June 14, 2021

Trump campaign pays $3 million for a recount in two Wisconsin counties

President Trump’s campaign filed a petition for a recount in two Wisconsin counties today and paid $3 million to get the process officially going. 

President Donald J. Trump’s re-election campaign will file a petition today for a recount in two Wisconsin counties…Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. transferred $3 million to Wisconsin to cover the estimated cost of the recounts.

The reason for choosing Dane and Milwaukee counties was stated in the petition:

…Milwaukee and Dane – citing illegally altered absentee ballots, illegally issued absentee ballots, and illegal advice given by government officials allowing Wisconsin’s Voter ID laws to be circumvented. These two counties were selected because they are the locations of the worst irregularities.

According to the petition for the recount, most of the irregularities coalesce around absentee ballots, voter I.D., and illegal behavior of election clerks:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission directed Wisconsin municipal clerks to illegally alter incomplete absentee ballots contrary to Wisconsin law. Clerks were instructed that they could rely on their own “personal knowledge,” or unspecified “lists or databases at his or her disposal” to add in missing information on returned absentee ballots.

The Wisconsin Election Commission issued a directive on October 19, 2020, giving election clerks the go-ahead to fill in missing witness addresses.

On Election Day, if a voter needs to correct information on the absentee certificate envelope, they and/or their original witness, depending on what the error is, must appear at the polling place or central count. This would be due to missing voter information, missing voter signature, or missing witness signature. The witness can appear without the voter to add their signature or address. Please note that the clerk should attempt to resolve any missing witness address information prior to Election Day if possible, and this can be done through reliable information (personal knowledge, voter registration information, through a phone call with the voter or witness). The witness does not need to appear to add a missing address.

But Wisconsin absentee voters were warned in August in the Wisconsin Uniform Instructions for Absentee Voters that a ballot missing any of the required information would not be counted.

According to the Daily Wire: “Retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman told WISN, “The statute is very, very clear. If an absentee ballot does not have a witness address on it, it’s not valid. That ballot is not valid.”

Invalid, illegal ballots should not be counted in an election, and election clerks should not be “correcting” ballots. The situation in Wisconsin demands a recount. The Trump campaign explained the importance of the recount to the people of Wisconsin:

The people of Wisconsin deserve to know whether their election processes worked in a legal and transparent way. Regrettably, the integrity of the election results cannot be trusted without a recount in these two counties and uniform enforcement of Wisconsin absentee ballot requirements.

The Wisconsin Election Commission and the county election clerks jeopardized the entire election in Wisconsin. Now, the Trump campaign is going to get to the bottom of the voting irregularities in Wisconsin.

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102 Responses

  1. Trump has the support of 75 million plus people,,,,,, he deserves to win good VS evil…..

    He has helped this Country and the people more than any other President

    1. Exactly I support Trump 2000 % Now in America it’s like we can’t trust anybody but I trust Trump . He has done more for this country than any other president. I agree with

      1. Trump never initiated any fraud like Biden did and bragged about doing. While it looks grim I am still praying that more of the fraud be found that Biden campaign established. All this fraud needs to be highlighted so that this never happens again. I have the picture where Biden bragged about having so much fraud set up.

        I will keep praying. Now the Dems want to do away with God Bless America. Excuse me but this is outrageous!.
        The harm Kamala and Biden will do to this country is sickening. I keep praying they find enough fraud to give Trump his rightful second term.

      2. President Trump has done a fabulous job and he has kept his word on everything he said he would. I seen everything that was going on with the voting system on November 3, 2020 and how the corruption was going on. There is no way Trump had thousands of votes and all the suddenly they disappeared in front of my face. I know that the Democrats planned this for a long time even when Clinton lost and long before that


    2. I guess Donnie thinks he has done enough since he has gone AWOL since the election, he has protected the citzens of the USA, except the 250,000 who have left this earth, with a president like that I would call 250,000 deaths a very poor job. Does anyone really think he has done anything to stop this virus? You Trumpanzees must be tired of winning, he has about the same chance to save a win as a snowball in hell. Keep giving him money as they are broke and he needs money to pay off many bills. Runs his race just like he does his business, headed for bankrupt.

