August 19, 2022

President Trump’s deregulation push promotes innovation and economic recovery

While Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Democrat governors and mayors work on “transforming” America, otherwise known as destroying the country we love, President Trump is moving forward in hope and has been making life better for hard-working Americans.

As the mainstream media reports on COVID-19 cases, protests, riots, and murders, the president is making good on his promise to reduce job-killing regulations. In fact, he is doing more. He promised to remove two old regulations for every new one, but the Trump administration has removed almost eight old regulations per new one.

According to a press release at

President Trump’s actions to roll back regulations are lifting up American families and businesses. Between FY 2017 and FY 2019, the Trump Administration has cut nearly eight regulations for every new, significant regulation—more than fulfilling the promise of Executive Order 13771 to cut two regulations for every new regulation imposed.

The Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) estimates that this pro-growth approach to Federal regulation will raise real incomes by upwards of $3,100 per household per year. In fact, 20 of these actions alone are expected to save American consumers and businesses over $220 billion per year.

This deregulatory action will increase the real incomes of Americans by $53 billion per year over the period of 2021-2029.

The coronavirus pandemic provides a good example of the benefits of deregulation. As the pandemic swept over America, the president and his response team worked to roll back regulations that slowed the medical, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries’ response to the deadly outbreak. According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute:

Policy makers at all levels of government have waived more than 600 regulations in response to the COVD-19 crisis. Those rules were harming access to medical care.

Telehealth capabilities were vastly expanded during the initial coronavirus response thanks to quick actions on the part of the Trump administration and the longlasting benefits of telehealth expansion will continue after COVID-19 is a memory.

Many appointments that required a visit to a doctor’s office can now be done over the internet or by phone, saving Americans time and money. Staying home for telehealth or video visits will also reduce Americans’ unnecessary exposure to sick people in waiting rooms.  The reduction in transportation time should please environmentalists as carbon emissions are reduced.

Other draconian rules regulating navigable waters, infrastructure projects, and occupational licensing have also been rolled back freeing up projects, land, and allowing businesses to grow. The president explained why he prioritizes rolling back unnecessary regulations:

The American people know best how to run their own lives. They don’t need Washington bureaucrats controlling their every move and micromanaging their every decision. With each regulation we cut we are not only returning the money and the power to our citizens. we are draining the Washington swamp, and they are not happy about it.

Trump’s reduction of regulations that drain the economy and kill jobs may not be the splashiest of his policy decisions, but it’s quietly transforming our economy. While Democrats hold up the legislature, Donald Trump is empowering Americans to thrive even in the direst of circumstances. President Trump doesn’t just talk about opportunity, he is busy making sure Americans actually have opportunity. President Trump is moving forward in hope, believing that the best days are still ahead, and we should, too.

You can watch the president’s full remarks here.

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Dannie Armstrong (@guest_1025238)
2 years ago

I believe Donald Trump is by far the best President America has ever had and he is also the President that tells you what he is going to do, and does it. Like it or not if he tells you, you have an ass-kicking coming, I believe you can count on getting it tomorrow. He does what he says he will and if you like it that is fine, and if you don’t like it, well, that’s fine too.

Barbara (@guest_1025262)
2 years ago


russell remmert (@guest_1025390)
Reply to  Barbara
2 years ago

Barbara you have hit the on the head / how long would nancy, chuckie, schiff, nadler, and mad max last on a chain gang

Sharon Jenkins (@guest_1025444)
Reply to  Barbara
2 years ago

Let’s make a deal….. All these radical Democrats Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine Waters, Schiff, Nadler, etc… either resign and sign a non disclosure agreement never to serve in any political arena or face jail time/prison time. Same offer is extended to the Republican RINO’s…… Deal or No Deal……. better take the deal…. WE THE PEOPLE have the evidence……. just waiting…..

Linda Cardin (@guest_1025763)
Reply to  Barbara
2 years ago

Please clean up America by arresting and putting these criminals in jail for a long time. No Bail, just stay in jail until your case comes up

S.L. (@guest_1025311)
2 years ago

Those who oppose the US, all Democrats, communist organizations, Antifa, BLM and any organizations that break our laws and try to destroy us need to be declared terrorists. Enough of this BS when it comes to their actions against the US, our constitution and it’s citizens. Most of the people involved are young to middle age people and anyone commuting a crime of rioting and destroying our country needs to go to jail and they should be made to do hard labor by rebuilding what they destroyed. Most of us have worked very hard at having businesses and working to raise our families, get schooled, buying a house and living in a free country and having pride about where we live. Time to get our country back and kick the people out or put in jail who don’t want to follow our laws. President Trump is a strong leader who doesn’t put up with these bullies and anarchists. You may not like his tweeting, or how he does business but he is someone who gets things done and done the right way. Truth and honesty and a love for our country is very important and all we’ve seen from the left, including Obama (a paid by Soros idiot) is discourse and anarchy. Think about it, it’s time to stand up against this crap and vote them out or walk them to the cliffs and push them over. VOTE TRUMP 2020!!!

russell remmert (@guest_1025391)
Reply to  S.L.
2 years ago


Gary m (@guest_1025481)
Reply to  S.L.
2 years ago

Does include Rhinos.

Dave (@guest_1025338)
2 years ago

We do not need to push them over the cliff. They are LEMMINGS and cannot think for themselves. When they get to the cliff the first one will do the duty and jump. The rest will follow.

Gary m (@guest_1025483)
Reply to  Dave
2 years ago

GTLC= Group Think Losers Club, People that group think can’t think for themselves, so they follow blindly where ever their blind leader goes.

Severa M Hill (@guest_1025381)
2 years ago

Vote a Republican straight ticket in November 2020. Save America from the wolves who have turned donkeys. They are terrorists and that means war in America just like the military takes care of the terrorists in the war this is the same way they should be handled. They are not above the law so send them to Alcatraz and leave them there for life until your carry them feet first. Americans are very angry and the so called leaders in the states where it all happens should go to prison also for letting them do this destruction. And, don’t you all think that our tax dollars will be used to repair their damage cause we need our tax dollars to live our lives we earned those dollars. So that will teach you all a lesson. War is War and you handle by shooting them just like you shoot the enemy terrorists in the war in the middle east.

Gary m (@guest_1025487)
Reply to  Severa M Hill
2 years ago

Send them to Guantanamo, that way if they escape, they will be arrested and tried for subversion, and executed, in Cuba.

Mike Siegfried (@guest_1025513)
2 years ago

Send them to the gallow they should all be hung for treason, why spend taxpayers money housing them for the rest of their lives that would cost millions.



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