February 26, 2021

Trump campaign declares victory in Pennsylvania

The Trump campaign just declared victory in the hard-fought battle for swing state Pennsylvania, announcing in a statement that the declaration is “based on math,” not “gut or feel.”

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes are thought to be one of the major keys to winning this election, but election officials in over half a dozen PA counties decided prior to election day that mail-in ballots wouldn’t be counted until after November 3, making it impossible to call the state for either candidate on election night.

However, now that the better part of a day has elapsed since the polls closed on Tuesday, the Trump campaign is confident that the president will take the state after all.

“We are declaring a victory in Pennsylvania. This is not based on gut or feel. This is based on math,” Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said on Wednesday.

Breitbart reported on Wednesday:

Currently, President Trump holds a margin of about 454,000 votes in Pennsylvania and 1.12 million votes are still outstanding. For Biden to win, the campaign estimated, he would need to win 78 percent of the remaining votes.

Stepien noted that there were still 170,000 votes in Philadelphia County, and 61,000 in Montgomery County, both of which favored Biden. But there were still a lot of votes coming from “Trump Country” areas of Pennsylvania such as York County, Butler County, and Blair County.

Pennsylvania isn’t the only contested state still counting votes after election day. Arizona, which Fox News prematurely called for Biden on Tuesday evening, still has hundreds of thousands of votes to count — many of which will come from Trump-supporting areas.

Senior Trump campaign adviser Bill Miller noted that while Trump is trailing Biden currently by 93,509 votes there are still an estimated 605,000 ballots left to count, leaving the state very much in play. Miller said that by his calculations, Trump need only win 57 percent of the remaining votes in Arizona to win the state.

Miller noted that Trump’s odds of winning North Carolina and Georgia are high, and that “by the end of this week, it will be clear to the entire nation that President Trump and Vice President Pence will be reelected for another four years.”

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57 Responses

    1. I wish it was so but even if Trump wins Pennsylvania, Georgia, NC, and Alaska that will put him at 269. The only way he can win is if he wins the last state to report which is Nevada or splits the 6 with brain dead Biden, sad but true.

      1. If you watched not the fake news but quite frankly you tube. you would know the dems have trashed this election with dumps of 135,800 in one state in the wee hours of the next morning. Of course, ALL of them
        were for Biden. They have done this repeatedly and brazenly. Liars and cheaters!

        1. IM AM SURE AS THEY SOMEHOW MESS UP ON Hillery as she lost but have all things under control for sleepy JOE. What a crime they have committed. STILL all the old ruler makers PELOSI, MAXINE WATER, Schmer COON ETC got reelected. But it is still in GODS HANDS,

        2. The democrats have done this in several states. 140,000 in one, and it seems that there’s just enough ballots to win in each state. Changing the postmark so those ballots would be accepted. And funny thing is, all these ballots that are being turned in late are for biden, not one single ballot was for the President. NOT ONE…

      2. Yes but Wisconsin and Michigan are still lawsuit targets, and Michigan has acknowledged problems with their software.

    1. I sure hope it’s true. I’ve been kind of out of it for the last few hours. I’ve been praying every night that
      President Trump would win!!!

  1. Someone should make a law about votes. Absentee or in person on the day of the vote. Check signatures! Have to teams if need be and no stopping till done counting!! This is ridiculous and stinks of fraud!!

    1. Melody, that would NOT BE ENOUGH. In California, when voting in person, you do not even have to show an ID. This is how Pelosi and Waters hang on year after year. They pay taxi drivers and others to go and round up the illegals and take them to the polls and instruct them how to vote…then their payoff is a $5 meal at a drive-thru…which doesn’t sound like much to the average person, but if you lived in a tent and had little money then that $5 free meal would mean a whole lot more. The main problem in California and some other states who have very corrupt Democrat leadership is that they do not require a valid ID in order to vote. This would be easily solved, but the Democrats wouldn’t be in charge of anything at this point if voting was handled properly and legally.

      1. It should be made a law for every state! I know here in Michigan I’ve had to show my I.D. for several years now. It’s the best way to keep track of who’s voting, that’s for sure. So sad that CA’s legislature can’t make it a law!

    2. Totally agree but they MUST have poll watchers too! It’s illegal not to allow them! Why shouldn’t these states not allowing poll watchers be required to recount the ballots but let the opposite side count them? I’d bet the cheaters would want to watch the recount! . . . and no mail in ballots should be counted except for absentee ballots that require a voter to requisition ONE!

  2. You Go Mr President! I prayed a prayer
    for you! I asked God to fill you with the
    wisdom and knowledge you will need
    to successfully complete this election!!

  3. God is in control! Thankful for a president and vice president who have openly proclaimed their faith.
    Pamela in Texas

  4. God, I hope they are right. I have prayed so hard for President Trump and Pence, their families and this country. If Trump/ Pence doesn’t win; which I believe they should if the Dems weren’t cheating, this country will be doomed. Everything that Trump, Pence and the Republicans has done the last 4 years to get this country back to it feet and being a strong country again will go down the drains once again under the Dems.😔

  5. keep pushing Trump. US republicans are still standing and fighting for you. If you lose, we need a leader to fight an upcoming civil war.



