January 19, 2021

Trump destroys Fauci’s argument about COVID-19 surge: ‘Wrong!’

Dr. Anthony Fauci was once seen as an unquestionable authority on all things COVID-19, but the mask is now off. Fox Star Tucker Carlson called Fauci a “fraud” during a recent monologue due to Fauci’s refusal to condemn protests while still admonishing everyone else to take extreme precautions.

Not long after Carlson’s scorching take-down of Fauci, Donald Trump joined in, openly attacking Fauci’s conclusion as to why the US is currently experiencing a surge of COVID-19. 

Fauci testified before Congress on Friday:

If you look at what happened in Europe when they shut down or locked down or went into shelter-in-place. … They really did it to the tune of about 95-plus percent of the country did that. When you actually look at what we did, even though we shut down, even though we created a great deal of difficulty, we really functionally shut down only about 50 percent in the sense of the totality of the country.

Trump responded to a video of Fauci’s statement on Twitter, writing that Fauci is “Wrong! We have more cases because we have tested far more than any other country, 60,000,000.”

“If we tested less, there would be less cases. How did Italy, France & Spain do? Now Europe sadly has flare ups,” He continued. “Most of our governors worked hard & smart. We will come back STRONG!”

The Blaze reported on Sunday:

The U.S. has tested approximately 60 million people for coronavirus. The European country with the most COVID-19 testing is the U.K., with over 16 million. Germany has tested 8 million, total testing for Italy and Spain is nearly 7 million, and France is at 3 million.

The U.S. has the fourth-most COVID-19 tests per one million population among countries most severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, trailing Qatar, Russia, and the U.K., which has the highest testing rate in the world.

The U.S. has 4.7 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, the most in the world. The U.S. also has the most novel coronavirus deaths, nearly 158,000.

Fauci isn’t the only member of the coronavirus task force that’s come under fire this week. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced on Sunday that she has “no confidence” in Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the task force, because Birx is “Trump’s appointee.”

Pelosi did not comment on the fact that Dr. Fauci is also Trump’s appointee. Though both Birx and Fauci are renowned epidemiologists appointed by Trump, the mainstream media and Democrats have lauded Fauci for subverting Trump and either ignored or smeared Birx for refusing to do the same.

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76 Responses

    1. Thank you. If you follow his career and what world organizations he is involved in and being paid by it is pretty obvious.

      1. Why are the protesters and the violence and looting continuing during this covid 19. 🔥 fauci and his dream of becoming a rich the bastard. I want No Toxic Vaccine.

      2. Same with not wanting to hear about Hydroxy…….. cuz he has $$$$ invested in the regue (sorry don’t know how to spell either one. BUT DID read he has money on that so called new one they are working on! Remember he was with gates, piggy, e. john in china just before we learned of the virus. Hateful looking man!

        1. I agree with you . I have said since day one this man cannot be trusted. He works for the WHO and has connections to China and The Clinton’s.

          1. I agree Dr. Fauci cannot be trusted. In January 2017, during a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University, recorded in Infectious Disease News, Fauci stated there is ‘No doubt’ Donald J. Trump would be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency. What did he he know, when did he know it, and who was he speaking to? Should this be investigated?

        2. He is a hateful man. He is lying to us, and working alongside the demorats. They want to destroy this country and he is helping them.

        1. Works for me as well. A jail cell for an extended “vacation” would be fine for these traitors.

      1. Dr. Fauci is a highly over-paid government quack who talks out of both sides of his mouth. He blows major yazoos out of his butt hole. Let’s not also forget Dr. Fauci helped China engineer this COVID-19!

  1. The biggest mistake that President Trump made during the Virus Is ever presenting Dr. Fauci to the American People! Fauci is a Quack and despicable corrupt person and is trying to destroy our great President. Anytime he is in TV I turn the channel. Please President Trump be aware of his and others that say they are backing you actions! Stay alert Many are there to hurt you and the people that believe and support you.

    1. Had Trump not used him, which allowed him to be exposed, millions would not have learned of his and Gates nefarious plans.

  2. Well it is about damn time. It was obvious from day one that Fauci, Birx and the Gates’ are birds of a feather. Vaccines are their bread and butter. A mandated worldwide vaccination program and all the tracing etc. to go with it would make them all trillionaires. The worse they can make things seem through deception the better for them. People who are scared do things they might not normally do, like agreeing to a vaccine with an implant and becoming essentially a head of cattle.

