April 17, 2021

Trump and Biden neck-and-neck in new poll, Trump approval at all-time high

After taking what seemed to be an insurmountable lead in the polls over Trump over the summer, Joe Biden is in freefall, and it doesn’t bode well for his chances with just weeks to go until election day. 

According to the latest Rasmussen poll, released on Wednesday, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are now neck-and-neck, with Biden taking 46 percent of the vote and Donald Trump hot on his heels with 45 percent.

The Biden campaign strategy of letting Trump trip over his own feet while Biden hides in the basement is failing spectacularly as well. The latest Zogby poll found that Donald Trump’s job approval is at an all-time high currently after taking a blow during the spring and summer.

“The president has recorded his best job approval rating on record,” said pollster Jonathan Zogby. Even worse for Biden, Trump is doing well across all demographics. Zogby said 36 percent of Black voters approve of the president, as do 37 percent of Hispanics and 35 percent of Asians.

Even 23 percent of Democrats approve of Trump, Zogby noted, speculating that Trump’s strong law-and-order stance could be the driving force behind the shocking polls.

The final blow for Biden comes in a Marquette Law School poll released this week revealing that support for the Black Lives Matter movement and its accompanying anti-police riots is becoming unpopular.

Biden and Harris have aligned themselves with the BLM movement and the protests sweeping the nation for months, but the results of the poll indicate that may have been a strategic mistake.

Though the BLM movement and protests were hugely popular in June, after the death of George Floyd, the Marquette poll found that support for the movement dropped from 61 percent in June to a mere 48 percent in August. Support for the movement fell among Democrats as well, signaling that Americans across the board are tiring of the unceasing violence and riots.

Donald Trump is already receiving a major polling boost from the Republican National Convention that just concluded on Thursday evening, but the DNC — which concluded last week — provided no such courtesy for Biden. After months of isolation and virtual appearances, Joe Biden announced on Thursday that he will return to the campaign trail after Labor Day — but will that be too little, too late?


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90 Responses

  1. I just can’t wrap my head the fact any American would even think of voting for Bejing Joe and his Marxist Harris

    1. Also now, “Ukraine” Joe – “I told them, ‘You fire that prosecutor before I leave or you don’t get any money! And son of a B**** – they fired him!'”

    2. William I feel the same exact way.. I just don’t see Americans giving up our FREEDOM for socialism and BIG GOVERNMENT!!!!!!
      Creepy Joe and his family and the demoncraps have been getting rich off the hard working Americans for 47 years plus???? Are American people really so blind to allow communist and socialists into our government and then wonder why they want to take over? Time for America to get better than we were before the virus. which by the way was the highest employment ever!! With President Trump at the helm I see great things for the future of our children who will make a living wage and not live from pay check to paycheck like so many Americans have lived for too long.

      1. I voted for Obama …and I regretted but is not going to happen again …today is president Trump
        2024…Ivanka Trump.

    3. That is exactly what I think!
      Anyone in their right mind would not vote for the
      Socialist Democratic Party.
      American people want freedom not oppression!
      Something is wrong with the thought process
      Of Democrats if they are
      Willing to give up freedom
      For socialism. They want
      power and don’t care about
      People or our country.
      Trump loves America and
      and it shows.
      God bless America and God bless President Trump!

    4. Anyone with a normal IQ would NEVER vote for the socialist party candidate Biden. Look what’s going on in this country in the socialist states, it would be 50% worse with Biden in charge! Of course Biden wouldn’t know what was going on, he doesn’t where he is or even his wife’s name, he’d be in charge of his basement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Biden – 190 Electoral votes
      Trump – 340 Electoral votes
      Liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make, and I mean precisely that.
      There’s an Obligation to the Nation Socialism must be defeated.

  2. Our very survival depends on Trump. Democrats and their ilk are literally destroying the United States and their RIOTING.🇺🇸

        1. And ask every now and then why everyone was out there. The sad thing is, many of the other people out there with him may not know the answer.

      1. I agree with all of you as a wounded warrior I have much for our freedom and this craziness that’s happening is all controlled by the Dems!!!

        Out with pissofflosy chuckie don’t come back and let’s make the house senate and presidency all Trump and Republican let’s give our children a fighting chance of life and happiness!!!!

