October 1, 2020

Trump cancels $62 million in WHO funds as US withdraws from organization

Donald Trump has reportedly cancelled $62 million in funding previously earmarked for the World Health Organization as the president advances the US’s withdrawal from the embattled organization. 

The Washington Examiner reported on Thursday that Trump is also “reassigning the Department of Health and Human Services officials detailed to the World Health Organization.”

Trump’s withdrawal from the WHO will be complete on July 6, 2021, but the Trump administration is working hard to identify new organizations that can take on the duties that the WHO previously fulfilled. Those partners will receive the funds previously directed at the WHO.

State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said on Thursday:

[Withdrawal] becomes effective on July 6, 2021, and since the president’s announcement, the U.S. government has been working to identify partners to assume the activities previously undertaken by WHO, U.S. participation in WHO technical meetings and events will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The WHO was slated to receive $120 million in funding from the US in 2020, but President Trump froze funding to the organization in April due to the organization’s botched handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The organization only received $58 million of the intended funding before Trump’s freeze.

According to Statista data, the US is by far the largest contributor to the WHO, so Trump’s decision to withdraw funding from the organization is a major blow. Now that the US will no longer contribute funds, China will be the largest single donor.

Director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Global Affairs office Garrett Grigsby stressed that the US can still provide public health aid through other organizations not manipulated by China and that the HHS will make one-time exceptions to the funding freeze for select WHO programs such as immunization and influenza.

“The WHO activities that HHS will support this year are one-time exceptions for funding, up to $40 million, in the program areas of immunization and influenza,” Grigsby said. “These contributions would be to ensure continuity of activities important to the health security of Americans for which there was not immediate alternative programmatic partners.”

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28 Responses

    1. I agree with chestnutgeld and with our President. Who needs WHO when they do China’s bid and hurts the USA!?
      And Mr. President, if the WHO building is based in US territory, you have my backing to take over the building and let them find a new location!

  1. Millions to a corrupt organization while millions of our own citizens have lost their jobs and facing being homeless. WHO is ruled by Communist China and they developed and spread the virus cause so much harm across the world. WHO should not get a penny from the US.

    1. I agree – need to get out of all this organization that we pay the lions share and are served a pot of hate and destroy America. Tired of supporting our enemies

    1. we need to STOP sending our money to anyone PERIOD. that money belongs to the Citizens of the USA not some hell hole country that most people have Never heard of, or any big country as a Friend payment. most countries would slit our throat if they could. because we have more than they do.

  2. we need to get out of all the alphabet organizations that just bilk the USA. especially since The Who is obviously leaning toward PROC>. we can use that money to help in other ways. President Trump is so smart with our tax paid dollars. that is why America needs four more years of this great man’s guidance. vote republican, vote Trump 2020… lets keep America great, and rebuild what the demon rats have allowed the rioters, excuse me, peaceful protesters to ruin. and lets thank President Trump for withholding federal monies from these demon rat run cesspools. GOD bless America and President Trump…..

  3. Send the who and the un packing! Take back our building here and throw out all those bums we have had to let in our country for years as they do as they please here. We can find a better use for the old un building that will benefit our people and not them. Time to turn off the money tap! We have paid most of their bills anyway. Tell them to fly a kite!

  4. This should have been done decades ago !!! we need to get rid of many, many more of these foreign rip-offs, the only thing they “need” us for is our money !!! It’s long past time for us to kick a LOT of these so called Organizations to the curb !!! We have NEVER gotten anything from the WHO, with the exception of the LIES that we were told about this Chinese/WHO VIRUS ATTACK !!! THEY BOTH MUST BE MADE TO PAY FOR THEIR ACT OF WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!

    1. Thank God our President is taking the leadership on everything that is good for USA and fair to all Americans. Great job, Mr. President. Make America Great Again and Again!!!!!

  5. I understand the fact that citizens are indignant about the WHO. Ask yourselves a question………Who allowed them to have that kind of power over us?…………..We did by electing the traitors that we have been voting in for years. Lets not complain………and still I saw a Democrat Senator that is the mouth piece of democrats criticizing the president for his strong approach to CHINA…..Wake up America!!!!! The fifth columns and traitors are in our mist. Stop the money to universities and schools. Go for Schoolchoice approved by us……..after all we pay their salaries…they are undermining our culture. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  6. The UN is the epitome of Communist dogma. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. This must change, or better yet IMO, get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. JMO

  7. Carl, you hit it right on. That little group of miscreants could move to fantasy island with Hilariously and her feral hound dog.

  8. President Trump is looking out for America, no matter the consequences. WHO is up to its neck in China, we don’t need that. Trump is right on the money.

  9. A cool note, POTUS restricted tax dollars for the destruction and blatent disregard for safety in the cities of riots 👍.
    ✓ the stats of rioters origins with “Sanctuary” cities.
    WHO isn’t in our best interest, enough said.

    Campaigns are useless without a “PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE” as are elections.

  10. Let’s just keep “OUR” POTUS because we are NOT THE EU… THIS “IS” THE USA.

    If anyone doesn’t love it, just leave it.
    Or be deported when you riot or commit Insurrection or treasonist acts like flag burning in the streets and refusing to “Pledge Allegiance to OUR National ENSIGN…

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