May 17, 2022

Trump: Biden should be indicted by now, Bill Barr is lagging

President Trump is not happy with his attorney general Bill Barr. And he believes that Joe Biden should be facing an indictment.

Appearing on the Rush Limbaugh show, the president didn’t hide his displeasure at the slow pace of the Durham investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

“These people should be indicted, this was the greatest political crime in the history of our country, and that includes Obama and it includes Biden,” the president said.

“These are people that spied on my campaign — and we have everything — and now they say ‘we have much more,’ and I say, ‘Bill, we got plenty, you don’t need anymore,’ ” Trump continued.

CNBC reports:

Trump, speaking with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, had been asked about Axios’ report that Barr has warned Republicans on Capitol Hill not to expect the findings of the probe by the Department of Justice to be released before Nov. 3.

“If that’s the case I think it’s terrible. It’s very disappointing. And I’ll tell him to his face,” Trump said during the roughly two-hour radio interview.

“I think it’s a disgrace. It’s an embarrassment,” he said.

The president said he was previously unaware of Barr’s reported comments. “I’m hearing this for the first time,” Trump told Limbaugh.

“If Bill Barr made that statement, I would be very disappointed in him,” Trump added.

Bill Barr has been an above-average attorney general, but he’s risking not being able to complete his mission. Does he think that Joe Biden will allow him to continue the investigation if Biden wins?

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Glenda Hammer (@guest_1060066)
1 year ago

Be honest, Obama, Biden, Hillary, Comey, and the rest of Obama’s Administration, and Comey’s Corrupt FBI Agents!

Don’t forget Hunter Biden!

Christopher Wray who is Trump’s FBI Head, has been refusing to release information on Hillary, and Corrupt Lying FBI Agents, to Judicial Watch!

I thought anybody who tried to over throw a President of the United States, was guilty of Treason, instead all these people are being protected, from Federal Criminal Charges, and Prison!

Magda (@guest_1060123)
Reply to  Glenda Hammer
1 year ago

Whichever way anyone would look at the facts, what the FBI, CIA and all the rest of the so called “ intelligence community “ did could not be called anything but Treason !!!!!
What kind of justice system do we have ???
Put Gen Flynn in jail and protect Comey, Brennan, Claper, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and all the rest ????

Mike Tanco (@guest_1060140)
Reply to  Magda
1 year ago

Washington D. C. Makes the Mafia look like choir boys.
The citizens of this country deserve a government that will adhere to the words used by Democrats daily. No one is above the law!!
Heads need to roll if we’re to trust our government.

Linn (@guest_1060163)
Reply to  Mike Tanco
1 year ago

Yes, it certainly does – and MS-13 like the Von Trapp family. DC = depraved/corrupt!

Ruth (@guest_1060268)
Reply to  Linn
1 year ago

It is waaay past time to lower the hammer on these anti-American traitors! Still cannot believe that they are allowed to get away with their traitorous actions ! There must be some way to expose them ! ! ! Come on people . . This current situation must be followed through, and those responsible MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE ! The future of our Country will be affected by this . . . .

Tip (@guest_1062325)
Reply to  Mike Tanco
1 year ago

What bothers me the most is that Barr is ignoring a fundamental opportunity to draw the line on what is right and what is wrong. So, why is he stopping? Does he feel that toppling the government right before an election is bad for America? Or, are the elites too strong and deeply entrenched in D.C. to do anything effective?
Irregardless, he should do his job- the direction we go in is not up to him( if he thinks so, then he is part of the swamp) He works for the President and should follow Trumps direction. The people listed performed treason, sedition and espionage under any legal definition. Barr, just do your job. Do not be like Wray who thinks he can decide what information gets released or not. I can not fathom why that man still has a job. Wray has taken every opportunity to slow down the investigation. Again, it does not matter what he thinks. Wray, just do your job. The last resort is that we, the American people, can fix all this at the ballot box.

Bobbie O Mitchell (@guest_1060144)
Reply to  Magda
1 year ago

i tottally agree. whats really going on? it makes no sense. DO SOMETHING, PLEASE. these people get away with everything???why???.bobbie

Jeanne (@guest_1060167)
Reply to  Magda
1 year ago

Agree very sad

George Elo (@guest_1060277)
Reply to  Magda
1 year ago

I agree. It’s a sham. Barr and Durham aren’t going to do a thing. I think they are paid off by the Clinton’s. There will not be anymore indictments. Just a slap on the wrist.

