May 19, 2022

Trump calls for death penalty for Compton shooter

A gunman ambushed and shot two LA county sheriff’s deputies on Saturday night. The 31-year-old female deputy and 24-year-old male deputy are currently in critical condition and receiving treatment at an area hospital following the unprovoked attack.

President Trump responded to the news on Sunday morning, calling for the death penalty for the shooter. “If they die, fast trial death penalty for the killer,” Trump tweeted. “Only way to stop this!”

The suspect is still at large at the time of this publication.

“It pisses me off,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Saturday night after the shooting. “This was a cowardly act.”

Video footage shows an unidentified individual holding a firearm walking up to a patrol car parked in Compton and firing several shots through the vehicle’s window. The footage shows the individual sprinting away and cuts off just as one of the deputies opens their door.

The LA county sheriff’s office tweeted that the two officers are “fighting for their lives” after the ambush. Though the altercation was initiated by the gunman and not the police, protesters still gathered outside St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood to hurl insults at the fallen officers.

“To their family: I hope they f**king die,” screamed one protester. Other protesters blocked the emergency entrance of the hospital, and two were arrested for refusing to comply with requests to disperse the unlawful assembly.

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Judy (@guest_1047474)
1 year ago

I may be remembering wrong,(I’m nearly 80) but seems to me when someone is running away from a policeman, and he shouts “Stop or I’ll Shoot”, then if the crook didn’t stop, they shot them as they ran away. Would still be a good idea,in my opinion, because in a lot of cases, a fast, young crook could outrun a perhaps middle-aged cop. And if the crook knew the cop would shoot if he didn’t stop, he would stop. Something needs to be done to help the police–before the whole US gets out of hand with the trash that is coming in.

Tom (@guest_1047498)
Reply to  Judy
1 year ago

Well I’m 80 and retired from the State Police and you’re wrong. They aren’t trained to shoot some body in the back.

Ganavar (@guest_1047570)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

Unless they have just cause you idiot.

S.e.d. (@guest_1047638)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

My family and friends with the police, sheriff, and highway patrol, weren’t trained to asked a fleeing subject, ” would you please turn around so I don’t shoot you in the back”. If you run, you die.

Richard (@guest_1047653)
Reply to  S.e.d.
1 year ago

We need to lock up and throw away the keys on these morons who are trying to destroy our country, when they get that SOB who ambushed those officers just send them to the next life.

Roberta Randazzo (@guest_1049286)
Reply to  Richard
1 year ago

Not lock them up . They need to die for their crime stop building new jails.

GIlbert Pazo (@guest_1048382)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

Tom you’re full of it!! judy is correct in her statement. Back in the day if the police told you to stop you had better stop or they would shoot it was a fact. That’s how it was if you din’t stop they would stop you. I have no idea what state you were a SP in. All states the same rule applied. Maybe your mind is failing you and you just can’t remember if you were a trooper or not. look at what’s happening with Biden most of the time he doesn’t realize he’s in the basement and can’t remember if he’s in his or running for senator or dog catcher..

Phil Witte (@guest_1047501)
Reply to  Judy
1 year ago

Judy, like you I’m nearly 80 and I remember it just like you do. When the police ordered you to stop, you just stopped.

GIlbert Pazo (@guest_1048383)
Reply to  Phil Witte
1 year ago

that’s correct

Charles A. Hart (@guest_1047660)
Reply to  Judy
1 year ago

If not mistaken, I remember One early case in Detroit (early 80s) allowed an officer (de facto the City) to be sued when the said officer (upon witnessing the crime in an ally way ) fired on and struck an armed robbery suspect, who was Ordered to stop, in the back. The robber was paralyzed and the City was ordered by a Jury to pay this Criminal a Sum over a Million Dollars…

GIlbert Pazo (@guest_1048384)
Reply to  Charles A. Hart
1 year ago

you said it all Slum Detroit!

richard black (@guest_1048682)
Reply to  GIlbert Pazo
1 year ago


Bev Padjune (@guest_1048400)
Reply to  Judy
1 year ago

I agree!! We have to have law and order or else we have chaos…We should not be afraid to go out in public and that is what it is coming to..Vote Trump !!! He is a law and order President. He is our only hope to try to straighten out this mess.

