May 14, 2021

Report: Trump is considering banning foreign workers from obtaining work permits

Democrat mayors and governors have made it clear that they do not want Trump’s help in squelching the uprisings in their cities, so Donald Trump has decided to continue working on solutions for the real problems facing Americans.

The US economy has been devastated by the coronavirus crisis, and according to White House insiders, Donald Trump is stepping up efforts to make sure that Americans can get back to work as quickly as possible. 

According to new reports, Donald Trump is considering a months-long suspension of work visas as the US continues to battle coronavirus and the economic fallout from the lockdowns.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the suspension “could bar any new H-1B holder outside the country from coming to work until the suspension is lifted, though visa holders already in the country are unlikely to be affected.”

The move to suspend H-1B visas, also known as guest-worker visas, would allow thousands of American technology workers to take jobs that would otherwise be given to temporary foreign workers.

Millions of Americans are struggling to find jobs in the aftermath of extended coronavirus lockdowns, and Trump’s move towards extending the suspension of the visa program could help the economy bounce back even faster than it is currently.

Trump originally signed an order suspending the award of visas in April, and the expected extension of the order could bar outside workers from gaining access to American jobs until the fall.

“The administration is currently evaluating a wide range of options, formulated by career experts, to protect American workers and job seekers, especially disadvantaged and under-served citizens,” said Hogan Gidley in a statement this week, going on to say that no official decision has been made as of yet.

Do you think Trump should suspend visas until the US economy recovers from coronavirus? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know!

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154 Responses

  1. I also totally agree with Pres. Trump holding up on visas. So many Amer. citizens have lost their jobs, businesss have gone down,& the whole country is having serious problems. We need to get Americans back to work & revitalize our country. We need to find a cure for CV19. After these things are at least at a good point, Maybe he can look at visas again.

  2. I stand beside our BEST EVER PRESIDENT for putting the H-1B visas on hold and would not be opposed to the program being on hold until our economy is back to where it was before the pandemic!!
    I don’t know why we have a quota for them in the 1st place!!! H-1B visas should only be available in case there are not enough American citizens to fill our needs.

  3. I agree with you President Trump. You are doing a great job. God Bless you Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow and many more to come

  4. I stand beside our BEST EVER PRESIDENT in this matter of H-1B visas being put on hold and have no problem with them being put on a long term hold!! I believe they should only be available when there are not enough American citizens to fill our needs at the time

  5. Thank you President Trump. I’ve often thought a lot of these “day workers” coming across the border into America for seasonal work should be fulfilled by our teenagers, college kids, and out-of-work or our own seasonal workers. When I was in high school, we were excused for two full weeks at crop time. Us kids made our own money and learned how to manage it. Some of whom desperately needed it. Everyone of us learned to be responsible, working adults from this small work experience.

  6. I agree 100%. We need to allow our citizens to have a job . Will save money from paying medicaid,etc. Also they pay taxes.

  7. The President has to think about Americans First…..the drain on the economy with housing, educating the families of foreign workers, quite a number of them, who after they have used up the privileges return to their own countries!!!! It!s time we employed American first before importing labour!!! Especially now, when so many are unemployed!!!! Another thing that should be looked into and done away with …. the student visa program…. students after their education is completed should return to their native countries…. not hang about in USA taking jobs that the citizen should get…and extend the student visa … they can return to their native country and then apply to come in as a legal citizen!!! Too many privileges have been extended to others and our own get left behind!!!

  8. The H-1B program was started to provide cheap labor to companies like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, etc.. The purpose of the programs was to ostensibly provide highly skilled labor to fulfill jobs that the US was unable to fill. Of course, it is a sham denying thousands of American workers high tech jobs (how man American programmers do you know?). I suspect there are many “kickbacks” to federal agencies and lobbying firms from countries supplying this cheap labor. It’s time to stop the graft and corruption and fill these jobs with American workers.

  9. When the mob took over the six square blocks in Seattle, Washington, they declared it their city ,put a wall around it and said NO ONE IN, we should honor that. If it were me, I would surround CHAZ with a fence and protect them. That would mean honoring their request of NO ONE IN. NO food, no utilities, no clothes, no nothing. Maybe then they would start realizing what real life is about. Beware of what you ask for.

