July 7, 2022

President Trump calls for reinstatement of Boston bomber death sentence

President Trump reacted to the news that Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s death sentence had been overturned this week by calling for the death penalty to be immediately reinstated. 

“Death penalty! He killed and badly wounded many,” Trump tweeted on Saturday. “Justice!”

Breitbart reported:

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ordered a new penalty phase to Tsarnaev’s trial, arguing the first group of jurors were biased by the high publicity of the event.

Tsarnaev was sentenced in May 2015 to six death sentences after he and his older brother Tamerlan killed three and injured more than 260 people with a bomb at the Boston Marathon and later murdered an M.I.T. police officer as they fled law enforcement.

Democrats campaign to destroy our American justice system has never made more alarming inroads than in 2020, and the decision to attempt to vacate the death penalty for Tsarnaev is a wake-up call to the American people.

Trump denounced the move again in a recent campaign speech, declaring:

I see in Boston, where you have the animal that killed so many people during the Boston Marathon, they just sent his conviction for the death penalty back to the lower courts. So they’ll argue about that for a long time. It’s ridiculous. Think of that. It’s ridiculous.

Do you think that the Boston bomber deserves the death penalty? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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John ash (@guest_1031054)
1 year ago


ken worth (@guest_1031128)
Reply to  John ash
1 year ago

If this was Texas, he bombed & killed in May, 2015, he would have been dead by July 2015. Texas don’t mess around with cow crap like him, they put them in the express line. Texas doesn’t believe in wasting tax payer dollars keep scum like him alive. Needle or chair Texas ain’t particular as long as it gets done.

Michael C Walters (@guest_1031181)
Reply to  ken worth
1 year ago

Death penalty all the way!

canam884 (@guest_1031136)
Reply to  John ash
1 year ago


Richard Nordin (@guest_1031149)
Reply to  John ash
1 year ago

He should not be spared…he killed Soo many viciuosly….and cowardly. He needs to pay the price!

Colin (@guest_1031160)
Reply to  John ash
1 year ago

Yes, death penalty.

Jon (@guest_1031164)
Reply to  John ash
1 year ago

Make sure that whatever method is used to send him to allah has some form of pork in it. Won’t get his reward.

kenneth Meller (@guest_1031174)
Reply to  Jon
1 year ago

a piece of pork rind, from the butt, wedged in his mouth, & sewed shut: bang!

Michael Black (@guest_1031055)
1 year ago

Hell yes he deserves the death penalty

art (@guest_1031131)
Reply to  Michael Black
1 year ago


Janette Lewis (@guest_1031185)
Reply to  art
1 year ago

I agree art with what you are saying. When people get away for the crimes they do especially the upper elites as you mention it makes the law of none effect. Then some of the lower people will think it is ok for them to do wrong and hope to get away with no punishment. It is a proven fact. Read the bible it has examples of this.

John J Davis (@guest_1031056)
1 year ago

Death absolutely!!

James W. Savage Jr. (@guest_1031059)
1 year ago

Give the Boston bomber the death penalty now! Stop wasting taxpayer money on this case.

Valoria Havrilla J Havrilla (@guest_1031060)
1 year ago

There should be no question about it.!!!! DEATH PENALTY

Charles (@guest_1031063)
1 year ago

President Trump is correct this is a young killer who is not about to change and does not have any remorse in his actions. He needs to get the death penalty. The penal system should not make this a drawn out case for the next 20 years he has shown his remorse for his actions by giving the finger to the county from his cell obviously he hates this country.

emma schroth (@guest_1031064)
1 year ago

death penalty, it is the bible look it up. One of the commandments, thou shalt not kill meant just that. God doesn’t make mistakes.

This man and his brother killed, maimed and injured many in Boston; the initial penalty was correct. Why wasn’t it carried out immediately?

