October 3, 2022

Donald Trump signs bill cracking down on Chinese human rights violations

Never-Trumpers and Democrats have resorted to outright lies in order to attempt to discredit Donald Trump, but it’s not working.

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton recently accused President Trump of supporting the Chinese government’s efforts to send Uighur Muslims to detention camps. The same day that Bolton made the claim, Donald Trump was in the process of cracking down on China for their egregious violations of human rights towards that very group. 

Donald Trump signed a bill on Wednesday that levels sanctions against the Chinese government for torturing and abusing over 1 million Muslims living in China.

The Daily Caller reported:

The bill Trump signed Wednesday calls for his administration to create a report on Chinese officials who are responsible for the detention camps and introduce sanctions against them. The sanctions could include freezing of assets, VISA denials, and barring entry into the U.S.

Bolton’s accusations are detailed in his forthcoming book. Advance reviews of his book reveal that Bolton claimed that Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping that detaining Uighur Muslims was the “right thing to do” during a dinner with Chinese diplomats at the G20 in 2019.

The White House slammed Bolton’s extensive and unfounded accusations in a statement, saying that Bolton is “threatening to undermine America’s national security for personal profit.”

Contrary to Bolton’s claims, the bill Trump signed on Wednesday seeks to hold the Chinese government accountable for “indoctrination camps, forced labor, and intrusive surveillance to eradicate the ethnic identity” of the Chinese Muslims.


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