January 22, 2021

Trump campaign accuses Michigan governor of encouraging Trump assassination attempt

The Trump campaign claimed on Monday that Trump has been targeted by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who allegedly platformed a message tacitly encouraging an assassination attempt on the President.

Whitmer appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press on Monday to attack Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, and the Trump campaign claimed that she was subtly signaling to extremists to “86” Trump, who is the 45th president of the United States.

“Governor Gretchen Whitmer displayed an “86 45″ sign during her TV appearance,” The Trump War Room tweeted on Monday, accompanied by a screengrab of Whitmer speaking into a camera. The numbers 86 and 45 are visible in the bottom left corner.

“86 can be shorthand for killing someone,” the Trump campaign continued. “Whitmer is encouraging assassination attempts against President Trump just weeks after someone sent a ricin-laced package to the White House.”

Fox News pointed out:

Tori Saylor, deputy digital and creative director for Whitmer, retweeted an account praising the governor for placing the digits “8645” in the background of the interview. The tweet included a screenshot of Whitmer during the NBC TV spot, and read: “Bright and beautiful. Nothing but respect. RBG. 8645. Nice plant, too. 10/10,” before tagging the governor.

Whitmer has not responded to the accusation, but the Trump War Room is taking major heat for the shocking claim, with many on both the right and the left criticizing the interpretation of the mysterious numbers. Some pointed out that to “86” something means to cancel, not kill.

Meanwhile, Whitmer herself has accused President Trump of similar conduct, claiming during the interview that Trump has incited acts of “domestic terrorism” by encouraging Michigan voters to remove her from office due to her poor handling of her state’s COVID-19 prevention measures.

“It’s incredibly disturbing that the President of the United States — 10 days after a plot to kidnap, put me on trial, and execute me — 10 days after that was uncovered, the president is at it again and inspiring, incentivizing and inciting this kind of domestic terrorism,” Whitmer said in response to a clip of Trump calling on voters to oust her

Whitmer was allegedly the subject of a kidnapping plot exposed at the beginning of October. The FBI announced on October 8 the arrests of 13 suspects that allegedly conspired to attempt the abduction of Whitmer in a plot to overthrow the state’s government.

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95 Responses

        1. People have been calling for GW’s removal from office for months now. That is nothing new. POTUS was only ECHOING what we have been saying all along.
          Stretching Gretchen, get your nose out of that hole of yours and SMELL THE COFFEE.
          I am sure your friends over in the port city can send you some. Unless they burned THAT down too!

    1. Wonder if she will be charged with treason or sedition? Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person as Whitmer, I think.

      1. She won’t be charged with anything ….she is a demoncrap and they do no wrong remember! That wrong stuff is ANYTHING they Republicans do!

    2. In all my years I’v NEVER seen/heard about such a hateful/Demonic pre-election!! These Democrats are nucking futz!

    3. I disagree, The secret service should take her into custody and attempt to find out what is inside that pretty,but empty head, and proceed accordingly.

    4. Secret Service needs to go get her. It is illegal to threaten POTUS. Period. She is a foul, comminist witch.

    5. I grew up in Michigan and still have family that live there and they said everyone in the state wants that tyrant gone or should I put taken out of office.

      1. I live here in Michigan n wouldn’t even think to vote her back in office. How she handled cov19 is only part of it but she’s part of the Democratic insanity. Voting red all the way.

  1. I don’t understand why people are so upset about “8645” when I, myself, actually, heard the president talking, very much himself “inspiring, incentivizing and inciting this kind of domestic terrorism.” and not for the first time. If you’d been the target of a kidnapping plot–and the FBI’s arrested 13 people concerned with it!–and the president of the United States was calling for more, wouldn’t you want to show some–displeasure–with a nasty little button? It seems like you’re making a LOT of nothing, really.

    1. The president never called for her to be hurt killed or otherwise. The people who tried to kidnap her are her own leftist people. Not supporters of Trump.

    2. F U! The secret service should immediately take her into custody and interrogate her extensively as she surrendered her rights upon threatening a sitting President. Do you remember what happened to the bimbo Kathy Griffin? This govmint low life deserves to have the crap scared out of her far worse than than hack comic.
      Trump 2020 plus!!!

    3. Those that supposedly tried to kidnap her were even antifa/blm terrorists, not white power people you fool. This dumb Govmint broad clearly says kill a sitting President and you screwed up liberal pos’s think this is ok? F U!
      Trump 2020 plus!!!

    4. Are you insane? 86 means terminate, period like in the abortion pill name. Trump has never advocated violence against this dumb ignorant beauch but only that the people and politicians in her state remove her from office by legal means. F U!
      Trump 2020 plus!!!

      1. I’ve worked in restaurants for a long time. The term 86 can be used for terminate exterminate eradicate. But it also can mean ain’t got none. it could mean we don’t carry it anymore so we put that line that we put 86 on that wine out of stock 86 the guys in the company use the term 86 when they get rid of somebody and you can guess which way that would go.

    5. give me a break he said that they should remove her from office not 86 her which is totally different.but like all you lidetards you can’t handle the truth!