    1. I think its time for BLM to disinfranchise them selves from this is mob of misfits. Its giving you all a bad name. You all need to stand tall and focus on what your needs are. The mob riots were not what you all had in mind. (at least I don’t want to believe it) The looting and burning is bringing shame to the many I know! Please believe me you are being used! Being a part of the commie thugs is NOT WHAT YOU NEED! And for the most part the rats are using you again! REMEMBER the KKK?

  10. THANK YOU, PRES. TRUMP. KNOW that my family and I are praying for you.
    May God Bless you for taking care of all of the American people.
    Prayers will continue.

  11. Thank you, Mr. President. Finally, an American president that is actually working for the American people. God bless you, President Trump.

  12. Pres. Trump should suspend H-1B visas aka Guest Worker Visas indefinitely. No one should be allowed to come in and take American jobs from American citizens! The business of Lindsey Graham and cohorts other prominent GOP electorates that sent a letter to Pres. Trump to allow these foreigners to take American jobs should lose their jobs be OUSTED as traitors to American citizens!

  13. H1B extends beyond highly skilled positions. I live in a remote area where skiing/hospitality is a major employer. They will higher H1B over locals for their tax breaks etc leaving locals to drive 45 to 60 for employment. It’s about time and we should do away with permanently. America first.

  14. Thank you President Trump!!! Only you have the strength and the know how to deal with all the corruption in Washington’s deep state !! I bless you and pray for you every day to keep on doing what you are doing!!! You Made our economy great before “Make American Great” and you can do it again. I have confidence in you to do it again! Also Happy Birthday!

  15. Right on, president Trump. We need to take care of our homeless, our vets, our babies that are being murdered. Praying for you this day and every day. Have a great birthday.

    There should be NO work Visas given to out of country workers until every United States Citizen has a job with a wage that they can live on and support their families and afford housing, food, transportation, and health care! And this will never happen as long as the Dumbocraps continue to block everything that our President trys to do!
    We have the power!
    It’s time to vote out every Dumbocrap and every Republican that stands with the Dumbocraps!
    Every Politician that’s served more than two terms in office should be voted out and replaced with someone new that understands that the people won’t stand for them not working for the people and their best interest!
    We have the power of term limits! Let’s start using it.

  17. GO Mr. President and Happy Birthday. We support you and will certainly vote for you.

    God Bless you and America!!

  18. Yes I do Americans need jobs !!!!!!!!! It’s about time we have a President who actually puts us first . I’m totally behind you GET STARTED

  19. I agree it should be done immediately and continue until EVERY able BODIED US citizen has gainful employment on a permenant basis.

  20. I like the content of your articles but do not like the way you sensationalize the headings and titles. It takes away from responsible journalism and mimics everything wrong with current news reporting.

  21. All visas for foreign workers should be stopped period! We have so many well educated people who can do the high tech jobs, and are displaced by foreign workers, OUR people want to work, want those jobs, and are denied employment so the companies can hire foreign workers! America first! Take care of OUR OWN, let the foreign workers get jobs in their own countries! Also, stop the Chinese students from coming in, going to OUR universities, then taking high tech knowledge back to their country to use against us. If we do not protect ourselves, who will? American workers doing American jobs! Mr. President, you are doing the right thing for our country!

  22. There should be no non American working in the USA until all Americans are working and off welfare.

  23. I believe this should have been done years ago, many American workers have been without jobs since the jobs were moved to other countries years ago! Those that enacted that told the American workers would benefit from such a move( IT WAS A LIE)! NO MORE JOBS SHOULD GO ANYMORE TO IMMIGRANTS, EVER AGAIN!Our country is tired of the lies and manipulation of our lives for the gain of the rich!!!!!!!!

  24. I agree the ban should remain in effect until every able bodied American has a job and no longer on welfare. That includes illegal immigrants as well.

  25. I agree with my fellow AMERICAN’S. NO JOB’S TO ANYBODY WHO IS NOT AN

  26. H-1B Workers often make less than American counterparts. So you have a motivation from the accountants in the company to save money.

    Part of the motivation for hiring H-1B’s is to hire trained people instead of investing in training programs. Laziness and greed motivate American companies to take the easy path. If they couldn’t get foreign workers they would be forced to work with colleges and technical training schools to develop and train workers.

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