April 18, 2021

Trump says he has considered ‘firing everybody,’ including Def Sec Mark Esper

The Trump administration is infamous for the dizzying revolving door of White House officials and cabinet members. President Trump appeared to confirm that the firings and hirings could continue into his second term, telling reporters on Saturday that he’s considered “firing everybody.”

Reporters asked Trump during his daily coronavirus briefing whether Trump has confidence in Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s leadership.

“Did you say Mark Yesper?” Trump clarified, referring to a nickname reportedly used by Pentagon officials for the defense secretary. “No, I get along with him. He’s fine.”

However, another reporter followed up by asking if Trump has considered firing Esper. Trump and Esper’s relationship became considerably strained in June when Esper threw Trump under the bus over violent riots that were taking over the nation.

“I consider firing everybody,” Trump replied jokingly. “At some point, that’s what happens.”

The Wall Street Journal reported in June that President Trump wanted to fire Esper “over their differing views of domestic use of active-duty military” at the height of the anti-police protests that swept the nation.

Trump was reportedly talked out of the decision by a number of advisers and allies on Capitol Hill.

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67 Responses

  1. he should have gone into these democrapic states and restored law and order and arrested the officials in charge for aiding and abetting radical terrorists!!!!!!!!

    1. that is what the demon rats wanted him to do. then they would have fodder to condemn him before the election. I can see the headlines now. President sends military after law-abiding American citizens peacefully protesting. the first amendment is violated!!! no, he did not rise to that bait. he let them burn the demon rat cities and lose merchants who moved away. exactly what they deserved. and he did not have to put up with the lefties crying like banshees. lets make them cry again on November 3. vote Trump. lets keep American values. lets send a message to the millennial idiots who still live in momma’s basement. THIS IS STILL OUR WORLD, LIKE IT OR NOT. as they said to. the old lady they threw paint on in Seattle. you better believe this is still ours, buddy. or you can learn the hard way. you probably can’t learn by gentle hints. momma and daddy spared the rod on you.

      1. I agree. Trump couldn’t win no matter how he handled it. I think he let the Democraps hang themselves by not doing anything. The media doesn’t even cover the riots now. It didn’t work for them. The Democraps and the mainstream media look like fools.

      2. The millenials havent met the silent majority yet! Niether has ANTIFA or BLM. When ya start messing with freedoms of the silent majority, i bet that the silent majority will win BIGLY(Shocking every one of them straight back to George Soros)!!!

        1. Soros is the king of Evil!
          I hope he burns In hell
          For what he is doing to the
          Or looses all his almighty
          For what destruction he has caused in this world.
          I wonder if he paid for
          The virus to be spread
          Around the world.
          He is the devil on earth,
          Nothing would surprise me
          About that lower then snake
          Sick bastard.

          1. Not only did George Soros help paid to get the virus spread China did that and had its people to come to the US and spread it also and Dr Fauci gave money to the Wuhan labs to create this virus so he’s had his hand in it also since he is a Hillary lover he wanted to do whatever he could to help to destroy Donald Trump along with Hillary Clinton George Soros and the DNC. They all are going to rot in hell

      1. Don’t forget Nancy Pelosi gave millions of dollars to the Wuhan labs. Why not give money to American labs?
        Oh!!! WAIT!!!! Pelosi, Fauci, Soros, Deep State and Global Elites support China because they receive kickbacks…
        I see……

    2. Trump has offered his help and was rejected by the appeasers who are democrat governors and big city mayors. This exposes the do nothing democrats for what they are, useless. There is no way that a rational honest voter can truthfully blame Trump for the riots. This should bring more voters into the republican camp.

    3. DiBlasio, the idiot mayor of New York, has said he will have to lay-off 22k city workers if the feds don’t give them money!! So he has cut back on the Police budget by BILLIONS and now, so that he can lay blame on POTUS, he wants feds to throw money at him. He has to be one of the most useless politicians in the country…..he makes Nixon look like a great statesman!!!

    4. I believe he would have to declare Marshall Law before he did that! The states are in charge till he does. Of course he has to asked otherwise. Wanna bet if he did declare M/L, the rats would be yelling impeach the dictator!