      1. Verne you truly need a lesson in truth. To begin with, President Trump has done more to combat the China virus than any past president could have or would have done. If it weren’t for president Trump affecting Operation Warp Speed we would not have a vaccine in 2 to 3 years. Today we are weeks away from the the distribution of 2 vaccines! Trump save tens of thousands of lives with his Travel bans from China and Europe and that is according to the left’s god of virus, Dr Fauci. As far as being aowl since the election day day results, he has been advised to say as little as possible as this winds its’ way thru the court systems in various states. There is ample evidence that this election was ripe with fraud, irregularities and vote manipulations. You may not want to hear or learn the truth.Do you really want open borders, a tax increase and pay healthcare for illegals? These are on bidens agenda.

      2. In all those counts I have never seen a count of the thousands of elderly people forced into nursing homes knowing COVID was there. How many Democratic governors did that to how many people? Shame on them- always blaming others for the problems they create.

      3. I recall some research back a few months that stated many of these losses were from accidents, flues,and many other diseases that yearly take a lot o people, President Trump has done a great job in helping the citizens in this pandemic. The WHO now started saying that this virus is just anther flue type virus that has a 99% recovery rate.

      4. The fact that you blame 250,000 deaths on President tells me that you are not a rational person. It started in China and the President has done everything possible to bring about a solution. Joe stayed in his basement.

        1. So if our great president is to blame for Covid then who’s responsible for the rest of the nation???? Wake up people u can’t be that stupid or are U?
          This president has been through so much turmoil from day one. Trying to impeach him, stormy Daniels etc. maybe these politicians need to do their jobs and not worry about the president that’s doing a fantastic job!!! Dems suck and so does the media!!! Drain the swamp!!!!
          Trump 2020🇺🇸

      5. Moron he’s not a Doctor he is My President, and his administration implemented “Project Warp Speed” while your guy was in the Bunker.

        Go live in Cuba

        1. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I second that. Move them to Cuba!!! The media too! Drain the swamp! Trump 2020🇺🇸

      6. Wow! What planet have you been on for the last 4 years? Have you not noticed all the peace deals Trump has brought about. Peace is a very valuable asset. The tax cut he gave us saved a lot of money for a lot of people. Even myself got a $126 dollar increase because of the tax cuts. When you are living on $1100 pension with no SS $126 is a lot.

      7. Boy are you barking up the wrong tree. He hasn’t gone AWOL — he has been carrying on the duties of the President of the USA. You must have your wires crossed as Biden was the one in the Basement who thinks that he is still going to be President. The Dumbo Dems had to quit calling him President Elect. He isn’t President yet. The Courts will have to decide this. We now know that Wisconsin has been taken by Trump. I hope you have to wear a Mask until the day they put you in the earth. I don’t plan on that happening. So you get out there and you jump on old Dementia Biden’s Trail Rig and ride yourself into the Next Country. You won’t be missed

      8. Well , Verne. He’s actually done pretty well in light of the fact that you TDS riddled Demonrats/leftists ( hey you called Republicasns Trumpanzees) have been hindering his every move since before he was even sworn in. I very much doubt Biden will ever accomplish what Trump has. Go peddle your hate elsewhere.

      9. To begin with, of all pts who survived co-vid and in all age groups, each group is at > 98% recovery rate. Secondly, the greatest death rate is in New York state where Gov. Cuomo demanded ALL covid pts go to nrsg. Homes where most pts are conservative AND most likely to vote republican and most likely to die. In other words, Cuomo has all but committed murder and getting away with it.
        Trump is right about one thing: our elections MUST be truthful, honest, and with integrity.
        Demon rats want our money, our slavery and they care not how they have to cheat to get it.
        I would love to see the good people of your state KEEP YOUR STATE AMERICAN !!

      10. Verner, you must think that Trump supporters need to regard the liberals and democrats as the enemy. Well they are for purposes of politics. But in all honesty God ordained President Trump for his office. Not the Democrats

      11. Get a life!!! Better yet, get a brain!!!! KNOW WHAT I MEAN, VERNE??? RLMBO. Verne??? You there Verne??? Hey, while you’re out at the outhouse, Verne, wanna grab me a beer???? Come on Verne!!!! (Gotta love that name!!! Know what I mean, Verne????). LOL


      13. That is one of the most idiotic posts I have ever read. How does one blame the president for what a disease does. If that’s the case we should blame FDR for all the lives lost in WWII and Kennedy and Johnson for all the lives lost in Vietnam. Crazy

      14. Have you lost your senses? He didn’t ask for this virus to arrive at our shores. Since its arrival, he’s done everything humanly possible to help the American people. I can promise you that if he’d not been in office at the onset of this virus, millions of us wouldn’t be here anymore. Everybody else drags their feet, he gets results fast!