    1. Fakey fauci, bill gates, and george soros have been friends for many years and they all should be executed!

    2. Agree with you 100%, all they care about is getting everyone vaccinated, and we have no idea what they put into those vaccines. Hope Trump stops these evil people

      1. You said it! Gates wants to put trackers of some sort into every person as they are vaccinated. Only seen under ultra-violet light. Beware!

  3. Hypocrisy in the DNC. What else is new? Come November they’ll find out that voters are more intelligent and informed than the DNC thought. Most Americans are fed up with their nonsense and will vote accordingly. MAGA!

  4. FaUCI is a traitor by all count, double face and a disgrace to the country. Full pledge corrupt and a leftist. Who do you think yourself Fauci…… you need to be taken down

  5. Can not trust Fauci , hes been working with Soros, gates, obama, biden all knew bout this so called virus back in 2012. Its been nothing but a PLANdemic to disgrace our true President Trump. Italy did autotopies n found its NOT A VIRUS. But a BACTERIA which amplifiedby G5 . Causes bloodclots n makes it hard to breathe.

    1. Yep he has been in on from the word go why did the traitor give all that money to China for so called reserch which Obama was in on it to Not only Dr Fauchi, China and the Obama Administration I think are tbe blame for the China Virus put on this whole world

  6. So, I am old and slow, so speak slow and concise when responding. IF the US has tested over 60 million tests, more than anyone else in the world, how are we Fourth in testing, and have the highest deaths in the world?
    Just saying…. perhaps more fuzzy math or just outright fake news on fox again?

    1. I’ve never read we’re 4th in testing, in fact is highest thereby decreasing the US Covid-19 death rate below 1% which should even be lower as the numbers reportedly are faulty stats & careless if not deliberately conflating deaths with other causes.

    2. That is your fake news you are watching there report everything wrong. I know for a fact that Europe dosen’t test that many people, I’m from there.

    3. Percentage of population , old and slow .Numbers tested is more than all others, percentage of population is number four. Got it now ????

    4. And I believe our count is completely wrong to, than when my neighbor got tested 5 times and finely was negative the 6th there counted it as 5 cases not 5 times being tested. So now you tell me what to believe

  7. The 158,000 CoVid deaths by is overinflated and needs to be seriously investigated. The CDC’s guideline order to physicians and pathologists taints the final figure,as well as tying funding per case numbers. Add in the incidences of False Positives from certain laboratories, and you have contaminated data.

    1. They’ve already acknowledged the numbers are inflated in Florida, Texas and New York. There was a time you used to be able to trust statistical scientific data ; but, those days are gone. No w we have medical experts like Phoney Fauci who give you data alright, right after putting it in a blender to add the leftist narrative spin. I mean really, would you expect Fauci to let Hillary down after a decades long infatuation? I also don’t trust him because of his flip-flop on masks and now it’s goggles. We need an expose on just who is raking in the $$$$ on masks and goggles. Sort of like an insider trading investigation.

  8. This doctors are liberal is not going to help President Trump to solve this big lie about the virus,this doctors are helping to democrats to force election time for vote by mail THIS IS.WRONG .
    This doctors are part of WHO.
    Republican will go to vote under virus, storm,hurricane no fear.
    in GOD we trust

  9. Noth Fauci and Berx sit behind a desk all day trying to figure out how to come up with a new theory on how to create more shutdown fear. Vaccine is their solution even though the regular flu vaccines are not even 50% effective. They are not Patriots. Look at their history, especially Fauci who profits with Gates over vaccines. Big anti Trump campaign!

    1. Sounds like working as the Democrats, sitting at their desks, thinking of more things to disturb, distract Trump.
      What the dumbos do not realize, Trump is smarter than any one of them, always a step ahead. He is amazing !!. No one really knows what all he does, and he does much. Am so glad he is aware of the scan Obama and Biden tried to pull of with the new fair housing rules and laws. Obama did not finish, Biden was going to do so, but
      Trump got to it before they did. Concerned garden homes, subdivisions, rules and laws governing them.
      Glad Obama did not finish, Trump would have finished them off, regardless of what Obama did, and Sleep Joe will not get the opportunity to do so. Both only have plans of only destruction of the USA, not re-building, as they state.
      Democrat voters, please be aware that Biden plans only to continue Obama’s plans. And Pelosi also. They already have a plan in place to destroy and control our freedom. Gives me cold chills, is like “Hitler is out there again”. May God save the president, Trump now and always.

