June 14, 2021

Poll: Trump and Biden are tied in general election matchup

Democrats have already called the November election for Joe Biden based on a slew of polls awarding Biden up to a 10-point lead.

However, a new Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll released on Tuesday completely destroys that narrative, showing that Trump and Biden are tied in the 2020 election race. The mainstream media wants you to think that it’s over for Trump, but this new poll changes everything.

Breitbart reports:

The poll of 1,500 likely voters conducted between July 1 and July 3 showed that Trump and Biden each receive 47 percent of the national popular vote, with only six percent undecided.

The results differ dramatically from those of the presidential matchup polls featured in the Real Clear Politics Average of Polls, which currently show Biden leading Trump by nine points.

Democracy Institute founder and executive director Patrick Basham told Breitbart that the reason the poll produced such dramatically different results than most other polls is that DI was able to identify the “shy” Trump voters — voters that have recognized the social consequences of publically supporting Trump, but will likely pull the handle for him in November.

Democracy Insitute also correctly predicted the outcome of the 2016 general election. “We’ve identified a ‘low burn’ reaction among Trump supporters who’ve seen public shaming of those who support the president,” Basham explained. “Ever since the May protest riots many Trump supporters are simply unwilling to face the risk and public ridicule of telling even an anonymous person on the phone they plan on voting for the president.”

He added:

We asked a number of undecided voters more probing questions. We start out with 10 percent undecided. But then, after the additional questions, undecided comes down to about 6 percent, with half of those who first identified as undecided coming down for Trump. All of these undecideds go to Trump with other questioning.

Additionally, most pollsters do not account for voter enthusiasm. Donald Trump has record-high voter enthusiasm, in exact opposition to Biden, whose base is historically apathetic.

“There’s no one for Biden who’s not happy to tell you they support him,” Basham said. “There’s tremendous openness about support for Biden, though there is low enthusiasm. But among rabidly pro-Trump voters, there are some who are shy about saying they are for him.”

The number speak for themselves. 77 percent of Trump voters are strongly enthusiastic about Trump, while only 43 percent of Biden voters can say the same. Even more telling is the fact that 71 percent of Biden voters are only voting for him to cast a “negative vote against” Trump.

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61 Responses


    2. AGREE! trump 2020!!!!
      GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT, our USA and our elections free from bad actors, liars cheaters and the demonrat party.
      Biden wont debate Pres. Trump, he can’t handle it but theyll come up with some trick and excuse that joe just can’t attend the debates. SCARED to show his cognitive problems.

    3. I think that the reason that might and might be leading in the polls is because conservatives are getting tired of taking polls. Every time you turn around there is a poll. Three four and five polls everyday on my emails. I know who I am voting for and I am sure that all of the other conservatives know who they are voting for. We do not need to take four or five polls everyday. Just wait for the election.

        1. I have done the polls and every poll I have seen has Trump leading…I don’t know how they come up with their figures!

      1. That is exactly right Mark. I am really getting tired of seeing and taking these polls. I am getting tired of the Democrat bashing as they say one candidate did not vote for something or other but it leaves out WHY they did not vote for that particular thing was because it had something else very bad included in it. It also depends on whom they are polling and in what area. Personally , I cannot see why anyone would want Biden as he is for defunding police, raising taxes, wants babies killed inside and out………..all the wrong things! Plus he can’t put a sentence together proper. The man has dementia and he is simply a figurehead that the bad guys like Hillary, Waters, Soros…..ALL the Democrats will control. He will do just what they tell him to. Trump is not perfect but by golly he is the only one that stands for justice, order, has a love for American and it’s people and has God on his side. Please vote for someone that is trying to help our country instead of destroy it!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  1. This is SO RIDICULOUSLY-FUNNY—What person with an I.Q. above 50 is paying ANY attention to “polls”, after the results of the ’16 election ?!!!—If memory serves, the “polls” predicted a Hillary presidency by up to 95%—and just look who’s in the oval office NOW !!! I’m L.M.A.O.,BWAHAHAHA!!! K.A.G.

    1. Yes 💕 VOTING RED ONLY
      VOTING TRUMP AGAIN And any future TRUMP thereafter
      As for the polls who all remembers TIME magazine
      Madame President 😂 I’m STILL LAUGHING and they said she was leading in the polls…😂😂😂

  2. Silly Rabbits! Poles(Polls) are for hanging flags on, not Presidential outcomes of an event that does even take place until November 3, 2020.

    1. Someone is trying to play the human instinct on voting for a winner so they try to project Biden as the winner…..

      1. I’ve been thinking the same exact thing, but something’s not right, some sort of manipulation going on .I also do trust this mail in voting,why are they so desperate to push this ,to many have already done it,To bad once you vote you can’t change it after.I think a lot of people that voted already wish they’d voted for Trump.There be a whole lot of counting votes over and over again on November 3rd.God has to be taken care of us when Trump wins ,we need our Country back and stop the nonsense ,stop fighting with each other for the war lords that put us against each other , that would be the far left Demacratic party.

    1. It can happen, if we pray earnestly for our nation and for Trump to win. We MUST pray. God put Trump in there 4 years ago, because we prayed for a godly president, god answered.

  3. “Poll: Trump and Biden are tied in general election matchup”

    I would not place any bets on Biden.