        1. Yep! So agree! Slow Biden was upset because Trump banned the entry of Chinese people from the US at the very outset of this Covid crap! He wouldn’t have closed our borders to China or anyone else. . . just think how many more of our citizens would have died!

      15. Verne you are such an idiot, if Biden had been President you and millions more would have died. My granddaughter just came home and told me that crazy Harris wants to add 3 hours to each school day!!!! Even bona fide communists have more sense than that. Besides that over half of those death were not caused by the Chinese plague alone. Biden took millions from the Ukraine and China I guess blackmail is more up your alley.

      16. Well, VERNE (what a name :)) IF you would get your head out of the outhouse, you would realize the demoncrats have plagued Mr. Trump ever since he WON the election in 2016. I have a statement I would like to post.
        To Former Vice President Biden,
        Although I refused to listen, I understand that during your presidential acceptance speech, you were calling for unity of Trump supporters. I remember 4 years ago President Trump also called for unity. I remember how Congressional members of the Democrat party responded by boycotting his inauguration. I remember how you and your Democratic party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution to spy on President Trumps campaign. I remember how you and your Democratic party created a fake Russian dossier to try and impeach President Trump. I remember how your speaker of the house ripped up President Trumps State of the Union speech on National TV. I remember how you and your Democratic party tried to impeach President Trump over a Ukraine phone call. You accused President Trump of pay to play. Come to find out Joe, it was really you and your son Hunter. I remember how you and your Democratic party blamed President Trump over a pandemic that he had nothing to do with. I remember how you and your Democratic party encouraged rioting and looting of the Great United States of America. I remember how you and your Democratic party used the media to spread lie after lie about President Trump. I remember how you and your Democratic party has tried to steal the election from President Trump.
        This Trump supporter remembers all that, Joe, and will NOT be “unifying” with your Demoncrat party. This supporter will be giving you the same respect you gave President Trump. NONE!
        So, Verne, take your sorry unpatriotic self back to the outhouse where you and your kind belong.

      17. The demonRat’s negotiated the virus withthis was the demonRat pl fauci , wuhan & CCP to arrive when it did. This is a democrat plandemic.

      18. Why don’t you f##off idiot.
        You really shouldn’t be breathing but somehow you avoided abortion at birth. But wait, that demoloon plan didn’t exist when you were calfed.
        Too bad, but then there is hope your party will make abortion retroactive and you will be culled from society.

      19. So you think a felon should be president do you?
        Tell us all just what good has hiden Biden done good for this country in the 47 years he has been in the government? Just one? ????????????

      20. Trump should no way be blamed for a pandemic. He didn’t start it . It came from China. If the truth was known the democrats probably paid China too create it. Some people are so stupid.

        1. And it seems many missed the picture of gates, fauci, piggy, and in the back row looked like e john all smiles in China, just before we found out about the virus. The pig would not go back to DC for a long time, Also the pictures of her in China town saying how safe it was! Anyone ever think the rats are behind this? She also pushed for the mail in ballots because of the virus! The ELECTIONS just around the corner! Could not get him out with lies, soo lets try this. BUT it got out of hand, didn’t it rats? Remember the WHOLE WORLD has suffered because of you low lifes.

      21. Wrong you are Verne. Trump is not responsible for these deaths China is along with Cuomo who put covid positive people in nursing homes with the most vulnerable in our society. Don’t let your Trump derangement syndrome cloud your common sense. Criminal Biden and slut puppy Harris will not do 1/4 of the good President Trump has done for the USA.

      22. Come on man! You’re messed up. You need to educate yourself. All Presidential activity is documented. They do that so buffoons dont say stupid crap. Research it man…..come on….

      23. Did you ever hear that phrase if you have nothing good to say don’t say nothing at all? Let’s wait till ballots are counted and all the fraud in all these states are dealt with before you run your mouth. Democrats and the media are untrustworthy!!!!
        Trump 2020🇺🇸

    3. Amen and all congress has done is attack his family for the last 5 years. Some or all need to be charged with conspiracy to over throw our government. Along with Obama and Clinton.

    4. Biden hired the Mafia in Philadelphia to fill out hundreds of thousands of ballots at $10. apiece. This was actually admitted by the head of the mafia looking for a possible plea deal for his previous crimes in recent years. The ballots were delivered at 4am in Philadelphia in an unmarked white van.Now what’s the DOJ plan to do about this admitted fraud?😱

      1. Wouldn’t hold my breath on that! What the Haides happened to Barr? Has the left threatened his family or something? ( Like they did Sessions)

        1. In the past, Barr was a member of the deep state. Because of his failure to take action on anything, my guess is he is still their puppet.