Steve Vickers (@guest_1031137)
Reply to  emma schroth
1 year ago

The correct translation is do not murder. It’s time to horor the dead and execute all of these people on death row

John George (@guest_1031065)
1 year ago

Absolutely he deserves the death penalty. I am tired of liberal lawyers defending sick individuals. Why make American taxpayers pay for this scum to live the rest of his life in a internet cell where TV and other luxury’s are provided.
Do us all a favor and let him smell pine oil.

Brian Wheeler (@guest_1031066)
1 year ago

He deserves the death penalty with his own type of bomb that was designed to kill and maim others to be used on himself.

ILoveEzell (@guest_1031097)
Reply to  Brian Wheeler
1 year ago

I agree! The punishment should fit the crime. The Bible says that God gave authority to government leaders to execute those who murdered others. I hear the argument that execution is inhumane. What about their victims? It was inhuman AND inhumane what the criminal did.

Georgia Beckhusen (@guest_1031117)
Reply to  ILoveEzell
1 year ago

As the Democrats always say, “No one is above the law”.
Stop wasting taxpayers dollars and expedite his sentence. He was proven guilty without a doubt.

Marsha (@guest_1031125)
Reply to  Georgia Beckhusen
1 year ago

Georgia, I 100% agree. Be done with this unGodly man!

Pam (@guest_1031168)
Reply to  ILoveEzell
1 year ago

I totally agree with you. The criminals say the lethal injection is inhumane, etc… I always say what they (murderer) did was inhumane . Death row have it easy. Prisoners in for life have it easy. Eye for an eye. Only God will be final judge. I feel for the survivors and the heinous, painful, cruel way some are murdered. Life sentence also should mean to your last breath. No eligibility for parole.

Gillian Wilson (@guest_1031071)
1 year ago

should get the death penalty

Ronald Cutrer (@guest_1031073)
1 year ago

Light him up

anthony Lee roberts (@guest_1031076)
1 year ago

Death penalty he knew what he was doing

Linda L Trotter (@guest_1031101)
Reply to  anthony Lee roberts
1 year ago

This decision to re-try a murderer is outright ridiculous. Where are the rights for the people he and his brother killed or maimed. What had happened to our justice system?

James Michael Gatto (@guest_1031077)
1 year ago

He should have been killed already.

Laura (@guest_1031078)
1 year ago

The left has lost its mind he’ll yes this dog should get the death penalty . They are letting criminals back out in the streets and I hope everyone of them if they committ a crime they should be able to sue the state who let them out.

charles trainor (@guest_1031081)
1 year ago

Boston will forever be apologizing for the Salem Witch Trials and searching for opportunities to cast itself in a new light. Get over it and take a stand against terrorism.

Donald Cose (@guest_1031089)
1 year ago

Death and soon

Nancy Smith (@guest_1031191)
Reply to  Donald Cose
1 year ago

Yes death penalty soon

Camille Romero (@guest_1031091)
1 year ago

Do not drag this out any longer at taxpayers expense. There is complete proof he killed and maimed hundreds because of his perverted, wicked beliefs.
He should get the DEATH PENALTY straightway.

Rebecca Fuqua (@guest_1031094)
1 year ago

Let someone tell him the Gospel and give him a chance to be saved by Christ before his execution!

David Tomlinson (@guest_1031096)
1 year ago


Karole Conaway (@guest_1031100)
1 year ago

Absolutely YES!

Pattie Louise Kelly (@guest_1031102)
1 year ago

If the jury found him guilty and he was sentenced to death than that decision should be held.

Jack (@guest_1031103)
1 year ago

If a death penalty is recommend it should be carried out in a timely manner. You have people sitting on death row for years. I think once convicted and sentenced 5 years should be maximum time for appeals.