Janet (@guest_1060395)
Reply to  Magda
1 year ago

Agree with you on every note. This is an absolute disgrace. It’s as if the law doesn’t apply to any of them. They do as they please with no restitution. What message does this send to America? Liberals get to make up their own set of laws? It certainly appears that way. Pelosi still in office…what a joke. That woman has wasted more time and taxpayer dollars on her stupid unsubstantiated claims (which have been proven made up by HILLARY CLINTON), and yet she STILL goes after President Trump with “arrows in her quiver”. Not one ounce of respect is shown. She’s the most disrespectful, dishonorable liberal in that bunch and It’s downright despicable. There is no justice. No law or order. How can we trust our “Government” if it’s allowing acts of treason to be overlooked as if it were nothing? TREASON. I mean, the mother of all sins. What the hell is going on???? I seriously wonder if there is anyone honest to uphold the law!!!

Erma Larimer (@guest_1060132)
Reply to  Glenda Hammer
1 year ago

They all should be charged and serve time in prison.

James Scantland (@guest_1060136)
Reply to  Glenda Hammer
1 year ago

Go get them prez. I personally would love to yevery cruckid political behind bars and I don’t care which side they’re on the swomp needs draining today. Expose every cruckid deal they have swept under the table

Jacques (@guest_1060154)
Reply to  Glenda Hammer
1 year ago

Bill Barr has no intention to prosecute anyone till after January 20th if President Trump can resist being ousted through the 20th amendment, when Nancy Pelosi intends to hold up the vote count total until after that time, then install herself as president so that they can come up with additional ballots to get more electoral votes than Trump and install Harris as President. All this talk of investigations, the 25th amendment bill, impeachment of Barr is all a distraction for what Pelosi really intends to do. In order to stop this the house would need to be majority red as well as the senate, and then the draining of the swamp can happen, provided that younger new conservatives and Libertarians and voted in to uphold the constitution. All these older senators and congress people are part of the swamp and need to be purged.

kenneth safran (@guest_1060161)
Reply to  Jacques
1 year ago

i agree wholly we need to get full senates , house , legislators , judical then we can play oddball with these traitors.

Gail (@guest_1060170)
Reply to  Jacques
1 year ago

That’s the problem! All these young people think the Demonrats walk on water! If these were Republicans pulling all this crap, they would have been in jail already! This is the most corrupt government anywhere!

efred (@guest_1060191)
Reply to  Jacques
1 year ago

Trump needs to tell Barr to essentially ‘[poop] or get off the pot’.

Treat him like the contestants on his show, “The Apprentice”. If Barr balks, even the slightest, tell him to give up all the information, and tender his resignation. Trump’s going to have to be a bit less patient with these people. He also should do a whole house cleaning of the intelligence agencies, especially the FBI. (Something doesn’t smell right with that Whitmer kidnap conspiracy – the only thing that seems true, is that there’s a conspiracy; by who, is not clear at this time. But one thing is known: Antifa/anarchists do NOT support Trump.)

Diana (@guest_1060298)
Reply to  efred
1 year ago

Check the money trail! Soro?

Gerell Domangue (@guest_1060272)
Reply to  Jacques
1 year ago

I believe Bill Bar has either been threatened or he is one of them. Either way he can’t handle’! the truth!

The Redhawk (@guest_1060164)
Reply to  Glenda Hammer
1 year ago

LOCK THEM ALL UP….FOR CHRIST SAKE what does it take to CONVICT CRIMINALS ANYMORE???…. 4 ears. millions spent proof uncovered and …. NO CONVICTIONS WTF is JUSTICE DOING ???

Jeanne (@guest_1060168)
Reply to  The Redhawk
1 year ago


Daniel R Smith Sr (@guest_1060186)
Reply to  Jeanne
1 year ago


Michael V (@guest_1060221)
Reply to  Daniel R Smith Sr
1 year ago

Bill Barr, what is this whole hold back on the information that you already have ?. ARE YOU part of the swamp. If President Trump wins this election, you will still have your job. If Dems win it, YOUR FIRED !! Be the DOJ that you were swarn to hold up the law !! You have more than what you are willing to hold up because of democriminals. Whats the problem ?? Your against Trump because it sure looks and sounds like it. If you not part of the swamp, RELEASE THESE INDICTMENTS !!!

Frank (@guest_1060274)
Reply to  The Redhawk
1 year ago

Frikken foot dragging click bait bul-schiff!!! DOJ is not doing any justice for the United States citizens

Harriet (@guest_1060180)
Reply to  Glenda Hammer
1 year ago

Get with it Bill Barr. It’s amazing how quickly things can get done if one really wants to. Get with the President and be honest and explain. It’s your job! We’ve been waiting for four years!!! WHATS GOING ON?

iamvirgo (@guest_1060198)
Reply to  Harriet
1 year ago

Hope Barr isn’t part swamp creature? The time is NOW! No time to waste, Barr needs to step up and do his job! WTF?