    5. Admitted fraud in filling out illegal ballots by the Mafia in Philadelphia … hundreds of thousands of ballots delivered at 4am via white van.

    6. I agree…Best President EVER! Keep the faith and trust that God is in control. Continue to pray without ceasing that the powers that be who will make the ultimate decision after listening to testimony, reviewing the evidence, and hearing arguments of counsel that the valid proof shown in their fact pattern through their documentary evidence revealed will open their eyes for God’s Holy Spirit to touch their hearts and minds for the right discernment to help make justice prevail by selecting President Trump as the legal winner to save our country and our freedom which will make them go down in history as true American patriot Heros.


    7. TY
      The truth always wns in the end. I dont understand how you spend 3 months in your basement and win by these numbers other then cheat

      1. I think the best thing to remember was the hoe held a campaign and NO ONE CAME! Whats that tell ya! Bet not many wanted b and her so the rats had to pull their usual BS! LIE and CHEAT the name of their game! Election has shown what they really are!

    8. Amen Lily this such an out right shame what has become of our beloved AMERICA. It must be stopped. God bless President Trump & God bless USA. Happy Thanksgiving This win of President Trump 4 more years is my Christmas present.

    1. POTUS TRUMP2020 Won by 862 Electoral votes. Joey ” SWAMP DWELLER ” Biden
      has done nothing but Raise a CRIME FAMILY ! And this SCUM BAG has done nothing for this Country from the Day he was born and he sure the HELL did nothing for 47 Years in Congress. He has to have a dr. to help change his DEPENDS , take his MEDS , WASH his little hands before his puts his Thumb in his Face , A nd have his TEDDY BEAR when he goes to BEDDY BYE.

  2. Right is right whether anybody stands for it.
    Wrong is wrong if everybody stands for it.
    I’ve not heard President Trump lie at all about the votes and the dishonesty of the left.

  3. Trump will continue to win!!!!! Imagine PAYING YOUR OWN MONEY because the bastards on the left DON’T WANT TO BE CAUGHT being wrong and fraudulent!!! ONLY Trump and his people would do this!!! Much of our donations are helping this process!!! GO TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and beyond!!!!!!!!

    1. I also read where many have been dumped, and the envelopes to check against are gone also! YOU KNOW GOTTA HIDE FRAUD!

  4. Lazy Americans need to get of thier lazy butt and make something out of yourself And as far as college goes you took the lone you pay it back you pay it back after you get your job I did it all on my own its called working at it

  5. For that much money, they had better get it right this time. The least we should expect is that they put honest people in these positions of trust. They should be sued for putting the people and President Trump should get a lot more money than what was paid for a recount, especially knowing that there was cheating.

  6. If it’s just another recount like Georgia and not let republican verify signatures.then they will get away with voter faurd as Georgia did..

  7. The county clerks and the head of election board should be removed immediately. They committed voter fraud and should also face federal prison time. Take away voting rights permanently and make it so they can never hold any type of government job ever again. Not even as the janitor in the courthouse. Do this to enough people and this would make people think twice about doing this crap.

  8. Biden should not have been able to run with all of the corruption he and his entire family have committed. Further, his connection and the Ukraine, da! Put that together with his racist, communist Partner, so-called v.p. ! She will take control within a year of less. Biden didn’t win the election, Soros and company, stole it from the American people. Save your confederate dollars, the South will rise again!

    1. HE cannot deny it as it was on many stations talking about Ukraine and the firing as he bragged on camera about the best fraud he had going for him! SOOOOOO why with his own mouth and the charges, most would be guilty of is he allowed to run for president? And why waste so much money to prove it? He said it on live TV!

  9. Verne, you obviously have drunk way too much Kool-Aid. Don’t make accusations without backing them up with REAL certifiable and verifiable facts that are not merely a brainwashed indoctrination, something other than what CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and now even FOX, tell you. You must be very young and have never been schooled in the truth or heard of the former Soviet Union. If Biden actually does get to be President, and Kamala eventually takes over, good luck in learning to speak Mandarin Chinese. Also, you’ll need to get used to calling your leader, “Comrade Chairman,” and doing everything you’re told, at the risk of being shot on-the-spot for TREASON against the People’s Republic of the Communist States of America (a puppet of COMMUNIST CHINA)!!!

