September 26, 2022

Trump says he has considered ‘firing everybody,’ including Def Sec Mark Esper

The Trump administration is infamous for the dizzying revolving door of White House officials and cabinet members. President Trump appeared to confirm that the firings and hirings could continue into his second term, telling reporters on Saturday that he’s considered “firing everybody.”

Reporters asked Trump during his daily coronavirus briefing whether Trump has confidence in Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s leadership.

“Did you say Mark Yesper?โ€ Trump clarified, referring to a nickname reportedly used by Pentagon officials for the defense secretary. “No, I get along with him. Heโ€™s fine.”

However, another reporter followed up by asking if Trump has considered firing Esper. Trump and Esper’s relationship became considerably strained in June when Esper threw Trump under the bus over violent riots that were taking over the nation.

“I consider firing everybody,” Trump replied jokingly. “At some point, thatโ€™s what happens.”

The Wall Street Journal reported in June that President Trump wanted to fire Esper “over their differing views of domestic use of active-duty military” at the height of the anti-police protests that swept the nation.

Trump was reportedly talked out of the decision by a number of advisers and allies on Capitol Hill.


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