May 24, 2022

Trump blasts Biden failures in front of massive Arizona rally crowd

During a packed Saturday night rally in Arizona, former President Donald Trump stopped short of announcing another presidential campaign, but did pledge to supporters, as Fox News reports, that “we are going to take back the White House,” words certain to strike panic in the hearts of liberals everywhere.

The crowd in Florence was enthusiastic and large, with Trump himself remarking, “Look at the people, as far as the eye can see…look at the people way back, and I mean like football fields back.”

Noting the likelihood that the mainstream media would attempt to downplay the true number of those in attendance, Trump added, “I would ask the press to turn your cameras around and show the kind of crowd that we have, because nobody’s ever had a movement like this.”

The former commander in chief continued, “Nobody’s ever had spirit like this or a crowd like this. But see they don’t turn the cameras, they don’t want to turn the cameras… . You can look a hundred yards behind the cameras and it’s a sea of people. In fact, the press is blocking people out, and that’s a shame.”

Potentially setting the stage for a re-match between himself and President Joe Biden in the 2024 election, Trump pulled no punches when it came to his assessment of the current administration’s performance to date.

Trump blasted Biden on everything from inflation to the border crisis, to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, declaring, “We’ve had more problems, we’ve had more destruction than five presidents put together in the last year,” adding, that the “decisions they’re making, they’re wrecking and devastating people’s lives, firing Americans from their jobs, forcing innocent children to grow up in masks,” as Fox News reported separately.

The 45th president continues to tease a possible candidacy in 2024, and did so again last month during an Orlando, Florida event with media personality Bill O’Reilly, saying, “We won the first time, and the second time we won by even more. And it looks like we might have to think about very strongly a third time.”

The comments from Trump come amid a string of significant defeats for the Biden administration agenda and plummeting approval ratings for the president himself, circumstances which have even prompted some on the left to suggest drastic changes to the Democratic Party ticket for the next presidential election involving former first lady Hillary Clinton and GOP Rep. Liz Cheney (WY).

Whether or not Trump ultimately throws his hat into the ring and seeks another term in the White House, even mainstream media outlets have been forced to grudgingly acknowledge his status as a “dominant force” in the GOP, and that is something that is surely keeping Democrats up at night while they nurse their self-inflicted political wounds.

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