    5. Unfortunately Richard that can’t be done. Have found out all through this mess that there are many things the President can’t do although he gets blamed for everything cause people don’t know. For him to send the military or other officials he has to be asked by the governor and that is pretty hard when they are all democratic governors and because of their hatred for this President they would rather see their people killed and their cities destroyed before they would admit they were wrong and they need help. The best thing that could happen now is that the people smarten up and vote the democrats out of office. That will stop it.


    1. you said this so well we will prevail and the check and balances are a must. the left has to go to get things moving smoothly pelosi and schumer need to disappear. we are the greatest country in the world and we will ensure that it remains that way nov 3 2020 trump and republicans all the way

      1. I believe Pelosi and Schumer and a bundle of other leftist imbeciles belong in federal prisons OR never allowed in the USA again.

  3. Watch the video on Youtube called “shadogate” that came out today. I don’t know how long it will stay up. You’ll see why Trump wants to fire everyone.

  4. I think that President Trump should fire Defense Secretary MARK ESPER. Our country is at war with the Marxists we can not afford a traitor as a Defense Secretary like MARK ESPER, who refused to help the President of United States
    when the White House was under attack from ANTIFA and BLM.

    1. Agreed! Esper is worthless…and does NOT inspire any bit of confidence as far as being a leader for the DoD

  5. We need to send the military into the cities where these terrorists are….(antifa and blm) and order them to shoot every last one of them. Exterminate the terrorists!

    1. Absolutely, the military should have been sent into the communist run cities to restore law and order by any means necessary!!

    2. I agree don’t imprisonments them on our tax dollar or put them on a chain gang & make them work for their keep. Build another Tent city so we don’t have to build more prisons. I’m sick of this blm crap & give me something I’m to lazy to work for.

    3. That is a no that is what the leftists want then they can cry that the president sent the miltary after un armed citizens making peaceful protests. This was said before by another respondent earlier in these replys. Trump is handeling things the right way he can not Be blamed for what is going on he has as it has been said by many other people

    1. He is the President of the United States and what he says goes, whether you like it or not, just like when your boss tells you something to do . Do it or get fired. Plain and simple. President Trump is doing what it takes to quell all of this mess, riots, terriorism, etc.

    2. Don’t we all wish you could get on the first boat, plane and or car and say BYE BYE! WE have far too many like you always spewing garbage! WE the silent ones say!

  6. I AGREE with Richard WHOLEHEARTEDLY! But, UNFORTUNATLY the ‘Demonrats’ ONLY are interested in their positions of big ‘payoffs’ for doing nothing for the Country; only accepting their under-the-table payoffs to ‘vote’ as they are told! If I could spell PATHETIC, I’d add that too!

    1. The difference between republicans and democrats, I believe, is:
      Republican leaders want to make thing better for the people and democrat leaders want to make things better for themselves. PERIOD!

  7. These groups have been designated as terrorists and should be carted off to GITMO instead of turned over to our lame district attorney’s. Free meal and a cot, then kicked out on the street the next morning. Looks like ground hog day.

    1. From what I have read, most are booked, paper work done, and let go or someone RICH bails them out! NONE answer for their crimes. ONLY have to look at the crazy rat governors letting REAL criminals out of jail! And robbing, mugging, or killing the next day!

  8. The Democrats have paid off so many I am supprised they are not broke, but when you are getting money under the table I guess you can keep going, but you can see that they do not want Biden out in the public. they are afraid he will open his mouth about something he knows nothing about

    1. There is a slush/hush fund they have allotted in our Federal budget, BUT NO they use our hard earned SS! Just ask nasty nancy!

  9. Trumps right ,looks like there are still some swamp rats in the Republican party..obamagate is still not being taken serious..doj and fbi still corupt..they let Hillary off from going under oath and with DOJ lawyers..guess they In bed with china too.

  10. I don’t think Trump had any other choice. State laws have to be considered. Trump is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. I think he’s doing a fantastic job in spite of all that is being thrown at him. NO OTHER PRESIDENT would have survived this long under these circumstances!

