July 3, 2022

Trump campaign asks for written confirmation that Biden will appear at debates

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called on Democrat nominee Joe Biden last week to cancel the upcoming presidential debates because Democrats should not “legitimize” conversation with the president.

Biden has moved quickly to dismiss the notion, but Joe Biden just got the news that Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is asking for written confirmation that he will not blindside the nation with a last-minute cancellation as the debates draw near. 

“While [Biden] may verbally give vague assertions of his intentions, there is no way of knowing what his handlers truly have planned for him,” Giuliani wrote in a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Biden said last week that he will appear in the planned debates, though he still included a caveat in his statement. “As long as the Commission [on Presidential Debates] continues down the straight and narrow as they have, I’m going to debate him,” Biden told MSNBC. The presidential hopeful did not elaborate on what constitutes a deviation from the “straight and narrow.

Biden’s tenuous pledge to make good on his agreement to appear isn’t good enough for the Trump campaign. Giuliani continued in his letter:

The public discussion of canceling the debate schedule should not be allowed to continue unchecked. To be clear again, President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are fully committed to the three presidential debates agreed upon and the single vice presidential debate. We are concerned that arguments to eliminate debates have escalated and we now believe that re-stated written confirmation from the Biden campaign is needed to ensure that he will attend three debates in person.

GOP operatives fear that the Biden campaign will find a way to weasel out of actually appearing at the much-anticipated debates due to Biden’s declining ability to string together coherent sentences.

For instance, in a televised appearance in Pittsburg, PA on Monday, Biden appeared to have lost his train of thought mid-sentence when attacking Trump’s coronavirus response:

COVID has taken this year— just since the outbreak— has taken more than 100 year— look, here’s— the lives, it’s just, it’s just, I mean think about it— more lives this year than any other year.

The Trump campaign immediately seized on the incident as proof that Biden is experiencing significant cognitive decline. Breitbart reported that Biden retreated back to the basement immediately following the rare public appearance.

The first presidential debate is scheduled for September 29, followed by another on October 15. The final debate will be held on October 22.

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Robert L Shatlain (@guest_1043168)
1 year ago

Just proof again that the Democraps, afraid to debate the president of the United States, Biden hasn’t come put together a complete sentence in months, and speaker of the House Nancy pelosi is just running the Democratic people and Biden and his so-called running mate are just puppets in her grand scheme. Gorilla set Joe and debate the greatest president you’ve ever seen.

Russ Remmert (@guest_1043297)
Reply to  Robert L Shatlain
1 year ago

nancy would not run a business for me her looks, lies, and stealing would drive the customers away

Paul (@guest_1043381)
Reply to  Russ Remmert
1 year ago

You forgot her “hatred” of the President. She states she’s a good Catholic.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1043170)
1 year ago

These debates should have been moved up so the American citizeeens would learn what the candidates stand for!
There have been voting already or closse to it in many states!
Get ready for BIG voter Fraud on the part of the Donkeys!!!!

Frank (@guest_1043192)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
1 year ago

Alicia you are CORRECT! and we still have to worry about the Mail!!

L. J. Cardin (@guest_1043249)
Reply to  Frank
1 year ago

Thank you,
I totally agree.

Brenda (@guest_1043357)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
1 year ago

If people watch Biden in or out of basement they shouldn’t need a debate. He shows his incompetency every time he opens his mouth.

sandy raymond (@guest_1043179)
1 year ago

What a surprise! NOT!! Then again, the democrats could just wire him up so they could give him the answers he needs to address those asked or intend by President Trump! How difficult would that be, since we know the poor fool can’t get out of the basement without written directions!!

Davey (@guest_1043219)
Reply to  sandy raymond
1 year ago

Think for a second…joes got signals coming from 2 directions…his confused brain and a voice in his ear. What a FABULOUS show that would be.

david garratt (@guest_1043205)
1 year ago

i am not worried about the mail in votes as long as we hand deliver our ballots to the republican campaign office or the voter registration office. that’s the only way.

Tom Deaver (@guest_1043223)
Reply to  david garratt
1 year ago

Hand deliver with a photo I.D. and proof of citizenship.

thomas e coles (@guest_1043210)
1 year ago

vote in person.

Terry (@guest_1043268)
Reply to  thomas e coles
1 year ago

YUP. If you can go to the store or liquor store for scratch tickets, you can get out and vote.

randy haddad (@guest_1043215)
1 year ago

Registered voters who have gone through the process for Absentee Balloting should not be a problem, To have strictly mail in ballots from anyone and everyone, citizen or not, alive or dead, or you pet whatever is NOT acceptable, and only because the Democrats will take every chance to cheat. Look what they ‘ve done for the last almost 4 years…. NOTHING to help the citizens of this country, only to lie an cheat about a duly elected POTUS.