Donald Douglas (@guest_1031106)
1 year ago

It is the same for the democrats to stop the death penalty for this MURDERER as it is letting COP KILLERS and FELONS OUT OF PRISON because they don’t want them to catch CHINA FLU, it might make these poor KILLERS, RAPIST AND THIEVES SICK. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME THAT THEY HAVE ANY CONCERN FOR ANYONE, LET THE THUGS AND BOMBERS RUN THE STREETS BY THE HUNDREDS BUT DON’T LET THE PUBLIC GO BACK TO WORK AND THE KID’S GO BACK TO SCHOOL. What a great big bunch of IDIOTS.

Will (@guest_1031112)
Reply to  Donald Douglas
1 year ago

ABSOLUTELY! And to top it all off, they want mail-in ballots to try to steal the election!!

Will (@guest_1031107)
1 year ago

It was a hate crime! He has been tried and found guilty! He has been sentenced to death! END OF DISCUSSION!

Janet Pack (@guest_1031114)
1 year ago

He was proven guilty without a doubt. He was sentenced by a judge. He should be executed and not retried. There is absolutely no reason to retry him. I feel sorry for all of the people who were affected in any way by this terrorist. Where is the justice for them?

Janet Black (@guest_1031124)
1 year ago

Yes definitely he should have already been put to death. Shame on the Democrats for their actions. For all the things that the Dems have done they should be sitting in a jail cell.

Jim (@guest_1031139)
1 year ago

This is pure bullsh*t!! We are spending lots of money on these type of convictions that are just a waste of taxpayer dollars.We spend more on trying to delay punishment than we do trying to help those in need . What sense is there to this? Our judicial system needs an overhall.

Roy Cochran (@guest_1031141)
1 year ago

The man had no remorse in killing and hurting all of those people, so, an eye for an eye. They didn’t mind killing our people, why should we mind putting them to death.

Raymond Roussel (@guest_1031142)
1 year ago

Who are the idiot judges who think they know better than the juries who convicted this piece of crap?
There is a problem with our justice system when a judge has the right to overturn a previous court ruling.
This is the reason crime is running rampant in our country, there is punishment for crime. The crime was when the idiot overturned the sentence and he should answer for it in court.

Richard W. Baughman (@guest_1031146)
1 year ago

Definitely deserves to die as soon as possible.

Raymond Roussel (@guest_1031148)
1 year ago

Correction on my post, it should have read there is NO punishment for crime.

Joe. O. (@guest_1031150)
1 year ago

People sentenced to death should have their sentences carried out within a year. All appeals should be completed in that year. At the end of that year carry out the sentence.

If people want to keep this animal in prison for the rest of his life, then they need to reach in their pockets and pay the cost. That cost should include the judge who sent the case back to a lower court.

Loyd (@guest_1031171)
1 year ago

YES those two didn’t mind killing some people that sentence should have been carried long ago.

J J McFarland (@guest_1031177)
1 year ago


Angela (@guest_1031184)
1 year ago

What is going on in our world!!!
We finally have a president that is doing so many good things and we are allowing a group of hoodlums to take charge of our country. Perhaps it’s time for the Silent Majority to take to the streets carrying our flag if not that then NOVEMBER is coming and we will vote our rights again TRUMP 2020

Harry (@guest_1031192)
Reply to  Angela
1 year ago

Death to the bomber!!!!

James Hough (@guest_1031187)
1 year ago

Death, forget those bed wetting liberals who are trying to destroy America. If they would like to trade position with this filthy murderer let them. Either way the world would be better off without them.

John (@guest_1031188)
1 year ago

He bombed inocent people! He should pay with his life for that. Now if he were to bomb democrats in congress, I could forgive him for that! Hell, I’d even throw him a party!!!

Robert W (@guest_1031195)
1 year ago


Kate (@guest_1031199)
1 year ago

I believe he needs to be executed

P Lightfoot (@guest_1031200)
1 year ago

Had to be a demonrat judge and prosecutor behind this crap I guess next thing they do will be to let him out and give him a protected flight to what ever country he chose
death to all terrorists American or foreign TRUMP 2020 ——— 2024 SEMPER FI.



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