Alan (@guest_1047480)
1 year ago

These thugs needs to be taken down hard .they see the Democrats are behind them .they need to see the shxt is over and police is not to stand idle any longer.

Percy (@guest_1047510)
Reply to  Alan
1 year ago

Its time to start Law & Order, I believe in Eye For A Eye. If they shoot someone, then we should take action according to the law, lock them up & have a trial, if they receive the death sentence, then carry it out ASAP. NO WAITING FOR A CROOKE LAWYER TO GET THEM OFF.

Kimberly (@guest_1047523)
Reply to  Percy
1 year ago

You are absolutely right. Crooked lawyers are what is wrong with Washington DC.

Richard 8 (@guest_1047546)
Reply to  Kimberly
1 year ago

Yes … crooked lawyers and CORRUPT POLITICIANS like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

Richard (@guest_1047654)
Reply to  Kimberly
1 year ago

lawyers are the ruination of America.

Barry (@guest_1047486)
1 year ago

Just you are 100% spot on. Just this year they started the “it’s o. K. For blm port a potties waste to murder children and police so long as they are white.
piglosi and Schitt signed off on it

DAVID PECK (@guest_1047511)
1 year ago

.I agree death penalty right away !!!!!!!!!!!

Jayjay (@guest_1047516)
1 year ago

To my way of thinking, if you fail to follow directions from a Law Enforcement Officer, you get what you deserve.
I am sorry, that is what is wrong younger generations, (all of them no matter what color they are!).

People have to use common since, not respecting authority, is civil disobedience. Civil Disobedience is a a crime!
Running your mouth, and your bad actions, will get you a jail sentence.

Zepher Zipping (@guest_1047519)
1 year ago

Once again I’ll refer to the Bible , anyone who committed murder or rape , children molestation , should be sent to the Father for judgement , ( execute them ) .

Howard (@guest_1047522)
1 year ago

You can bet that if DEMONRATS get control of this country, the death penalty will be abolished. As can example, in CA, they have enacted a law where the penalty for child molesters is much less punishment. Just a matter of time till the USA as we’ve known is no more. As for your rights, you won’t have any. The only people with rights will be the very privledged few. Right now, you might think you’re among that group. Things do change. Think about it!!

frederick smith (@guest_1047531)
1 year ago

It is high time to protect our police and ourselves from these thugs if they get hurt in the process so be it. We will never become another England where you have nothing to defend your self. Take the chance and be prepared to pay the price. We should also be protecting our police officers and become their backup if they need it.

"AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY" (@guest_1047532)
1 year ago

I’m with President Trump on this blatant crime, a quick trial & a quick execution, this almost appears to me to have been some kind of Gang initiation test to see if a new member will follow orders… If and when they apprehend this PUNK, there should be a public Hanging like the old West, it never deters crime, but it does prevent repeat offenders from committing another murder!

Marc (@guest_1047539)
1 year ago

Immediate public hanging!

Richard 8 (@guest_1047548)
Reply to  Marc
1 year ago

That works for me!!!!!!!!!

Robert Cantrell (@guest_1047659)
Reply to  Marc
1 year ago

i like the hanging as a rope is reuseable its way past time we stoped waisting cash on theses terrorests

paw paw (@guest_1047552)
1 year ago

Everyone knows why this is happening! They have the support of the DEMOCRAT PARTY! GOD HELP US IF DEMOCRATS TAKE OVER! It’ll be worse than the Wild West. Then, people could defend themselves. Defend yourself now and you may become the criminal!

Scott Romain (@guest_1047554)
1 year ago

A firing squad is in order for scum like him. Let family pull the triggers. Air it live on CNN and MSNBC.

Sherry Smith (@guest_1047567)
1 year ago

I think the cops should just unload on all BLM. Mow them down! Then they should face no consequences. Maybe it will put them in their place. Keep them off the streets. Time to turn the tide. I am sick of this nonsense violence, but I do believe an eye for an eye. Maybe they would understand then to stay off the streets. Even the score. They complain about police unnecessary brutal tactics. Well BLM is doing worse. Cowards walk up or sneak up on cops, shoot them point blank and run away, They are PUNKS, COWARDS! Trump needs to do to them just how he eliminated ISIS! We don’t need this in our GREAT country! Enough is enough!