Trish (@guest_1043231)
1 year ago

I can tell you in one sentence. Biden has no true platform, he does not believe in equality (look at all the demonrat states that are being destroyed by the commie antifa, the Marxist BLM, the violent rioters and the denial by each state), progress and opportunity like Trump has given all Americans, yes and even the other not as vocal BLM and not the white part of these idiots, so no Joe Biden is NOT for minorities he just wants their vote, he can’t come out of the basement long enough to know what he stand for. And yes that was a paragraph not a true sentence.

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1043236)
1 year ago

Have Berry debate, he would have the same failed message and that would be the last maroon we would have to endure from the crumblecrat party.

chief1937 (@guest_1043240)
1 year ago

If Biden is afraid to debate Trump how in the world is he going to engage in conversation with foreign dignitaries? No wonder the democrats are wanting to keep him in the basement. No big deal he would be a puppet president anyway. Trump/Pence 2020

Kurt Walker (@guest_1043244)
1 year ago

Not intended an “I told you so statement”: But I believed and said over a month ago there would be no debates and I’m sticking with it. However I believe that ANY candidate who refuses to stand before the people and challenge his /her opponent should be disqualified from seeking what ever position he/she is seeking. How else are the voters supposed to rate the candidates???

Jim L. (@guest_1043264)
1 year ago

Biden is a Commie stooge and a total fraud! His Party is a disgrace and an unholy Satanic, Communist blight on the American people! They even threatened violence if their douche candidates lose ! How much more proof do we need to eliminate them no obliterate them come November!

Robert W (@guest_1043283)
1 year ago

No show for debates – Any and all votes for BiteMe should not count, voters have the right to see what the candidate’s agenda are about and to see if the candidates have the “mental capacity” to lead our nation.

della scott (@guest_1043284)
1 year ago

You really cant trust anything the dems promise so im glad that president trump wants their written statement.

Lawrence Carmack (@guest_1043293)
1 year ago

I agree,keep up the pressure on the low life Dems. They’re not to be Trusted.

Christina Stein (@guest_1043331)
1 year ago

If the Democrats refuse or not show for the debates they should be disqualified for running for President and Vice President.

Rachel Ruiz (@guest_1043355)
1 year ago

The Democratic party know that they have already lost the election and are scrambling to continue by any means to concoct any illusion to deter focus on poor Joe Biden. O’l sleepy Joe can’t debate. Pelosi knows and says President Trump isn’t worth conversing with. Just come out and say it pelosi Biden will make a fool of himself. LAW & ORDER. Says it all

Patty (@guest_1043364)
1 year ago

Agreed! No debate, disqualification! If Biden-his-time won’t debate, then he should be disqualified for sure! If the shoe was on the other foot, they would demand that Trump debate or else! The same should hold for Biden. Piglosi is afraid Biden won’t be able to get a clear thought across, and a Trump landslide! She wants a “ no clear winner declaration” so SHE can step in as interim president, that is the crooked plan! As far as the democraps go, I have not heard even ONE publicly denounce the rioting, looting, burning, killing and mayhem created by blm and antifa! If the democraps think they will vote for Biden, they are sorely mistaken! They will use them for the money Biden’s people are paying to get them out of jail, and to fund them, but they do NOT want either Biden or Trump in office! THEY want to be in power, so they won’t Vote for Biden! Piglosi knows this , that is why she wants to perpetrate the greatest voter fraud in history! Don’t forget, Obama is licking his chops, thinking HE will be in the White House, by hook or by crook! They HAVE to steal the election, so Obama almighty can “ save the country”! We cannot let that happen, we MUST re elect President Trump! There is NO other option if we want to remain a free country! Do not let the destroyers take over! Vote RED!!!! KAG!!!!!

CLAY HERBERT (@guest_1043366)
1 year ago

The debates should have been scheduled much earlier. Debates are the most essential part of the Presidential process! Piglosi cannot stop them. When they happen Biden will be doped to the gills. But, his performance will not matter, because it will be a Trump landslide, and the Dims know it already! Vote RED across the board!

Mike Siegfried (@guest_1043397)
1 year ago

No debates then that’s a forfeit no show then you automatically loose.

larry ossler (@guest_1043474)
1 year ago

Biden would be nailed if he debated…Dem’ will find some excuse….wa wa wa.the sooner the better…

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1044891)
1 year ago

Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.



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