        Ty Retired Sgt Barker…

      2. Wait a minute now,,,, Biden may not have a backbone, but he has hairy legs,,,, lol. Does that count????

    1. That’s all part of a plan developed during a 4-day meeting at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in DC 5 days after Trump’s election in 2016, organized and paid for by George Soros’ “Democracy Alliance” for the purpose of plotting a FORMAL RESISTANCE to Donald Trump’s Presidency. Membership includes Working Families Party, the Tides Foundation, Blood Money, Southern Poverty Law Center, Occupy Wall Street & BLM.

    2. You are spot on and hopefully they wake up and really see what’s happening. This is the best country in the world , we need to save it. Immigrated here 47 years ago and it’s troubling to see what’s happening, we have to continue to pray for Trump and ask God to heal this land.

  3. If the fake MSM say biden and trump are neck and neck,its really means trump is crushing biden..they know it .so they are pushing for early mail in voter faurd even before they debate .pelosi wants no debates.

  4. U can not believe in Poll’s . Poll’s are just like Biden hiding in his Basement. Or like
    Biden riding his Bicycle with Training Wheels . this DOG FACE PONY SOLIDERSe needs some help being ADMITTED INTO THE NEAREST MENTAL HEALTH INSTITUTION FOR THE DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE S. BIDEN doesn’t not know where he is 99.9 & of the TIME and doesn’t know what he is talking about ..

    1. If not Harris,,then who??? The Dems are all losers. Some worst than others, but still,, all losers…Take Obama for instance,, 8 years of crap..All he done was bring this great country down to it’s knees.. He could talk the talk but couldn’t walk the walk… He red pilled the hell out of me. Thanks Obama for the wake up call,,,. TRUMP 2020 UNITED WE STAND- DIVIDED THEY WILL FALL..

  5. President Trump is going to win this election there is no doubt in my mind and the mind and the minds of hundreds of millions of Americans…

  6. I’m thinking its time people woke up to the truth! Of course, demorats won’t but all they want is to get back in
    power so they can steal more money as if they have not done enough of it thru the past years! Peolis should be
    tried and jailed also just to stare with.

  7. Biden should forget Labor day and just concede NOW! However – Soros and his “Democracy Alliance” will never permit that! They’ve already invested too much in discrediting Trump and rigging the ballot box! They may also reconsider Biden’s “running mate” before then, as Harris is turning out to be just as unpopular as Biden – “double trouble”! And we all know that their real POTUS candidate is whomever they name as the VP candidate. Biden is just a placeholder until after the election, when they can have him declared incompetent in favor of his VP.

    1. I dare anyone, who thinks they are intelligent to tell me why Biden is so great. He has lost whatever brain power he ever had, and it seems there wasn’t that much to start with. Plagiarisms, lying about degrees, lying about percentiles, telling weird stories about hairy legs, etc. He’s gone!

  8. To our leader and commander I just want my voice to be. Heard our law enforcers saved alit of missing children. And my. Medical bill in half. You are the best. Very brave we love you here in buffalo oklahoma about 95 pre cent that lives here is voting Trump our population is five thousand. All most six we love you great speech 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  9. I think with mail in voting, after all the mail gets to the polls on November 4th, whatever ballots coming in on the 5th and after need to go in the garbage.

      1. That was the plan for my husband & myself even with a autoimmune disease NO MAIL IN BALLOT FOR US! This election determines what our country will be! FREEDOM For America not socialism!

      2. IF your state lets you! IN CA it is not your choice. The fraud is setting in…………….. and with illegals and the X on license, and all the freebies and money! Hope the places are guarded where ever they are and same amt of each party counting! Guarded at all times! Joke is for Americans to vote yet the ballots are in at least 20 different languages. If someone cannot speak or read english, they should have no vote! But this way anyone can vote and just sign. Remember if I read correctly if it takes to long to count the pig can become Pres. Think that been her plan all along?

  10. Even Pelosi has come out publicly voicing her lack of confidence in Biden’s ability to debate Trump. And fatuously saying “Don’t tell Biden I said so.”

  11. It’s a very simple anyone that votes for any dem / socialist is a full fledged traitor to the US
    All these dem / socialist governors, mayors and congress men and woman should be charger with treason for all the un lawful crimes they have committed agains our President and this Nation and the constitution
    It’s time that they should have to answer and pay for all that they have done

  12. Thank God the American people are waking up to see where Biden/Harris would take us.
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!!

  13. Joe go back to the basement and take Nancy p with u go have lunch with Hillary she’ll show you how to lose gracefully. It’s over joe retire and get some rest. You can’t go on the road it will take what life you have left At the end of the day you have to admit you ain’t got what it takes to run the greatest country on earth.

