August 1, 2021

Trump candidate wins GOP Senate primary in Alabama

Tommy Tuberville, a former football coach from Auburn University, beat former senator and former attorney general Jeff Sessions in the Alabama GOP Senate primary on Tuesday.

President Trump publicly opposed his former attorney general’s return to Washington D.C., saying he didn’t want him back in Washington. He openly campaigned for Tuberville:

Jeff Sessions earned the president’s disrespect when — as attorney general — he recused himself from overseeing the Russian collusion investigation early in the Trump administration. As the investigation wore on and dragged the president and the country down, it became apparent that Sessions could have helped the president and the country avoid the divisive and destructive effects of an investigation that, after over two years, discovered no criminal conduct or collusion. President Trump fired Sessions in November 2018 and eventually replaced him with current AG William Barr.

Sessions actively appealed for President Trump’s support in his bid for his old Senate seat, but the president would have none of it. He expressed his disappointment with Sessions’ naivete about the “deep state” saying that Sessions “had no clue” and promised that Tuberville would do a better job. The president even promised Tuberville direct access in a campaign ad.

Tuberville’s win is a win for President Trump. He celebrated on Twitter:

Tuberville will face Democrat Doug Jones in November.

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9 Responses

  1. Looks like dems going to lose a senate seat thank god ,Trump 2020 for straight red ticket red tidal wave 2020 let’s make the media cry again will be a red party 2020

  2. War Eagle but I’m a Roll Tide who voted for Tommy because he was a good coach and I can see he will be a great Senate member for the whole State of Alabama.

  3. Don’t be too tough on old Sessions. Like too many of his republican pals in the Senate and the House, he’s been conditioned over the year like Pavlov’s dog, to take his orders from the democrats. So when the democrats told him to recuse himself from what turned out to be the Mueller witch hunt, he immediately complied. Roll over, play dead, sit, shake hands…. good doggie.

  4. we need all the republican senators to grow a pair and start fighting back like their and our lives are on the line because they are!!!! Stop playing nice while the dems and media are playing as nasty and filthy as they possibly can. FIRE WITH FIRE

  5. Another rino out and a mans man in Tommy T is a bull dog for Trump he will twist some demonrats inside out good job Alabama now we need to see rino Romney taken out little winer p o s will cry like a demonrat rino that he is

  6. If we’re ever going to repair the damage and get our economy back into the powerhouse that Trump turned it into, before the Chinese released that virus, the then the Democraps have to GO.

  7. I’m jumping with joy that sessions for beat afer recusing himself when our president needed him the most. Sessions is no better than sorry ass communist. Good riddance! There’s another third of the Republican party that need to be removed because they are only there for a paycheck and they vote in favor of the communists. Drain the swamp, Donald!!!

  8. Sessions is a pos. No better than a communist. Good riddance! Go recuse yourself now!….. Lmfao

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