December 3, 2020

Report: President Trump may be discharged from Walter Reed on Monday

President Trump’s medical team revealed on Sunday morning that he is responding appropriately to treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center and could be discharged from the facility as soon as Monday. 

“Today he feels well,” said Dr. Brian Garibaldi, a lung specialist at Johns Hopkins who is assisting the medical team at Walter Reed.

“He has been up and around. Our plan for today is to have him eat and drink, be up out of bed as much as possible, to be mobile, and if he continues to look and feel as well as he does today our hope is that we can plan for a discharge as early as tomorrow to the White House where he can continue his treatment course.”

Trump’s team has maintained an optimistic tone throughout the process, and Trump has been giving daily video updates as his treatment progresses.

Trump’s personal physician, Dr. Sean Conley, revealed on Sunday morning that Trump did experience a rapid deterioration on Friday, including a high fever and a transient drop in oxygen levels.

Conley said that Trump received supplemental oxygen and normal levels were quickly restored.

Garibaldi said that Trump is receiving a 5-day course of experimental antiviral Remdesivir, along with dexamethasone, a steroid medication. He has also been treated with an experimental treatment cocktail called Regeneron.

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66 Responses

  1. Great to hear the news of your recovering going on well!!!

    Keep up the good work. We want you to be well and strong for the exciting road ahead.

    1. Our President Donald God has him daily against The Swamp of Satan.
      Had no doubt ge would be healed OUR GOD IS AWESOME.

          1. Yes, I totally agree that God is working through Our President. God seen what Satan is doing from the Left and he had to have someone very strong. Our President has been very strong considering what he comes up against every single day and that is Satan. I have a lot of faith in him and I keep Praying that God keeps his Loving hand on him as he return’s to the WH.

          2. God chose Trump to win at this time to save America we the people will fight for him pray for him God has this fight with Trump to Drain the swamp only Trump could do this job
            The Virus was another sign by God to test drugs to wake up the people
            We the people rule we the people chose Trump and together we will march on Amen

  2. Prayers have lifted them up, the MAGA communities have Rallied to support them. I am proud to be an American, even if the left shows how vile and evil they are, I think it will help to pull votes from the Democrats who wished for his death.

    1. I could not have stated it any better than you – right with you! May God bless President Trump & our First Lady, Melania!

      PRAY PSALM 91

    3. Like you, I am elated by the low-level that the president seems to have, and I have prayed for him and Melania, as well as all affected by this rotten disease! I would be extremely happy for them both to be discharged ASAP, as I pray for the rest of America and mankind to recover! God Bless America, our first lady, and ALL VICTIMS throughout the world! I also wish a kwik solution for the successful job and financial recovery to all that are suffering job losses and family losses!

    1. Yes! Praise God! We serve an awesome God that hears and answers prayers! So glad Mr. President that you are going home and can recover with your wife! Amen!

  3. Keep up the good work Mr. President. We need you to lead us another 4 years. We could not sustain an America with democrats running it into the dirt!
    From a grateful Vet

  4. So happy to hear you are feeling much better. You are in the prayers of all GOP Americans. Glad you will be at the helm again soon. MAGA

  5. So grateful for good response to treatment! God continues to answer our prayers and remains with you through everything you/we are facing.

  6. Dear President Trump and Melania, I am praying for you just constantly. So glad to hear you are doing well, and may even get to go home tomorrow. Don’t push too hard until you are really well. We’re so thankful for you and for what you stand for. We love you and know God will give you 4 more years as our President. Continuing to pray for you.

  7. Our thoughts n prayers are w you Mr President. Glad you’re feeling better n heading for speedy recovery. 🙏🙏🙏

  8. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GREAT NEWS …. GOD BLESS OUR GREAT PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “””””””””YOU GO … “MR. TRUMP””””””””””” WE LOVE YOU AND THE “FIRST LADY!!!!!”


  9. I was very worried, please get completely well,you and young wonderful wife.. You are needed to keep our Country strong and your the one who can do it.. Love to you and your family.

