October 27, 2020

Trump says administration will renew attempts to cancel DACA

President Trump just announced that he will begin the process of canceling DACA once again, now that the Supreme Court has ruled that his initial bid to end the program was inadequate.

In the bombshell supreme court ruling that the Trump administration acted inappropriately in seeking to cancel protections for children of illegal immigrants in 2017, Chief Justice John Roberts made it clear that Trump could try again.

Instead of ruling on the constitutional legitimacy of ending DACA, Roberts essentially erased all the progress that the Trump administration had made in repealing the supposedly temporary Obama-era program, but cleared a pathway for another attempt to cancel it.

Trump said on Friday that “nothing was lost or won” in the ruling and that the court “‘punted’, much like in a football game … We will be submitting enhanced papers shortly in order to properly fulfill the Supreme Court’s ruling & request of yesterday,” Trump continued.

“I have wanted to take care of DACA recipients better than the Do Nothing Democrats, but for two years they refused to negotiate – They have abandoned DACA. Based on the decision the Dems can’t make DACA citizens,” He said. “They gained nothing!”

There are nearly 800,000 so-called “dreamers” that have received protection from the Obama administration program in the last 10 years, and Trump has expressed willingness to make a deal that would provide amnesty for those already residing in the US while still shutting down the program, but to no avail. Democrats and immigration lobbyists are not willing to give up DACA.

After the Supreme Court ruling, there was some speculation that Trump would not renew the bid to end DACA due to the already-tense election cycle, but Trump did not waste any time getting back to work.

Do you think Trump will be able to repeal DACA in the future? Scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think!

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67 Responses

      1. Not only that, the DACA group needs to be investigated a bit better. Judicial Watch reported a group of DACA dreamers were arrested for aiding and abetting the rioters.

        1. But one must look at whos money is being used to found such people , is it not coming the wages one has worked for , and the federal government had their hands in working peoples pockets , for almost 75 years and counting , and when one works to better oneself and ones family , you are not only working for yourself and your family , you helping those on welfare with the money one has worked to earn , and if one takes only $5. , .00 a wk. , times all the millions of people in our country , that amount alone is staggering , and why do we all became numbers where we work , it is no different then the lottery one plays , as money has to come out of one pocket , to make a jackpot to win , and much the same thing takes place with those types of people who run the government , its a win ,win game for those types of people we have been seeing and hear about , and why they want stay in politics till they die of old age . And who do you think pays for mansions one lives in , and not counting their wages , and all their benefits ,if and when they retire , “Then one wonders why our free country became so corrupted by those types of people we our to trust to run our lives and our country , Hell wake up people , this been all planed ever since a government was formed in the free world , that only our fore father knew that it was , and they back then , that this country was going to change , and why they written up the constitution , like no other on this planet , that has OUR GODS LAWSS WRITTEN WITHIN IN IT., which other countries with those who run them do not have , to protect their people , like our rights to have and bare our weapons , in our constitution have., and our rights been under attack for decades and still under attack , as those types of people we are seeing and hearing about today , are all after taking over our free country and our lives , as that is what all this evil crap is all about , that the news media has their evil ways in it as well , And Trump has brought it to our attention since day one , when he called it fake news , and has brought it up many since then , and it is still taking place today.

          1. I did not mention above , That it is our own money that one has worked for and the tax money taken out of our wages , that has been used against us , to where we are seeing our free country being torn apart at the seams , and it is the money one has worked to earn , with the help unions one has joined , that was there to influenced we the working people with more money in our wages , and in our pockets , that has been taken place over many decades with more money going into our pockets , with more coming out of our pockets , every time one got a raise in pay with help of the union , while the federal government got a raise as well from one year into the next , just as all working people have , and our cost of living was going up in the same way , till our good old American Dollar went to almost worth nothing , and those who work and have a family to raise are living worse to raise them today , then those who had large families to raise during the 1930.s and the great depression , and we are getting to the point to where we may not need those types in the government to run our lives , But they sure as hell need us , and our money to stay in power as they have , and still do today , and all one needs to do is do a search , to who paid the wages of those who got to run our states and cities and counties when the government was first formed in our country till it grown to 48 states , plus the wages of those that got to run the white house , before the tax was put on the working people of our country , But when doing a search , only ask , does the government need our tax money to run the government , are who paid their wages before the wage earners tax came into play.