Roger lukas (@guest_1060185)
Reply to  Glenda Hammer
1 year ago

Put the damn coup in jail!

Ron (@guest_1060229)
Reply to  Roger lukas
1 year ago

President Trump needs to take all of the evidence that Barr supposedly has and put another Attorney General in his place; somebody like Nunes and also investigate Barr and his subordinate to make sure that they’re nor a part of the swamp group.

Glorianne (@guest_1060427)
Reply to  Ron
1 year ago

Jim Jordan would be good he’s a bull dog takes a bite and holds on doesn’t let go

Raymond Steen (@guest_1060187)
Reply to  Glenda Hammer
1 year ago

You are correct Glenda except the crime of treason demands death by hanging or the firing squad. Why should the people of the USA have to pay for all the circus ploys to give these traitors anything less?

patk morrison (@guest_1060273)
Reply to  Glenda Hammer
1 year ago

I really think that more people than we think were involved and the are still in the government. Both DEM’S AND REPUBLICANS. You will never get indictments against the ones imbeded in the swamp.

Glorianne (@guest_1060428)
Reply to  patk morrison
1 year ago

If he indicts killary she’ll sing like a canary all will be revealed. She said if she goes down so will lots of other people

alicia regina cervera (@guest_1060334)
Reply to  Glenda Hammer
1 year ago

I thought so too Glenda, but theyre out free like birds enjying their bucks$$$

Claudia Weber (@guest_1060433)
Reply to  Glenda Hammer
1 year ago

I think it’s past time to stop stringing the American people along and bring out everything and indict. However, I don’t think justice is going to happen no matter who does the investigating. The “Deep State” will never be exposed, only protected.

Stephen M. Ripley (@guest_1060117)
1 year ago

Rub shoulders with DIRT & it will surely come back to haunt you.

Charles (@guest_1060118)
1 year ago

Doubt they will ever be exposed for their crimes , corruption runs deep in our government!

SGT Preston (@guest_1060188)
Reply to  Charles
1 year ago

Most likely, you are correct. After all, look at Bill and Hillary Clinton, leaders of the “CCC” (Clinton Crime Cartel). They seem to be able to get away with anything.

Michael Miller (@guest_1060119)
1 year ago

I agree with the POTUS they all should be charged with treason & put in jail for a long time

Sophie Reinhart (@guest_1060155)
Reply to  Michael Miller
1 year ago

Every damn one of them should of been in prison way before the election. How many years does it take to find out there as guilty as hell. Barr I thought was a great choice. I’m beginning to wonder who’s side he’s really on. We The American People Want Justice For Our President Donald J. Trump. This is Treason, and they should of all been in prison already
Or is Barr really waiting to see if biden wins he’ll drop this all together. “BARR do the job AMERICAN pay you to do.” TRUMP 2020. 4 MORE YEARS.

Deborah Burnand- Hatch (@guest_1060257)
Reply to  Sophie Reinhart
1 year ago

Trump 2020 lock thedemonrats up, c’mon Bill Barr do your job

Harriet (@guest_1060182)
Reply to  Michael Miller
1 year ago

DO IT NOW. Please stop stalling.

Pat K Dietrich (@guest_1060183)
Reply to  Michael Miller
1 year ago

No, they should all be hung for treason! If that was any other country, that’s
what would happen!

Mary Thurlow (@guest_1060120)
1 year ago

Lock them all up NOW!

Ray Myers (@guest_1060121)
1 year ago

If they did a crime then they should spend the time. Indictments should be handed down before the election.

Hoss (@guest_1060133)
Reply to  Ray Myers
1 year ago

I agree…Indictments should be handed down before the election…If Biden gets in he will cover it up and stop any investigation that’s going on and the criminal activity continues for years to come…The Obama’s, the Clinton’s, the Biden’s, and Kamala hate America…They hate what we stand for and the principles we were founded on and they’ll do everything they can to change it…

Claudia Weber (@guest_1060434)
Reply to  Hoss
1 year ago

There’s no good reason for not releasing and acting upon what they’ve been telling us they have. I hate to say it, but it reminds me of Schiff when he kept saying over and over, he had proof of President Trump’s collaboration with Russia. He never proved or had anything and I no longer have hope that we’ll see anything from Durham or AG Bill.

Harriet (@guest_1060184)
Reply to  Ray Myers
1 year ago

Shouldn’t have gone on this long. It’s darn time. You owe the indictments of these people to the Americans.

