July 23, 2021

Trump campaign twitter shut down – three weeks before election

Less than 3 weeks before the election, Twitter has shut down the official Trump campaign account. It’s a move that we all thought was possible, but could hardly believe that they would have the nerve to pull off.

It should be clear by now that big social media companies like Facebook and Twitter believe that they’ll be allowed to censor conservatives at will during a Biden administration, which they clearly believe is imminent.

Breitbart reports:

Twitter locked the account of @TeamTrump, an official Trump campaign account, citing the same policy it used to ban links to the New York Post’s bombshell story on hitherto unrevealed links between Joe Biden and the Ukrainian gas giant Burisma.

Mike Hahn, a social media manager for Team Trump, revealed the censorship in a tweet earlier today.

Twitter has been censoring conservatives for years, but this isn’t just a conservative pundit. It’s the official account of the campaign of the president of the United States for reelection. And yet, they’re banning it.

TeamTrump has over 2 million followers. As Breitbart points out, “the fact that it is unable to post is a major advantage granted by Twitter to the Biden campaign.”

And they aren’t stopping there. They locked the accounts of Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and prevented the New York Post from posting damaging information about Biden.

Additionally, “Twitter is also labeling links to the website of the House Judiciary Committee as “potentially unsafe,” because Republicans on the Committee posted material from the New York Post’s story to the site.”

Let’s remember that the New York Post story that started this all is based on physical evidence including emails and photos, and has not been substantively refuted by the Biden campaign. In other words, it’s not fake news. It’s real news that they don’t want you to see.

It should be clear to any observer of the media scene that they aren’t even pretending to care about the truth. From here on out, when they can’t “fact check” a story into oblivion, they will outright censor it.

And they won’t be subtle because they feel they don’t have to be. The only solution to this problem is to regulate the big tech companies as a public utility.

Read the full story here.

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