      2. Possibly, but if they become citizens they can sponsor their relatives as immigrants, ALL RELATIVES still in the “old country”!

      3. Why do we have to go thru HELL to recind an ILLEGAL ruling! I watched the vid of bo signing it and saying it was illegal! Why does the supreme court have any say about an E/O that was NOT LEGAL? Waste more time and OUR money trying to make things right. Then why can’t Trump make an new E/O stating they must GO and no more family members allowed! That smug smiley face needs a pie to cover his stupid grin! Yeah roberts!

    1. are you surprised that the pro-death, pro-theft, pro-racist, pro-idiot (doesn’t know what illegal means) SCOTUS doesn’t know what illegal is, again? When are “we” going to reject these ignorant frauds? How long?

  1. my fiance was brought here illegally as a child and he filed for his own paperwork at 17 years old 6 months before he turned 18. We have had to file a work permit every year. He is now 33 years old, filing work permits year after year after year waiting for his turn to become a resident and then a citizen. many of these DACA recipients are adults and just like many of them they sit here undocumented not doing the right thing knowingly not doing the right thing for 20 and 30 years and we’re supposed to feel sorry for them???

    1. Here is the difference between DACA via Obama and DACA via Trump. Obama did it via executive order bypassing the voters and congress, which disrupted the balance of power. Trump offered DACA residents (not allowing any new applicants into the program, which is appropriate until covid and illegal immigration is under control) presently in the program a pathway to citizenship (with vetting being part of it) in exchange for limited legal immigration, the wall, more extreme vetting (to avoid Venezuela 2.0 in America), and an end to sanctuary cities (so the criminals who terrorize citizens and immigrants alike go bye bye and stay out). These measures protect both citizens and immigrants. It is a possible long term solution. However, congress (who constitutionally is supposed to deal with immigration regulation) refused to address this issue and many others. None of them want to deal with the problem. The lobbies that encourage illegal immigration and demand the laws do not apply to said individuals control congress. Due to recent riots, seems to me like extremist groups are running congress and turning our country into the same 3rd world disaster that so many are scared to death to go back to. As a result, those trying to do the right thing are bullied into silence if they do not take part or encourage these acts. Sounds like something that dictators in 3rd world countries used to gain power. How the heck is this senecio benifical to any citizen or immigrant? Who in their right mind would sacrifice their lives and fortunes to come to a country that is a mirror image of what they left? This is tolerance? This is liberty? This is freedom?

      1. Don, You’re a lot of help. You had audacity to go and insult the person. And you offered only a callous, ignorant beyond belief remark as your advice.
        Well, cheers to you, oh great special one!

    2. You make an excellent point which almost nobody ever brings up. Those like your fiance who continue to go through the right channels have a very different take on this, as compared to others who couldn’t care less. Those who do the real sacrifice to be here exhibit a mindset better than most naturalized citizens born here. Your fiance needs to contact his/her Congressperson about the outlandish delay on government’s part regarding your fiance’s case. I wish you both all the best of luck in your futures.

      1. the thugs in gov’t. write laws to benefit the thugs on the street. The property owners (slaves) pay for the party that they cannot attend. When and IF we ever get tired of the charade, the SHTF scenario will begin. Amerika will be a republic, called America again

      2. Yea, Scream to your Congress person for help. Good way to end up on the first boat back where you came from.

  2. I have faith in our President. Bless his heart. Maybe this will do it this time. He has plenty of people on his side.

    I will pray for him, he has a big heart.

    Sincerely Patricia Hansen

  3. Deport they know they have to apply for citizenship they play dumb when they get caught end it deport asap tired supporting these illegals

  4. I have faith in our President, Bless his heart. Maybe this will do it this time. He has plenty of people on his side. I will pray for him, he has a big heart. He loves his people.

