then put them ventilators which killed them!!

Bill Matthes (@guest_1024378)
1 year ago

Hard to know what to believe anymore. If we had an honest media in this country that would certainly help. But we all know by now that they are simply an extension of the DNC and will parrot whatever the Dems tell them to say. You would think that when it came down to peoples lives they would as honest as possible, but we’ve all seen that’s not the case.

Thomas Geier (@guest_1024379)
1 year ago

No masks mandatory! Wear at your own risk!

Carron Goldsmith (@guest_1024380)
1 year ago

I kinda feel that out of respect for. Others when we enter a store or any business a mask should be worn what is wrong with people if. you or your family get covid 19 what you gonna say then ? Could a simple mask have stopped this think all comon thing has been pushed aside do you know God then ask him to reveal the true need for the need for a mask

Sharon Berryman (@guest_1024382)
1 year ago

It’s up to the Individual if you should wear a mask! Iam 73 and if I have to go out to take care of business I wear a mask . If Iam home I do not wear a mask. It’s that simple!

Judy Gay (@guest_1024383)
1 year ago

No I do not believe mask should be mandatory in public places. Wearing a mask has not been proven to stop the covid virus. Too many other diseases proven to be more deadly than this virus walking around on our streets and no one even mentions this danger. We do not need to be told where we can go, what we can buy, what businesses has to close etc. when you fear something or don’t like something then stay away from it. We are not under dictatorship, we are a free country.

Paula White (@guest_1024386)
1 year ago

Absolutely, it should be up to a person’s preference. All the info I’ve heard say there is no proof masks help and in fact are bad for you. To make us wear one is taking away our freedom

Sylvia Montgomery (@guest_1024388)
1 year ago

No !! Only if you want and prefer to do so!!! Freedom🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

virginia nedza (@guest_1024389)
1 year ago

No masks. My doctor realized with my wearing mask to my appt. my blood pressure was 160/80. After no mask for 10 mins blood pressure went down to 134/72. They are not good , we end up breathing carbon-dioxide. Lose oxygen.

Sandy Padlo (@guest_1024390)
1 year ago

If you are worried about catching COVID-19, get yourself a mask with a hepa filter or other N95 material. You will be safe. Let the rest of us alone! I feel like I’m smothering in a mask. So far, we have been lied to repeatedly, sample 1; about how long the virus lives on surfaces – when no tests had been run, sample 2; multiple reports of people having or expiring from COVID-19 when it was something else. Everyone in health care knows we spread more with our hands than any other way. Wear gloves. Wearing a mask encourages us to touch our face (think about it) by always adjusting the mask. Wear a mask in public if you’re feeling off, or worried, or taking care of someone who is compromised..

Gail (@guest_1024451)
Reply to  Sandy Padlo
1 year ago

I cant wear anything over my face either…cant breath through the dam thing…God Gave us the BREATH OF LIFE WHERE DOES THE GOVERNMENT GET TO CHOOSE AND THAT DAM RAT DR> FAUCI F>>>FACE!

Marilyn (@guest_1024393)
1 year ago

I think all people over the age of 4 should wear a mask! They not only protect me from your spot but it protects you from my spit! We are protecting each other!

Jeff Aberg (@guest_1024395)
1 year ago

NO MASKS..STOP CONSTANT MSM FEAR mongering and false reporting of cases.

Glenn Maddox (@guest_1024400)
1 year ago

No proof masks do anything but help democrats push their vote by mail agenda. Numbers of covid 19 proven to be amplified greatly. Let Americans be Americans. We are a smart people!

Douglas Hutchens (@guest_1024402)
1 year ago

No muzzles for the American people thank you… It’s just the dummycrats trying to muzzle your voice.. but I cannot hear what they’re saying my underwear is muzzling their voices.. get right with God and quit worrying about this damn coronavirus…

Pierre Dilecto (@guest_1024406)
1 year ago

Re-breathing your own carbon dioxide you just exhaled is a very bad idea and that’s what you are doing if you keep wearing a mask all day long. Less fresh oxygen into your lungs with each breathe is a bad idea, not to mention the fact that most people wear the same mask all the time, which can be infected from time to time
and partially clogged over time. My eyes also get clouded over and vision is diminished when I wear a mask.

Glenn Maddox (@guest_1024407)
1 year ago

No proof masks do anything but help democrats push their vote by mail agenda. Numbers of covid 19 proven to be amplified greatly. Let Americans be Americans. We are a smart people!

Daniel Hall (@guest_1024411)
1 year ago

Today I read about a person that was killed in a motor cycle
accident and it was turned in as a covid19 death, this what the
demonrats want you to believe, I don’t care if you wear a mask
but don’t try and tell me to wear one if you wear one all you are
doing is breathing in the bad air that you breath out.. This corona
thing is all political thing to make money for the demonrats.

Pam (@guest_1024417)
1 year ago

I think the mandate should be to wear masks that say TRUMP 2020. Then, Pelosi and all the other liberal radicals will keep their dumb mouths shut😂

Susan Ligon (@guest_1024421)
1 year ago

I personally say wear my mask and hand sanitizer and hand washing. I want some protection because I am a serious high risk if I get it. Try to be safe than dory. Stay that 6 ft away. So why do health workers need to wear it?

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