April 21, 2021

Donald Trump signs bill cracking down on Chinese human rights violations

Never-Trumpers and Democrats have resorted to outright lies in order to attempt to discredit Donald Trump, but it’s not working.

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton recently accused President Trump of supporting the Chinese government’s efforts to send Uighur Muslims to detention camps. The same day that Bolton made the claim, Donald Trump was in the process of cracking down on China for their egregious violations of human rights towards that very group. 

Donald Trump signed a bill on Wednesday that levels sanctions against the Chinese government for torturing and abusing over 1 million Muslims living in China.

The Daily Caller reported:

The bill Trump signed Wednesday calls for his administration to create a report on Chinese officials who are responsible for the detention camps and introduce sanctions against them. The sanctions could include freezing of assets, VISA denials, and barring entry into the U.S.

Bolton’s accusations are detailed in his forthcoming book. Advance reviews of his book reveal that Bolton claimed that Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping that detaining Uighur Muslims was the “right thing to do” during a dinner with Chinese diplomats at the G20 in 2019.

The White House slammed Bolton’s extensive and unfounded accusations in a statement, saying that Bolton is “threatening to undermine America’s national security for personal profit.”

Contrary to Bolton’s claims, the bill Trump signed on Wednesday seeks to hold the Chinese government accountable for “indoctrination camps, forced labor, and intrusive surveillance to eradicate the ethnic identity” of the Chinese Muslims.

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47 Responses

  1. Up till the Clinton era, people did not want to deal with China because of their “Sweat Shops”. Now no one talks about China’s “seat shops” They are still there.

  2. Now we see and understand why Bolton was never confirmed by Congress, is a liar and dangerous to USA SECURITY wants to make money slandering POTUS who gave him a job in his Administration. Traitor!!!!!!

  3. Yes, and those sweat shops advertise their cheap clothing all over the Internet. The sweat shops support communism.

  4. I don’t give a damn about the Mus lums or the illegals ! They all need to go back where they came from !

    1. I’m with you harry. They all belong back in their own country or concentration camps. Not trying to change the world to suit themselves.

  5. I care about all people. I’m sick of hearing about China. It’s time to take action! They try to make Americans look stupid and we fall for it. That’s my opinion.

    1. me too ! When it comes to the looters and the burning our cities, We need to put curfew in as soon as it starts with protesters!
      We are sick of it all and our rights are being taken away every day! We are caving in to mobsters and their demands. NFL no guts! Pepsico NO GUTS, and all of you who think this will end, look at Detroit Michigan. They ruin every city that they take over!

  6. Of course democrats will be stunned. They have been bought and paid for by the Chinese for years.

  7. The democratic socialist party,as they call themselves today, is just a pretty name for the communist party.

  8. John Bolton is a traitor and should be arrested for his lies. Boycot his book if it ever comes out.

  9. They call themselves tube democratic socialist party…It’s just a pretty name for the communist party

  10. The Democrats Only agenda is to destroy this great country with lie after lie accusation after accusation. Spending millions of dollars of the tax payers and it was all a lie everything they said was a lie. Democrats are nothing but communists it’s obvious they care about nothing but destroying our great nation. Pelosi AOC Biden Obama Hillary Clinton and about a dozen others. Need to be ousted and should never be able to work in any form of Government. Pelosi says it’s ok for people to get together to riot burn buildings down loot and murder. Buy Pelosi says it’s unsafe for people to attend a rally for one of the greatest presidents ever. The Democrats double standard is plane to see for everyone.

    1. It’s amazing how the Democrats/RINO’s can try to destroy America but they can’t resolve issues affecting America. Destroying America is treason but resolving issues is humane and what they are being paid to do at $174,000/yr of taxpayers money. Democrats/RINO’s have abandoned their constituents… Pelosi’s hatred for President Trump is greater than her compassion and dedication for her constituents whom many are homeless, broke, unemployed, uneducated. Why doesn’t Pelosi do her job along with the rest of the Democrats/RINO’s?

  11. The old Democrat party is dead, it has been replaced with the democrat/socialist party. These socialists are doing everything in their power to destroy America! They support the thugs, thieves, arsonists, murderers and terrorists, that they claim are “demonstrators”. These low life people are the bottom of the barrel, SCUM! They want to let non-citizens vote in our elections! They want American taxpayers to support non-citizens in our country! They want to not fund or support the police! They want to allow the take over of our cities by the thugs, thieves, and arsonists, so they can enjoy their “block party”. What they have done is a travesty, and a disgrace to every true American! We must reelect President Trump, the best President in my lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I know one thing, I’m tired of all the cops being put in the bad category when it is a small fraction that are bad. As far as China is concerned to hell with them.

    1. Gary you are right just don’t do business with China but can you stop the socialist they seem to love China

  13. I disagree on one point. China doesn’t make us look foolish. The government does that. We put these fools in office because we believed they wanted to work for the good of our country and it’s citizens. Let’s show these pukes we may be trusting but we are not stupid. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me “. Coming to get you Democrats. Vote a straight Republican ticket on November 3rd.

  14. Get rid of Pelosi and her gang. They are ruining our country. They are as close to being communist as they can get. Clean out Congress and put all Americans in their place. No Muslim in the Congress or senate making laws for Christian Americans. They hate The Christian religion .

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