August 19, 2022

Trump says he will delay SCOTUS nomination until after Ginsburg funeral

President Trump revealed on Monday that he has decided to postpone the announcement of his nominee for the Supreme Court until after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s funeral. 

“I think it will be on Friday or Saturday,” Trump told “Fox & Friends on Monday. “We want to pay respect; it looks like we will have, probably, services on Thursday or Friday, as I understand it. I think, you know, with all due respect, we should wait until the services are over for Justice Ginsburg.”

The president confirmed that he’s narrowed his choices down to five candidates that he’s “very serious” about, but refused to reveal the names of those on the shortlist.

“They’re all very smart,” Trump disclosed. “There are actually five I’m looking at; it’s down to five. It could be any one of them; they’ll all be great. These are really top people, if you get on that list — I created a list, and Biden should do that too.”

Trump rebuffed further questioning attempting to suss out clues as to who many be installed on the court, but said that “We’re looking for somebody who is brilliant, really understands the law and abides by the Constitution, and a good person. We’re looking for a good person, a person who’s really been somebody that has very, very high moral values.”

Joe Biden has refused to release a list of potential nominees, despite his pledge earlier in the year to do so. “Putting a judge’s name on a list like that could influence that person’s decision-making as a judge, and that would be wrong, or at least create the perception [that] it would have influence,” Biden said on Sunday.

Biden continued to explain that releasing a list of potential nominees names would place those individuals in danger of “unrelenting political attacks” for long periods of time.

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Patricia A. Osborne (@guest_1050796)
1 year ago

I truly believe that appointing a Justice before the election is wrong and will cost Trump re-election. I am a strong Trump supporter.

Ray (@guest_1050845)
Reply to  Patricia A. Osborne
1 year ago

Wrong, it is his responsibility and duty. That and the fact that it has been done numerous times in the past. How doing the right thing and his duty as POTUS could cost him the election is absurd.

Rex (@guest_1050856)
Reply to  Ray
1 year ago

This is what Justice Ginsburg said on this very topic;
The late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg previously supported election-year appointments to the Supreme Court when Judge Merrick Garland was nominated in 2016, the Washington Free Beacon reports.
Ginsburg criticized Senate Republicans after Justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016 for refusing to consider Garland, then-President Barack Obama’s nominee to replace him.
“That’s their job,” she told The New York Times in July of that year. “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year.”

Esther (@guest_1050955)
Reply to  Ray
1 year ago

If he doesn’t appoint a new justice we could end up with a constitutional crisis. What happens if the election is contested and the judges are split 4-4 ? We need that 9th justice.

Walter Boden (@guest_1050906)
Reply to  Patricia A. Osborne
1 year ago

We need a FULL SCOTUS! I guess you forgot about the Bush/Gore election. The U.S. Constitution clearly states the president can name whomever he wants whenever he wants!! If the Democrats attempt in any way to interrupt or impede this process it will backfire on them!

Bill A (@guest_1050923)
Reply to  Patricia A. Osborne
1 year ago

Why would think that? Ginsburg was not a good justice, she spread lies about President Trump, she did apologize, but it was to little and to late, I’m very glad she is gone!

Jon (@guest_1051059)
Reply to  Patricia A. Osborne
1 year ago

Your a Democratic you hate this country and what it stands for. Trump will win by a landslide.

Paul McDonald (@guest_1051245)
Reply to  Patricia A. Osborne
1 year ago

Polisi and her cronies are threating to shut the government down again if Trump nominates a new Supreme court replacement . Isn’t it a crime to shut the whole government down?
She doesn’t care about the people she cares about power and money for her and her cronies !
People are hurting now due to the Virus and business shut down and Polisi is threatning to shut the government down and what are the every day workers who are out of work and no income except the government ? Nance is going to starve them to death !

Patrcia A Reese (@guest_1050805)
1 year ago

I disagree with Patricia Osborne. I am a very strong Trump supporter. I believe that we need to worry about getting a justice in place before the election. I think the Dems will cause all kinds of fraud and voter issues and that it will eventually have to go to the Supreme Court for the results.

Cheryle (@guest_1050842)
Reply to  Patrcia A Reese
1 year ago

Patricia, I agree with you! Putting it off only gives Democrats more ammunition to pull more of their treacherous, unmoral acts.

Teal Tiki (@guest_1050913)
Reply to  Patrcia A Reese
1 year ago

I agree Patricia, Like most of you, I believe President Trump should do as his position suggests. He is the President of our nation, and as such it is his DUTY to fill the vacancy. You must dismiss the fear of “oh if you do, the Dems will be furious” that is their normal, so who cares? They throw temper tantrums all the time, it becomes boring because we can now predict one every day.

Amber (@guest_1050808)
1 year ago

Fill the seat before election. #trump2020 #dumpthedems

Keyboard Whiz (@guest_1050811)
1 year ago

Pres.Trump has demonstrated once again the high caliber of his integrity. I fully agree with his desire to honor the life of, and service to our nation by, Justice Ginsburg.

