August 16, 2022

Trump says he’s ‘always denounced’ any form of White supremacy

After Democrats and the mainstream media mischaracterized President Trump’s remarks about white supremacist groups from Tuesday evening’s presidential debates, President Trump ended the allegations once and for all.

Debate host Chris Wallace asked Trump whether he was willing to condemn White supremacist organizations, to which Trump said “sure.” After Biden asked him to explicitly condemn the far-right group the Proud Boys, Trump said that they should “stand back and stand by.”

The media exploded in condemnation of Trump, saying that he had refused to condemn right-wing extremism. However, Trump set the record straight on Wednesday.

Trump told reporters that he was unaware of who the Proud Boys are, but clarified that he denounces White supremacy in all its forms.

“I don’t know who the Proud Boys are. You’ll have to give me a definition,” Mr. Trump told reporters. “Because I really don’t know who they are. I can only say they have to stand down, let law enforcement do their work. Law enforcement will do the work, more and more.”

When reporters pressed him to denounce White supremacy again, Trump responded: “I’ve always denounced any form, any form, any form of any of that.”

The Washington Times explained:

Enrique Tarrio, international chairman of Proud Boys, which describes itself as a “Western chauvinist” group, denied Wednesday the allegations of racism, tweeting, “The question was in reference to WHITE SUPREMACY … which we are not.

Kentucky State University associate professor Wilfred Reilly noted that Mr. Tarrio is Black, and said that about 10% to 20% of the group’s activists are non-White, adding, “Proud Boys are not White supremacists.”

The right-wing Proud Boys are known for their clashes with leftist Antifa activists, particularly in Portland, Oregon, where the groups clashed Saturday at a Proud Boys rally.

“We’re a drinking club with a patriot problem,” Mr. Tarrio told CNN. “As Proud Boys, I think our main objective is to defend the West.”

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Gerald Oliver (@guest_1055400)
1 year ago

Unfortunately, the leftist government in Portland and Oregon generalize the Proud Boys as racist and do not condemn Antifa/BLM which are racist. The overall problem is the leftist officials in Oregon and the Antifa/BLM get funds from the same pot!

Robert W (@guest_1055525)
Reply to  Gerald Oliver
1 year ago


Linda Evans (@guest_1055684)
Reply to  Robert W
1 year ago

Soros, the communist party’s poster boy

Susan Shaw (@guest_1055906)
Reply to  Robert W
1 year ago

I was wondering why Wallace didn’t question Bidennon BLM and Antifa which are funded terrorist groups. Funded by George Soros and left wing radicals

Hurricane (@guest_1055599)
Reply to  Gerald Oliver
1 year ago

You got that RIGHT! The left-wing racist government and media are WRONG. Why do they label right-wing organizations as WHITE Supremacists? Because these dodos are idiots. RIGHT ON!

Wilma Turcotte (@guest_1055961)
Reply to  Gerald Oliver
1 year ago

It seems that the President must know and be responsible for every remark that anyone in America makes and must be ready to respond at a moments notice. Like he didn’t have anything else to do. Maybe time for him to tell the media “Put a lid on it” like Biden does.

Patricia (@guest_1055963)
Reply to  Gerald Oliver
1 year ago


Jack Houx (@guest_1055405)
1 year ago

The left would call it white supremacy as long as there was one Trump supporter.

Mike Taylor (@guest_1055409)
1 year ago

The Fake News Media, and Chris Wallace last night, continue to report only A portion of what Pres. Trump said in his response to Chartlesville, when he said “There Were Good On Both Sodes”….
The Rest of his remarks are NEVER reported, when he Denounced White Supremacists, KKK, David Duke, and Others. He also said “There were good and bad on both sides”…
But these Racist Baiters only report Part of This to Fuel their narrative that Pres Trump is a racist…
What Total BS…

steveo (@guest_1055710)
Reply to  Mike Taylor
1 year ago

you’re right about that.there were people that were defending the monument and others that wanted it removed.just their values being expressed.then antifa showed up and some white supremisists.neither had permits to be there.but the news didn’t tell the rest of what he said.being against or for something doesn’t make you a bad person.starting fights is unacceptable i don’t care who it is!

Martha (@guest_1055414)
1 year ago

Your site doesn’t deserve any comments, any posts, as long as you are censoring the comments that you do not agree with !!!
BTW, you should also change your web’s name, from “ American digest” to whatever other name which doesn’t have anything to do with “ American “
Is nothing “ American “ about your censoring of the people you don’t agree with !!!!

Maragan (@guest_1055424)
1 year ago

Just censored another one of my comments!
Biden is still a sick individual, a hair sniffing sick one
And Wallace is part of the radical left desperate to fundamentally changing America

Lyn (@guest_1055511)
Reply to  Maragan
1 year ago

Maragan, I agree with you 100%.

Yueh-Ling Lee (@guest_1055426)
1 year ago

Once again, it shows clearly that mainstream media is absolutely unfair to our president since day 1 he was in the White House. Why wouldn’t the media Press Biden to denounce ANTIFA or other extreme lawless groups?

Deedra Ice (@guest_1055429)
1 year ago

i would honestly have to say,regarding the tower of babel,it was Gods decision to make us all different colors an languages,so,were white an we want to be SUCCESSFUL!!!theres nothing wrong with that,so,dont hate me cause you aint me,got it???