    Sincerely Patricia Hansen

  5. There is a difference between DACA and illegals..do not punish the young people..they know no other country than America for the most part..

    1. I agree, something needs to be done for the ones that have lived and worked in the US for years. They can’t be treated like the Democrats laundry left hanging out to dry.

  6. Let these people return to their Countries and make life better there. We can’t have endless immigration

    1. when Ronald Reagan tried to help them, the communist in the Den of Corruption opposed him & them. The communist in Amerika (and everywhere) need to be shot. They are “good for nothing”

    2. Agree !!!! DACA is an illegal program!! Many of their parents are illegals also…deport ! If ‘they” want to come back then go thru the required proceedings to become citizens. All other countries have laws so “WE” cannot just go to another Country and stay!


  7. Yes I think it can be hitting rid of if it was illegal when Obama did it and those judges know that I would say they are breaking the law to let it continue.So if President Trump can prove that It should be be a done deal and Trump is even willing to allow those to stay who are in the the program.We can’t continue to let everyone come here and use our SS our medical system for free !! That is hurting all Americans!! It’s about time we put US first it is our country!!!!!

  8. Yes trump will do it remember this is a war and we cannot be nice to these idiots in nov. we will vote these evil democrats out of office forever GO TRUMP

  9. I feel that RBG will vacate her seat after Trump is re-elected and Trump’s next attempt to end Daca will likely meet all the required bs that the compromised Robert’s put in the way. Yes Trump will succeed…that’s what he does.

  10. We complain about the Illegals in our Country yet we never try to put ourselves in their place. Yet people in our country wants to complain and complain about them. Riots after Riots. Protest after Protests because they do not get their way when they want too.

  11. I think Trump will end this program way over due. Go Back and make your own country a better place.We are over loaded o Freebies.

  12. I am with the president Trump, those who are in this country, if they are illigel imigrants my spelling is a bit poor but if they have paying jobs and pay their share of taxes and do their part i have no problem with them, but if they are supported by my tax dollar and are not disabled then i don’t want them in this country, i have children of my own and they are hard working and pay their fair share and live decent lives.

  13. Obama did so many things wrong while he was in the White House without going through the Congress that I stand with President Trump in doing away with each one he tackles.
    I’m upset because the “so called men” who are supposed to carry out the justicw\e they were elected for are weasels who have compromised not only the people but any integrity they might have had in being elected.

  14. I agree with you Loyd. Let them stay. Stop illegals trying to come in and take advantage. Those here who have served our country, and want to become citizens and work for a living are fine by me.

  15. You make an excellent point which almost nobody ever brings up. Those like your fiance who continue to go through the right channels have a very different take on this, as compared to others who couldn’t care less. Those who do the real sacrifice to be here exhibit a mindset better than most naturalized citizens born here. Your fiance needs to contact his/her Congressperson about the outlandish delay on government’s part regarding your fiance’s case. I wish you both all the best of luck in your futures.


  17. The real criminals are their parents or whoever else brought underage children here illegally. They are the ones who put their children in this difficult situation.

  18. They are like leeches, suck up resources in schools, medical care , food stamps etc. I would welcome any one into this country if they were self sufficient, paid taxes and lived by the laws of our country. What Democrats who want open borders, want unwelcome invaders to get amnesty, favor sanctuary cities and in general aid and abet illegals in the breaking of federal law do not tell the black community is this: every dime spent by the Democrats to allow illegal immigrants into this country and pander to them so they can garner votes could and should be going to improve schools, medical care, opportunities, housing etc for ALL Americans including the black communities. Keep voting for Democrats and soon all the people of all races who struggle to exist will be living in projects, stuck in low paying jobs.

  19. The President has trued and trued his best to help the DACA’s but everything he tries to do is blocked by the DemoRATS. Vote Republican all the way in November.

    1. Absolutely & he will get our way on DACA. Next and more is to recognise & reclassify Islam is an agenda-driven take-over political movement not, repeat, not a religion a must be banned with all its texts in any format.