  4. U r right Trump supporters are not saying anything because of the violence that would be heaped on them and there families

  5. Civil War has started so you are not safe nor will you be – so get ready because they will not be stopped.

    1. How right you are. Sadly. To all true patriotic Americans I say: Stand Up, Arm Up, Speak Up! God Bless America!

      1. Please vote Nancy Botox Pelosi and Chucky Cheese Schumer OUT! Along with any and all who have served more than12years in both the Senate and House! Perhaps those individuals might not be so “needed” as they feel they are.

  6. President Trump will win in 2020! All the democrats are doing and media is they’re going to cheat,still, and mail in voting fraud so that way they can say that biden was leading in the polls the whole time. That way the American people doesn’t think that they cheated! We (The American People) know who the BEST President would be (TRUMP) and he will WIN! President Trump has GOD and the AMERICAN people on his side! TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🙏👍🏻

  7. listening to Joementia Biden is futile, like publishing fake poll results. These votetards should get a room with Joementia Biden.

  8. I’ll be happy to tell them and any other left wing retard that I’m voting for Trump in November. If they don’t like it, let them try burning down my house. And I emphasize the word TRY.

    1. So friggn glad to see someone else with courage enuf to say it. I’m with ya all the way, let them, just let them try it I’m a country boy that’s been shooting guns since the age of 6 and that’s the truth. So glad to hear from a true patriotic American. God Bless and keep up the faith, our Nation and President needs us!

  9. Who in here has been polled??? I want to know who they ask.
    Many many people in my area are Trump supporters. Not one of us has ever been asked

  10. Those who watch polls should remember just one thing that is POLLS DO NOT VOTE. By 10pm November 3,2020 we will all know who will reside in the white house for 4 years at least and just maybe 8 years total. Trump/Pence 2020 Think long and hard people before casting your desires for president come November. Your freedoms depends on it.

  11. I know many ppl pro Trump don’t say anything bc of the oppression of getting hurt, is very infuriating that we can say nor do what our freedom of speech gave us in our constitution BC THESE Lunatics far lefties are bullies. RE-ELECTION TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!!!!!

  12. So the question is,
    Joe Biden can’t be affraid of debating Donald J. Trump can he?
    Come on Joe, Are you a man or Mickey Mouse?
    Free Speech Correct?

  13. I was a Democrat until Trump came along and my wife and I voted for him and we will again in Nov. I never saw a President work so hard to save America. I don’t know how he keeps on going but he does to save our flag and our government. God bless President Donald j. Trump.

  14. Trump beat Hillary while behind in the polls by 15% on average. If he is tied right now then he will sweep the November election with the popular and the electoral. But I care for none of that. I just want to watch the left melt down for 4 more years. That will be the best part of this November election. It will be a message to the insane left that they are not the tolerant left, they are not the woke crowd. They are just a bunch of loud obnoxious sycophant liberal but kissing morons hell bent on destroying the country I have spent 3 decades defending.

  15. All conservatives must get out
    and vote for our president unless you want the entire nation to look like Seattle and your freedoms gone forever.

  16. I voted for Trump the time ,AND I AM DAM SURE NOT AFRAID TO SAY I WILL VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN . Them that think they can scare me into NOT voting for Trump bring yourself on . I am from SOUTH LOUISIANA aka THEE BAYOU LAND , I have been shooting a gun since I was 6 and I can shoot just as well as I did back then . If you want to try and stop me from voting YOU CAN TRY . Democrats are nothing but puppets .

  17. “Polls” are supposed to show us if an object is favorable or unfavorable, and by how much. Unfortunately, polls can be manipulated to get almost any result you want. For instance if you ask “Who do you want to win the election Biden or Trump”? The results will be where and how did you ask? If you ask in a metropolitan area like one of the Blue States and cities, Biden will be the favorite. The same question, in a Red State and city, it will be Trump.

    It’s baffling to understand how a city like NYC could have had a Republican Mayor like Julianna who reduced crime more than its ever been in NYC and then the electorate elects someone like De Blasio who is a liberal democrat radical progressive intent on destroying the police and sides with BLM and Antifa who are interested in destroying the social structure, police, and laws that govern society. Crime has skyrocketed. WTF do people want? To live in fear and desperation? Apparently so.

  18. Calling all American PATRIOTS, PEACE LOVING AMERICANS, FREEDOM , LAW & ORDERS & PROSPERITY of our America PLEASE TURN OUT (vote for President Trump in Nov.) OR we’ll LOST this country (America) to the DEMENTED PROGRESSIVES,VIOLENCE, HATRED of anyone doesn’t agree with them! Thanks in advance.

  19. It appears to me that if you can’t see the evil democrats are perpetrating right now and you vote for Dozey Joe, then there is no help you and you are doomed!

  20. I haft to say, that being 75 years old and voting my entire life, the best vote I ever cast was for Donald Trump to be President, I know, Washington, Abe Lincoln, Jefferson, Adams, Roosevelt, Reagan, etc. Have their Claim to Fame, But in my life time I have never seen anyone Work and Worry, About America and work harder Than President Trump, The very best President America has ever had. And he keep his word, and is honest. I’ve never been able to say that about any other President, God Bless you Sir, Thank You, and I Salute You.

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