  10. Wake up Mr Presiednt, expose Dr Fauchis connection with the lab he ran in China that released this virus and his connection to Bill Gates. Enough is enough, call a spade a spade, the public will regain their trust in you. You are allowing the enemy to attract you with impunity. We are headed toward a violent revolution and time is wasting for you to lead. May God give you the heart and mind of King David

    1. I second this “COMPLETELY”! Lord be with President Trump and please Lord, open the eyes 👀 of the “BLIND DEMOCRAT SOCIETY” that they will also suffer GREATLY if they are successful in destroying our Country with all the “CRAZY UNBELIEVABLY STUPID and IGNORANT” things they are supporting that the TRAITORS who have gained power of their party are trying to implement!!! Lord, Please WAKE THESE PEOPLE UP TO THE DANGERS THEY ARE SUBJECTING THEMSELVES and THEIR LOVED ONES TO BY SUPPORTING THESE VILE AMERICA HATING CRIMINALS IN CHARGE OF THEIR PARTY!!!

  11. Noth Fauci and Berx sit behind a desk all day trying to figure out how to come up with a new theory on how to create more shutdown fear. Vaccine is their solution even though the regular flu vaccines are not even 50% effective. They are not Patriots. Look at their history, especially Fauci who profits with Gates over vaccines. Big anti Trump campaign!

    1. and if you go back to nov. 2019 fascinating on television said this virus wouldn’t affect the usa at it was on TV all these med. Experts have no clue its all lies death tares down your keep believing all there BS

    1. Don’t feel like your alone they censored me too and I had no curse words or racist comment they just didn’t agree

    2. Fauci is a faurd, working for the corupt dem-rat party and their money.they want lock down ,kill Trumps economy use virus ,cheat mail in voting .u can see they will use anything to brainwash voters.

  12. Riddle me this why/and were there so many covid deaths and so little of everything else that has been killing people every year because apparently is the only thing we can die of now, I for one dont believe the masks are what we need if it was why so many cases. FEAR THE NEWS AND MEDICAL PEOPLE

    1. It’s because if you die, even if it was because you were run down by a Mack truck, if you test Covid positive at autopsy, your cause of death is the virus. It has happened time and time again in Florida. We even had a family that went through a drive-through testing site and abandoned the idea after filling out the paperwork; but BEFORE being tested. Several days later they were notified their whole family had tested positive. So, you can’t even trust the darn testing. The labs in Florida and elsewhere also were reporting results incorrectly so that areas of Florida appeared to have a 98 % infection rate when it really was only 9.4%….that’s wrong by more than a factor of 10. Do you feel duped yet?

      1. NP-Nurse, fellow NP resident here, true statements. Yet, the left is going bonkers and scaring the living life out of us. If the Wuhan virus doesn’t kill us, the lame-stream media will scare us to death. NP-Nurse, thank you for being one of our heroes!!! Be safe and well. Blessings ~

      2. It’s happening in Georgia as well people getting test results as positive and they never had the tests done.

  13. fauci is a liar needs to be removed from that position, aND PUT IN JAIL WITH THE REST OF THE LIARS

  14. Fauci loves attention at any cost to himself or the president his ego is bigger than he is I stopped listening to him long ago I went by what I learned in the military for bio weapon attacks but this dr has been in lab so long no attention so now is his chance to shine and lie whatever just give me attention

  15. LOLOLOLOL What do people expect? Dr.FRAUCHI is a mentally deranged single digit IQ’ed progressive Demon:Rat and if he were to turn around everyone would see Nancy Pelosi’s arm sticking out his rear end where she is controlling him like a “PUPPET”!

  16. If I have to concede that Trump has made any mistakes, the only big one is bringing Fauci and Birx out of the shadows. Especially FAUCI! He weazles and wheezes about everything and obviously is not on the right side of this fight. Birx is nice, grandmotherly, obsessed with what scarf she will wear today and decidedly vapid. but she is not underhanded like Fauci. He has to go.

