August 16, 2022

Report: President Trump may be discharged from Walter Reed on Monday

President Trump’s medical team revealed on Sunday morning that he is responding appropriately to treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center and could be discharged from the facility as soon as Monday. 

“Today he feels well,” said Dr. Brian Garibaldi, a lung specialist at Johns Hopkins who is assisting the medical team at Walter Reed.

“He has been up and around. Our plan for today is to have him eat and drink, be up out of bed as much as possible, to be mobile, and if he continues to look and feel as well as he does today our hope is that we can plan for a discharge as early as tomorrow to the White House where he can continue his treatment course.”

Trump’s team has maintained an optimistic tone throughout the process, and Trump has been giving daily video updates as his treatment progresses.

Trump’s personal physician, Dr. Sean Conley, revealed on Sunday morning that Trump did experience a rapid deterioration on Friday, including a high fever and a transient drop in oxygen levels.

Conley said that Trump received supplemental oxygen and normal levels were quickly restored.

Garibaldi said that Trump is receiving a 5-day course of experimental antiviral Remdesivir, along with dexamethasone, a steroid medication. He has also been treated with an experimental treatment cocktail called Regeneron.

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Ingeborg Stoller (@guest_1057349)
1 year ago

Thank God and the medical staff for the great progress the President and his beautiful Melania are making!!!!

One thing has been driving me crazy — how is it that about 10 Republicans who accompanied the President to
Cleveland ended up with the China virus and none of the
who were there too ended up with anything!!
No one is talking about that which I find incredible!!!!!

Mary (@guest_1057375)
Reply to  Ingeborg Stoller
1 year ago

Why hasn’t anyone else thought or mentioned that idea?! My husband and I also wonder if someone could be releasing the virus 🦠 wherever!!!

bobbie (@guest_1057380)
Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

In my household we have been wonderful if the previous president was in cahoots with the Chinese to invent the Wuhan virus???

Louise (@guest_1057448)
Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

I also mentioned that to my husband! He said no, it couldnt happen. But it has still been on my mind. And they have been awful concerned about Barr not quarantineing after 4 negative tests!?! Was he suppose to be a part of that? There really mad at him right now….. Doesnt this sound off the wall to even be able to think this could happen from any of our leaders?!
Get well quickly Mr. President… America needs you!
Trump 2020

Pat (@guest_1057376)
Reply to  Ingeborg Stoller
1 year ago

I was thinking the same thing. I would not put it past any of the DEMORAT to some how have given coved-19’to any of the GOP. They are evil people. Vote GOP all the way.We need to get rid of all the evil. God bless the USA.

daledor (@guest_1057390)
Reply to  Ingeborg Stoller
1 year ago

I would not doubt that some top Dems were in on the spread of Corona virus that was manufactured in China from previous corona virus sold to them under Obama. Whether Obama himself was involved in the $3.5 billion deal with the CDC then. The patent for Covid 2 SARS is no longer hidden by the patent office. To have a patent it is invalid if natural and valid if manufactured. Too much proof out on its manufacture to ignore. Clinton sold a lot of the nations secrets to China for campaign money remember Rianna who went to jail? Amazing how evil is overlooked when the left does it and the smallest infraction by the right is held and exploited.
Like Rahm Emanuel said under Obama “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste, you can do so much more in a crisis than normal. ” In other words if a natural crisis arises exploit it and if not natural cause crisis to gain money, power and control. Demonic for sure!!!!

Kathleen O'Hara-Pitisci (@guest_1057393)
Reply to  Ingeborg Stoller
1 year ago

Yes. I truly believe there was something sinister that was planned. Of course this will likely fade into the background since it will be impossible to prove.

Steve M (@guest_1057385)
1 year ago

Now I hope all you democratic pukes that wished death on the President, experience the virus first hand for yourself. But I won’t wish death on you. That would be sinking to your level. But I do hope you SUFFER.

AOC (@guest_1057433)
1 year ago

You all so crazy

Janet Mabe (@guest_1057449)
1 year ago

To wish death on anyone is truly evil. So sad to see where our
nation is right now. These evil people and their media friends need to find a new job.



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