  7. There is no doubt in my mind the DemocRats were out to steal this election. In fact, I would suggest that all DemocRat States be investigated by the DOJ for fraudulent votes. SOMETHING SMELLS LIKW SULPHUR FROM HELL!!!

  8. Still praying for Trump win. He has done so much good for this country and brought so much peace to others. Biden could barely get a handful of people to listen to him and compare that to Trump rallies it doesn’t make any sense that Biden should win. Something crazy going on here and possibly something fraudulent. Kamala will be the one running the country as Biden is just a yes man and does what he is told. He has no original thought of his own.
    Looking at all the good Trump has done for this country and much of it will be undone if a Biden win stands.

  9. I love the comments about God, He knows I do but what I think is that God would like WE THE PEOPLE to be desperate enough to realize just how much we need God’s hand in the affairs of our nation. That we understand and know exactly what will happen to our nation if we do not do as He asks and fast, pray, humble ourselves in prayer and turn to God. Our country was based on our being a Godly nations ad upholding those values above all else so that we are the light to the nations, the light of God that upholds right, justice, righteousness, and the values we embrace to the world. Sadly, myself included, we have forgotten that we are an example of the power, goodness, righteousness, and power of God who is merciful and just for all.
    Though we have strayed far from those values, God continues to love, nurture, and protect our great nation. Unless and until we do reach out to God in desperation and concern for not just our nation but the entire world, God will allow us (just as the prodigal son’s father allowed him) to walk away until we become desperate and return to his loving arms. How about you, does Biden look like your loving father???? I am building a place of prayer in my room even now as my heart weeps before heavens gates:
    Father forgive us and help us to throw off the frivolity of sin. Cause us to realize the great price of desperation so that we never return to it again. Grant us once more the shepherd you sent to guide, guard and protect us in your stead until we are redeemed and the evil one of our souls is forever vanquished. We ask this in the blessed name of your son Jesus, because he shed his blood for our sins, forgive us Father, wrap us in the arms of redemption and once again let the world rejoice at the name of Jesus who was, is and is to come and ever shall be! Speaking words of wisdom, let it be Lord let it be! Amen and Amen~*~

    1. Father God, I kneel in absolute humble agreement with this one. You’re wherever 2 are gathered ….there we are gathered in Your name, pleading ‘have mercy on the United States, Lord. We have sinned against You, Our God. Forgive us and Thy Will be done. Amen’

  10. I feel if the LORD wants Mr. Trump to be the President for the next 4 years –he will make it happen. Thank You God

  11. President Trump should fight this fraud! He is bieng cheated big time! Piglosi is waiting with baited breath( stinking) to be the one to determine the president! God help us! If I were President Trump , I would have my team of lawyers all over Pennsylvania, Nevada, New York , Michigan, Minnesota, and all questionable votes! Universal voting laws should be in place nationwide, every state having the same laws! No late votes, no mail in votes, vote in person with a voter I.d. Period!

  12. Rise, rise! You sleeping skeletons! Come, and do the Devil’s bidding. Place your once living signatures on a ballot. For evil must pervade. The truth must not succeed. The task is not yet complete, lest we win and shroud the World with a Satanic shroud.

    You the good people! Is it your wish that the above to happen? If not, then a righteous group of us must rise and rally against Evil before it consumes us.

  13. If they steal the election they willake sure we will have them in power until there is another civil war
    Very sad but true you cannot get comm units out of power. Pray for President Trump he gave everything for us

  14. Well biden got 100% of the uncounted votes in Michigan. The bigger problem is that they also have more votes than they had registered voters in the state of Michigan. I mean if you are going to cheat don’t be so obvious that it shows that you have CHEATED. 100% of a newly found 110,000 ballots and more votes than registered voters.

  15. Thank you God for hearing our humble prayers for your deliverance of Preident Trump. We know the this is completely in your control.The hope of our Nation and your flock is in your Hands Father. Please deliver US from this Calamity in Your precious name we praying thanking You in advanced for Your many blessings. Amen.

  16. Thank you all prayers and Bill on here. Multiple prayers ,incessantly, we all need to be doing , to get all this corruption overcome. Only by the grace of God will that happen. Pray for the president to get er done … he can investigate all this fraudulent voting. We ask that He Help get thus all cleared up,thank you.Lord (( if not let’s have a redo and get Phil Robertson in there !!!!)

  17. What does God want?? I wish that I knew. Perhaps he wants to leave us to our own devices, to see what we will do. Perhaps he wants Biden elected. This will punish everyone for the next four years and show everyone how bad things can get. Do we need this lesson?? Maybe we do. The one huge blessing so far is that the Republicans retained control of the Senate, which will provide protection against much of the Biden/Harris agenda. Biden, and Harris after the left gets rid of Biden, will not be able to totally destroy the country, but will do damage that will take years to recover from, if ever. The second blessing is that Justice Amy Comey Barratt was confirmed to the US Supreme Court, which will also provide us with some protection from the Biden/Harris agenda. My prayer, of course, is that Trump/Pence are elected. I believe, but am not certain, that the country will survive Biden/Harris, but it will be hell. Future Chinese historians may look at this as the end of the United States of America, although the end would have started much earlier.

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