Dorothy Foster (@guest_1060122)
1 year ago

I cannot believe they are not going to GET THESE PEOPLE.. The whole bunch is guilty as
sin… Clintons… Obamas… Bidens… THE FBI…. THE CIA…. THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT…
is GUILTY… Trump was our only hope of EVER seeing any JUSTICE for this country…
THEY KNOW THAT… That is why they have to get rid of him….ANYWAY POSSIBLE…
GOD HELP US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magda (@guest_1060131)
Reply to  Dorothy Foster
1 year ago

Because of all these crooks, America started to look more and more like a banana republic every day !!!!
We MUST not allow this to happen to our country!!!
Vote all the democrats out !!!!
Trump and only Republicans all the way !!!!

Lynda Dunlap (@guest_1060150)
Reply to  Magda
1 year ago

Yes vote all of these idiot Democrats out

Jeanne (@guest_1060124)
1 year ago

I hope they all go down, but if Trump loses, God forbid, this will all be stopped, immediately. We were never meant to know all this, they thought Chillary was a shoe in to win. They are panicking and making it worse.

Claudia Weber (@guest_1060437)
Reply to  Jeanne
1 year ago

It would be horrible if President Trump loses the Election, but it will be total devastation if we lose the Senate. Think about how this could play out. For me, the Senate is our last hope and Republicans must help our Senators big time.

MARY WOLF (@guest_1060127)
1 year ago

I totally agree !! These people daily hound our president with ridiculous lies yet they are allowed to get away with all the crimes and lies they spread it needs to stop NOW!!! The uninformed people need to know what has gone on right under their noses .
PLEASE somebody stop them before they destroy America!!!

Laura Yost (@guest_1060151)
Reply to  MARY WOLF
1 year ago

Why are Dems above the law. They had nothing on Trump and tried to bring false charges. Why can’t republicans? This is the REAL deal! Treason!

Angelika Griffin (@guest_1060128)
1 year ago

They are ALL running SCARED of the clinton cartel…..apparently….!!!! hillary said if she goes DOWN everybody else goes DOWN with HER…it would become a TRUE BLOODBATH and that’s the reason, the ONLY reason why they want President Trump OUT…..!!!!

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1060134)
1 year ago

Demorats are just as corrupt as Putin and the KBG…The Deep State is like a bottomless tar pit.

iamvirgo (@guest_1060197)
Reply to  James 75th Regiment
1 year ago

1000% agree!

James Morgan (@guest_1060135)
1 year ago

This falls directly on the shoulders of the American population.. They have the power to bring all these treasonous criminals to justice.. Vote in November and show these clowns, who is really in charge..

RAY (@guest_1060158)
Reply to  James Morgan
1 year ago


Bubba (@guest_1060142)
1 year ago

OH my God, you would think by now the would have all the info they need. Someone
Is covering up for the Democraps, they will never be charged for the crimes they committed those rotten sneaks. Come on Barr do the right thing, don’t be a traitor like all the rotten Democramp. They are doing everything to get the President out of the WH.
Please pray for the President. He has to win, can you imagine how America would be
If Biden and that idiot wins the election. We Cannot let that happen.
Pleas the Beautiful First Lady, hope she is doing well, we will pray for her.

God Bless America and President.

Ole AL (@guest_1060145)
1 year ago

So what’s going on with the “AG”?
✓. Why would his office and/or him make a statement like that “evidence”?

✓. Is the “Judicial Branch” working or not?
✓. The TREASURY DEPARTMENT IRS Division is most certainly under employed so Tax documents aren’t being completed in a timely manner.

Just exactly who is working in our US and/or state government (s)? ? ?
✓. Bills leftover not being worked on is a fact.

James Karls (@guest_1060147)
1 year ago

get clinton first and all the rest of them will go down with her, because she’s the rat that started this crimal coup against our president trump!!!!!!!

Kelly (@guest_1060148)
1 year ago

I find it quite amazing that these folks from other countries knows more about America than most Americans
Thanks for speaking truth friends across the seas….. the people here in America are completely blind or AFRAID of being caught 🥵

John Evans (@guest_1060153)
1 year ago


Irwin Arluk (@guest_1060157)
1 year ago

What is Barr afraid of. Indict and show the world and the American people there are NOT two standards of justice in this country. One for the Politicians and one for the plain people.

Choctaw girl (@guest_1060160)
1 year ago

It’s hard not to worry about what will happen to our country if the demarats steal our election in a few days, I can only see another civil war for all of us!