  10. I am so glad Mr. PRESIDENT you are doing better. I know you have been through so many fires since day one of your presidency. I think you have become stronger through each one. May god continue to heal you so you may continue on your journey of the next 4 years. God bless.

  11. Many powerful prayers are being lifted up to our Awesome Jehovah Rapha, the amazing healer of our souls and bodies, on behalf of you and Melania. Im praising God for supernatural recovery of both you and Melania.

  12. God bless you both. So happy to learn that you’re doing better, but please DON’T push to be released too soon. Only you know how you feel, but your doctors know how you refuse to take it easy once they aren’t available to keep you down. We love y’all and need you 100% well!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. Dear President Trump and First Lady Melania , our prayers have been constant for the both of you and for all the other citizens that have contracted the covid virus. You are amazing Mr President having this horrible virus and showing the American people you are still serving us and showing us you are just like one of us and doing everything possible to beat it so you can get back to making this country the best in the world. My family appreciates all of your tireless hard work and are so sorry and ashamed for all of the horrible attacks you have to endure for the good of our country. God bless you and may he keep you healthy and safe ! 🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏

  14. Great that you and your wife are doing well. as usual you do better than they know how because you are a guy who worked all his life and doesn’t sit around like the lazy demos who don’t know how to work, they only make trouble because none of them know how work goes.

    1. Right now the Demoncrats are casting spells, using voodoo, ouija boards, sacrificing unborn babies, saying prayers to satan, anything they can do to stop his greatness.
      🇺🇸 TRUMP 🇺🇸

  15. So glad to hear that our President is doing better—I have had him and the First Lady in my prayers for a speedy recovery from this virus and consistently for his extremely tough job, his safety and his well being every single day.

  16. He has just left, and waved to the crowd. He put out a video saying he had a surprise for us, next thing he is waving from the back of a SUV. Thank God the President is doing so well. I will continue to pray and can’t wait for 4 more years.

  17. Amen to all above posts! Mr. President, we are praying for you in all things, and for your family as well. Keep up the good work Sir, you are the best! And— with your beautiful wife, you will prevail against the democrat scourge!! God bless you and your family!

  18. Yes, we Republicans have a STRONG belief in GOD ! ! ! We are so thankful that he is healing Trump . . . Things could still turn around, but our faith in God will never waiver ! !

  19. Good news! Hope you are back to White House soon. Keep up good work. The country needs you to continue all the good you have done and are doing. Praying for you daily all the time before you got the virus and will continue to do so. You have more work to do for this country.

  20. This is a super good news for America! President Trump and the First Lady are back and getting better and will be with us soon. Thank you Dear Father that President Trump and Mrs. Melania are
    on their way to recovery and good health. President Trump is a true warrior fighter. We continue to pray for your ultimate recovery and we are all looking forward to your being with the American people again fighting for American peoples’ rights and for our beautiful country. Our hearts and prayers are with President Trump and the First Lady Melania. 4 MORE YEARS++++ TRUMP PENCE MAGA!!!!

  21. Bunker Biden must be nervous and back on the ropes, go for the knockout punch Mr. President!
    🇺🇸 Trump 🇺🇸

  22. Trump wins yet again!!!
    Trump wins yet again!!!
    Trump wins yet again!!!
    Trump wins yet again!!!
    Trump wins yet again!!!
    Trump wins yet again!!!
    like a good broken recording…
    🇺🇸Trump/Pence 2020+

  23. God is with you President Trump,
    four more years for you,
    four years of cryin’ for Biden
    America is Beautiful

  24. Time to rope-a-dope bunker biden now that you have him in your sights. Knock out time for four more years!
    🇺🇸Trump is victorious!

  25. Biden has disappeared again?
    Someone do a welfare check,
    see if he has a pulse this time.
    Check under every rock you see.
    America loves you Trump!

  26. Suck an egg Pelosi. You are the slime of the earth witch hazel. Your time is coming and it will not be good😠😠. You need a kick in the ask👡👡ask
    Fly away fly away.

  27. Praise the Lord!He has his arms around The President,Thank you Jesus,Amen!Let us continue to pray !🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

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