  17. I have heard too many stories about false positives, test results given before the test is given, and of someone falling off a ladder and suddenly dies of Covid 19. I don’t believe any of the numbers anymore! With all of the crazy numbers of how many deaths from Corona, I have yet to know of any single person I know, or know of, that has died from Corona. How is that possible? No one I know, and no friends of friends, have died of the virus. According to one Corona site says in Washington there have been 57,541 deaths from this virus. Out of that number no one, not a single soul is someone I know or knew. My friends and family must be lucky because we have all avoided this virus!

  18. Elsa says:
    Lets all take a chance, make the Malaria Drug available over the counter as a preventative. You only take two tablets
    a week. Then we can all get back to work, open up the schools and universities and get to work to restore our economy. Why was the Malaria Drug forbidden to be presscibed for Covid-19 ?

  19. 60 million tests and they wonder why we have 4.7 million cases? More tests than any country in the world. And these people are the “Experts”? Experts at what? They have no common sense at all. Do you have to disregard all common sense to be an Expert? This has gone from being ridiculous to just plane Idiotic. Why can’t these people understand, the more testing you do the more “cases” you will have. They are not really cases, they are just people who tested positive. Most of them are not sick, don’t even know they have it, and they claim that some have had it and didn’t know it. Bull.

  20. Common core math is correct Kenneth. I don’t believe the numbers at all. My niece went to get tested and was told how the procedure was conducted. She opted out. Two weeks later they called her and told her she tested positive. How can that be she asked, I never took the test? Just a sample but you can guarantee that is happening everywhere.
    They had a motorcycle victim die in an accident here in Arizona and they listed the COD as Covid. Lots of fraud. Fauci the fraud fits right in. Expert definition is ex-has been and spert-someone trying to be a big wig.

  21. I don’t trust Fauci fro one reason. I record everything I believe to be important and this on this virus I have recorded just about everything available. Fauci has changed or reversed himself 22 times . He comes out with predictions AFTER it has already happened. AND when he does give information he is very careful to cover his butt with vague conversation of “it might happen, or if this or that should happen, face mask might be helpful, and so on. He has said absolutely nothing that could be considered a respected, professional opinion.

  22. I don’t trust Fauci for one reason. I record everything I believe to be important and on this virus I have recorded just about everything available. Fauci has changed or reversed himself 22 times . He comes out with predictions AFTER it has already happened. AND when he does give information he is very careful to cover his butt with vague conversation of “it might happen, or if this or that should happen, face mask might be helpful, and so on. He has said absolutely nothing that could be considered a respected, professional opinion.

  23. Such BS. I replied to Trump’s note…get him off the air. Why is testifying to congress anyway. He needs to be tried for espionage, treason, I don’t know. Fauci is crazy.

  24. People in line to get tested filled out the paperwork and decided it was to long to wait and left. Did not get tested but they received a positive test result and never had the test done on both people. Then another man in the area he never had a test but a positive result showed up in his mailbox.
    How many others is this happening too and is the count really as high as they are putting on.

    Virus is real but — the case count is not real. Motorbike accident and they counted it as a virus death.

    This high count in my opinion is the democrats at it once again trying to make Trump look bad. TRUMP 2020 has this families vote

  25. President Trump: DO NOT make Vaccines mandatory. If you really care for the American people, Vaccines should be given to those that want to have them. I for sure DO NOT want a vaccine in my body. You should also give options to parents that DO NOT want their kids vaccinated before entering school. It should be up to the parents.

  26. Yes, Fauci was a Huge Mistake!! The President got bad advise. This guy is a Fraud, and a misguided dr. The Left, has put him on some fake pedestal. Frankly, I am not sure, about his credentials on viruses, he has no clue, on COVID-19, he is an agent for the Democratic Party, doing his best, to lock the nation, into a total calamity……
    He should be dismissed, from the White House, and get somebody in there, who does know, how to treat
    Covid19 stricken patients. Dr. Fauci, has NO Clue, No Political Animal, that is not a research doctor’s duty…..

  27. Poochie has a Chinese money problem, he can’t get enough As he and big buddy WHO both run China bs at us but finally has been outed. Good job Pres Trump.

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