October 4, 2022

Trump Blasts Biden Over Debate Mistake

During the February 25, 2020, Democrat debate Democrat debate, presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed there have been 150 million gun deaths in America. That is factually incorrect. The population of America is 320 million by the most recent count.

President Donald Trump did not miss out on the opportunity to bring up Biden’s gaffe at his during his speech at CPAC. “”Did he just say that we killed 150 million people?,” Trump said. “That’s half of our population.”

According to Breitbart News, “approximately 11,000 to 12,000 are killed via gun violence in America each year. Another 22,000-23,000, on average, die in firearm-related suicides.”

Trump wasn’t the only voice to take issue with Biden’s mistake.

“Yikes,” tweeted John Solomon, an investigative journalist, “Biden inaccurately killed nearly half of America last night with a debate gaffe that falsely claimed guns have killed 150 million since 2007. Will the rest of media correct him?”

Biden will find out if his mistake costs him politically as Super Tuesday results roll in tonight.


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