Felix (@guest_1060178)
1 year ago

I say it is time to get ready for what comes either way. If Trump wins the election, the liberal dems won’t accept the results and it will be dejavu all over again. But this time with much more effort to destroy the country because if the dems won’t win the house and the senate, they will go to war with the American people starting a civil war. If Trump doesn’t declare Antifa, BLM and Liberal Dems domestic terrorists, there will be chaos on the streets in every city for a long time. God bless America. God bless president Trump. America go out and vote Republicans and take all the Dems out of our government.

William Lockridge (@guest_1060239)
Reply to  Felix
1 year ago

That might be a grave mistake on their parts. See, here in America we have that pesky 2nd amendment “thingy” ( a shot at Biden because he couldn’t even remember the name of our creator), you know the thingy they’re always trying to take away from us? Well if they try and take the White House unlawfully that “Silent Majority thingy” will be silent no more. They may think that they can force a government upon us that we did not vote for but they’re sorely mistaken. As Benjamine Franklin famously said ” the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is its natural manure.”

Kathie Dalton (@guest_1060189)
1 year ago

Put these career politicians in jail…. they should not in any way be above the law.
And Treason should be punished…. Why are they still walking around thinking they are Gods….. rediculous…. what’s the hold up.

Kevin Bandy (@guest_1060190)
1 year ago

There are plenty of us that have been paying attention and all know there is overwhelming evidence to indict all involved from the top down. Bill Barr is apparently a coward hoping for the clock to run out. When the President gets re-elected he needs to fire Barr and Wray.

ANA (@guest_1060192)
1 year ago

On NOV.3 ,the American people must judge and do justice to all that the President has suffered and his family in these 4 years of fighting them .This is because there is no law and punishment for the guilty .
Investigators have huge salaries and don’t know why !!!!!!
WE must do justice by voting again for President DONALD J TRUMP FOR 4 YEARS MORE.

Bill Wright (@guest_1060195)
1 year ago

When a sitting President is threatened by a COUP , this person or persons should automatically locked up, and then HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL PROVEN DEAD. This is how TREASON is supposed to be dealt with!

Victress Jenkins (@guest_1060196)
1 year ago

OUr attorney general should take care of this problem now; not after the election. He’s b een a good ag since he started so let us hope that the major problems can be corrected.

ICE (@guest_1060199)
1 year ago

If Barr waits till after the election and JOKE BIDEN wins he will have protected BIDEN if TRUMP wins then indictments will be filed against BIDEN AND OTHERS. It is all a game of wait and see who wins to see if the law prevails of if the DC SWAMP PREVAILS.!

Michael OConnor (@guest_1060201)
1 year ago

Barr it is time for you to man up. If this is just a stalling tactic because you don’t have the goods, be a man and admit it and then find a deep hole to crawl into and take Durham with you. If you do have the goods come forward, we don’t need a Mueller fiasco. We are Republicans and we tell the truth so step up to the plate and charge them or come clean and shut it down.

EGG (@guest_1060225)
1 year ago

The real “Militia for America,” not the illiterate Antfag morons pretending to be affiliates of the Prez. have put Liberals, BLM and Antfags on notice.

Roger L Meyer (@guest_1060261)
1 year ago

There is only on LAWFUL way to stop Pelosi.
Have several certified psychiatrists testify that she is mentally incompetent to carry out her duties as a Congress Person of the United States.
They can cite her totally erratic behavior since Trump won the election and her total obsession over removing Trump from office to the TOTAL exclusion of EVERYTHING else, including her DUTIES as a Congress Person of the United States.

Eric Johnson (@guest_1060282)
1 year ago

I Thought The ” SWAMP ” Was Supposed to ” Drained ” ???
Instead…It’s Being ” Filled ” More Than Ever !!!
Problem Is…Some Are Having a Very Difficult Time Finding The ” Plug “

James c daquisto (@guest_1060292)
1 year ago

It really is a terrible shame what our country had become by the shady underhanded lying dumocrates
We will be a 3rd world country very soon if they win in November
Get ready the worst is yet to come unless trump wins a second term

LB (@guest_1060303)
1 year ago

Barr had a stink on him the first day he admitted he has been good friends with Comey for years. He smells like a swamp!

McRant (@guest_1060329)
1 year ago

Mr. President!
Fire Gina Haskell, CIA Director and keep appointing new Directors until you run out of swamp creatures!!
Ditto Christopher Wray!!

Bill Barr, don’t desert us!

LONE WOLF (@guest_1061377)
1 year ago

I don’t blame Barr for being cautious, he will be going up against some of the most ruthless criminals in the history of our government but, I wish that any indictments that are going to take place, happen before Biden and his Democrat Cronies have any opportunity to further destroy our country!



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