  14. Has anyone been hearing or keeping up with all the (aclu-Sharpton) thing on tv? What I understood was that all the Blacks I saw were going to get rid of Trump? Anyone heard this?

    1. No, what I heard was about a survey of black people that said 1/3 of blacks are voting for Trump, 1/3 are undecided and 1/3 will vote for Biden

      1. The black undecided votes are probably the Republican “Silent Majority”… They will vote for Trump quietly!

  15. The Ukraine incident says a whole lot about the lack of character of Joe Biden. He is not fit to be President of this country.


  16. Joe will not be around in November. He will drop out and the DNC knows it. Kamala harris has been set up to run as President. Joe is not a well man.

  17. Biden and Harris are going to destroy are country.And control every thing we do If they win are kids wont have a chance for a great life How can you people vote for these crooks wake up and look at your kids and grand kids Do you want them to live in a country that has no freedom vote for Trump and take back are country vote every crooked Demacraps out off office down to the dog catcher.

  18. Sleepy, Creepy, Quid Pro Quo, Liar, Beijing JOE and his personal prostitute Kamala! What a joke! MAGA/KAG 2020

  19. The only ones who will vote for the Biden/Harris ticket, are the ones who think that socialism doesn’t lead immediately to communism, and they mistakenly think they can get free everything. It’s because they never studied HISTORY, and the abuse those types of government do to humans.

  20. Creepy Joementia Biden, Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated, NEVER led in any pole, especially against President Trump. Creepy Joe is falling from that faster than a man eating his own leg. Ukraine murder and graft should get him executed.


  22. I agree with this statement the author made….

    “Biden and Harris have aligned themselves with the BLM movement and the protests sweeping the nation for months, but the results of the poll indicate that may have been a strategic mistake.”

  23. We can fix the voting problem by giving that day a holiday vovember 3rd for all Americans (paid)and they can go in person to vote. simple solution, and the Americans that can’t get to a poll center need to apply for a absentee ballot by 9/25 and have it the mail no later then 10/25

  24. Hope all of America wake up to save the best country in the world . Vote out the Dems so Trump can finish sweeping the swamp

  25. The biggest wave yet will be Democrats and Independents who are fed up with the left’s communistic BS are voting for Trump. This election will determine whether we are still a free nation or not. We can go the way of American freedom or Marxist communist serfdom. It’s a clear choice. Be free or burn it to the ground. There is no middle ground.

  26. Trump / Pence 2020 all the way GOP win this one for America. I LOVE MY FREEDOM and we all should enjoy OUR FREEDOM IN AMERICA.

  27. How do we get Pelosi out of office!!! That “whole” darn group of anti-americans who call themselves Democrats!!! Yes, “anti-americans” Biden …who “pretends” to be a “nice guy”…just a weakling of a yes-man….>>Yes Weakling…that is “why” they have him up for President…He sways like a swing…This will no longer be the America our forefathers fought for …. it is going to “drown” in the hatred of what is there waiting for us in the “NEW America…the lost America…Just be careful…Pray to God to keep us safe! Vote Republican!!

  28. The renamed demon creeps party is exactly that ! Disillusioned squids have captured pelosi Schumer they’ve become mentality unbalanced they’ve lost their way . Only to be demoralized with the hate of America , the demons are paving the way for the anti-Christ , and condemn Christian values .

  29. How many good, honest tax paying citizens of this country have watched the protests, the burning of private businesses, autos , looting, you name it.
    I sincerely believe Donald Trump will win on election day with an enormous landslide. God fearing, tax paying American citizens will not vote for Biden / Harris.

  30. Good for the Country if he really comes out of hiding. America will see once and for all their hypocrisy and lies. Specially the communities that the Dems have sacrifice to BLM and Antifa. The communities that have lost loved ones, livelihoods, and their identity due to the Dems’ lust for power. They’ll will sacrifice and do whatever it takes to preserve their seats and cushy lifestyles ar the expense of those who trusted them in first place. Their hypocrisy and lies will be more real and evident than ever from the moment Biden steps out of his basement. All the people have to do is ask them real, hard questions and DEMAND that Biden and Harris ANSWER THEM instead of walking away. Again, their hypocrisy, lies, and to borrow a phrase from the horse’s mouth, their MALARKEY will shine through like light throu a prism.

  31. I love our President ,and will never vote for anyone in the Democratic Party. They are all traitors to our country.

  32. Pedophile loving Harris took money from the Catholic Diocese of California, to Not prosecute Pedophile Catholic Priests.
    Considering what Biden has done with kids and women, these 2 were made for one another!

  33. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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