August 1, 2021

Trump calls for CNN to fire Cuomo over shocking leaked audio

Fox Host Tucker Carlson released never-before-heard audio of a phone call between CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and former Trump associate Michael Cohen on Tuesday, and the audio has Donald Trump calling for the firing of Cuomo from his cushy gig at CNN. 

In the clip, Cuomo admits that he’s been accused of sexual harassment by a number of women, and dismisses the accusations as “lies.”

Cuomo’s obvious disregard for the “believe all women” movement caused President Trump — and a number of other GOP figures — to point out Cuomo’s hypocrisy.

“Will Fredo be fired by Fake News CNN?” Trump asked, “He speaks with great disrespect about women, and it will only get worse. Fredo’s Ratings are bad, so this is the time. Always terrible to speak to sleazebags, especially when you are being recorded. CNN has no choice, Fredo must go!”

As of Wednesday morning, CNN and Cuomo have been silent about the shocking conversation, though Cohen tweeted:

I did not give this recording or authorization for its use to @FoxNews or anyone. @POTUS and cronies violated my First amendment rights and now this; all to discredit me and my book. What’s next?

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35 Responses

    1. Him and his sicko brother are the perfect exemple of the swamp in our country.. clean the swamp Mr Trump.. add CNN, CNBC, PELOSI, SHIFF, sanders, Obama, Maxine, Clinton’s, Warren and of course Biden a POLETICIAN for over 47 years nothing positive except he sold America to the communist DICTATOR of CHINA.. all we got from them
      19 virus!!

      1. The cuomo mafia will also get taken down.. the numbers of the deliberate genocide of elderly,spec ial needs,mentally incapacitated, in state run care facilities. Supposed 6,000+ died. But a bed count at 21,000 empty beds. They deliberately sent the wuhan virus into those facilities. Ezekiel Emmanual, Gruber, Obamao, Jarret, must bewetting their silk drawers at the millions going back into their a counts.. that’s about 10 million$+

        1. Always have felt that the Cuoma brothers reminded me of being players in the mafia!!! Both of them remind me of a baby bird, big mouth & constantly squawking about something or someone but never admitting their own faults!!! You know, something like Pelosi!🤥🙈🙉🤮

  1. Please say it’s so that Cuomo must go. That’s one down. And I think the voters in Nov will take the muderous Coumo of the elderly down. Wow a Alledged Sexual Harrasser and a for sure Elderly killer of the nursing homes and that is fact. Getting rid of 2 Cuomo’s in the same year doesn’t get no better other than Biden and Harris going down. It’s a great day for justice in the US.

    1. Debbie you are right those two are awful to put it gently They both belong in jail. guess their parents are proud of them! wait, i guess they really are…….THEY RAISED THEM! apparently taught them no morals etc. ” The apple falls not far from the tree,” right?

  2. So he shoots off his mouth and then doesn’t want to own what he said? Too late scumbag. The cat is out of the bag. But you know what? I believe that CCN is even more sleazier and will just ignore the whole thing.

  3. Idiot Chris Cuomo kneels in front of chewer Don LemonHEAD and pacifies , until swallower Anderson cooper comes and burps cuomo then Don lemonHEAD pacifies on Anderson !!!! That’s how FAKE NEWS cnn and msnbc roll .

  4. Why are we surprised by this? Almost every liberal is a lying hypocrite. They think that they are the moral police all the while they are liars and you can bet when they are attacking you for something, they are doing it. Worse than you.

  5. I agree they need to be taken out of the limelight that’s why they’re there they are not celebrities he has set up his station in New York every day he thinks he’s important and he’s not people wonder why in the world hekeeps coming on. I’m sick of looking at him and I’m sure everybody else is too because he’s not doing anything. At all I say yes clean house

  6. The Cuomo Douchebag tag team will get their corrupt criminal history exposed into the light ! Muscle man and his Bi brother will be incarcerated for rape and the murder of 10,000 Elderly in his Coronavirus Nightmare ! In other words . Death to All Communist Demoncrap candidates !

  7. Think about how peaceful this country would be if we didn’t have all this negative media and the DC swamp people. I am not kidding. Our stress level would be gone!

    1. WELLLLL I remember reading that the gov is and was a commie, thru and thru. Guess its a toss up who is worse he or newscum.

  8. Chris it’s time to quit your lies have been exposed so be a man and walk away. Or stick around so they can kick u to the curb dummy

  9. Hooray! Someone finally outed Chris and his big mouth! Now hire a monkey to do his job, the monkey would be more honest!

  10. Who watches CNN anyway? Every time I see it I want to hurl. They’re a putrid, festering bunch of haters and losers. Much like the MSDNC network.

  11. OH my !! His 1st amendment rights have been violated. CNN has got to cover this up and somebody has got to be sued. It just would not be appropriate to fire the governor’s brother. Think about it. The governor won’t even relieve that POS NYC mayor.

  12. His first amendment rights violent? And everyday our is violent by FACEBOOK, TWITTER. AND OTHER ! HE talking about suing someone? Might be himself! Go cry to your big atheist brother! Who just as WORST as Fredo!

  13. Chris Cuomo is not now, nor in my mind, has ever been a Journalist as defined in the prologue of Media Studies. But CNN won’t fire him because he is just like the King of Nasty Don Lemon. I have contacted CNN many times in regard to the announcement by Don Lemon shortly after the election of OUR POTUS, Donald J. Trump. Donny was having yet another break down because he could not accept Trump as having legitimately won the election. He blamed it on White people. With that said he then stated that “All White Men & their White Sons need to be murdered”. This is his solution in saving the World, by ending the White population, PERIOD. Nobody at CNN has responded to my notice to them that Lemon had just put the two most important people in my life in danger by calling for white men & their white sons be killed. I just happen to have one of each so Lemon has put the idea into the head of some deranged lickspittle that they would make him happy if they take the life of the two people that I Love Dearly. That is a direct death threat yet CNN still has not responded to what Don Lemon called for. So now they have Don Lemon & Chris Cuomo, both of whom are allowed to go on the nightly news cast & make derogatory comments & outright lies about our President, followed by actual threats on the lives of the Presidents supporters. I do not watch CNN now nor will I ever begin to. I am responding this posted report.

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