Cheryle (@guest_1050843)
Reply to  Keyboard Whiz
1 year ago

I agree!

Yueh-Ling Lee (@guest_1050825)
1 year ago

It is current president’s duty to nominate and senate’s responsibility to confirm and hence fill the vacancy regardless any political threat.

Cheryle (@guest_1050844)
Reply to  Yueh-Ling Lee
1 year ago

I agree!

Sara tucker (@guest_1050827)
1 year ago

question is…..if the tables were turned…..would the democraps do this……I think he should go ahead and fill the seat.
I am a strong TRUMP supporter…..hell with the democraps !!!

Cheryle (@guest_1050847)
Reply to  Sara tucker
1 year ago

I’m with Trump all the way! Democrats are scumbags and will do anything within their power to wreak havoc as they have been doing all during Trumps term.

Rodney DWaters (@guest_1050833)
1 year ago

Yes I agree Trump needs to fill the vacancy after the services of Ginsburg , is completed ! Cause if the democratic’s was in right now it would be filled by now as they have no hearts ! They as we know and from what I have read today NOT All OF THEM ! Some do still care ! It’s the older ones that r running scared cause the truth will prevail sooner not later ! HE double LL yeah they want Trump out so they can destroy all the evidence and papers and phone messages and faxes we know how these cheaters work not for the people !

Cheryle (@guest_1050846)
Reply to  Rodney DWaters
1 year ago

I agree!

horntex (@guest_1050850)
1 year ago

It’s in the Constitution. Fill the vacancy. Just the way our Founding Fathers meant it.
Only Democrats trample on the Constitution and want to make their own constitution.
With what we’re seeing from the Democrats, you can see what Ben Franklin meant when he said,
“It’s a Republic, if you can keep it.”

Alan (@guest_1050879)
1 year ago

We have lived with the 5 liberal activists on the S.C going against trump for 4 yrs.fill that sit.dem are trying to steal the election in mail in voting and if they lose they plan to get ballots coming in after nov 3.and create chaos and have the S.C.made a ruling on the election.u cant trust them and they would fill that sit too if they could.

Ladypyro1 (@guest_1050933)
1 year ago

As usual the democrats are throwing a temper tantrum of what OUR President has the righteous duty to perform his duty!
Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the house, her duties DO NOT include nominating a Supreme Court Justice. That city is the President’s alone. The Senate has the duty of confirmation of the Justice.
If Nancy is so concerned about Constitutional Rights, why is she setting a fuss? Because she wants the court to be packed by liberals that will vote as she tells the to.
Talk about our Rights being being denied. She regulars tramps on our Rights. If she tries to go for another impeachment, I would consider that an obstruction of justice, of interference with Governmental perform of duties and flat out treason.

Arthur Jurczak (@guest_1050934)
1 year ago

The dems. will try to have RBG lay instate for yrs. don’t wait for funeral.

LONE WOLF (@guest_1050940)
1 year ago

George Soros and his army of violent criminals and Democrats are trying to take over the Senate and House, if they do, we can kiss our country goodbye! President Trump needs all the conservative voices he can get on the Supreme Court, just to counter the treasonous left and George Soros. I hope that he can get his choice nominated to the Supreme Court as soon as possible.
We have got to stop the Democrats and George Soros from destroying our country and the futures of our children and grandchildren! They say, that if Biden isn’t elected as president in November, there will be another Civil War. I say, that the blood in the streets will be yours and I won’t hesitate to pi– on your bodies! Come and get it!

Leland Earl Whitehouse (@guest_1050974)
1 year ago

Judge Jeanine Pirro is my choice. How do you like those apples Nancy ?

ajk (@guest_1051033)
1 year ago

It is the duty of the President in office to appoint the new justice when one dies during the course of his Presidency.
I am certain he will appoint someone appropriate that will abide with laws of the Constitution and of the Land!!
God Bless America & God be with the President in his choice!!

jayjay (@guest_1051040)
1 year ago

The way I understood Senate in 2016 not replacing Justice Scalia was because Obama was in a Lame Duck position. It did not matter which way people voted, Obama was not going to be there. Can some explain am I miss understanding the use of Lame Duck?

To be completely honest, I believe Trumps motivation has more to do with the upcoming SCOTUS session. He wants the newly seated Justice to have time to review and prepare for that session. There are some very important issues to be heard soon. Waiting until after the election only denies the new Justice to be fully prepared.

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1051106)
1 year ago

It’s all about the Constitution and appointing a Legal Scholar who believes In and abides by the Constitution. JUST GET IT DONE !

Patty (@guest_1051317)
1 year ago

It is President Trump’s duty to nominate a new justice. And—- it is his right to do so. Piglosi thinks her threats hold water, but she is NOT in control, so let her have her tantrum. If she tries impeachment again, that will only make Republicans more determined to win ALL seats in congress and she will be OUT. Vote RED for the sake of our country and our freedom!

Lorraine Quill (@guest_1064364)
1 year ago

This really answered my problem, thank you!



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