  10. It should be a re-vote, not a recount! Toss out all the votes in the senate x States and redo the election. Paper ballots, hand count, no mail in ballots only absentee ballots for military and people over 75 or with a doctor’s note saying the person is too sick to vote in person. Then we will see the true vote numbers.


  12. With all the discrepancys in the voting in different states we should be doing it revote. Why are we even bothering with a recount. The election was rigged in Bidens favor. What’s going to happen the next time I go to vote am I going to get my vote counted. Biden is an embarrassment to the people of the united states.


  14. Please Lord let DJT. Win the election, he deserves to win, he never hid in his basement like UNCLE JOE DID. This election was rigged for sure, I agree with you all. There should
    Do the election over again, they are still cheating, no matter how many times they do a recount they will still cheat. Someone said Piglosic won the majority in the house, please tell me this is not true. We have to pray for President Donald Trump that he is re-elected.
    Our country will be destroyed if those 2 Greeks get in. God Bless President Trump. Pray for him to win.

  15. How many times do I have to type 2 freeks and not Greeks.
    They must be checking, this the 3rd time I have sent this post.

  16. Democrats haven’t got what it takes to run a country other then in the ground! That’s why they must cheat, lie, sell, blackmail, stack the deck, whatever you wish to call it? In order to win, control, screw up lives, this country, alliances with other, become buddy/buddy with those resembling Iran, even Obama had a hard-on for ISIS, he did nothing to remove who he defined as a JV team so he allowed them to grow! Biden hasn’t done a damn thing right for America and it’s People in 48 years and he’s not about to break that stride. America will fall with him as anticipated and Democrats will reward their efforts as you and I, along with America declines. China will do, historically well and Democrats will be the wealthier for it! That’s the agreement!

  17. We all can thank “ curious george” Obama for all this crap! He cheated his way into the White House TWICE! HE started the racial divide in this country, and is still pushing that narrative! He let five top Taliban leaders to go free for one lousy deserter! He even had a big ceremony in the Rose Garden with bergdahls anti American parents, has dumb as a brick Susan Rice state that the attack on Ben Ghazi was because of a video. They all lied, covered for Obama and had killary touting “ what a heroic deed that was”. Hero my dyin’ a$$! Rice is so stupid, she can’t even tell a scripted lie right! And Biden wants all these loosers in his cabinet! If he steals this election, ALL of Obama’s agenda will be back on track, and much worse! All of President Trumps good things he has done will be on the scrap heap, along with our country! If ANYONE thinks basement Biden won, they need mental help! We will be in a war in less than six months if Biden bulldozes his way into our White House! And—— the “ califonia ho” will be acting President, NOT Biden, but bath house Barry will be right there with her.

    1. There’s not enough room in this comment section to cover all the fraud and corruptness that you pointed out Patty, but you took a damn good whack at it. Keep swinging girl!

  18. Think about it. Trump/Pence rallies brought in thousands, standing room only crowds. Biden/Harris “meetings” (you can’t really call them rallies) might bring in a HUNDRED if they were lucky. That happened in almost every state in the union. So, which party, would the people vote for? Mail-in voting was designed by the democrats to promote voter fraud. They knew the only way they could win the election was through fraud. There was no way that Biden/Harris, who couldn’t draw a decent crowd, would win a free election. They had to cheat. Remember Hillary’s advice, for Biden not accept defeat no matter what the votes were? She was laying the groundwork for counting illegal mail-in ballots after the results were in. So they could count illegal ballots. And, cheat they did. Every day reveals new instances where they cheated. The rush to proclaim Biden the “elected President” is just another scam planned and enacted by the democrats, deep state, and the media all acting in collusion with one another. Biden/Harris will never win an honest election. No more than that other crook, Al Gore, who insisted they count the “dimpled chads” rather than a card with a hole punched in it and a “hanging chad”. Any idiot could tell who the vote was for in those instances. Same thing here, except a lot more sophistication. Software programmed to pick Biden, no matter what the real vote is from companies that designed it specifically for President Nicolas Maduro to win in Venezuela (a country he has since destroyed). “Mr. Maduro’s re-election in May 2018 was widely criticized, with reports of coercion, fraud and electoral rigging”. And our voting results were sent to Germany to be counted? Come on Americans, you’re not stupid but you’re certainly being had.

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