      1. I’ve had the same problem. Maybe they’ve hired some people from Twitter? I have even written to them twice for an explanation. . . crickets!

  11. With all the agressive moves China is making againist America Hong Kong Japan & India NOW is not the time to GAMBLE AMERCIAS SECURITY with a SLO-WITTED MUMBLING BUMBLING UNQUAILFIED OLD FOOL ADD to that an EQUALLY UNQUAILFIED QUICK HOT TEMPERED LOSER K.HARRIS. We need PRESIDENT TRUMP 2 keep AMERICANS SAFE

  12. God Bless everyone. Lets keep America safe. President Trump does not receive a salary for all the abuse he gets. The Senators and Reps who continue to block action by Congress should forfeit their salaries.

  13. I’ve never seen such ignorant comments. Give me back the old Republican Party of principle not trash.

  14. Hopefully the president will get that second term. And if he does I feel confident that he will stop these riots and unrest immediately. And the people responsible for this treasonous destruction know it. But the dangerous problem right now is IF, I said, IF the democrats somehow manage to get into power they won’t stop it because they have lost complete control with their actions and believe themselves to be immune to it. Pelosi and her irresponsible crowd have given in, even supported, these crowds of looters and rioters to the point they have become partners in the problem. They have dug a hole for themselves and are dragging the rest of us into the hole with them.

    1. That is the reason they are pushing for mail in ballots! Its so obvious it stinks. VIRUS be DAMED the know they have to use all the fraud to get OUR President OUT! IT DOES NOT WORK! Write in votes are ask for and signed and verified who the person is and why its needed, and done in advance. Vacation, illness, no way to get to polling stations……… And with all the states still with DIRTY ROLLS, it continues, even law suits the rolls are not cleaned. Just check a few rat states. Thousands should be dropped. Almost funny when more votes than population of the cities! Thats a fact and has proven! MY biggest Grip is not letting all they military votes in and counted!

  15. Soros/Pelosi/Schumer/democratic mayors & Governors allowing BLM/ANTIFA to take over major cities must be stopped. BLM/Dem’s continually lie about their peaceful actions.”BLM” engraved on street in DC and NY.The Commies must be stopped …whatever it takes…despite the fake media!!!

  16. no one wants to live like ny, portland, seattle,chichgo,that is why people are leaving the people that cant afford to leave are stuck to live in the mess the only way out is to vote republican,the far left has ruin the democrat party. The states that are having the most problems are democrate,the local officals created this problems,vote them out, please vote go to the polls,you can stand the exposure to vote for freedom,law and order ,God and country, these blm and paid protesters are trying to dismantel our country ,we the people have to stand up,ONE NATION UNDER GOD,BELIVE IN THE CONSTITUTION, FIRST AMENDANT,FREEDOM OF SPEECH, THIS PC HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH, THE SECOND AMENDANT RIGHTS THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND HOME I AM PROUD TO BE A AMERICAN,I STAND FOR OLD GLORY,AND ALL SHE STAND FOR,THE ONLY THIG I NEAL FOR IS THE CROSS AND I AM SURE MOST OF YOU PEOPLE FILL THIS WAY, TIME TO STAND UP BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATAIC PARTY IS TRYING TO TAKE THESE FREEDOMS AWAY FROM YOU AND THIS IS NOT RACIST AND I FLY MY FLAG EVERYDAY AS LONG A MAN OR WOMEN FIGHTS FOR MY FREEDOM AND IF YOU BELIVE THIS FLY YOUR FLAG AND SING GOD BLESS AMERCIA, THESE ARE FREEDOMS THAT ARE JIST A VOTE AWAY I TOOK THESE FREEDOMS FOR GRANTED UNTIL I SAW WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN SEATTLE AND PORTLAND, YOU DONT WANT TO LIVE LIKE THAT REGARDLESS OF WHAT PARTY YOU FAVOR VOTE THEM OUT VOTE REPUBLICAN WE HAVE SAT SILIENT TOO LONG VOTE REPUBLICAN LOCAL AND NATIONAL GOD BLESS

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