Bill gamble (@guest_1047569)
1 year ago

The Bible declares whosoever shedeth man’s blood shall by man his blood be shed

philip hurry (@guest_1047576)
1 year ago

hang them high public looking on

Susanne White (@guest_1047579)
1 year ago

Get Rid of pisloski while your at it This is all her fault shes leading the Dems because in 47 years there she has found something to blackmail every one of them and she uses it

Jan (@guest_1047621)
1 year ago

The Democrat men in Congres are spinless guppies. Vote all of them out. A hanging isn’t good enough for this horrible puke punk.

Keno Gray (@guest_1047622)
1 year ago

It’s been obvious all along. The BLM / Antifa criminals are in an unholy alliance with Senile Joe, Phony Kamala, Nancy (Hairgate) Piglosi, Crooked Hillary and the rest of the rotten DemonRAT gang. President Trump could just walk away (he has LOST $1 BILLION of net worth while President, not enriching himself like Clinton & Obama) but believes in the miracle of American exceptionalism and our country enough to face the venomous vitriol from the left and serve 4 more years. God bless President Trump, and GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY if he’s not re-elected! TRUMP IN A LANDSLIDE!!!!

Choctaw girl (@guest_1047623)
1 year ago

Why doesn’t the law inforsement use fire hoses and wash the scum down the road, they did in the 60s !

Bev Padjune (@guest_1048401)
Reply to  Choctaw girl
1 year ago

sounds like a good tactic

robert (@guest_1047733)
1 year ago

catch and hang policy.

PATTY (@guest_1047753)
1 year ago


Linda Cardin (@guest_1048239)
1 year ago

Totally agree, these two richly deserve the death penalty. The sooner the better. This is America and we must have Law and Order.

Bev Padjune (@guest_1048403)
1 year ago

defunding the police-the only ones that can help us it’s absolutely crazy killing babies up to the 9th month with an abortion that is also crazy it’s MURDER!!!…open borders so that every other country can rush into our Country so that they can have FREE everything that is insane!! That’s just a few of the things that will happen if you vote Biden higher taxes also to pay for all of this nonsense, The only clear choice is to back President Trump Look at all he has done in the last 4 years He is fighting for the American people I say QUIT calling the thugs Protesters and call them what they are RIOTERS!! they need to be put down and NOW!!!! I applaud the people that are trying to keep looters out of their neighborhoods VOTE TRUMP

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1048593)
1 year ago

Compton has long been the most dangerous area in LA, basically run by drug gangs. If the government wants to stop gun deaths they need to systematically go after CRIMINALS WITH GUNS! I have owned guns all my life, since before I could vote! My generation saw the voting age was changed to 18. If we were old enough to go to “THE NAM” and die, it was only fair to let us vote. Here in Taiwan citizens can’t have guns. The only people with guns is the military, the police, AND THE GANGSTERS! But here, if you are found with ammo, you go to jail. Six months for a couple bullets! The police know who has the guns, and where they are. The DA doesn’t care. We NEED TO TAKE AWAY THE GUNS OF THE CRIMINALS, NOT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS! HOW ABSURD! CUT BACK THE POLICE AND WANT TO TAKE AWAY MY GUNS!? As usual, the Liberal approach has backfired with gun sales going through the roof. And the majority of these guns are being purchased for SELF DEFENSE! If the local government will not take guns away from criminals, the CRIMINALS will eventually face citizens with guns. That is not LAW AND ORDER! That is ANARCHY! You take away cops, don’t even think about taking away MY GUNS! STRENGTHEN SELF DEFENSE LAWS TO PROTECT THOSE WHO HAVE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES! CAPITAL MURDER MEANS THE DEATH PENALTY. NO ENDLESS APPEALS TO THE SUPREME COURT FOR EVERY MURDERER AT PUBLIC EXPENSE. “SWIFT AND SPEEDY TRIAL”, NO APPEAL!

Roberta (@guest_1049300)
1 year ago

Everyone says put them I jail . Well I want to go too jail free medical , free food yay I don’t have to pay or cook it.,clean laundry ,watch tv.Guess what I don’t have to pay for this like I do on the outside..

ed newman (@guest_1049532)
1 year ago

Trump 2020! I hope President Trump declares ANTIFA and BLM as terrorist organizations and wipes them clean off the planet!



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