April 21, 2021

President Trump calls for reinstatement of Boston bomber death sentence

President Trump reacted to the news that Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s death sentence had been overturned this week by calling for the death penalty to be immediately reinstated. 

“Death penalty! He killed and badly wounded many,” Trump tweeted on Saturday. “Justice!”

Breitbart reported:

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ordered a new penalty phase to Tsarnaev’s trial, arguing the first group of jurors were biased by the high publicity of the event.

Tsarnaev was sentenced in May 2015 to six death sentences after he and his older brother Tamerlan killed three and injured more than 260 people with a bomb at the Boston Marathon and later murdered an M.I.T. police officer as they fled law enforcement.

Democrats campaign to destroy our American justice system has never made more alarming inroads than in 2020, and the decision to attempt to vacate the death penalty for Tsarnaev is a wake-up call to the American people.

Trump denounced the move again in a recent campaign speech, declaring:

I see in Boston, where you have the animal that killed so many people during the Boston Marathon, they just sent his conviction for the death penalty back to the lower courts. So they’ll argue about that for a long time. It’s ridiculous. Think of that. It’s ridiculous.

Do you think that the Boston bomber deserves the death penalty? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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110 Responses

    1. Best death sentence for that lowlife would be to put him in a bunker and use the same bomb he used to maim and kill innocent people — and blow him into little pieces. Or perhaps, more effective, lessonwise, would be to just blow part of him away and let him struggle to survive with half a body like some of his victims did.
      I believe in the Bible it says “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. In this case, a bomb for a bomb will work too!

    2. He should’ve been executed already. He doesn’t deserve to live after what he and his brother did. The sentence should be carried out.

    3. That radical Muslim needs to die at the hands of the relatives of the people he murdered. If you were to deport him back to his native land he would have been beheaded already. No Sympathy, Empathy or Mercy. Done. End Game ☠️

    4. I find it totally repulsive that he is still alive a crime this heinous should have been met with no less than the death penalty.

  1. The reason people are doing this more often is because they keep getting away with this crap. He needs to die and be used as an example. This is not just someone committing a misdemeanor. This is murder. He needs the death penalty.

  2. Why shouldn’t they get the death penalty. The people they killed and injured didn’t have a choice. They had a choice and committed an evil act. They need to pay for what they did.

  3. He did not do it, nor did his brother. A photograph of the site in Boston where the bombs were set off shows a Tsarnaev brother’s backback STILL INTACT leaning up against a lamp post. Photos also show a Blackwater security backpack blown to pieces, with a Blackwater security person with a backpack on before, and stunned and missing the backpack directly after the detonations. The surviving brother was photographed leaving the area STILL WEARING his backpack, though somebody did a clumsy job of trying to dodge the backpack out of the picture. The pack is barely visible, and one of Tsarnaev’s thumbs hangs in space where his hand should be. The photos of the backpack which held one bomb is in plain view on the ground at the blast epicenter, shredded. It is also plain to see that it was a Blackwater backpack like the one dropped by the previously mentioned Backwater security guard. Closely examine the evidence, president Trump and mob of fools. These two brothers were framed. One was murdered almost immediately, the next drugged in custody.

  4. He has six death penalty convictions, Just take away two of them and there should still be enough to fry his donkey.

  5. This is about right…Put people in jail for defending themselves and property from terrorist with weapons and release (very possible) convicted terrorist(s) who have murdered people and injured hundreds. A bullet in the brain pan or a cheap rope for these terrorist. Offend the muslimes, and they will hack you head off. Maybe, we need to start such executions. Sure same the taxpayer dollar; oh the liberal democraps would only find a way to spend it!

  6. The penalty should stand. There is no doubt that he is guilty and he’s been sentenced. This sentence should not be scrubbed for any reason. If we send a message to other terrorists that we are soft it will only entice other fanatics to follow in his footsteps. The sentence should be carried out immediately.

  7. You plant your feet on this soil and knowingly perform a heinous crime against the American citizen, you deserve the death penalty; any acts against this Nation should always be dealt with in this matter. The world must know that if you attack the United States, you will be dealt with in the most harshness of ways. Don’t ever come and pick a fight on our soil, it will not be tolerated! The Unsilent Majority!!!

  8. Will Roger Stone get a new trial? He had a biased jury & a biased judge!!

    Do the activists judges want this Muslim back out on the streets so he can kill & maim more Americans?

    Is anybody going to prosecute Mueller or Brennan for sedition? FBI Director Mueller was warned twice by the Russian government that these 2 were radicalized even though they somehow managed U.S citizenships.

    Brennan made sure every federal agency struck all things related to 9/11 & struck all references to Muslim connections to terrorism, making any bias against Muslins to be politically incorrect.

    Jerk this kid’s citizenship & fly him back to his homeland & drop kick him out of the plane w/o a parachute. He’s already lived longer than he should have.

  9. Him and his brother should be put to death according to the sentence that was handed down by the jury and the judge,which was the death sentence.

  10. Death sentence is what he deserves, Justice, he and his brother showed no mercy. He deserves NO MERCY.

  11. They should be put to death with a bomb. And blown into little pieces. Make a stand against terrorism.

  12. The death penalty should be clear here but politics not law rules.
    Politics rules rather the existing law. A quick glance of the ultimate death of the American system- rule of law..

  13. That thing does not deserve to continue breathing It is wasteing the air, that a good and productive person could be breathing.

  14. George Washington was the first father of our country – God Bless Him. President Trump is the 21st Century’s second father of our country – God Bless Him too. Make and Keep America Great & SAFE.
    Vote TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!! Semper Fi!

  15. It seems like life in prison with no chance of parole is the best option since lawyers make MILLIONS off Death Sentence Appeals. Put them out in general population in a State Prison so some other animals will take care of business.

  16. Yes he had a death sentence and now it’s overturned by some judge that is afraid to stand up for Americans and bows to terriosts. I think there is no reason he doesn’t get the death penalty.

    1. He should come to your neighborhood and blow up a bomb there then you can say its because of TRUMP supporters. You are a true IDIOT

  17. I totally agree with the death penalty especially after voting such s jam Hyenas crime
    Anyone that takes another’s life should receive the death sentence

  18. No Question About It; Tsarnaev should be executed.

    Then go after the treasonous Democrat Communists, BLM, and Antifa and execute them too.


  20. ABSOLUTELY!!! It’s time politicians and those others in charge develop a backbone, and do what’s right. There are consequences for our actions…..do wrong, you get punishment; do right, you get blessings.

  21. This man was tried and convicted by a jury of his peers went through appeals process found death sentence justified. He had no mercy for those who he killed or crippled got the sentence appropriate for his crime court finding should be carried out as ordered. This judge blocking his sentence should have his bank account checked for recent large deposit.

  22. Wake up America–the dem’/BLM want to destroy our morals/religion/traditions—kick them out of our cities!!!

  23. Doesn’t sound like Karen Janssen doesn’t get the picture. He took the life of an American so what does he deserve but a death penalty!!

  24. Good move Mr. President as this Moslem Terrorist undercover is a bro to Moslem Ovomit so yes he under the black robe of a appointed Ovomit Judge was scamming America as Iran tells Ovomit to carry out. You kill an American and you butt is fried Moslem dog food.

  25. The death sentence should not even be questioned, it should be carried out immediately. We need to stop allowing terrorists to function in the US.

  26. Him and his brother should be put to death according to the sentence that was handed down by the jury and the judge,which was the death sentence.

  27. Removing the death penalty is a threat to everyone. People willing to commit horrific crimes .at be deterred when they know it could cost them their lives.

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