May 19, 2022

President Trump successfully brokers historic deal with Serbia and Kosovo

President Trump has successfully brokered a historic deal between Serbia and Kosovo which will normalize the economic relationship between the two Balkan nations in what Trump described as a “major breakthrough.”

Fox News reported on Friday that President Trump personally oversaw the signing of an agreement between Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo’s Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti in which economic ties between the two nations will be normalized. Kosovo has also agreed to recognize Israel and Serbia agreed to move its embassy to Jerusalem as part of the deal.

Trump said that The Belgrade-Pristina deal is “truly historic” and that he is “looking forward to going to both countries in the not too distant future.”

This announcement comes just weeks after Trump also brokered a historic peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

Kosovo, a mainly Muslim country that declared independence from Serbia in 2008, refused to recognize Israel until this point. In turn, Serbia has also refused to recognize Kosovo as a sovereign nation to this point, causing tensions to run high in the Balkans for over a decade.

Both Hoti and Vucic hailed the deal as a major step forward in achieving stability and peace in the region. “We haven’t resolved all our problems, but this is a huge step forward,” said Vucic. “This is a great moment for the region,” Hoti confirmed.

The European Union has been attempting to mediate talks in order to achieve a deal for more than a decade but was unsuccessful until President Trump intervened.

Trump administration officials expressed hope on Friday that this deal will help Kosovo and Serbia to smooth over political relations in addition to economic relations in the near future.

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alicia Cervera (@guest_1044185)
1 year ago

Bravo Mr. President. Hope it works out for them in a lasting way. Another Peace deal undoable by others who have tried for years, now achieved by Pres. Donald J. Trump! God Bless all parties involved.

Esther (@guest_1044335)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
1 year ago

What a man!!

looi bamis (@guest_1044210)
1 year ago

I all said that we needed a strong leader (after “12”) el who can deal with friend & foe of our Beloved USA.

Jack (@guest_1044218)
1 year ago

President Trump has done more for this country in 3 1/2 years than any president in the last 100 years or longer and the democrats keep lying like a rug making up shyt on him since he was elected in 2016 and if the citizens of this great nation can’t see and recognize this and vote against him they are damn fools !! VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP IN NOV.3 “STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN “ !!!!!

Rosemarie Weleski (@guest_1044236)
Reply to  Jack
1 year ago

YES!!! Exactly right!

jayjay (@guest_1044243)
Reply to  Jack
1 year ago

AMEN !!!!!

lionel s ducote (@guest_1044223)
1 year ago

“Takin care of Biz” instead of screwing us.

chief1937 (@guest_1044224)
1 year ago

Trump does it again. Hang your heads in sorrow Democrats as your leaders could not accomplish this during their reign. And just think you guys want to replace him with brow beating Biden.

Tommie Walker (@guest_1044228)
1 year ago


FOX (@guest_1044229)
1 year ago


terry parsons (@guest_1044246)
1 year ago


SilverRascal (@guest_1044259)
1 year ago

Once again, the President comes through with something Biden could never hope to accomplish.
And I guessing he didn’t send a carrier full of cash to get it done either. Any way you want to stack it, Donald Trump is aces above any President we’ve had in my lifetime and I’m pushing towards 70.
What Would Biden Do? Ya don’t wanna know!

Herrmann Glockler (@guest_1044315)
Reply to  SilverRascal
1 year ago

I second that, and I am your senior by 10 years

Big Ed (@guest_1044320)
1 year ago

Take that damned Nobel Peace prize away from numbnuts and give it to Trump. Obama never did a damned thing to deserve the prize and Trump has done more for world peace in three and a half years than Obama even talked about in eight.

Kurt Walker (@guest_1044338)
1 year ago

Just close your eyes and imagine Joe Biden dealing with leaders of other nations, friend or foe. If I were the leader of China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran I most definitely want to deal with ‘Ol Joe. He has already proven he will give me what I want. Then if I were the leader of our friendly nations I wouldn’t trust Biden with anything, especially my strengths and weaknesses. If Biden were the leader of the U S, with the power of decision, he may well turn my nation into another “BURISMA” and sell my nation out just as he did there. After all Joe and his son Hunter already have deals with China NOW.

Sue Jackson (@guest_1044348)
1 year ago

If Americans learn nothing else from this Presidency of Donald J. Trump, we must admit that electing a very successful ‘Businessman’ rather than a ‘Politician’ has been very fruitful for America’s Economy, Growth, & Worldwide Economic Affect. This should change the manner in which we select our political leaders, from the bottom up. Be they Local, State, or Federal, I think we had come to accept ‘Career Politicians’ as acceptable. However with what we have hopefully come to recognize, we need to expect ALL our politicians to “Work For Us”, not to build up a career. Remember that WE, the People hire the politicians to work for us by giving them our VOTE. When they cease to “work for us” we must remember that WE are their Boss & We have the power to say “You’re Fired”. That is something else we have seen from the Businessman & President Donald J. Trump. If he determines that anyone working with him is not giving at least 100% then he has said “You’re Fired”. It is time WE step up & do the same. Do it for our children & grandchildren because the swamp/cesspool we have now are not working FOR us or FOR their Future.

Randall (@guest_1044364)
1 year ago

President Donald Trump has the power of for seeing events before they happen. Like shutting down flights from China and the European nations , before the China virus could contaminate further , Biden said Trump’s xenophobic ! Moron Biden would have opened us all up by doubling are contamination . Along with Democratic mayor’s and goveners .

Ron (@guest_1044552)
1 year ago

Trump is a better president than obama ever dreamed he or make believe father thought he was.
And better than cigar president Clinton was and better than the head of the Biden Crime Family would ever be if he had a brain, which is already dead

Wyatt Earp (@guest_1044616)
1 year ago

Something these DEMOCRAT president and those RINOREPUBLICAN could not do! Or didn’t care about! It a shame these POLITICAN are now trying to DESTORY AMERICA from WITHIN! With their corruption team of coward! The first PRESIDENT OF AMERICA WAS NOT A CAREERS POLITICAN EITHER! And we won our freedom from England! Trump is a BUSINESS MAN WHO TRY HARD TO GET PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND THEY ARE INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO DO GOOD! But Democrat want you to think ONLY GOVERNMENT CAN MAKE THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU! But we have come to realize that these POLITICAN are IN IT FOR THEMSELVES NOT THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA!

Robert Lynn Faulds (@guest_1045417)
1 year ago

The first President I can remember was Ike Eisenhower. We’ve actually had 3 decent Presidents in my lifetime. JFK who was killed for trying to do exactly what Trump is doing! DRAIN the SWAMP!! Ronald Reagan, now President Trump! President Trump is by far the best President that this country has or probably will ever have! Hopefully someone will learn from him & carry on after his time in office is complete in 2024.



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