Rob (@guest_1055431)
1 year ago

As an Oregonian, I was amazed to see the Governor openly show she knew the right course of action to deal with violence from rioters! After sitting back for well over 100 days giving overt and covert support to Leftist terrorists while they reduced Portland to a boarded-up 3rd world war zone instead of a nice City, she chose to “call up the police” to deal with a “potential” problem. Ask her how many buildings did the P Boys set on fire; how many police did they injure; how many died at their hands! Later that night, Governor, who was it you allowed to return to Portland’s streets with violence ?? The DNC backed Anarchists!!

Lyn (@guest_1055518)
Reply to  Rob
1 year ago

I’m sorry You have a stupid Governor. It is known it was BLM & Atifia (sp) that ruined your town. I can’t understand why regular people put up with it for so long.

Junius (@guest_1055483)
1 year ago

President Trump, needs to take the fight to Biden, if he is to continue to debate him, also they need another Moderator, that is not biased against either party! That maybe impossible, but we all know this
was set up for two against President Trump. He did extreamly well considering the Lies from Biden and Chris Wallace!

Paulette (@guest_1055505)
Reply to  Junius
1 year ago

How do you know if you’re being censored?

Pat (@guest_1056081)
Reply to  Paulette
1 year ago

I think I am

Margaret in FL (@guest_1055519)
1 year ago

Biden apparently had taken medication and one picture showed wires up the sleeve of his shirt. Get him without all the help.

Pat (@guest_1056168)
Reply to  Margaret in FL
1 year ago

Joe Biden has a medical implant behind his ear. Someone at a distance can talk to Joe from a remote mike. This helps him answer questions. The wire you see must have some connection to this. Another way to cheat.

Laura (@guest_1055555)
1 year ago

You know when your being censored because after you wright a full report it doesn’t show up this happens to me everyday more than once

Lewis (@guest_1055619)
1 year ago

I strongly support Trump. Not surprise whats been happening.who is these commission who runs the debate? Im appalled by saying they are proud of Chris did a great job. Trump is at fault. Thats full of BS. Yes some way Trump getting little to far which I dont blame him. We all will feel that way by tiring of all the hate against Trump and lies. Trump, is right, more like Chris and Trump debating, bec Chris and Biden kept interrupting Trump trying to stop Trump from interrupting. Left wing is full of unjust. Like Jesus said, left as wolves and condemned, and right welcome to Heaven. Lying media and destructivecrats or treasoncrats or demoncrats or racistcrats Or whatever name that fit. They are the ones been causing riots, Biden lied about police,mand so much lying. Trump warned about virus in Jan. Everything democrats are doing putting on Trump to blame. Through my life time. This been the worst i have ever seen. Demoncrats like Ahab/Jezebel, Trump like Elijah.

verona ewing (@guest_1055630)
1 year ago

We the people would love to see a different monitor , or maybe 2—-one to monitor the dems and one to monitor the rep’s BUT they should not be biased as Wallis is this was a definate set up because Wal IS a DEM. He needs fired because of how disrespected he was to our—- BEST EVER PRESIDENT—-he does show how biased he is and every one can see that. The 2 that are debating ARE to face off each other, and not a third person. Get a stop watch to make sure each received the time that they both should have had.!!!!! THE LORD and GOOD WILL WIN!!!1

Dorothy Rastelli (@guest_1055658)
1 year ago

As U.S. law was based on England’s Parliamentary Law, the raucous debate the other night was exactly the way Parliament works on a regular basis and it seems natural that the U.S. would eventually follow our English forefathers’ style. My spouse and I watched a session in England’s Houses of Parliament while on vacation once and found it stimulating and entertaining. Trump and Biden were acting the same in their back and forth arguments. If they could carry on the way they did in a respectful and mannerly way, it would be a good thing for our country. Instead of name-calling, the Brits use humor and intelligence to tell each other off: actually, it’s difficult for us to do because of political correctness, but “PC” was derived from the Communist Manifesto, sooo, forget that!

horntex (@guest_1055660)
1 year ago

Why didn’t Wallace ask Biden if he condemns the terrorist group Antifa and racist group Black Lives Matter?

Dennis (@guest_1055661)
1 year ago

If you rioters, looters and arsonists want to leave the country, now is the time. We don’t want you here and if you continue I am afraid you will be erased by the communities you attack.

larry ossler (@guest_1055846)
1 year ago

Our president did ok,considering how Wallace/Biden displayed their true Marxism beliefs. Antifa/BLM our communists and our funded by top commie (Geo. Soros).

Wilma Turcotte (@guest_1055965)
1 year ago

It seems that the President must know and be responsible for every remark that anyone in America makes and must be ready to respond at a moments notice. Like he didn’t have anything else to do. Maybe time for him to tell the media “Put a lid on it” like Biden does. Also said he denounced ALL White Supremacy. I don’t think he is wrong cause he didn’t name them all one by one.

P Lightfoot (@guest_1056328)
1 year ago

The proud boys are anti Antifa anti BLM anti KKK anti white supremacy and the founder is a black man

P Lightfoot (@guest_1056330)
1 year ago

The so called MSM are a bunch of chicken S smarmy pompous punks that investigates nothing just parrot what the DNC tells them to all members of the demonRAT A kissing club



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