  2. The women is just as crazy as Nancy. She needs to be removed from office and have a new living place. She should be able to be arrested for making a threat against the President. She could well be the one behind her so called kidnapping event.

    1. I would NOT put it last her; Dems do this sort of crap. Remember the guy who acted like he was kidnapped, when all along, he was the one setting it all up with his 2 friends, Democrat, big-time.

  3. Will someone put this b—— in jail. Maybe a few months in jail will cure her of her dictatorial ways.


  5. This woman is Significantly more deranged than the most deranged Democrats. Put her under FBI security before it’s too late. She is one sick puppy.

  6. This thing needs to see prison for a long time. She has a very dark heart and soul and should be immediately thrown out of office. She is nothing but a lowlife disgrace to America. She is putrid and ugly inside and with an evil mind that is controlled by the evil one himself. She is a minion of evil.
    Is this thing what the voters wanted in their state as their governor, someone who is full of hate?
    Wake up people, judgement is coming from above.

        1. Clay, who are you telling to keep quiet? What right do you have to tell anyone to keep quiet? Who are you calling “beauch”? You are treading on tender ground. Watch your mouth and who you direct it towards. At the very least, learn how to write a meaningful sentence for people outside your room.

  7. 86 means to eliminate, get rid of it does not mean stall as the Dems would us to believe. 86/45 means exactly that eliminate the 45 in this case President Trump. Whitmer needs to be held accountable, She’s dirt!!

  8. Secret Service should immediately arrest Gov. Whitmer threatening g the life of the POTUS is a felony. Lock her up!

  9. “Witless Whitmer “ needs to understand real Americans don’t like her communistic ways I am sure Trump has more important things to think of than how can he get her. She is just not that important to the world. The “kidnapping folks don’t like Trump either so it’s doubtful that they would do this for him. Besides the FBI would do it we see they have a price for dirty deeds

  10. whitmer should be thrown out of office and arrested for encouraging others to murder President Trump….that is not the way a governor should behave ….i am disgusted that so many people are not arrested yet….get it done…

  11. Why isn’t this woman in jail? I would be if I implied that same suggestion. Somebody in the Justices departments office should pick her up and hold her in jail for a trial.

  12. The Wicked Witch from Michigan better watch it. She’s not loved by any but a very small group of supporters. Threatening our President doesn’t go over real well, even with moderates.

  13. Don’t be foolish. 86’s only means throw out. Ask anyone who has been 86’d from a bar. Thrown out and or refused service.

  14. Has it now gotten to the point that liberals can make any kind of threats against the President without any fear of punishment from our law enforcement ! Is this the way it should be? Threats against our President are now OK with our national government . . . And possibly coming from someone holding a Government office !

  15. It’s a sad day for America when all the lefts lies are the headlines for fake news. I do hope they have plenty of crying rooms ready for the Democratics they’ll be needing them Trump 2020 only sane way to go

  16. Well, it is not likely that the President is the one who noticed this 86-45 in the photo. Most like;y someone from his security team who looks for even the most remote hint of a security problem. 86 is used in several different veins and would likely jump out to a security person.

  17. So if this women publicly calls out a hit on POTUS why has the FBI not picked her up for questioning? Conspiracy to kill the President of the US is an extremely serious offense. She needs to be detained and investigated.

  18. 86 is a term that’s used in different sectors of Our economy; in restaurant business means we are out of something on the menu like a particular steak or baked potatoes, 70count in my experience, or security business means to take out, eleminate, or otherwise kill, period, end of story.

    1. Since she wasn’t ordering takeout food online it could only mean terminate like that abortion pill name this site won’t let me say or I get censored.
      Trump 2020 and beyond!

  19. I sure wish that the people that were planning to kidnap Whitmer would have succeeded. She is the worst enemy that the people of Michigan have. She’s a traitor, cheater and liar! She needs to be drop kicked out of office and politics all together…..

  20. So sad that she is not in jail. Keep praying for our Wonderful President. We have to keep him safe from all the evil people in this world.

  21. Throw her into the Great Lakes along with the other garbage, but then most trash does float? Why won’t the people of the great state of Mich. stand up and drag her out packing (hey Dave J.) this message is for you. Take action or this nut main gain some nut that will go against our President.

  22. I wouldn’t put it past this woman to have come up with the “kidnapping plot” herself to distract from her incompetence!

  23. hackers… If anybody has the know-how to reach in and get info that others don’t want to be known they’re the ones capable….surely has kept some type of record just in case they turn on her…
    Like wiith a forest fire it comes to a time when you got to fight fire with fire…

  24. What would you expect,From a Sores Buddy ? Not a lot more !! Being the FBI and such were in on it,I would think that shows ,that she ,isn’t Prez material !! Just another useful idiot !!

  25. To “86” SOMEONE means to “Get Rid of Them.” Which can mean “To Kill” them; and given the source of the “86/45”, one can only believe that this is exactly the message scumbag Whitmer was conveying to the legions of dirtbags she surrounds herself with.
    Whitmer most definitely needs to be imprisoned for advocating for the killing of President Trump. This IS NOT the subtle message she’s trying to characterize this posting to be. She was advertising for one of her loons to kill the President.

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