  20. It would be a great accomplishment.
    After winning the election, and exposing the left’s agenda, then most likely, get another Supreme Court Justice approved…The President, will be able to undo, much, much, more than DACA.

  21. The DACA kids(adults now) were illegal when they were brought here along with their illegal parent(s). They and their parents are STILL illegal despite the illegal DACA program. The nearly 800,000 have sucked up resources ie. schools, medical facilities, food stamps, welfare et al for way too long. My daughter, a straight A student, had her scholarship revoked after she had been accepted for admittance at a prestigious university of her choice to make room for some DACA kids. It left such a bad taste in her mouth, she did not want to go to school at all, anywhere. My wife and I persuaded her to just look at this as a challenge to overcome and not give up on her goals. After a couple of years she did get back on track, graduate(no scholarship) and go on to obtain her PhD in Biochemistry.

    DACA should be dumped in the trash bin where it belongs. One would think these DACA adults would have enough sense, pride or whatever in where they were born to go back there and accomplish something to benefit that country.

  22. No doubt about it Trump will not give up. The directive by Obama was illegal to begin with and should rightly be corrected some way. Fair is fair and illegal is illegal as hard hearted as it seems. You came here any way other than through normal channels regardless of who brought you then by law you are illegal. There are many waiting to get in legally and you should not be allowed in before them as citizens. The route to accomplish this is above my pay grade but equality must be maintained. That idea of equality has been protested and rioted for the past few days. With nothing accomplished but bitterness and destruction.

  23. Yes tax payers pay and Nancy P. and the jackazz democRATS have rip this country apart. And another one is John Kerry making nasty remarks about TRUMP he is scum and a trader he should of been hung years ago. vote TRUMP 2020

  24. The President will do the right thing and that’s taking care of all people of color and providing them a much better life than they have know for sure. So this is what I think that all people are created equal but the Democrats could care less about human beings because they have shown their true colors constantly. Here is one example when the small businesses and other’s needed help during the Coronavirus Nancy Pelosi and her klan didn’t care they went on vacations. Also when the different states wanted to defund the Police and take away our freedom and the protection provided by our law enforcement but yet the high almighty has their backs covered by government security that the tax payers pay for. People if by now you don’t see the writing on the wall by know that the Democrats could care less about all of us taxpayers and others. So as long we continue to pay their salaries they will keep on destroying our country and our American way for sure it’s happening and has been for decades. We Americans need to stand up for our country and freedom if not our country will never be the same it’s in our hands and we have to fight for it.

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  26. Cancel DACA, the country has far to many illegals in this country and they should do like the rest of the American people did come into the country the right way and wait for your papers to be signed,study the book for your entry into the USA.

  27. It all seems pretty clear to me, Executive Orders like DACA must get Congressional approval, which it did not. So how it has been ruled legal is beyond me. Actually, the decision of SCOTUS sounds to me more like pandering to the fanatics on the Left.

    1. Actually after breaking the law coming here and staying here ILLEGALLY, they should be sent home and not let back into this country. They have had plenty of time to become citizens and have chosen not to do things the right way. And because of their actions they should be deported and not be allowed to come back the right way. They made their choice when they refused to do things the right way.

  28. We as American citizens should ask for the cancellation of THE Chief of the US Supreme Court. He had no rights in getting involved. Acting as a Senator/House in stead a justical part of the triangle is illegal. It is time for the chief of the U S Supreme Court resign==Now.

  29. The Chief justice of the US Supreme Court should resign or the action of some sort should be taken to kick him out of office. His staff should have not bee in volved in DACA. That is not their responsiblitly–Roberts know better–if not he should be gone

  30. Roberts ,should resign, he is exactly what brings our country down.Make America great again !
    take a long slow walk to Neverland,Roberts, and forget to come back and take DACA with you.

  31. Yes they are all on welfare and have figures out the system. They have more than we the working class do. They get free everything, health care, food, etc.. I’ve seen them come to the emergency room for stuff that me and you would take our kids to the clinic for, they do that because they don’t have to pay an ER bill it’s free for them!!! if you think it’s not, your kidding yourself. They need to work and support their selves like the rest of us!

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